my fave part haha


“Small world.”
“It is, isn’t it.”

part 1 of a series of drawings based on a fic by @amillion-smiles ||
pt 2 / pt 3 / pt 4 / special


you guys should think fast next time…

anonymous asked:

Idk if its just me but during hobi's part in save me his voice sounds kind of raspy.. Its so attractive and i love it

I’m still not really able to listen to save me. Idk why it fucked me up so bad during the Newark shows.

Hopefully soon I’ll be able to listen to it haha

But his part is my fave 😹

A commission for azalon99! I forgot where this character was from(minecraft I think you said?) but this was a lot of fun! I liked colouring his hair. :’D If you need me to fix anything let me know.
(Pssst, he’s transparent!)

*nope, just don’t*


… for the third time HAHA

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