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Millions of years in the making. The deep glacial valley of Lauterbrunnen sits between steep cliffs and waterfalls. It’s hard to fathom the forces of nature it took to create this place. I sat along the train tracks in Wengen and looked down over the small cabins as the clouds and rain rolled in and out. This was one of my favorite moments from my trip to Switzerland.

Photo and caption from #MatadorN Ambassador @chrisburkard. Check out his feed for more #travelstoke! (at Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland)

16 Days Of Outlander - Day 7

The Wedding

This is probably one of the most giffed/reblogged episodes of S1 and as much as I absolutely looove those moments, I’m going to do something a little different today and refrain from screencapping the entire ep and highlight instead some of my favorite in between moments. Those simple moments where everything just falls away, leaving just them… Here we go! :)

The Playful Punch

It’s just such a sweet, adorable moment amidst their awkwardness that gives me such feels as to be quite heart-fluttering.

All in A Look 

Everything they want, but can’t say to each other is written so beautifully on their faces. Glass faces - the both of them.

Distance Is Nothing But Illusion

Her face as his fingers leave a blazing trail over her skin. Whatever determination she had for keeping a safe (emotional) distance between them uncontrollably slipped a few more notches.

“Your Mother Had The Sweetest Smile”

“Still waters run deep, ye ken.” 

The Feel Of Him

There’s just far too much clothing between her fingers and his arm! Which is then quickly remedied.

The Scent Of Him

She just completely inhales him in,,. In Every Way.


The feather light shoulder kiss she gives him is just so exquisitely tender. No more barriers. No more distance. Just the Two of them.


Frank wobbly rolling his way out of her heart, falling through the cracks.


Claire saying:

Coz she’s beautiful AF!

And a few Honorable Mentions:


16 Days of Outlander: Day #07 - “The Wedding”

Favorite Shipper Moment

The entire episode!!!

Why is this my favorite moment?

The entire episode is one big sexy, sweet, shipper moment! How could I possibly pick just one?


look at this cuteass video of Sean, Wade, Bob and Mark meeting this girl called Sam! my favorite moment is when he asked her for her name and was like “really??? your name is sam????” bc sam the septiceye 

Post-Debate Thoughts

(done before I’ve read anyone else’s to avoid contamination)


1. Viewers watching for entertainment. The Democratic debate was nice but boring. This Republican one had all the candidates yelling at each other, trading some really witty insults, and was pretty much never dull.

My favorite moment was when Cruz attacked Rubio for something he said on Spanish television, Rubio shouted back “How do you know? You don’t even speak Spanish!” and then Ted Cruz started yelling at Rubio in Spanish. Now, the Internet tells me that Cruz in fact does not speak Spanish, but I still think this was stupid of Rubio. First of all, it’s a silly objection - obviously somebody translated Rubio’s speech for him. Second of all, “You don’t speak Spanish!” is maybe…not the most crushing insult in a forum full of Republican voters? Third of all, if Cruz has even the slightest Freshman Language Class knowledge of the language, it was a perfect opportunity for him to do what he in fact did and make Rubio look like a fool. Still, fun to watch.

2. Marco Rubio. Given how bad his last debate was, he had nowhere to go but up. And go up he did. He was back to sounding perfectly polished, really well-spoken, inspirational yet pragmatic, and so on. The technicians who maintain his positronic brain deserve a raise. He held his own in a bunch of fights and still managed to seem above the fray and Presidential. Even though he was in an awful spot in terms of immigration - having sponsored a big pro-immigration bill in a primary that seems to be focusing on how anti-immigration everyone is - I thought he acquitted himself well and managed to sound inspirational while doing so.

3. Jeb. I love Jeb so much. Everyone is so mean to him. I want this election to become a redemption arc narrative, where Jeb starts out as the overconfident. bumbling establishment favorite, only to be torn apart by Donald Trump. Everyone thinks he’s out of the game, but he goes through a training montage, sticks to his guns about loving Latinos and wanting to be compassionate to illegal immigrants, learns to stand up to Trump and win back his supporters, and finally wins the Presidency as he becomes his own person outside the shadow of his brother and father, tying up his internal and external character arcs at the same time. The debate tonight fit my narrative and he finally got the better of Trump, as he should.

4. Whoever fixed things so that the crowd hated Trump. It wasn’t very subtle, but it worked.


1. Trump. Jeb Bush fought back against him, and the crowd cheered every blow Bush landed and booed all of Trump’s responses. While the “bully” archetype can be powerful and connote strength, “bully who is failing at his bullying and not actually popular with anybody” is just kind of pathetic and not a good look for anybody. Part of me feels sorry for him, because the main reason he had a bad night was because he was taking liberal positions that I mostly agreed with, and I suspect the crowd was fixed against him. But separate him from his aura of invincibility, and he really does just look petty and pathetic. Even though he probably didn’t deserve it tonight, he built up enough negative karma that he deserves it more generally, and tonight all those chickens came home to roost.

2. Ben Carson. “Ha ha. Folksy smile. You can find the answer to that question on my website, What were we talking about again? Really?”

3. Ted Cruz. He was very combative, but he didn’t clearly win any of his combats, and eventually it just got annoying and he seemed like The Guy Who Is Always Accusing Other People Of Things.

4. My opinion of the Republican party, even though it was already pretty low. Tonight’s debate was fun to watch in much the same way some people find wrestling fun to watch, but you probably wouldn’t want to make a wrestler the leader of the free world. Everyone except Kasich and maybe Rubio came across as really childish and unPresidential. They kept saying really insane things, like that Bush did nothing wrong, that the Iraq War was great, and so on, and the crowd kept booing anybody who disagreed or tried to add nuance. I didn’t get that impression at all from the Democratic debate (now I’m trying to remember if there was any crowd participation at all) and the Republicans seemed much crazier and more hyperpartisan. I can’t say that none of the candidates seemed to have coherent policy plans, because the format of the debate wasn’t amenable to talking about them even if they were there, but I sure didn’t feel encouraged on that front either.

Baby play wrestling! I seriously almost squealed out loud when I saw that I captured this perfectly adorable moment so clearly! My new favorite picture 😍 #castiel #winchester

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“Although I respect the ship I really don’t want Starco to become canon for a few reasons. I’m Aromantic and my mom doesn’t believe that it’s a real thing. I’m friends with allot of boys who know and respect that, but my mom keeps trying to make me get into a relationship. She says that you can’t be happy if your not in love with someone. One of my favorite moments is when Star says she doesn’t need a hero, she needs a friend. It makes me really happy to see Star and Marco’s friendship.”


One of my favorite moments from TFA is when Han fucking finds Finn and Rey hiding in that compartment under the floor in the Millennium Falcon and they’re both standing there and looking at him terrified with the oxygen masks on preparing themselves for the poisonous gas to fill the Falcon and kill whatever intruder they think is there and Han just looks at them like “I have seen too much trauma in my crazy ass life to see this extra shit on my star ship. Give me a break, universe.”

I sometimes get so focused on STYDIA that I don’t notice the other relationships that are expanding and deepening as they go through all of their adventures (no I’m not talking about Stalia or Scira) but the bromance between Scott and Stiles. The entire show has shown their friendship and their evolving connection to each other. I’m not talking romantically, because I still ship Stydia, but their actual #bestfriendgoals and I’m not ashamed to say that some of my favorite moments on Teen Wolf involve then showing just how deep that connection goes. They, along with Stydia, just make Teen Wolf for me.

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Do you have a favorite zude moment or line that they said ?

Hello beautiful!
(Sorry for the late reply! Work this weekend has been a nightmare)

Oh gosh I truly love all their scenes together.. Hmmm.. my favorite moment of them (for now lol) would have to be Zero kissing Jude on the court.. I say this because we as the audience (especially Jude) have been waiting for this moment to arrive.. We didn’t know when we would finally see the day of Zero just letting go and when we got it… I can’t even explain in words how I felt.. I am just so proud of him and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for these precious boys :) I hope you had a great day and I love you!

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What was your favorite moment of today?

when my mom made a cake (swedish recipe which uses a lot of cinnamon) and I ate three slices in a row