my fave movie ever let's not

Oh hey. Didn’t see you there. It’s your best friend. Tereby Pipes. BAck at it again. Recording live from,, Paradise, So, Uh, I don’t really remember when. Or how I got here. I was a little disraaacted. Here is a picture of me being distracted while a universe was Birthing in front of me. Anyway, I’ve seen better, so, a qwuickupdate, fr the fans. n th folowers. The deceased friends and family. Uhm. Still sad. I’m workin on it. Turns out, Can Land does NOT have Prozac. I’m still waiting for my girl, FVASKA, to come back from the war… I’m hangin out with my friends: Stick, Tree?, and Dirt. Turns out my incapability to express genuine emotions aLIENAted everybody who was dear to meLETS TALK ROMANCE!!!!!!!!! So, I heard through the grapevine, and also by living with them for about three years, that,, CANYON, and, ROSS, stand next to each other. Under trees. karat an d eh,,,,,, Dont really stand next to each other. I havent seen them stand next to each other in a l- in EIGHTEEN MINUTESFFF HAAA anyway this concludes my lets play of SGRUB. All in all 7/10 game. All my friends died. 7/10 MAKE SURE TO LIKE COMMENT AND SUBSC

Wow? I? I LOVE HIM!!!


Your best friend

A/n: requested by @skyl0rd5117 for the dialogue prompts.
#12: “Just get out, get out, get out!” With Jason
WARNING: This story contains mentions of abuse and a couple violent scenes. If this makes you uncomfortable don’t read the story. Sorry, but it’s the only idea I could come up with.

Jason was your best friend. You knew that if you ever needed anything, he’d be there for you. He still was here for you, despite your boyfriend’s attempts to make him leave you alone.

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in your opinion, what are the expansion/game/stuff packs that are worth buying? thanks <3

this is kinda hard because I like most packs in their own way (and it depends on what you’re after!) but these are my faves: 

  • get together
    I really like windenburg and the content in general, clubs are fun but I don’t use them anymore :’( 
  • city living
    I love this pack so much because of the city environment and the build/buy items are amazing, some of the cas items are pretty good too but the rest will never be touched (space age futuristic looking dress I’m looking at you) 
  • dine out
    I live for eating in real life it makes sense I live for the pack as well…I love the new recipes and having a place for sims to go that’s not a nightclub or a park
  • movie hangout stuff
    this is my fave stuff pack no competition I love the cas AND the build/buy, it might not be your cup of tea if you’re not into colourful things maybe? and I guess movies are cool I totally forgot that was a part of it too aslkdjaslkd
  • vintage glamour stuff
    I literally just downloaded this so it’s hard to say but it deserves a mention because I’m loving all the build/buy right now it’s amazing and I feel like EA is stepping up with their textures for items and clothing :’) 

good luck and if you ever drop by again let me know what you ended up getting :-) 

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best films you've ever seen?

• never let me go
• any ghibli movie but my fave is the secret world of arrietty
• the secret of kells
• far from the madding crowd
• about time
• brokeback mountain
• the lovely bones
• jane eyre

thats it i think!! my mind is blank now! also im more of a tv show person but i hope this helps u a little :•)

Getting to know all the fellow sisters!

:fave color: That’s hard to say. I have a thing for color in general. Tiffany blue is up there though.

:fave song at the moment: Crawling Back to You by Arctic Monkeys (I’m looking at YOU @ceridwenofwales)

:day of birth: May 31st

:worst food you have ever tried: Poke. I just have this thing about the texture of raw fish, it makes me gag.

:movie that made you cry the hardest: I don’t cry because of movies much. Fly Away Home always gives me the feels.

:sexiest actor in your opinion: My answer is different depending on the day of the week… or hour of the day. Let’s say Alex and Armie Hammer for the moment.

:worst song you’ve ever heard: Let me tell you a tale of the time I had to take a cat into the emergency vet at midnight because of a burst anal abscess and ended up having to sit through an entire Garth Brooks concert because that’s what they had on the television. Due to the extreme trauma, my answer is anything by Garth Brooks.

:biggest girl crush: I don’t think I really have one?

:fave movie of all time: Would you like the list in alphabetical order? The Fall is always going to be in my top 5.

:guilty crush: Ivar

:best dream ever: I don’t remember most of my dreams off the top of my head.

:fave viking man: See :guilty crush:

:fave thing about tumblr: Interacting with everyone and getting to see everyone’s incredible creativity.

:dancing or singing: I love singing. I frequently start randomly singing in public to amuse myself or because something reminded me of a song. I’m ¼th Spanish, but any ability to dance I may have gotten from that was killed dead by the ¼th German on the other side.

:fave kind of bug: Dragonfly

and lastly :what facial feature do you love most: Eyes

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okay, but how will I ever read a fic and enjoy it even just half as much as I enjoyed reading Chasing Empty Spaces?? It’s easily under my top 5 written works (published stories and unpublished ones). This shit made me ugly cry for an hour. I was a mess still feel nauseous. And let me tell you, I’m not a crier when it comes to books and movies. Shit, I just love it so much 😭
@domestic-harry what have you done to my heart??

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Could you do the RFA+V+Unknown reacting to coming home after a trip and finding MC sitting on the couch cross-legged and watching Disney films while wearing a mixture of their pajamas and the reactees clothes. Also I love your head cannons thanks bye

yaaassss disney is ma shit!!! thank you, fae!!! <3 


-it had been a long two days away from you, but business is business 

-he was expecting you to be asleep when he got home 

-but there you were, wearing the cat sweats he got you last week, and his shirt, Elizabeth curled up beside you.

-he takes a horrible picture on his phone, of you and Elizabeth

-lots of cuddles, you let him pick the next movie 

-he chooses ´Aristocats…what a surprise wow 

-he ends up falling asleep halfway trough tho, leaning on you. business trips are exhausting 


-a rehearsal stole a little more time than intended 

-he would do a really dramatic jump back seeing you wearing his t-shirt and your small hotpants

-gotta control the beast

-he quickly gets over that, when he recognize the song playing 

-it´s tangled, his favourite disney movie and it´s the lantern scene

-just in time!  boi is bout to serenade you with a disney song 

-when the scene is over he´ll spin you around, peppering you with kisses,and making sure you know just how cute you are 


-exhausting day/night at work

-she is a huge disney fan

-seeing you in her shirt is just.

-”it looks better on you, please keep it”

-her favourite disney movie is the princess and the frog, so you immediately puts that on!

-i mean she really relates to Tiana

-she´s just a blushy mess throughout the whole movie, bless her innocent heart


-long school days is the woRSt

-walking in on you, in his hoodie watching the little mermaid makes up for any bad day he´s ever had

-´awwww at you, moving to lay his head in your lap bc he loves when you caress his hair

-yoosung is the type to be super enthusiastic about the tiniest things, like Ariels bow, the background fishies, and will point every little thing out

-”look look mc, look at how pretty Ariels sisters are!!!!” 


-are you kidding me as soon as he hears what song is playing, he heelys into the room illegally fast 


-stops dead in his tracks when he notices that you´re wearing his hoodie bc damn that is so cute 

-does a dramatic faint, letting himself fall over you 

-”i, god 707, defender of justice have truly been blessed on this very day, god bless Amen”

-will 100% turn it into a make out session goddammit 


-poor bby probably slept in, as he have trouble sleeping at night 

-when he steps food in the living room, he´s met with the cutest sight he´s ever seen 

-rubs his eyes an extra time, is that…his shirt? 

-blushy child is blushy

-”…it suits you…the shirt i mean, you look cute..”

-is more than happy to crawl under your blanket and watch beauty and the beast with you…..his new fave movie, not that he´d ever admit it



-who knows….jk let´s pretend he´s not blind fuck you Rika 

-he´d not take any chances, he´d take a picture straight away

-”this is my most beautiful piece ever” 

-ooh you´re watching Atlantis??

-he adores that movie, even tho there´s not any singing 

-he´d sit down, lay an arm around you and place a kiss on the top of your head 

Getting to know all the fellow sisters!

:fave color: forest green

:fave song at the moment: Best Friend by Yelawolf

:day of birth: July 3rd

:worst food you have ever tried: Braunschweiger, pickled baby octopus

:movie that made you cry the hardest: Life is Beautiful

:sexiest actor in your opinion: Besides our bb Alex, definitely Jake Gyllenhaal 

:worst song you’ve ever heard: Anything by Toby Keith

:biggest girl crush: Anna Kendrick

:fave movie of all time: Too hard…if I had to say it would be Let The Right One In

:guilty crush: Jonah Hill

:best dream ever: Getting chased out of the mall parking lot by the Munsters (recurring…the only recurring dream I have experienced, goes back 27 years XD)

:fave viking man: Goes unsaid. 

:fave thing about tumblr: fanfiction and my sister wives duh :D

:dancing or singing: I have zero skill in both of those things but I would have to singing. I didn’t even dance at my prom

:fave kind of bug: Ew. I guess rollie pollies

and lastly :what facial feature do you love most: Smiles :)


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Hi! I read Monomoth after your recommendation (and was extremely sad by the fact that it would be on hiatus until February v.v) and I was wondering if you knew any more similar fics (as in with the same "horror" vibe)?

i had to sit and think for this. okay so:

  • silent high by istoria - team seven wake up in a world that is not their own. this fic is everything. and it’s complete!
  • a golden gray mourning by istoria - this is a different kind of horror based on suspense but please just read it i love it so much sakura is my baby. also complete.
  • the curse by sincerelylen - there is a curse that lurks in the darkness plaguing this village and team seven is caught in the middle of it. just read it. last updated june 2013.
  • instant message by keelah - high school au where sakura is being tormented by an unknown person who is killing people around her. like so many people die. last updated august 2014.
  • tales told by dead friends by allurement - okay not quite ss and i don’t think it was ever going to be, but shikamaru is one of my faves and he’s the protagonist in this fic with a killer video game. incomplete (the author has assured me).
  • sinless by annie sparklecakes - modern au in which sakura is haunted by something in her dreams. think nightmare on elm street, although the author literally didn’t know what that movie was when she was writing it. most likely incomplete.

that’s all i can think of off the top of my head. if anyone else has any other suggestions, please let me know!

i’ve written some as well (or tried to at least), so i’m just going to go ahead and shamelessly list my own attempts at horror or suspense:

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Do you have a collection of fics of Steve lusting over Tony? I love them so much but they seem to be quite rare

Here are some of my faves:

* all i ever wanted to be is somebody to you by theappleppielifestype
* Appreciation by Wordsplat
* I don’t want you (to smile to anybody) by Mizzy
I Get By (With a Little Help from My Friends) by captainshellhead and vibraniumstark
* In Every Way That Matters by Sineala (this actually made me cry when I read it a few days ago! It might be the next rec I put up here)
Steve Rogers’ Life Is Not A Romance Movie (He Wouldn’t Get The References, Anyway) by someonelsesheart
* Steve Rogers, Nurse McSexy by Wordsplat

Hope this helps! If anyone has another Pining!Steve recs, please do let me know! Pining fics are everything ♥

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you should watch shelter (made in 2007)! it's my favourite movie ever and it makes me feel all warm inside :)

duerdigg said: oh my god you have to watch jongens it’s my fave lgbt movie ever it’s so similar to isak/even bc it’s so innocent and pure too and honestly it’s just such a good movie

Anonymous said: private romeo is also a really cool LGBT film about a group of boys in a military school acting out Romeo and Juliet!

blue-met-greenx said: If you want a really good LGBT movie watch closet monsters. It’s amazing ! Besides the fact that it’s a gay movie it’s probably my favourite movie

So like, you guys all want me to fail my classes, is that it??? haha