my fave movie ever let's not

Oh hey. Didn’t see you there. It’s your best friend. Tereby Pipes. BAck at it again. Recording live from,, Paradise, So, Uh, I don’t really remember when. Or how I got here. I was a little disraaacted. Here is a picture of me being distracted while a universe was Birthing in front of me. Anyway, I’ve seen better, so, a qwuickupdate, fr the fans. n th folowers. The deceased friends and family. Uhm. Still sad. I’m workin on it. Turns out, Can Land does NOT have Prozac. I’m still waiting for my girl, FVASKA, to come back from the war… I’m hangin out with my friends: Stick, Tree?, and Dirt. Turns out my incapability to express genuine emotions aLIENAted everybody who was dear to meLETS TALK ROMANCE!!!!!!!!! So, I heard through the grapevine, and also by living with them for about three years, that,, CANYON, and, ROSS, stand next to each other. Under trees. karat an d eh,,,,,, Dont really stand next to each other. I havent seen them stand next to each other in a l- in EIGHTEEN MINUTESFFF HAAA anyway this concludes my lets play of SGRUB. All in all 7/10 game. All my friends died. 7/10 MAKE SURE TO LIKE COMMENT AND SUBSC

Rules: List ten of your favourite characters, from any medium such as literature, movies, television, ect. Then tag ten people.

A big thank you to @alyssagisme for tagging me in her post 😊

1.) Glenn Rhee (TWD) - The ultimate fave that no other shall ever surpass. Deserved so much better.

2.) Cersei Lannister (GOT) - a piece of trash and yet I’d still let her walk all over me.

3.) Elliot Alderson (Mr. Robot) - the most relatable character tbh. I better see a smile on his face next season Esmail or I swear

4.) Michonne (TWD) - The first character I saw on this show after I sneakily peered through the living room door to watch. A loving mother, an astounding warrior and an overall icon.

5.) Finn (Star Wars) - my courageous and selfless boy better be a-ok in tlj or there’s going to be trouble at the cinema…

6.) Clementine (TWDG) - I’ve watched this little girl grow into a badass over the past 4 years.

7.) Jon Snow (GOT) - Mr Broody McBroodypants who somehow managed to worm his way into my heart. Honestly, I’m rooting for him to win the throne.

8.) Leia Organa (Star Wars) - my first ever childhood hero. It’s going to be hard to watch episode 8 and 9 knowing Carrie is gone.

9.) Bilbo Baggins (The Hobbit) - this little guy just wants to be at home, sitting on his comfy chair and eating 2nd breakfast infront of an open fire. Life goals.

10.) Connor Kenway (AC3) - the first ever video game fave. Everyone hates him??? For some weird unexplained reason??. A good boy through and through.

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Could you do the RFA+V+Unknown reacting to coming home after a trip and finding MC sitting on the couch cross-legged and watching Disney films while wearing a mixture of their pajamas and the reactees clothes. Also I love your head cannons thanks bye

yaaassss disney is ma shit!!! thank you, fae!!! <3 


-it had been a long two days away from you, but business is business 

-he was expecting you to be asleep when he got home 

-but there you were, wearing the cat sweats he got you last week, and his shirt, Elizabeth curled up beside you.

-he takes a horrible picture on his phone, of you and Elizabeth

-lots of cuddles, you let him pick the next movie 

-he chooses ´Aristocats…what a surprise wow 

-he ends up falling asleep halfway trough tho, leaning on you. business trips are exhausting 


-a rehearsal stole a little more time than intended 

-he would do a really dramatic jump back seeing you wearing his t-shirt and your small hotpants

-gotta control the beast

-he quickly gets over that, when he recognize the song playing 

-it´s tangled, his favourite disney movie and it´s the lantern scene

-just in time!  boi is bout to serenade you with a disney song 

-when the scene is over he´ll spin you around, peppering you with kisses,and making sure you know just how cute you are 


-exhausting day/night at work

-she is a huge disney fan

-seeing you in her shirt is just.

-”it looks better on you, please keep it”

-her favourite disney movie is the princess and the frog, so you immediately puts that on!

-i mean she really relates to Tiana

-she´s just a blushy mess throughout the whole movie, bless her innocent heart


-long school days is the woRSt

-walking in on you, in his hoodie watching the little mermaid makes up for any bad day he´s ever had

-´awwww at you, moving to lay his head in your lap bc he loves when you caress his hair

-yoosung is the type to be super enthusiastic about the tiniest things, like Ariels bow, the background fishies, and will point every little thing out

-”look look mc, look at how pretty Ariels sisters are!!!!” 


-are you kidding me as soon as he hears what song is playing, he heelys into the room illegally fast 


-stops dead in his tracks when he notices that you´re wearing his hoodie bc damn that is so cute 

-does a dramatic faint, letting himself fall over you 

-”i, god 707, defender of justice have truly been blessed on this very day, god bless Amen”

-will 100% turn it into a make out session goddammit 


-poor bby probably slept in, as he have trouble sleeping at night 

-when he steps food in the living room, he´s met with the cutest sight he´s ever seen 

-rubs his eyes an extra time, is that…his shirt? 

-blushy child is blushy

-”…it suits you…the shirt i mean, you look cute..”

-is more than happy to crawl under your blanket and watch beauty and the beast with you…..his new fave movie, not that he´d ever admit it



-who knows….jk let´s pretend he´s not blind fuck you Rika 

-he´d not take any chances, he´d take a picture straight away

-”this is my most beautiful piece ever” 

-ooh you´re watching Atlantis??

-he adores that movie, even tho there´s not any singing 

-he´d sit down, lay an arm around you and place a kiss on the top of your head 

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post 10 facts about yourself and pass it on to 10 faves =^.^=

Okay I was going trough my Ask Box and this is the First ask i ever got and never got the time to do it so let’s do it.

1. Im from Germany (Saxony to be exacly)
2. Im a Social Person (But not in Puplic)
3. I love sunny Days 
4. I don’t drink Alcohol or cigaretts
5. Drawing is my fav Hobby 
6. Im caffeine addict. (at last 4 cups per day)
7. I spend way too much time on the Internet. (And it’s AWESOME)
8. I like old Action Movies from the 90′s
9. I listen to all kinds of Music
10.I don’t have a Driver License (Yet)

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I am going to watch Patema Inverted this evening actually haha! It's been on my list for so long so I thought I finally have to watch it. Also yeah, me too. I always avoided NGE for some reason but when I finally watched I was like wow I've been stupid for pushing this away. What is your all time fave ghibli movie tho? (you can pick multiple ones, I know the struggle haha) - work & travel anon

OMG YES let me know what you think!! I loved the concept of that movie so much. actually, answering that question is (strangely) easy for me - spirited away has always been my number one of all time ^^ I remember watching it when I was super young and ever since then I tend to rewatch it every now and then, it never gets old and I always enjoy it like a little kid. you’re right tho, all of the ghibli movies are just too good :’) how about you? 

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Do you have a collection of fics of Steve lusting over Tony? I love them so much but they seem to be quite rare

Here are some of my faves:

* all i ever wanted to be is somebody to you by theappleppielifestype
* Appreciation by Wordsplat
* I don’t want you (to smile to anybody) by Mizzy
I Get By (With a Little Help from My Friends) by captainshellhead and vibraniumstark
* In Every Way That Matters by Sineala (this actually made me cry when I read it a few days ago! It might be the next rec I put up here)
Steve Rogers’ Life Is Not A Romance Movie (He Wouldn’t Get The References, Anyway) by someonelsesheart
* Steve Rogers, Nurse McSexy by Wordsplat

Hope this helps! If anyone has another Pining!Steve recs, please do let me know! Pining fics are everything ♥

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you should watch shelter (made in 2007)! it's my favourite movie ever and it makes me feel all warm inside :)

duerdigg said: oh my god you have to watch jongens it’s my fave lgbt movie ever it’s so similar to isak/even bc it’s so innocent and pure too and honestly it’s just such a good movie

Anonymous said: private romeo is also a really cool LGBT film about a group of boys in a military school acting out Romeo and Juliet!

blue-met-greenx said: If you want a really good LGBT movie watch closet monsters. It’s amazing ! Besides the fact that it’s a gay movie it’s probably my favourite movie

So like, you guys all want me to fail my classes, is that it??? haha