my fave line in the song

Parts of musicals that make my heart feel Full™

* the fast talking/rapping(?) in ya got trouble
* the last little bit of non stop where everyone sings over each other
* when adult simba swings in like a badass for the last couple line of hakuna matata
* The harmonies in letters
* The key change in waving through a window
* The key change in what you own
* key changes in general tbh
* “strike! strike! strike strIKE STRIKE STRIKE”
* the harmonies in blackout and THOSE NOTES THEY HOLD FOREVER OMG
* “he’s not here. I AM HERE”
* The final chorus of do you hear the people sing
* The entire song of purple summer tbh
* “I hope you’re happy… my… friend”

有些桀骜不驯 有些不可思议 有了些争议 不过只是我耀眼而已 有些身不由己 不做损人利己 迈出的步伐 自己坚定就会很有力 It’s somewhat rebellious, it’s somewhat unbelievable. There are some disputes, but i’m just too blinding that’s all. There are some things that has to be done, but (I) won’t do things that hurt others to benefit myself. The steps i’ve taken, it will be strong if i am determined.
—  Yixing || Sheep lyrics

Not to be dramatic or anything… but this is one of the greatest things I’ve ever created, lol. Very proud of this mashup! 1D vs. Fall Out Boy turned out to be a match made in heaven, wth?!

my fave parts of MITAM that fuck me up every time i hear them

  • the pencil scribble noises in ‘i want to write you a song’
  • 1:38 in ‘what a feeling’ when niall sounds like harry 
  • the end of ‘if i could fly’ where they all sing one line each
  • liam’s falsetto screeching at 3:03-3:07 in ‘never enough’ 
  • louis’ scratchy voice in  'i want to write you a song’
  • how deep harry’s voice is in ‘hey angel’ when he says ‘the other side’ at 1:47
  • just me. her and. the moon. 
NU’EST Ballad/ Slower songs that need to be appreciated!

Making this because I’m seeing a lot of people say they don’t like slower songs/ballads in regards to nu’est comeback and I don’t understand why (but respect your opinion), as I think some of NU’ESTs best composed songs and best lyrics are in their slow emotional songs. I don’t think nu’est will comeback with a slow song, but heres a list to try and make the ballad haters into lovers, as 50% of NU’ESTs discography is slower songs! All their ballads hit you hard and aren’t boring at all with their own distinct beats

I’m Sorry 

NU’ESTs first ever slower song. Despite being an eternal meme because of the er . . “interesting” outfits, the beat of the song is actually really good. I still hate the bit of autotune they used on Minhyun’s voice (even as a 16 yr old kid he didn’t need it) but it’s still a nu’classic and doesn’t feel outdated after 5 years.

 Love You More

For most ㄴㅇㅅㅌ’s this song might bring back painful memories, because it’s the song they performed after JR’s infamous letter to the members in Japan, where he cried, causing all the members to cry (even Baekho got a teary eyed) and poured his heart out- he said the members endured it all because they had each other, and how he thought he failed as leader. Minhyun cried so much he couldn’t sing. Even now I struggle to listen to this beautiful song because of the memories.

Baekho’s high note gives me chills. The song lyrics can both me interpreted as a tragic love story or a plea to leaving fans to stay.

Love without Love

They performed this one on a song for you and SLAYED. All four vocalists shine but Minhyun’s high note is especially impressive.

I’m Bad

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Warning: Try not to get distracted by how ridiculously good looking the boys look in this MV. This song was released as a 3rd anniversary special single, the only thing released in Korea in 2015 (fuk u pledis). Baekho was recovering from the removal of nodules in his throat so this is the only time the group promoted as 4 members (well you know, until the whole Wanna One and NU’EST W thing).

The lyrics are about treating your lover badly and feeling guilty, but it sounds really relaxing. THE CHORUS IS SO CATCHY, I especially love the way Aron sings it, with Baekho’s absence, he also does the high note and it’s amazing- Aron really proved he was a vocalist here. Also Minhyun’s face will make you cry. PLEASE LOVE THIS SONG IT’S SO UNDERRATED 


This isn’t really a ballad but whatever. THEIR BEST JAPANESE TITLE TRACK, now lemme tell you kids this song is THE SONG. The umbrella dance is on point, but the song like damnnnn.

The beat/violin at the end you will never forget, the chorus makes my heart beat fast. Baekho kills the vocal game. It gets INTENSE at the end, with the violin getting rapid paced with the combo of Minhyun and Baekho vocal harmonisation…. also Ren is shirtless.

Ame Nochi Eien

From the ‘Bridge the world’ Japanese album, another song with the theme of rain lmao. This is honestly one the best Nu’est songs ever made. Although Baekho and Minhyun sing 60% of the song, Minhyun’s voice on the chorus is soft and delicate, which goes so well with Baekho’s powerful vocal, with the high-note of the end being the most impressive he’s ever done.

One Kiss

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A fan favourite that got re-discovered after Produce 101 and killed the charts? wow I LOVE A REVERSAL STORY. JR’s rap got super famous online during pd101, NU’EST W performed it very nervously (but did amazing) in their mini concert v live, and the most memorable moment with this song was when loves sang it back to them at their recent fan meeting <3

Daybreak (JR + Minhyun)

This one is actually known, it has a beautiful aesthetic stunning marvellous MV. Following the concept of the Canvas album, you are meant to listen to this song in the morning and it fits perfectly. Super relaxing and beautiful, “From the moon to the stars” is one of my fave Minhyun lines now ICONIC

Thank You

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One of many songs given to loves as a thank you gift. This one is special is because Minhyun wrote it for loves- it also rose on the charts after Produce 101, as Baekho posted the lyrics to the song after the final, tagging all the members. So fans made it rise to say Thank You to the members for working so hard on Produce 101, and as a goodbye memento to Minhyun who would promote in Wanna One for 1.5 years. Equal line distribution and all members shine. 

 Hello (2017 ver.)

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Just like “If you” the 2017 version oF Hello was dedicated to Minhyun. I don’t consider a ballad but this version really is. NU’ESTs most famous song. THE SONG OF ALL SONGS. THE MOST EMOTIONAL. THE MOST BITTERSWEET. Nu’est performed this ver. on V-live, I was shocked because I didn’t expect all the members to like.. breakdown and start crying while they performed it. This song is NU’ESTs anthem, a representation of their iconic reversal, never done before in a boygroup. It was the most emotional thing they ever recorded. I expect a 2019 ver. when Minhyun gets back.

And thats it! Please don’t assume a song is boring just because it’s a ballad! Yes NU’ESTs recent rnb electro high like Look and Overcome are unique, powerful and high energy. But slower deep emotional songs where their talents also seriously shine need to be appreciated as well.

dead leaves will always be my fave bts song. just the amount of lines jin has???? like he even has the first verse??? & yoongis husky rapping and the fact he produced that song himself?? & how easily jungkooks and jimins voices flow into one another and their smooth harmonies &namjoons gasp and “woohoo” and how u can visually see him rap his part & how tae’s low vocals fit so well in this song….and i cant forget abt hobs iconic rap verse and how its the perfect transition to the climax of the song where the beats all escalate perfectly with vocal lines high notes and then the music fades and all u can hear is the piano and just tae whispering never never fall and then it ends and u feel almost empty but like mellow at the same time????? god i love dead leaves

Love, electricity, shockwave central, power on the motherboard YES!

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falsettos pro-shoot (v long post)

- honestly the thing that sticks out right away is how amazing mendel is (even though he’s an absolute SHIT psychiatrist lmao) and i love brandon uranowitz
- jfc seeing christian borle and andrew rannells have close-ups and cry tears made me cry
- the cube thing is so well-designed??? it fits together so well?????? wow kudos to whoever is responsible for that
- also the choreo!!! all the little dances ahhh
- STEPHANIE J BLOCK IS A GODDESS and she can sing and everyone in the theatre clapped after “im breaking down” and the fucking bananas amd saggy carrot and the way she belts with the banana in her mouth omg
- the lesbians are fucking adorable
- “what more can i say” was so pure and wholesome (okay maybe not super pure with marvin checking out whizzer like that but id still consider it wholesome haha)
- i appreciate how the very first song establishes how they’re childish and trina cleans up after them
- andrew rannells’ solos made me cry
- the weird hand things mendel does???? what the fuck? but i love it????? XD
- “thrill of first love” was so GOOD
- and i loved all of the chess game in “chess game” haha
- anthony rosenthal’s unimpressed expressions are also v good, they made me laugh every single time like jason’s so done with the adults in his life XDD
- the chess piece at the very end made me think of marvin’s line in “chess game” (that’s the king, treat him nice) and my hearts squeezed
- oh my god, “what would i do” and the way they sing but dont touch and the light darkens on whizzer 😭😭😭 and just their expressions and how they’re crying but laughing and I JUST WANT THEM TO BE HAPPY
- when charlotte and cordelia come in during “unlikely lovers” and marvin and whizzer are being kinda stupid :’)))) and honestly, all of “unlikely lovers” was just 💕💕💕💕💕
- all of marvin’s reactions to mendel during “marvin at the psychiatrist”–actually, just all of that song like that was one of my first super faves of the musical and the performance exceeds everything
- all the appreciation for everything whizzer wore
- whizzer makes this EH sound when marvin tries to come onto him and it’s hilarious
- also the way whizzer beckons marvin at the beginning ahhh (AND HIS EYEBROW RAISE)
- during “four jews in a room bitching”, there’s a line where they say “jewish men” and in the performancr they were like “jew!…ish…men” and it’s great
- “year of the child” in general was adorable and made me proud of marvin for growing and prioritizing his son more than he did
- mendel and jason’s relationship is the best 💕
- WHIZZER’S THANK YOU TO JASON AT THE END, and also after he toasts jason he kisses his head and just, all the tears
- “i never wanted to love you” was so heart-breaking in so many ways
- i also appreciate that in all the marching around and stuff, jason and whizzer are placed beside each other often
- “march of the falsettos” was super surreal on a screen, i cant even begin to imagine how it must have been like live haha
- any time christian borle sang a sweet high note
- cordelia’s face during when charlotte is singing about her great day
- when whizzer punches nancy reagan
- when the lesbians kiss at the bar mitzfah and trina’s awkwardly there XD

spoiledflor  asked:

musicals I've listened to: Hamilton, Bandstand, Rent, Falsettos, Dear Evan Hansen, and Heathers I've liked them all and don't really have much complaint but I feel like such a noob when it comes to musicals because I really only listen to relatively mainstream ones. I want to get more into Broadway

omg OKAY SIS WELL i’m literally no expert and this is literally just from me scrolling thru my music and trying to sort this so pls go easy on me + i attached links to youtube 4 easy listening i love u i hope this helps

if you want to get into more classic / iconic broadway:

  • les miserables is a good place 2 start bc there’s a movie and tons of productions !! but get ready to Cry
    – features classic musical theatre songs like one day more, on my own, i dreamed a dream, do you hear the people sing, etc
  • into the woods is classic sondheim ( a highly iconic lyricist & composer who has written literally decades of shows including company, follies, sweeny todd, sunday in the park with george, etc ) + bernadette peters plays the witch and she is fantastic as per usual
    – also has a kickass movie but the plot of the movie is a little different than the original broadway cast so listen 2 both!
  • a chorus line - a kickass show with relatable tunes about auditioning
  • sweet charity is just one of my personal faves with iconic songs like big spender, if my friends could see me now, & rich man’s frug (book by neil simon!!! and choreography by bob fosse !!!)
  • chicago !!!!! badass show with iconic numbers like cell block tango & roxie (plus a movie was made for this show and imo really does the show justice)
  • more that i’m thinking of off the top of my head: guys and dolls, the sound of music, jesus christ superstar, gypsy, company, i’m probably forgetting so many wow sos

as for somewhat newer shows ?? that are fun to listen/dance to:

  • hairspray is so so  SO fun with empowering messages and real cute choreography + they made a movie which was also v fun!!
  • wicked ….. do i need 2 say more???
  • book of mormon is HILARIOUS and personally one of my fave shows of all time (+ there are tons of boots lmao) – it’s a RIOT of a show with an insane cast and catchy songs like hello, two by two & i believe 
    if you like this, i also recommend Avenue Q
  • the producers is another very funny musical with a very funny movie that features ICONIC songs like keep it gay, i wanna be a producer, & there’s nothing like a show on broadway
  • thoroughly modern millie is an amazing show (with sutton foster!!) with iconic tap numbers and badass flapper girl vibes with jams like the speed test, what do i need with love and forget about the boy
  • legally blonde is WAY TOO FUN and just as amazing as the non-musical film + they performed it live on MTV so there’s a full video of the show with the OBC featuring tunes like omigod you guys, bend and snap, and there! right there!
  • something rotten! is AMAZING and references a ton of other musicals and shakespeare’s and it’s just all around fantastic and wonderful
  • the last five years is SO good and has such an interesting way of telling the story + there’s a not great but not too terrible movie version on netflix with dreamboats jeremy jordan and anna kendrick + it has a lot of amazing male and female solo songs that are probably overdone but still amazing like see i’m smiling, moving too fast, a summer in ohio & if i didn’t believe in you

as for general recommendations via yours truly

i am prob forgetting a TON so please feel free to reblog and add any recommendations you have!!! love all u theatre dorks

I don’t know about you guys, but when a new Taylor album comes out and it’s all I listen to for the next  6 months straight, I feel like I’ve neglected all of my other albums (I do hope I’m not the only one. Otherwise … awkward).

So, the day before reputation comes out, I’m going through my #TopTenTaylor songs! I know, I know … how do you choose your top ten?! It’ll be tough, but I believe in you. I think we all have (at least) ten Taylor songs that have gotten us through tough times, that make us smile when we’re down, or have that one line that instantly tears your heart open.

On November 9th I’ll be posting my #TopTenTaylor songs along with the reasons they’re so special to me. I hope you all do the same!

Things you can do to participate:

  • Edits with your favorite songs/lyrics
  • Post your personal stories with the songs
  • Share your top ten playlist
  • Literally anything else you want to do

Don’t forget to tag us (@tswiftnation on twitter/tumblr/instagram) and use #TopTenTaylor so we can see everyone’s faves!

Feel free to message us if you have any questions!

- Millie