my fave stores


My favorite tea shop! I wish I could take you all there! The Ounce is located in the central Helsinki (Finland), this exact store is in Kamppi. They also have a new store in the Metro station, but this is the fanciest one with a little cafe corner. The scent is awesome inside the store!

 You can get two of the best teas in the world from here, Creme Brulé and Irish Whiskey. They also sell home made green tea (macha) cookies with white chocolate topping!

I’m a bit disappointed that despite The Ounce is a Russian tea store, you can’t get traditional Russian black tea from there. At least I haven’t found any… But, now we have also Whittard of Chelsea here and they sell Russian Caravan-tea! I wish the Helsinki’s store has it, too. 

So…I baked a raspberry pie today, and forgot to take a picture when it was done.  This is what’s left.  (Looks rather violent, doesn’t it?)  :p


Saturday wrap up

It was a good day, we mostly ran errands in the morning going to the market, etc. and then later we went to Dicks Sporting Goods to get Mrs. RRR and my youngest new tennis racquets. We also tried to find Mrs. RRR new training shoes, but no joy.

I made a solo run to my fave local running store and bought a pair of Brooks Transcend 4s. They’ve got a lot of cushion and feel great, so I’m looking forward putting some miles on these.

Tonight I did a leg training circuit workout. 5 circuits of:

10x dumbbell squats

10x leg extensions

10x seated leg curls

10x calf raises

10x leg press

And now I rest and beer … Cheers!

[edit] late afternoon we all sat on the front porch as a terrific thunderstorm rolled in with buckets of rain. It was glorious - @dbtanddeadlifts you would have loved it.
For Black Girls that don't want to use their expensive make up on regular days these are my fave drug store go tos.

Primer: Nyx photo primer or the Nyx Angel veil primer
Concealer: Maybelline fit, La girl pro concealer
Foundation: Maybelline fit, Loreal infallible
Bronzer: nyx matte bronzer
Highlighter: loreal true match lumi powder glow illuminator
Setting powder: Airspun, nyx set it don’t fret it
Setting spray: loreal infallible, Nyx matte

Mascara: Maybelline lash sensational
Eyeliner: nyx liquid noir

You’re welcome 🤗

so now i’m friends with the girls that work at my new fave store and i just spent an hour there talking to them and i didn’t even buy anything this truly is The life