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I’ve been visiting the thrift store near my home frequently as it’s nearing that time of the year when Halloween stuff gets put out and it was well worth the effort. Copper cauldron and glass skull bottle. Heck yes.

《HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018!!!》
(sorry for the bad drawing ;w;)

2017 has been a great year!
My first year in tumblr ouo

Honestly, this whole year has been an interesting experience and it was so fun!

I first made this account in june and in the total time from there to now, i have 330+ followers

I had joined this place for fun and i didnt expect this much from all of you! ;U;

SO THANK YOU! For helping me have a great first year in tumblr!

《SPECIAL THANKS (written in point of view in 2017 XDDD) 》

@starryrainy Thank you for being my FIRST follower and friend! You’re awesome and dont let others discourage you!

@bettythedork123 My homie and friend! Thank you so much for this year! I was able to share many memes and laughs! Dont give up! >:3

@ambercookiebouqet I know we dont really talk that much now but I just wanted to let you know that you’re an amazing and talented friend!

@leoyee0w0mainblog Leoyee! You are so frEAKING awesome in making pixel arts and animations and i wanna thank you for being such a cool friend >:D Thanks to you, snas 2 has a lil dino to take care of huehuehuehue~

@buttonmemo9530 We dont talk much but i appreciate you liking and spamming all my things >:) I will spam back, no worries XDD

@sketchymechy BURRITO TACO FRIENDO! You’re so fun to joke around with and i keep admiring your art because its cOOL >:33 dontstopbeingyourselfyouburritotaco XD

@EVERYONE ELSE! You all made this very enjoyable for me and i appreciate it so much! So THANK YOU AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Tags have another thing im hyped about XD Dont need to read it tho hahahaha-

My favorite tea shop! I wish I could take you all there! The Ounce is located in the central Helsinki (Finland), this exact store is in Kamppi. They also have a new store in the Metro station, but this is the fanciest one with a little cafe corner. The scent is awesome inside the store!

 You can get two of the best teas in the world from here, Creme Brulé and Irish Whiskey. They also sell home made green tea (macha) cookies with white chocolate topping!

I’m a bit disappointed that despite The Ounce is a Russian tea store, you can’t get traditional Russian black tea from there. At least I haven’t found any… But, now we have also Whittard of Chelsea here and they sell Russian Caravan-tea! I wish the Helsinki’s store has it, too. 

store-goer  asked:

Your trc lookbooks give me life!! I love all of them but I have a few favorites (obvi) and I wanted to thank you for bringing them into my life!! Even if a typical lookbook is about the outfits, you've put their character into each one and they're all so lovely! I especially love Blue and Ronan, the one where Blue is blowing the gum bubble and looks so angry but is so close to Ronan shows so much friendship and intimacy that is so hard to portray but you do it and you do it well!

agioerrieo im cRYIng thank you this is so sweet ive read this 8954 times!! I know I say this every time but the reaction/support y’all have shown throughout this project its just so precious and im so lucky and happy. Thank youuu :>

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Can I just tell you that your android glados is A++

aww thank you! Honestly I’d let her step on me but only emotionally because she’s strong enough to crush steel without breaking a sweat. 😩💦💦

For Black Girls that don't want to use their expensive make up on regular days these are my fave drug store go tos.

Primer: Nyx photo primer or the Nyx Angel veil primer
Concealer: Maybelline fit, La girl pro concealer
Foundation: Maybelline fit, Loreal infallible
Bronzer: nyx matte bronzer
Highlighter: loreal true match lumi powder glow illuminator
Setting powder: Airspun, nyx set it don’t fret it
Setting spray: loreal infallible, Nyx matte

Mascara: Maybelline lash sensational
Eyeliner: nyx liquid noir

You’re welcome 🤗

Nice cream bowl - Salted PB - with all the goodies this morning ✨

- Crunchy PB
- My raw cacao sauce
- My fave store bought choc paleo granola
- My homemade ‘Salted Honey Macadamia Toasted Muesli’
- Cacao nibs

Thankful for days off and the little blessings in life like waking up to a beautiful sunny day in Sydney ☀️

the pink album has been following me everywhere I was just trying to buy my chicken in peace ffs