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My favorite moments in BBC Sherlock

*John softly telling Mary he loves her

*Sherlock and Irene uncontrollably giggling together while cracking jokes under their breath.

*Sherlock yelling “Take my hand” to Molly as they run off into the night together

*John getting jealous of Mary’s ex-boyfriend David

*Sherlock’s sexual relationship with Janine

*Sherlock allowing himself to loosen up and dance the night away at John’s wedding reception

*The fact that none of these moments actually exist


okay, this right here is one of my FAVORITE moments in the entire show. it’s so short, but… it just gets me cracking up every time. sylvia comes back with a bunch of stuff to fix the hole, sees hater’s arm, and without even asking for explanation, accepts it instantly. just LOOK at that “of course” face. you can literally see her realize what happened while she was gone.  also look how patiently wander waited next to that arm! what a cutie.

I met Geoff when I was robbing a convenient store, who came in a step behind me. I got the money and instead of fighting to get the goods from me, he instead wanted to join up. My first impression was this guy was driven and determined, and possibly a little in over his head. As for Ryan, I met him after Geoff had met with him a couple of times to hire him for the deal. Absolutely terrifying that one is, but now I’m used to how he is. As for the fondest memory…? It’s hard to pick. Honestly just being in the crew together is my favorite. The down time moments where we can just enjoy each other’s company. -J

Yeah. And now we’re one big happy fucking family. -G

For the most part.. My first impressions were, I’d like my reward and to be far away from you two as quickly as possible. - R

Day Four: Favorite Moment from season 2a

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My favorite moment from season 2a would be episode 2.08. Connor suggesting they do something dangerous together. Having sex in a public place. 😈   In the classroom on top of that on annalise’s desk. 😱 😂  

That look that Ollie gives connor <333

Sexy times in the classroom 😏 

I doubt connor can actually concentrate in her class anymore. xD

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Day 4: Favorite Series

The Lunar Chronicles has to be my absolute favorite series at the moment! I loved every single character that Marissa Meyer created, and loved to hate Queen Levana. I had the time of my life reading this series and will continue to sing its praises forever (It is also a big bonus that Marissa Meyer created my absolute favorite book character in the world - Captain Carswell Thorne). I always talk about my love for the Lunar Chronicles with my friends to the point of my friend buying me a small locket version of Scarlet for my 18th birthday.

What is your favorite series?


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Do you have a *least* favorite GMW ship?


This is actually a really hard question. I’m gonna take the risk and prepare myself for a whole bunch of hate because I’m just gonna be honest in this. 

At the moment, my least favorite ships are R*cas and L*caya. Not because I don’t like the ship, I find the ships adorable. It’s simply because I just don’t want Lucas to pick any of the girls.

Idk if this is just a ‘today thing’ or not, but seriously, if Lucas doesn’t step up his game and actually try to get one of the girls, I’m not there for either of the ships. I want Lucas to actually fight for them. I don’t want him to just suddenly wake up and be like “Oh, I like this one more and I’m just gonna pick her because whatever they’re both free and they both like me haha yes”.

Basically, I need to know more about Lucas. I need to know why the girls think he’s more than Farkle. I have to see what the Real Lucas is like. As long as we don’t get any of that back up information, I don’t trust him with any of my girls.

Thank you for stopping by, Anon!

Up in the Air - Pt 22

After grounding our search efforts for 23 hours and 18 minutes, the weather has finally agreed to cooperate.  The team divided the search area into 500m grids with the army of drones meticulously scanning each one.  Every completed grid reveals heartbreak and happiness.  Deceased passengers and survivors alternate at nearly a one to one ratio.  For every mangled piece of steel, we find hope that the first class cabin is not far away.  I have not prepared myself for the worst - a positive outcome is emotionally draining enough.  

My deal with the pilots is I will leave them alone if they update me every time they refuel.  At the moment, Blake is my favorite - sending photos, text updates and even allowing me to tag along every now and then.  

“Hey Robert, your cell phone is charged up.  Are you sure you really want it back?  This thing has been ringing off the wall for hours.”

“Thanks Chris.  Turn it on DND, my kids can call through and that is all that matters.”

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My least favorite moments in life are those moments when you’re not sure if something is a bug or not so you put your face repulsively close to the thing in question before realizing yep, that is definitely a spider and yes my face was within centimeters of it

Exit Through The (NPR) Gift Shop: Ilayda Lynch

Internship position: Policy and Representation

Hometown: I moved around a lot but I’ll go with Davenport, Iowa

Favorite thing to do in DC: I live in Shaw and I love to just walk around the neighborhood, the thing about DC is that people are always going! Going! GOING! So I love seeing people taking a beat and enjoying a Saturday morning

Favorite NPR episode on NPR One: A Millennial’s Guide to Kissing on Modern Love Podcast. Also, Planet Money my audio bible.

Favorite song at this very moment: Tie between Lover, Lover, Lover, Lover by Leonard Cohen and Left Handed Kisses by Andrew Bird and Fiona Apple

Something cool I’ve done and am proud of, while at NPR: I got to write the Testimony to Congress on behalf of NPR

Top #NPRLife moment(s): Drinking a glass of Champagne with Susan Stamberg on the Anniversary of her 45th year at NPR.

Also, getting this internship is a big deal but I didn’t really realize it until I told people who live in DC where I was working and they became super impressed so that was cool

Do you know what you’re doing next? Back to Indiana University to Graduate!! I was one of the youngest interns this session, I am leaving motivated and inspired to make it back to a work environment that makes me this happy.

Advice for future interns: Being at NPR can be very overwhelming, trying to meet everyone and make good impressions all the time is like trying to hold on to running water.  Try not to have too many expectations, this is a unique place where despite spectacular final products, things rarely go according to plan. Have fun- whatever that means for you.  

Supernatural 11x20 (Spoilers!!)

Okay first of all, i am so afraid of the season final after this episode!

Chuck is - as we all already expected - God and in the beginning i thought he was a dick because he didn’t want to help humanity and he didn’t care about Amara.

Metraton, i really hope he will stay like in this EP forever because he was nice and even convinced God to help.


This is my favorite EP in season 11 (after Baby) so far and i can’t wait for the Season Final. Also, who I think might die in the Final is God (or something happens to him) but i think I am wrong.

I think my favorite thing about Hurricane is the moment right before Hamilton decides to write the Reynolds Pamphlet and destroy his life the chorus starts singing Burr’s “wait for it,” seemingly asking Hamilton to stop what hes doing and take a minute to think things out. Hamilton’s non-stop nature, although the thing that made him successful, keeps him from doing so, and he’s goes ahead and starts saying how he’s going to write down everything. Basically the implication to me seem to be that while being cautious all the time keeps one from ever being a central figure, the inability to ever be cautious makes one destroy their life. Basically as much as Burr wants and strives to be more like Hamilton, Hamilton really needs to be a little more like Burr.

anonymous asked:

i love your fav gryles moments! is there any gryles timeline? like all gryles moments in one place? because i think i missed out some cool gryles moments and i want to know all of them. i need to know!!! also their twitter interactions are fucking best. do you remember this hey angel tweet?

Thank you very much, Anon!

I think there’s a timeline somewhere, but I can’t remember where and I don’t think it’s been kept up to date.  Does anyone know if there’s a timeline?

Oh my god!  The Hey Angel tweet is another favorite moment!  AAAAHHHH!  They’re all my favorite!


Exit Through The (NPR) Gift Shop: Lena Richards

Internship position:  Morning Edition

Hometown: Front Royal, VA

Favorite thing to do in DC: Just walking around, honestly. And going to White Ford Bronco shows- They’re a popular DC 90’s cover band.

Favorite NPR episode on NPR One:  I am a fool and don’t use NPR one or listen to stuff online. I’m a terrestrial radio purist who believes I should have to slog through boring stories, because educating yourself isn’t always fun. I.e. I am culturally Catholic and I like to suffer.  There is truly no rational reason that I don’t use the app.

Favorite song at this very moment:  My favorite song of all time will always be Earth Wind and Fire’s, September or any song on Paul Simon’s Graceland—though at the moment I am predictably into the Hamilton cast album, specifically the track Non-Stop  (I identify with Hamilton but am 100% team Burr)

Something cool I’ve done and am proud of, while at NPR: I’m not particularly proud of this, but I think the coolest thing I did was sit in on literally every interview I could. It was so incredible to spend 4 months watching Steve Inskeep, David Greene, and Renee Montagne do interviews. Even better than watching them was just sitting in the same room as them while they edited.

Top #NPRLife moment(s): I honestly am still unclear on hashtags, and can’t answer this question until Mabinty explains them to me.

Just kidding.

David Greene’s birthday party I stood in the front row as Audie Cornish and David Greene did aggressive Karaoke. I have no idea what song David was singing, but he was a surprisingly good singer. Audie did Salt and Pepa’s Push It.  

Do you know what you’re doing next? Sticking around at Morning Edition for as long as possible.