my fave part haha


“Small world.”
“It is, isn’t it.”

part 1 of a series of drawings based on a fic by @amillion-smiles ||
pt 2 / pt 3 / pt 4 / special


“Imagine, if you will, you’re the Captain of a stranded starship, charged with the seemingly impossible task of caring for the wellbeing of a hundred plus individuals while trying against all odds to get them home, when out of completely desperate circumstances, in walks the most infuriatingly brilliant, mesmerizingly gorgeous woman you’ve ever encountered. She needs you, even if she won’t admit it, so you give her every benefit of the doubt, and you’re thankful you did because she turns out to be even more amazing than you could have imagined. Slowly, she surpasses the need to be mentored, but becomes more than just another member of the crew. Someone you know you can trust. Someone who, despite her rationality, seems to believe in the story you continue to tell about making it back to Earth. You feel like you’ve gained her respect, and what’s more, her friendship, when suddenly…you realize that may not be enough. You crave her presence, her voice, any chance you’re lucky enough to spend a moment alone with her, and you know, deep down, that she’s stirred something you’ve managed to deny within yourself all these years, and you’d give anything, anything, for just one second, to not be Captain, to just be two women who happened to find each other when they needed it most." Same Love, by subcutaneous

anonymous asked:

I've been following the person who hopped UNINVITED and UNTAGGED on your anti thr*msay post for like years just out of morbid curiosity, but also bc it can be hard to find Theon Fans so I just took the good with the bad? Anyway I love your content and I'm glad to be here. Just thought I'd share the hilarious tale of how I came to follow you.

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omg. i’m laughing i don’t even know what to say haha. 

that wank was fucking wild. my fave part was when i purpousefully did not say the ship name so it wouldn’t end up in their tag, and she tried to correct the ship name to like ~*~*~show me how dumb i am~*~*~ and spelled the ship name wrong:

anyway hit me up off anon if you ever fancy a chat!

A commission for azalon99! I forgot where this character was from(minecraft I think you said?) but this was a lot of fun! I liked colouring his hair. :’D If you need me to fix anything let me know.
(Pssst, he’s transparent!)

*nope, just don’t*


… for the third time HAHA

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