my fave scene of this ep

OUATVAN 2017 - Sunday, Gold Panel with Lana Parrilla


  • Lana is still waking up (x)
  • Lana is wearing a dress from Eva longoria (x)
  • Lana loves the GVRD in North Van (x)
  • Lana tells everyone to go see how beautiful BC and Vancouver is (x)
  • Lana says tonight is a specials ep (x)
  • A beautiful scene will be happening between Regina and the EQ tonight (x)
  • Pilot is Lana’s fave ep (x)
  • Lana had to give Lenny away because Fred is allergic (x)
  • Lenny is living with Lana’s best friends and she sees him all the time (x)
  • Lana had tarantulas as pets when she was younger (x)
  • The feather on Jareds shirt is my Lana’s feather (x)
  • When the tsunami hit in the early 00’s Lana was working at camps in Sri Lanka to help children (x)
  • Lana would like to build a charity organization (x)
  • Lana likes to wear the most comfortable costumes on set (x)
  • Lana really loves the red velvet dress and the black rubber dress (x)
  • Lana likes the costume in the musical episode. She dances a lot (x)
  • Lana did a bit of research about what it’s like to be teasered before the torture scene in S2 (x)
  • Lana just gave a lesson on how to act long shots and close ups (x)
  • Lana loves working with Bobby. They are good friends and work super well together (x)
  • The GQ chemistry was Lana and Bobby’s acting chemistry (x)
  • Lana and Bobby always thought that Regina and gold were father and daughter but then there were moments when not (x)
  • Lana says Regina and gold are family in a weird way (x)
  • Lana likes the scenes between Emma and Regina where they have the most honest conversations (x)
  • Lana thinks Trina is still swinging (x)
  • Nina is going through quite a bit according to Lana. She is still trying to figure out her life (x)
  • Lana thinks Eva zambrano is saving lives and saving people (x)
  • Lana thinks Teresa became a badass cop (x)
  • Lana loves the young Regina moments with Barbara (x)
  • Regina was manipulated by her mother subconsciously (x)
  • One of her fave moments was in hell when they saw Cora wake up and make amends (x)

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season two thoughts???

i watched all of this as soon as it came out last night so i probs forgot a lot of details lol. here’s some stuff i liked about s2:

  • sheith fucking died good riddance
  • shiro in ep 1 just being like “guess i’ll die lol” Mood
  • episode 2
  • pidge being cute heals my wounds
  • for some reason i wasn’t expecting a rebel galra organization at all so i really liked that!
  • that monster from the 3rd episode that essentially vores things and then vored itself and died
  • the pool scene and also every klance interaction in general tbh
  • paul blart mall cop space edition! how does netflix know who i am and what i want!!!!!!
  • lance’s cow that just fucking disappeared 
  • galra keith!!! Nice!!!!!!!!!!!
    • hunk making galra keith jokes is my fave i hope we see more of that lmao
  • the scene w lance’s insecurities setting the stage for a lance arc in s3
  • i wasn’t expecting the twist w haggar at all and now i want answers lol
  • i really loved every coran scene i would die for coran

things i didn’t like about s2

  • hunk being reduced to food and fat jokes like…he’s so much more than that wtf hunk deserves better
  • building up other character’s intelligence at lance’s expense is :/// lance is a Smart Boy give him some credit wtf i hope we see lance being respected more in s3
  • lance, hunk, and allura weren’t really around but i’m hoping that this means that s3 will be focused on them like how s2 was focused on keith, shiro, and pidge
  • i wish we saw more of ppl’s (and keith’s tbh) reactions to galra keith but i’m hoping that’ll be addressed in s3 cuz i doubt keith can adjust to this info as quickly as it seemed like he did
    • i hope we learn more about keith’s parents too wtf where is keith’s mom
  •  i can’t remember anything else but there’s a good chance i’ve missed some stuff

so yeah i liked season 2 a lot!!!! it wasn’t perfect but i have a feeling that s3 is gonna be way better and probably make up for what a lot of s2 neglected

Not to be a sentimental fuck but 4x05 had its (major) problems but that end scene when Arkadia burns down is highkey one of my fave scenes from the show, despite the controversy over whether it was a good ~plot move…. the music, the grief and awe on everyone’s face, the lighting… the emotion of these people realizing that their fate might be sealed; Clarke and Bellamy and Octavia holding onto each other so tightly because that’s what you do, in a tragedy, that’s what you do when you think you’re about to die - you hold on to your family. You hold on to them and don’t let go until you have the strength to move on, to get up and fight. You don’t let go until you’re ready to rise from the ashes. 

APH The World Twinkle Ep 13

Alfred on the outside :

Alfred on the inside :

My mom ships Sanvers !

OMG I’m living right now.

First you need to know that Alex is my fave. And my mom’s fave character is also Alex.

I watched the 2x05 ep with my mom and she said when Maggie told Alex that she just got dumped “Too bad.” sarcastically ^^ And when Alex smiled at her phone she said that she was in love ♥ But she didn’t say anything about her coming out scene or the scene where Maggie told Alex that she didn’t know she was into girls. Maybe it was related to the fact that my father was near and told us to stop talking because he was working on something ^^

Anyway I had a conversation about that with Rootwithanaxe I had to know if she shipped Sanvers !

So I asked my mom who she shipped if she shipped winn x lena, mon-el x kara (I would never dare say kara x lena) and I didn’t say Alex x Maggie but she said to me “oui mais je shippe surtout Alex et l'autre” which means she especially shipped Alex and the other one … She didn’t say her name but she saw it for many eps (since ep 3 of course) and she knows it’s coming ^^ By the way she asked me in ep 4 when Alex sees Maggie in the dress if they were gonna bang haha.

So yeah now I know she ships them !!! I’m so happy !

And I still told her I didn’t knew if she would ship them since she didn’t ship Shoot and she told me they weren’t made for eachother like really ? She ships Shaw x Reese ! Ok  Shoot is clearly one of the best ships ever and The mayhem twins are brother and sister !

Anyway I’m hoping I can fangirl with her on Sanvers. Now that I know I will make comments during the ep ^^ (I watch it before her the day after it aired in the US then rewatch it with her a few days after)

Now I still have to tell her that they are called Sanvers ^^

I can’t wait to see how she will react when Alex will tell Kara that she’s gay in the next ep ♥


Favourite ‘Agatha Christie’s Poirot’ episodes [2/10]: One, Two, Buckle My Shoe

Poirot’s dentist is murdered at his medical practice. The initial suspects are three of his patients who came for their dental appointments that day, but one of them goes missing and another dies of an overdose of anaesthetic.


“Eighty cycles. My college loans will be delinquent. I’ll miss the strippers on my 100th birthday. I’ll get a utility bill for three trillion dollars for a single porch light I left on and everybody I know will be dead!”