my fave redhead


R E D ! i feel my soul on fire;

                                                  B L A C K ! my world if he’s not there;

       - Red & Black, Les Miserables

happy birthday, @kentluthor / @connerkent!  ゚*。(・∀・)゚*。 have some tragic villainous redheads and the heroes they love. 


Redheads are exotic women with a fiery temper. All the action adventure girls have red hair. Whenever it is an independent girl, when she has her own mind or does as good as the guys, she has red hair. 

(Inspired by x, x)

     UNDER THE CUT is #930+ icons of one of my fave redhead katherine mcnamara in csi, happyland, and the fosters. i originally used them for my clary indie, but i stopped rping on that account, and i don’t want it going to waste!! if you do use this, please like and/or give credit where it’s due bc this took awhile to make.

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it’s 3 am and I’m thinkin about my fave redhead so here’s some random lil hcs

  • tendou has freckles, not just on his face, they’re scattered all over his body, but they’re most noticeable on his face and shoulders/upper arms
  • (i’m aware in canon it doesn’t look like he does at all…. but still…. freckled tendou…)
  • he’s big on giving gifts, whether for a special occasion or for no particular reason at all
  • when it comes to clothing he’s all about comfort
  • he won’t wear his school uniform 100% correctly…. bc comfort
  • he looks really good in yellow (bc yellow is bright and sunny just like him ghfdjklghfd ;u;)
  • he’s a huge fan of urban legends and myths and he’ll talk about them so much that it drives his teammates insane
  • he’s probably a virtuoso (look, i saw art of him playing piano and now i can’t stop imagining him being really good at it and sometimes sneaking into the music classroom when no one’s in there to just play the piano)
  • he loves video games but he’s also extremely competitive while playing them and will do anything possible to give himself an advantage (including playing dirty or cheating)
  • he’s that guy at the movie theater that throws popcorn and tries to catch it in his mouth but fails every single time (but he’s convinced “i’ll get it this next time, watch!”) and just ends up making a huge mess, or hitting someone else around him with it