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Can we talk about this for a second?
Can we talk about the phrase if looks could kill?
Can we talk about how no man should have this much power? Can we please talk about this?

My favorite novel-length fanfics

These stories are some of my all-time favorites, for a variety of reasons… Happy reading!! 

All Things Bright and Beautiful - R - By: Dlynn - 227k

Set during Season 7 as Mulder and Scully embark on their physical relationship, while Dr. Daniel still pines for Scully.  

And Death Shall Have No Dominion - NC17 - By: Jean Healms - 1011k

A long journey with our favorite duo, but with so much angst it’ll keep you coming back for more. Mythology, MSR, angst….ugh. ONE OF MY TOP FIVE FAVORITES. 

Aphrodisia - VERY NC17 - By: Kristel St. Johns

Scully’s need for control takes her and Mulder into discovering the BDSM lifestyle. Okay, I was reluctant at first… but it was in-character, and so fucking hot. Set post-Orison. Some parts are a little meh and may take some effort to suspend disbelief but for the most part, I was amazed by how much this could work. The author did a great job in researching and informing the reader. 

As - NC17 - By: Dri - 452k

Mulder and Scully are set up just as they start their relationship and have to piece together who did it, and WHY. Angst. Angst. Angst. So good. 

Blinded by White Light - NC17 - By: @dashakay - 282k

Does this really need an introduction? I’m not generally a fan of AU, but this story changed my mind and I was sucked into it from the beginning. ONE OF MY TOP FIVE FAVORITES

Dr. Scully’s School for Exceptional Boys - R - By: Prufrock’s Love

MY FAVORITE STORY. Don’t let the title fool you, this story is hardly as sappy as it may seem. It’s tragically beautiful and I would pay good money to see this made into a miniseries. I WILL NEVER SHUT UP ABOUT PRUFROCK’S LOVE. You have to read it. Post-William, and it veers… It’s been 12 years since she’s seen him. ugh. I’m haunted by this story. Basically EVERYTHING she writes is amazing. Just read everything. 

Eleventh Hour - NC17 - By: Rachel Anton - 207k

Now that my opinion of AU has been broadened by BBWL, someone suggested I read Eleventh Hour, and I’m glad I did. What a journey. Mulder has to go back in time to save Scully from her fate…but will he want to return to present? 

Erosion - NC17 - By: Annie Sewell-Jennings -  226k

Be prepared to die. This story is beautiful. The consortium force Mulder and Scully to separate, but they find a way to still see each other. 

He is the Master of his Fate, She is the Captain of her Soul - NC17 - WIP - By: Scully Likes Science

Okay, basically this story CONSUMED my soul before the revival. It’s RIDICULOUSLY long in the best way possible. Covering everything from the beginning of Season 8 to IWTB and beyond, this story shows us what CC did not. It explains her pregnancy, what happened to Mulder while he was away and what they did on the run. Buckle your seat belts; it’s a long read, but well worth it.  

Iolokus Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 - NC17 - By: MustangSally, Rivka T

Just read it. Thank me later. Dark, dirty, but fucking amazing. If you haven’t read it, you need to…just so you can freak out with the rest of us. 

Mesabi Ferrum - NC17 - By: Zoonr 

I WILL NEVER SHUT UP ABOUT MESABI FERRUM. It is amazing. Between this and Machines of Freedom, CC had all of the ammo he needed for Seasons 10-11. William, mytharc, MSR, viruses, Doggett/Reyes and others… ONE OF MY TOP FIVE FAVORITES. 

Machines of Freedom - R - By: @amalnahurriyeh

I adore everything about this story. Set post-IWTB, it follows our agents as they figure out how to beat 2012… familiar faces reappear, and it has some of the best plot-twists around. READ IT. 

Worth Breaking - NC17 - By: Narida Law

They try to start having sex just to relieve sex. No strings attached. No emotions. Yeah right. 


They say that we should love our self first before other people learn to love us. but it’s not as easy as it seems. sometimes, we need someone to accept us and love us first. then, we would learn to see ourselves through that person’s eyes and learn to love our self…