my fave pic and my fave hair

Aaron Tveit at the House of Blues: San Diego on 5/13/17

I have uploaded all of my pics from HOB: San Diego if anyone is interested, just credit or link back if you use any 

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Your fave Yoongi pics? 👀

Sorry for replying to this extremely late. It might not be the best idea to answer this at 3 AM, but I feel like I need to look at Yoongi to make myself feel better after a long day and, apparently, long night

Here are my fave Yoongi pics I have in my laptop:

This one was once set up as my lockscreen

Yoongi on stage will always be my fave (while also be the death of me)

And I live for soft Yoongi /sobs/

model Yoongi who looks really soft

This is my ultimate fave. His fair skin, his neck, his jawline, his blonde hair. I love everything (and you might have noticed how this pic inspired me to write Tease)

Oh hello soft black haired Yoongi :’)

Kitten Yoongi is so soft I just want to cuddle him and take him home

Smiling Yoongi makes my heart happy :’)

Serious Yoongi in glasses :’) this is actually the original look I have in my head for Min Yoongi in Carousel :)))

And last but not least,


Some of my faves from Aaron’s House of Blues: San Diego concert (more pics here)


Some of my faves from Aaron’s Belasco Los Angeles concert (more pics here)

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In your opinion what was Harry's most beautiful look? I loved him in the pink polka dotted shirt and also the 1D grimmy interview from like 2015 I think? The one where he's typing in all of his answers on his phone! Like! The shirt didn't even matter he was just glowing and all smiles. That was the day it finally registered in my homosexual brain 'Wow Harry is the most beautiful' AND YES I'm fucking crying!

this is literally the hardest thing anyone could ever ask me to answer. 2014 harry will always have a huge place in my heart because thats when i properly fell in love with him and made my blog and accepted my fate. like this look is one of my all time faves 

and the time where harry braided his hair has such a special place in my heart even tho lou was annoying and tried to make it manly lmao

also horsens harry (rest in peace) is honestly imo the most ethereal he’s ever looked. like the long white shirt, the painted red nail, the bun and the long free flowing hair the jawline……..absolutely iconic 

also this absolutely incredible look i will never forget……i have this pic in a frame lmao

and then of course………another man. another man literally changed my entire life every image from that issue saved my life but personal faves include

in conclusion i love this bitch and everything he does and wears