my fave stores

Hey there everyone! I’m not super new to the studyblr community, but I’ve never made a personal post before, so I’d like to start doing that! So I figured I’d just start with an introduction. :)

  • My name is Anna.
  • I’m 25 and studying psychology.
  • I live in the US.
  • Target is my fave store ever.
  • I loveeee buying new pens and notebooks and journals (and yes, I actually use all of them lol)
  • I want to be a college advisor one day, and possibly a professor or therapist.
  • I’m a big reader, so if you have any book suggestions for me, I’m always down for a new read (historical fiction is my favorite!)
  • My least favorite subject is history, followed by natural sciences.
  • I spent 2 years as an art major, and I very much miss it, but I plan to continue pursuing art on the side once I finish college.
  • I could eat tacos pretty much every day.
  • I wish I could be a runner, but running makes me feel like I might die…
  • …so I settle for pilates and yoga, and I feel it’s an excellent alternative. ;D

Some of my favorite studyblrs right now are:
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The man who works at the coffee shop went to Seoul over spring break and he brought this back for me?? He said he saw it at a store at a train station and thought I would like it and bought it 😢 Isn’t he so sweet??
Then he asked me if I already had a BTS calendar and I was like “Noo, of course not!! Thank you so much!!” because I didn’t have the heart to tell him that I was the first one to pre-order the seasons greeting when it went online at my fave music store… so now I’m going to have 3 BTS calendars in my room lmao

For Black Girls that don't want to use their expensive make up on regular days these are my fave drug store go tos.

Primer: Nyx photo primer or the Nyx Angel veil primer
Concealer: Maybelline fit, La girl pro concealer
Foundation: Maybelline fit, Loreal infallible
Bronzer: nyx matte bronzer
Highlighter: loreal true match lumi powder glow illuminator
Setting powder: Airspun, nyx set it don’t fret it
Setting spray: loreal infallible, Nyx matte

Mascara: Maybelline lash sensational
Eyeliner: nyx liquid noir

You’re welcome 🤗

honestly my fave store is rue 21 like yeah the graphic tees are kind of juvenile but they have some really cute shirts and dresses and there’s literally always some kind of sale going on. the clothes are average quality but if you take care of them they’ll last for a really long time. i have shirts and tanks i got there 5 years ago that i’m still wearing. i just really recommend rue 21 lmao


Stack of Clothes

This is me trying to make sense on fashion. I don’t have much clothes and accessories and bags and shoes. Lol. But even so, I try matching what I have based on what I’ve noticed on social media/instagram. You’ll see how I’ve been starting to have a fashion-related posts in my feed. For now, these are my newest babies since October. As much as I want to buy more, I’m currently broke.

Most of which are bought from my fave online store which now has a mini shop in my city, Dmusthave. They sell really affordable clothes with nice quality. Check their instagram!

This is the only update that I have aside from school. On one note, earlier today we had our batch sportsfest (indoor and outdoor) and guess who won at Scrabble.. Hehe. ✌🏻️


My favorite tea shop! I wish I could take you all there! The Ounce is located in the central Helsinki (Finland), this exact store is in Kamppi. They also have a new store in the Metro station, but this is the fanciest one with a little cafe corner. The scent is awesome inside the store!

 You can get two of the best teas in the world from here, Creme Brulé and Irish Whiskey. They also sell home made green tea (macha) cookies with white chocolate topping!

I’m a bit disappointed that despite The Ounce is a Russian tea store, you can’t get traditional Russian black tea from there. At least I haven’t found any… But, now we have also Whittard of Chelsea here and they sell Russian Caravan-tea! I wish the Helsinki’s store has it, too. 


you know i never liked my belly but yesterday i did so…

SEHUN’s Cologne Choice…

Sehun Fucking Shops at Abercrombie and Fitch and wears “Fierce” there a bunch of running jokes I know but I actually fucking can’t believe this like I actually buy that cologne and spray it on my sheets. I’m over it and its my fave store and old job… WHAT KINDA…. Watch this cologne be sold the fuck out in Korea and A&F is going to have no choice but to have to higher him as a part-time model and when you walk in he will just be fucking there next to a got damn moose and you’ll black the fuck out because it’s just Sehun and his abs and a fucking moose in dim lights and house music blasting with the smell of fucking “Fierce” in the damn store I just..