Harry is beautiful... Top 10 Photos

Thank you enantiomers for tagging me to share my favorite photos of Harry! This was actually difficult because I am obviously a massive Louis girl and I don’t really post/tag a lot of Harry photos. But Harry is beautiful and I love his lovely goofy long-legged charming self. So I did some digging and here you go…. 10 of my favorite photos of Harry:

1. LITTLE PRINCE. This photo is hands down (or up? haha) my favorite photo of him EVER. SO BEAUTIFUL. 

2. Long-haired, long-legged babe in blue jeans. This photo captures his on-stage charisma perfectly. 

3. This shirt. His perfectly flowing locks. UGHHHH. 

4. DEAR GOD. THIS SHIRT IS AMAZING ON HIM and barely buttoned. AND HIS HAIR IS SO LONG AND LOVELY. Look at that smile! I am Liam. 

5. FRAT BOY HARRY IN A CLINGY JERSEY SHIRT GIVES ME LIFE. I will never get over this. The only time quiff Harry was acceptable. 

6. Angel. A real life angel. Enough said. 

7. Disgruntled rock star, can he please wear this color all the time. (I am actually wearing this outfit right now lol).  

8. Baby-faced headscarf Harry in flannel and denim will always hold a special place in my heart. This photoshoot is one of my favorites. 


10. GAHHH. Everything from his white billowy shirt, boots and long flowing locks to the way he hold his microphone has me on the freaking floor. Beautiful. 

Harry is not only beautiful on the outside but beautiful on the inside. I love that he has totally come into his own and does not apologize for who he is. HARRY IS BEAUTIFUL. 

Ok I need to go lie down. 


I will make a great Dad 📓 (W/ Liam Mackay)


get to know me meme: [2/?] favorite male characters - Matt Murdock (Daredevil)

“You know, I’m supposed to say I don’t miss it. That what they teach you in trauma recovery . To define yourself by what you have, value the difference, make no apologies for what you lack. And it’s all truth, for the most part …  but it doesn’t change the fact that I’d give anything to see the sky one more time.”

“We need to go camping somewhere else, let’s do that.”
“Let’s do that, let’s do that.”

I love how Dave is like, “I’ve decided Roxy is going to be my mom,” and Roxy is like, “Yeah, okay, this is probably fine.” I just want a million slice of life comics in which Dave and Roxy are perfectly equal peers but Dave always calls Roxy “mom” and nobody bats an eye.