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One of my fave Cher facts is that when this music video was filmed, nobody was told that Cher was going to be wearing that very skimpy outfit, and when she walked out in wearing it, everyone lost their minds. So what you see in this video is not acting, all of these guys are real sailors who were probably jizzing in their uniforms the entire time this was being filmed.

The video ended up being very controversial due to the outfit and the Navy never again allowed an artist to record a music video on one of their ships.

I fucking loved Doctor Strange, you guys


I know that there was some controversy surrounding this film in regards to casting, but it was actually alright. I mean, it wasn’t as whitewashed as tumblr made it out to be. 

And it was so mindfucking but in a beautiful way.

Oh and the fucking cape!

Also the women looked badass!!!!! You couldn’t tell them from the guys because they wore the same armor/outfit! There was really no sexualization and…damn that hospital scene though. Women ruled this shit!

And Wong!!! OMG WONG! xD He’s one of my faves.

PS: Benedict is such a great actor. You can hate him or love him irl, but his acting is freaking splendid, and I loved how he handled Doctor Strange. Can’t wait to see more of this character in the MCU.

Don’t forget the after credits scene. 


Some watercolour chibis~ (mostly Wonwoo thoughh ;; ) Im going to do a thing where you guys can send me photos of seventeen for me to do mini watercolour doodle batches~ Just send them to my ask! Looking for your fave seventeen outfits (like cute photos from fansignings where they have cute accessories or being silly or w/e~ pairings are okay too!) Just send them in and i will choose a few every so often! I want to interact with more people on here since its been a while ;;;

My Instagram: @rinspirit_art

Okay, some of my fave things MC from Lost Alice has done/said (these aren’t directly quoted so they might be worded a bit different in-game):

Alice: [Tries to politely get guy to remove his arm from her waist]
Fuck Boy: [Smiles but doesn’t do it]
Alice: *Giggles* [she smiles back at him and then forcefully moves his arm LIKE A BOSS]

Seriously though, this guy gets fucking destroyed, IT’S BEAUTIFUL. ♥

Fuck Boy: “Your outfit is cute but too complicated, it would take too long to get off.”
Alice: “That won’t be your problem.”
Fuck Boy: “But what if you change your mind?”
Alice: “Not a chance.”

Fuck Boy: “Do I have to leave? I don’t want to be parted from you for a second.”
Alice: “Well, I want you to go away.”

Fuck Boy: “He’s hiding stuff y'know? Maybe you shouldn’t trust him.”
Alice: “I literally just met him, it’d be a bit presumptuous to expect him to share everything, he’s his own guy.”
The ‘He’ in question: *Is surprised but touched*

She’s so done with these men. xD

Alice in response to a guy: [Deadpan] “For a second there, I started to think you might not be all that bad. I feel cheated for having wasted those seconds.”

Guy: “Don’t worry my dear Alice.”
Alice: “I’m not yours.”

You can almost hear the 'Fuck off’s. xD

Alice in response to a guy being a lil shit: “Pleasing you doesn’t make me happy.”

A Guy being a patronizing ass: “Most girls would be crying and terrified right now, I would be happy to comfort you anytime.”
Alice: [Deadpan and basically just annoyed instead of distraught] “… Well, it’s the thought that counts. Excuse me, I need to leave now.”

Okay I’ll stop now, I swear. xD

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ok... look... first of all never ever is a Bop™... but second... you know that cuddle picture of markjin that's one of your fave pictures... idk if anyone's mentioned it... but is no one gonna bring up that it's probably from flight log departure trailer or similar bc i'm p sure they're the same damn outfits as in the trailer and the picture's just really bright like where was that scene in the trailer i want Answers™... just gonna put that out there... i have never seen a mention of it have you

dfsdgfs firstly never ever is almost my favourite title song by got7 now… i’ve been listening to it 24/7 since it came out LMAO

secondly, the iconic markjin spooning picture…

it was from the departure filming because it was in the departure monologue and i was kind of wondering if it would come up again for the rest of the series as a scene but now that the series is over i guess it’s confirmed ™ that they were just sleeping like that on set, since jinyoung even mentioned that they took a lot of naps during the filming because they were tired… (sweats)

Ha, it isn’t funny guys? How everything it’s about to end? I spent so much time drawing my version of their outfits and i draw them like…just once and probably never draw them again. Was interesting participate in a fandom for first and last time.

Since i saw the new poster i stopped everything i was doing to make this doodle, pretty exited to finally see my fave character shine.

See ya~

Was listening this while writing the post now i feel melancholic and a bit sad

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7,11,24, 28 for B.A.P Ask tag!!😊

7. First MV.

Okay I saw B.A.P first on “WARRIOR” MV and at first it is not my type. “POWER” MV? Well I feel like 50% love and 50% hate but when “NO MERCY” MV comes, my life changed and so I became a BABY fan. Yay!

11. Bias Wrecker.

JONGUP aka that guy is so freaking hot because of his 6-pack and HIS BETRAYAL DURING SKYDIVE MV!

24.  Favorite outfit on your bias

(Since my fave biases are 2 so… here you go!)

YONGGUK: I love the cutie bear printed sweater. I wish I wanna buy it ahahaaha so why not? Like this:

DAEHYUN: Well I love this one:

28. Favorite picture of your OTP:

Well…OMG!! >_>

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@yongguk-hell-chyeah, have you seen this one???

B.A.P Asks Just because

Emperor Spriggan and the Fairy Empress

Day 7: Alvarez Empire

AU where Mavis is crowned as the empress of the Alvarez Empire


I hope you all like it :) This week was fun ^_^ but seriously tho the struggle is real TT_TT zeref’s emperor clothes are so hard to draw @_@  and I used Mavis’ Black Mage outfit from FT zero (they have to match at least XD). Inspiration/Reference is from Dengeki Daisy (manga), if you guys are kinda familiar with the poses :3 i was also debating whether i should put like “milady” or “my queen” but whatever i chose the latter instead its more legit in my head.

@zombae-fics I hope you liked all my drawings :) this is the final one for this week then back to semi-hiatus. Which one is your fave??

why cosplaying midna sucks

i promised a couple of people for this post and since this is my last time wearing this midna until i make a whole new outfit for her i felt its time to tell y’all the HELL you should expect if you ever cosplay her

so i’ve been cosplaying midna since metrocon 2013. i always gets lots of pictures and attention and tons of compliments but apparantly since she is considered, dare a say it, a “waifu” to creepy men so basically… she is a big magnet for creepy guys. there has been tons of creepy stuff that has happened to me as midna but i think i should just tell you guys my fave horror stories as her

me and my friends were walking in a convention center, just looking around and a man got on his knees, bowing to me and grabbed my hand and kissed it and said “hello m’lady midna”. i had no idea who the fuck this guy was

i had a man run up and wrap their arms around me and say “this is my midna now!” while my boyfriend was elsewhere

i was looking for something in my purse and a man bowed and said “do you need some help miss midna?”

i was walking around in the vendors room and a man asked for a photo and of course i have said yes but they asked me to suck in my tummy for the photo (even though midna is.. chubby) and they asked me this again when i wore her full form version. 

and just this weekend i held out my hand for a friend while i was sitting down and randomly this dude walking by grabbed my hand and winked at me. with my boyfriend like, right there.

im scared to see what will happen next when i make her new outfit. though i think m’lady midna takes the fucking cake. please be cautious if you ever cosplay a character that is considered a “waifu” for creepy guys. also dont call your favourite female characters that ever i swear to god..