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@sasstermasters-quarter replied to your photo@sasstermasters-quarter holy shit yes (!!!) season…

ALL THE YES. S14 is basically a “yeah I’m really giving up on this straight business”. S18 is like “I dont mind cuddling and snogging you”, S14 is like “one word and all the underwear shall be shed immediately”. I think there is also this ep where she is talking about mushrooms (will find it in a bit) and I dunno why, but she changes her voice in that scene in a very specific way- it does things to me :’)

THE MUSHROOM EPISODE IS LEGIT LIKE ONE OF MY ULTIMATE FAVES !!! god it’s when she goes into the smug manipulation voice, like she knows that she is right and that she can literally play everyone like a fucking fiddle and it is absolutely  i n c r e d i b l e  holy mother of god

OUATVAN 2017 - Sunday, Gold Panel with Lana Parrilla


  • Lana is still waking up (x)
  • Lana is wearing a dress from Eva longoria (x)
  • Lana loves the GVRD in North Van (x)
  • Lana tells everyone to go see how beautiful BC and Vancouver is (x)
  • Lana says tonight is a specials ep (x)
  • A beautiful scene will be happening between Regina and the EQ tonight (x)
  • Pilot is Lana’s fave ep (x)
  • Lana had to give Lenny away because Fred is allergic (x)
  • Lenny is living with Lana’s best friends and she sees him all the time (x)
  • Lana had tarantulas as pets when she was younger (x)
  • The feather on Jareds shirt is my Lana’s feather (x)
  • When the tsunami hit in the early 00’s Lana was working at camps in Sri Lanka to help children (x)
  • Lana would like to build a charity organization (x)
  • Lana likes to wear the most comfortable costumes on set (x)
  • Lana really loves the red velvet dress and the black rubber dress (x)
  • Lana likes the costume in the musical episode. She dances a lot (x)
  • Lana did a bit of research about what it’s like to be teasered before the torture scene in S2 (x)
  • Lana just gave a lesson on how to act long shots and close ups (x)
  • Lana loves working with Bobby. They are good friends and work super well together (x)
  • The GQ chemistry was Lana and Bobby’s acting chemistry (x)
  • Lana and Bobby always thought that Regina and gold were father and daughter but then there were moments when not (x)
  • Lana says Regina and gold are family in a weird way (x)
  • Lana likes the scenes between Emma and Regina where they have the most honest conversations (x)
  • Lana thinks Trina is still swinging (x)
  • Nina is going through quite a bit according to Lana. She is still trying to figure out her life (x)
  • Lana thinks Eva zambrano is saving lives and saving people (x)
  • Lana thinks Teresa became a badass cop (x)
  • Lana loves the young Regina moments with Barbara (x)
  • Regina was manipulated by her mother subconsciously (x)
  • One of her fave moments was in hell when they saw Cora wake up and make amends (x)

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crystal venom iconacy

i was rewatching this ep because it’s one of my faves from season 1 and it has a lot of my favorite scenes, but this one is always going to be in the top and i will demonstrate it through a very long post with lots of screenshots

hunk’s face before and after lance knocks his head….

this is the face of a man who’s had his head knocked by his best friend more than once… look at him…. he’s tired

pidge’s face here,,,, or should i say podge

just lance enjoying himself and keith silently thinking ‘how am i going to get this boy’s attention without looking like i want it

lance’s whole thinking process for a comeback

he’s so proud of himself….. (also hunk was secretly worried the entire time and was very happy to support his friend even if the comeback was lame.. bless him)

keith’s dramatique face….. what did you want from that interaction keith… what was it……

shiro’s reaction:


hunk and lance waiting??? precious 

look at them…. they’re so bored and tired and adorable….. can your faves ever??

lance and shiro. look. he help

and let’s not forget the iconic leggy scene

what an iconic scene… always remember

one of the things I hate most is rewarding bad behavior. so yeah, I’m completely enraged to hear that kc has become a series regular on arrow again. 

first of all, she’s a diva who thinks she’s above everyone and a rude person in general. I can’t tell you how many personal accounts I’ve heard from staff and fans alike that have had bad encounters with her. 

while yes I know she’s been bullied too and I don’t support that, it doesn’t excuse the fact that she encourages her fans to bully as well. she had repeatedly liked tweets/articles/fans that have shit on the show and the cast, specifically a certain leading lady. she supports their behavior.

she’s also selfish. when she used to read scripts, she only cared about her parts. she never read the entire episode. who cares about context and continuity? she also said so herself this weekend that she has not been watching any of the episodes this year. way to support her supposed friends and castmates. 

and let’s not forget how she originally even got this job- connections up at the tippy top of the cw. her career was built on nepotism. the fashion blog probably wasn’t paying the bills so she had to come crawling back. she can’t even act well. no merit at all. seriously when she came back for the 100th it was clear her acting had gotten even worse.

also remember that she constantly reduces her character to a love interest. all she ever wants to talk about is how laurel and oliver are soulmates lmao. not only is she wrong, but really? you don’t care if your character has anything else to offer? you don’t care that she kept running back to a man that repeatedly left her and cheated on her? you don’t have any self respect?

all the while emily and willa are asking for more female friendships and range…

surprisingly I don’t think we can blame this one on marc, wendy and the other EPs and writers though. they are spectacular assholes, but they didn’t really like her either lmao. but what the network heads say goes. she must have amazing lawyers…

well I guess one thing I can look forward to is more scenes like this

and now that I’ve ranted, I’ll just chill knowing that my fave got her spot on the show by pure talent, charm, and a genuine personality. she was only supposed to be in one ep but she was so impressive, she’s now the female lead. 


just watched Jack and The Zombies anD WOHHH NEW FAVE EP!!! it also provided a lot of my favourite jack faces! i love it when he makes that shocked face, it seems so ill fitting …a little reminiscent of  that last scene from Sleepaway Camp! *_*

my thoughts on 5x13

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Okay. Let’s try this. 

  • The gun control storyline felt heavy handed, from the montage of the shooter packing up guns in the beginning to Oliver’s candle-light vigil speech at the end.
  • It’s one of those “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain” things that makes it hard to really immerse and invest in the story on the screen.
  • it was nice to have Thea back
  • Having her rip on Susan made having her back even better. I really hope this means they’re setting Thea up to be the one to take on Susan later.
  • Listen, I get Oliver has a right to move on here
  • I’ve been expecting it since last summer
  • And once we saw Felicity and that…whatever it was she had with Billy (cuz she refused to call him her boyfriend so… booty call?), I knew Oliver needed to have a chance too
  • I just haaaaaaaaaaate that his chance is with SUSAN
  • I don’t dislike Susan because she’s “between my OTP”… I’ve disliked characters on this show for that reason before and that’s not what it is for me at all. It’s that she’s been shown to be shady. Regardless what she DOES from here with her shady information, she has behaved shadily. The show has not been shy about showing us that. SHADY. SHADYSHADYSHADY. 
  • She was introduced in a way that showed her to be without scruples, the way she treated Thea. THEA. Oliver’s own beloved sister. As such, Thea has never been coy about how she feels about Susan. I don’t think Susan ever apologized to Thea. Did she apologize to Oliver about how she treated Thea? Don’t think so. Did Oliver ever bring it up with Susan? Not likely. 
  • So when Oliver says “she’s a good person” I’m just like BITCH, WHERE.
  • Anyhow. That’s a big problem for me. And Oliver defending her to Thea just… hit me wrong. WAY wrong. 
  • I want to respect Oliver’s attempt to move on but I feel like I just can’t with Susan. I feel like Felicity in 2x06: “You deserve better than her.” I feel like he should feel he deserves better by now too.
  • Back on topic: The shootout at City Hall was meant to be shocking but in a show where shootouts happen almost every week it just… wasn’t.
  • Adrian has a wife. Huh. 
  • Oh, hello, Vigilante. Nice of you to join us again. I guess? What was the point of that other than to show us he’s still around? Or was that the whole point?
  • Team Arrow debating gun control = okay, sure
  • Felicity saying they shouldn’t debate cuz they’re busy doing Team Arrow stuff = okay, sure
  • Felicity saying they shouldn’t debate it PERIOD? = uhm NO
  • Curtis lecturing Felicity about not debating = (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻
  • I don’t expect Felicity to be a focus in an ep like this, but since we’re hearing Curtis, Lance, Rene and Dinah’s views on gun control, maybe we can hear hers to? OR DIG’S?? Cuz Dig is like… the OG Gun Guy on the team??? And ex-military?? HELLO IS THIS THING ON?
  • Also, no one even mentioning Felicity being shot (SHOT. WITH BULLETS) last year and paralyzed…. I just don’t even know what to think there but I’m aggressively annoyed. 
  • This isn’t even touching the other times she’s been shot at (2x01) or shot (2x14) or had a gun held to her head (3x05). 
  • (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻
  • *clears throat* Anyhow, Oliver is doing mayorly stuff so that’s nice to see, I guess. He’s trying and I like to see him trying. It’s clear that he cares about what he’s doing.
  • I’m just gonna be honest, I could not give less of a shit about where Dinah is living. We don’t even know where OLIVER lives. So it’s nice that Dig is encouraging her to open up and live her life but like… it felt out of place in this episode in a major way. 
  • I really liked the Rene flashbacks. I am really starting to feel for the guy. I hope he can get his daughter back. 
  • The scene where Oliver talked down the shooter in the hospital was probably my fave of his this episode
  • It showed him embracing his own light and really grasping this theme of legacy so that’s great progress. 
  • But this ep as a whole? Can just be skipped. Not great. Not great at all. Others (like @jbuffyangel) have stated why far better than I could. 
  • just… when the ep ended I blinked and went “that’s it??” and that’s not a great emotion to have at the end of an Arrow episode. 
  • Better luck next week. 

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