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why p101 season 2 is worse than the first one

one of the things i like the most in p101 is seeing the friendships between the participants bloom. lighthearted moments between them are my fave. tbh produce 101 s2 has been really bad compared to the 1st season. not because the trainees are worse but mainly bcs of how much shit mnet is trying to stir this time around. you can see how it mentally breaks the participants (daehwi and hyunbin are the best examples). you can literally see the happiest and most passionate people crumble under all the hate they’re getting. stop hating on the participants please. we only see the exact few snipplets mnet chose to show us out of the time they spend there. they could be practising 23 hours out of 24 hours. if mnet only shows you that one hour where they took a break you wouldnt even know and call them lazy. thats how powerful editing is.


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Name: Ashton
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