my favorite anime character of all time


I’m literally sobbing.

So my friends convinced me to wear my Princess Tiana cosplay to Walmart. Considering I wasn’t at a con, I was surprised with all of the happy kids and parents begging to take pictures. In light of this, I ended up driving to Toys-R-Us just for fun. 

I’ll never forget this little black girl who asked to take a picture with me. As she walked away with her mom, she exclaimed how happy she was to see a princess that looked like her in real life. 

THIS IS WHY REPRESENTATION IS IMPORTANT. I can remember all of the times I wondered why none of my favorite Disney characters, or video game characters, or even anime characters had the same dark skin as me. Or the same wide nose as me. Or the same thick lips as me. Or the same coily hair as me. 

When Princess Tiana was introduced, I nearly cried. I waited until I was a young adult to have a Disney Princess who had my features and was seen as beautiful. And seeing children so happy –showing them that their dark skin, wide nose, thick lips, and coily hair are beautiful– moves me to tears.  

Why I love Sakamaki Ayato so much.

Today is my favorite Sakamaki’s birthday, Ayato!!! He was the first Sakamaki introduced to us in the anime, and I’m still deeply in love with him and all of his character traits. I just love everything about him, from his vibrant Vibora eyes to his seiyuu, Midorikawa Hikaru.


I think the reason why I love Ayato so much is because I can somewhat relate to him. I was the firstborn in my family too, and I was always pushed to be the smartest in school and the perfect daughter for my family. So I completely understand how difficult it is to be the best when you’re in a competition against your own family members (in Ayato’s case, his half-brothers and in my case, my cousins) and the unwanted pressure that entails with the ridiculous journey of trying to be perfect so that people will recognize you for being so great. My parents weren’t like Karlheinz and Cordelia, but I won’t deny the fact that I sometimes cried myself to sleep when I didn’t do well in school or when I got yelled at by my dad for not understanding an algebraic math problem. Of course, as time went by, I came to hate studying like Young!Ayato too, and I wanted to do other things like dance because for once, I didn’t have to think. But my parents persisted and pushed me to be the best in both, and this unfortunately gave me an egotistic superiority complex as well as an inferiority complex as I grew up and went on to high school. It was BAD, guys. I did not take “no” as an answer and I had an awful habit of dismissing people easily. I would do the complete opposite just to show them that I was great enough to do it because how dare they try to deny me, much like how Ayato questions people when they deny him.

When I saw Ayato wondering if he was good enough to be the Vampire King in the recently released Lost Eden game, I cried tears of anguish for him. I felt the same pain and sorrow and uneasiness that Ayato showed because there were times where I doubted myself and my abilities in my career path and choices. Even now, I sometimes struggle with the idea of me wanting to become a corporate lawyer when things don’t work my way or when I see that I’m competing against other college kids in the U.S. So we both share an insecurity of getting the repetitive feeling of “not being good enough” for the things that we want or are supposed to be. We both want to give up and just let go of our issues, but I think we are both stubborn enough to want to stay in the game too. I haven’t read the entire translation for Ayato’s LE route, but I hope he finds some closure and peace for himself. I think we both mentally and emotionally need a break from all the crap we have to deal with in life sometimes.

Nevertheless, I wish Ayato an EXTREMELY happy birthday today because he deserves all the happiness in the world. I hope he will learn from his past trials, and I hope he will grow and become a great Vampire King respected by the rest of the clans in the demon world. I hope he makes his family proud because he’s always been told that he needs to be the best and I want him to feel like he genuinely is one of the best out there. He’s always been my favorite character because of his complexities, so I hope we both can encourage each other to truly achieve the best, feel like we’re the best, and reach the status of being the best. I love him so much, and I want to thank Rejet, Satoi-sensei, and Midorikawa Hikaru for bringing this character to life in the Diabolik Lovers series.

hardman5509  asked:

Whats the first thing you ever drew?

I used to draw fantastic cities and geometric shapes, I wanted to be an architect more than anything else when I was a kid. This is mostly thanks to watching THE SECRET CITY when I was about 7 or 8?

Afterward I had gotten used to just drawing in my spare time and started cartooning. I used to draw comic strip characters a fair bit (Garfield, The Far Side, etc). By elementary school I started working with things like pastels and markers, even doing collages. I got really inspired by video game artwork as I got older and used to draw lots of things like fantastic Castlevania interiors, that evolved into trying to draw more characters as well and at the same time I had started getting into anime / manga / video games. I would draw all my favorite characters… (man I know I have them buried somewhere if I find ‘em I’ll post ‘em)

There was no world wide web when I was going through puberty so other than sneaking around to find my dad’s secret stash of porno mags I would just draw my own porn. It was a huge secret thrill to draw all these weird scenarios out and then figure out how to destroy them without getting caught so to speak. The first boobs I ever drew were “Princess Toadstool”s like a lot of people I had an unhealthy fascination with her… uhh anyway one pic I destroyed I wish I had kept, it wasn’t overly sexual it was Angela from Gargoyles wearing Belle’s dress… (!?) ANYway…

I drew quite a bit up until I started college which basically destroyed my free time, I did dribs and drabs here and there, I also managed to score my first copy of Corel Photo-Paint 8 in 1998 and I think by ‘99 I had finally gotten my hands on a scanner, I still have some of my art from that time

(why yes that IS a Crown Royal dice bag - such a NERD)

Following college there was a long dark period where I worked for an EXTREMELY shitty company and I basically replaced all my hobbies with working like a slave for a souless motherfucker and drinking. When I finally quit that hellhole in 2005 I discovered I suddenly had this thing called “free time” (funny when you aren’t working 90 hours a week)

By then I was still using Corel but trying to teach myself how to colour stuff…

GAZE INTO THE ABYSS PEOPLE this was me 12 years ago
(and my old icon)


I was drawing with a MOUSE like a common mouth breather …well… not so much drawing but click and dragging points with the horrid vectoring tools in Photoshop (not Illustrator uggghhhhhh).

I started getting better at colour, in fact I think I really met @grimphantom2 by colouring one of his Kiva drawings, I mean we knew each other from WWOEC but not as closely at that time, all we knew was we had good taste in cartoon ladies


Anyway it’s been a long ride since then, 11 years on deviantArt and roughly 12 years of regular drawing. Now I can almost draw a circle again!

…and color pinups like a real boy…

…and pictures that mean a lot to me personally…


Drew this real quick
Can I just express how much I love this adorable little potato?

Seriously, I usually like the ‘Idiots’
but he’s my favorite in All Out!!

and there’s almost zero fanart for him out there, so I’m going to make filling the internet with him my job haha

I suck at body types, so I had to redraw his face a few times because he looked like a child lol

But I really like the result~

Just fixed my stupid typo haha;;

I am starting a series of chibi characters. These won’t be just DB characters though. So be aware! This blog won’t be 100% DB/Z for much longer. :3

Starting off with lil kid Goku of course. Because he introduced me to anime and manga and by extension got me into drawing. I love him and he will always be my favorite character of all time. ♥


it’s time for our very favorite anime oban star runners

featuring such lovable and complex characters as

anakin starrunner!

gordon guns!

rick santorum!

my two dads^2!

that daddy people have all the issues with!

fish yoda!

like, nya!

the fighting uruk-hai!

hanzo shimada!

the famous band, rush!

spirited away!

donald trump!

they’re lesbians, harold!


and crab feelings!

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I noticed your background is from Kuroko no Basuke and I was wondering if you ship anyone or have an OTP.

KnB is one of my all time favorite anime and I love most of the characters dearly.

I do have a couple OTP’s.

Kagami & Kuroko,       Midorima & Takao.

I also heavily ship Aomine & Kise, I would say 99.9% OTP (but can see how Aomine and Momoi are shipped as well) and Murasakibara and Himuro, but I’m not sure it’s at OTP status, I very much love them together though.

As for KagaKuro and MidoTaka, I just can’t see how there is any other option.  (this is my opinion, it’s not up for starting ship-wars or having hate). Both Kagami & Kuroko and Midorima & Takao compliment each other so much that it’s just fun to watch them interact and just be.

anonymous asked:

hi do you have like, an all-time favorite anime? like, if u had to pick only one! :D

Hi! If I have to choose only one anime, right now, I’m going to choose without any doubt The Tatami Galaxy.

There are many reasons why I would choose it above all the rest but to put it in a simple way, is probably the only one which I remember with a smile on my face. Is not complex at all, but it’s just wonderful in every way, the animation is a miracle and the characters are a blessing without any exaggeration, the soundtrack is very good and it’s completely different from everything you’re going to see in your life. 

For me, this anime is like the lovechild of FLCL and Welcome to the NHK, to give a simple and weird idea about it. Every episode is a possibility, every episode is a travel and each of the characters is presented in a way so consistent that you can’t avoid falling in love with them. 

The way the story is told is accurate and adequate, it is not complicated and focuses more on detailing the life of a University student in a way that you may never see again. Explore things from the modern day life of the average young adult like: relationships, friends, work, sexuality and many others.

The main character is an anti-hero but still can be developed with personality and fixed objectives, his best friend is a very singular character and a perfect catalyst for the protagonist, the main girl was perfectly well written and her personality goes out of everything seen, the same for the rest of the characters, they’re colorful, represent different ideas and are very unique. Absolutely all are deep and charismatic, you are going to love them.  

This anime is an artistic journey that never loses its point of view of reality, maintaining a perfect balance between them. It’s a mature series with a bit of dark comedy, legitimate romance, real drama and the conclusion being simply fantastic and satisfactory. 

The Tatami Galaxy is a rarity, something different that breaks with the stereotypes and saturated archetypes of the anime. A perfect mix between presentation and script, that makes you get the message very satisfactorily. 

It’s one of the best experiences that animation could offer to you as a whole.

Please, everyone, watch it. And listen to this.

Around this time, I decided to start watching Detective Conan. At first I was just going to watch 3 episodes at the end of the day. I ended up watching 20 in that night. It took a little over a month for me to binge watch all of Conan (Anime, Manga, Specials, Movies, etc)

So now it’s been a year since I fell into the void, so to commemorate, I drew this. Sadly I ran outta room to include a lot of my favorite characters like Takagi, Sato, and Megure of the JPD and Sera, Sonoko and Makoto to name few.

Inktober day 30
“'It’s so brave of you to go after your dream like that. I just waist my time reading books.’
‘You know, I noticed you a long time ago. I first spotted you reading in the library. I walked past you hundreds of times but you never noticed me, right? I even sat down on the chair right next to you a couple of times. Then I started checking out all sorts of books just so I could get my name on the check-out cards before you, I guess that got your attention.’“

RWBY Love: Ruby Rose

Starting a new text-series, so I might as well start with my absolute favorite character – Ruby Rose. 

Back in 2014, my friend introduced me to RWBY. We did martial arts at the time, and I was known for visibly flipping out over every weapon used in performances ever. I wanted to know all about them. Therefore, she told me that I needed to see the “anime all about me.” 

I laughed, but when she didn’t give up, I decided to check it out. I fell absolutely in love with Ruby Rose within the first five minutes of the show. 

Even in volume one, Ruby was the hero that I always have aspired to be. I’ve wanted to be a hero and help others, while still being myself, and Ruby shows how we can do that. Although she’s certainly grown immensely from being the silly, 15-year-old Signal student, one thing that’s stayed constant over four seasons is her heroism and selfless attitude. 

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  • Code Geass 10th Anniversary

*epic music intro*
JIBUN OOOO~ sekai sae mo kaeeeete shimaesou na
shunkan wa itsumo sugu soba niiii

And finally the last piece of this homeage/anniversary to my favorite anime of all time, with Lelouch vi Britannia of course!!

Today 10 years ago, this show was premiered and I have a lot of good memories, maybe the best ones with an anime.

Very sad for not put Cheese-kun, Fleija-chan, Table-kun, Jupiter-san and of course the most beloved character: Nina Einstein. Maybe next time~ XD

P.S. Someday Sunrise will gave me a full animation of Nonette, Knight of Nine, and I will die of happiness haha.

Code Geass 2006-2016 Goro Taniguchi/Ichiro Okouchi/CLAMP/Takahiro Kimura/Kotaro Nakagawa/Hitomi Kuroishi/Eiji Nakada/Jun Fukuyama.

Anime characters my mum likes (in no particular order)

Inyuasha (All time favorite)

Jonathan Joestars’ dad