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Little Bites (1) - Adapting

Jeon Jungkook; AU Vampire Series

Little Bites (0)- Intro

There was something beautiful about the world you were in.  It was as if everything was doused in your favorite colors, and the air smelled like lilacs and soft laundry.  You were grinning happily as you sat outside on a blanket in a field, under a lone tree where soft birds chirped and a gentle summer breezed ruffled your hair.  You closed your eyes and breathed as you let the soothing nature envelope you and take you into heaven.


You paused.  The words sounded like grating metal and painted in red.  You looked around you and nothing seemed out of the ordinary. You shook you head and closed your eyes again, relaxing and letting yourself find the peace you—


You frowned as you opened your eyes and suddenly your dream world began to fall apart.  The colors you had found comfort in were slowly beginning to fade into an annoying shade of bright orange and the birds were now chirping so loudly you half wanted to yank them out of the trees.

What was going on?


You stood up and began to run.  Something wasn’t right. You ran faster and faster and faster and


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h/l fic rec: read you for some kind of poem by mentalistecbm

Louis watches Harry’s usual green ease back in and stay there, the lines of his face smoothing out. Louis doesn’t stop poking him, obviously, feeling a bit less woozy and more centered as he watches Harry center himself.

“Hi, babe,” Louis murmurs, bringing his index finger back in to press under Harry’s eye. He doesn’t quite reach, because Harry’s hand is there, grabbing onto Louis’ ring digit and gently bunching his fingers up until his hand is folded within Harry’s. “There you are.”

Harry’s mouth curves up. “Hi, baby. Sorry for… Sorry.” His free thumb traces Louis’ bottom lip.

“It’s fine,” Louis says truthfully. “You don’t scare me.”

(Louis is human, and Harry is lucky enough to be his vampire boyfriend.)