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“On Friday, Hanyu wore bright green and pink rhinestones on his costume, meant for luck. He is superstitious, and as usual, he squatted and pushed backward from the boards and did not look at anyone else. Then he began skating. He did not have much luck — just enough to win the Olympics.

His victory could not really help the recovery in Sendai, Hanyu said. He felt helpless, he said, as if “I’m not making any contributions.” But now he had a gold medal. Maybe it was a starting point.

“Perhaps,” Hanyu said, “there is something I can do going forward.”

a thing i doodled in ibis paint my new favorite app!! recommended to me by @psychotic_and_demonic on instagram

literally drawing is so smooth holy gooooooood also i really wanna get back into drawing so heres another thing from last night