my fave pic of them


Sophie & Ben in 2006

Okay u don’t have to believe in Kaisoo( even if they are real *cough*) but after seeing these pics no one can deny Jongin’s eyes are full of hearts and scream “I love u,be the father of my children monggu, janggu and jjangah,I wanna grow old with u my jagi,let’s get married and build a house together :’),be my husband,u are so beautiful my love,I wanna kiss u so hard right now but I have to hold myself…”

Eyes don’t lie ;)



first and foremost, please listen to pretty boy to commemorate this anniversary. you don’t need a reason to listen to it but if you needed one, go listen now :D

this is my favourite taekai day, or at least one of super super faves [mma 2013 comes really close ❤️]  

these beautiful best friends, working together is something they always said they wished to do. they killed the stage. they’re really compatible, having trained together and understanding each other’s styles. their chemistry is fantastic!

taemin also happened to forget what a shirt was that day. seriously, baby was wilding which means death for us 😂.

let’s also appreciate how beautiful they look, on their own and together as well. they’re stunning 😍.

this was an unfortunate day for junmyeon too. otl, taekai only see each other, this is a proven fact, i’m sorry junmyeon-ah.

let’s talk about how naturally their arms come around each other. jongin’s arm belongs around taemin’s shoulder and taem’s arm belongs around nini’s waist. it comes to them with the ease of time and familiarity. it’s not something they have to think about at all.

now let’s talk about their joined hands and why it’s even more beautiful than it looks at a glance.

the song was h.o.t.’s hope and the lyrics at the part where they walked together with their clasped hands were:

let’s all join our hands and look at the sky

picture the world we will be making together in the sky

it’s radiant and so beautiful

let’s all make it together with our joined hands

<< let’s all join our hands and look at the sky

picture the world we will be making together in the sky

it’s radiant and so beautiful

let’s all make it together with our joined hands>>

taekai held hands to this ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

there’s a reason why hope never gets old and idc what people say, i hope sm never changes it as the ending song for smtown lives 😭 those beautiful inspiring lyrics + taekai paying attention to them [raising their clasped hands] and looking happy and beautiful in each other’s arms makes me feel like sobbing. seriously taekai were so beautiful and radiant that night i just-

for me, one of the reason why they were practically glowing could be bc of their collab stage. it’s no secret taemin always wanted to work with jongin [he still does] and vice versa [nini also still wants to] and this collab stage was a dream come true for them. imagine achieving your dreams with your best friend. they trained together and dreamed together and learned from each other and were never jealous of each other’s success. i don’t doubt they talked about working together, being on stage together on those nights they spent sleeping on the practice room floor together 😭😭😭

in addition to this, they were practicing together for their stage beforehand and spent more time together than usual, [plus they were gonna have/had other sched together to promote their collab+taem’s solo] that gave them more time together. debut obviously made it harder for them to spend time together with both shinee and exo being so busy [heh, aside from their rendezvous that we know of] this was probably the most time they got to spend together in a while so they were feeling closer to each other.  

their happiness is really magnified x 100 when they’re with each other, it’s not something you can miss. they were practically radiating ㅠㅠ

i thought they were really going to kiss, they really look like a couple ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

taem may like scaring the shit out of nini but i’d say our bear got his revenge


the way taemin looked at jongin doesn’t need an explanation. his heart is in his eyes when he looks at nini and we can all see what’s there ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

oh idk, you know, just taemin feeling up taemin’s knees as they take a bow. you get it taem

there was something extra tender about taekai that day.

idk maybe it’s bc they spent more time together or they were thrilled by their collab stage or it was taekai being taekai or most likely all that and more but there was something special about 140815 and it really shows. i don’t claim this is 100% what happened as i’m not either of them and wasn’t there, but it’s how it seemed to me. 140815 was a special day ❤️

i hope they’ll always make each other this happy. happy 140815 3rd anniversary, happy 3rd debut anniversary to our baby and i love taekai

casbakespie  asked:

tell me your fav mishalecki moments pls?? gif sets/pics appreciated :)

my all-time fave will always and forever be this one

but i also love:

one of the almost kisses

when jared did THATjared did THAT

and other simple domestic things like fixing each others clothes

and feeding each other snacks :)

there’s more here too ;)

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Descendants Main Five + Auradon Students

#8) Indigo

Okay this is more like periwinkle but whatever. It’s my gengar gijinka, Oscar, bc I love gengar.