my fave line in the song

this year exo went from ‘i`m creepin in your heart babe’ full motion sexual tension song, through the line that saved every music genre exsisting a.k.a ‘lipstick chateu in wine color, white champagne, bubble shower’ to the most beautiful, soft, warm and loving ’never gonna let you go, giving you my heart and soul’ so what’s your fave doing?

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Wings (Music Cuts)
Wings (Music Cuts)

the music from all seven of the short films

next in line by walk the moon is so underrated like lbrh here
-kickass guitar solos
-“city in the rear view/nothing in the distance” = metaphor for a new relationship/new chapter in a relationship?? nice nice metaphor??
-“well push me honey to the up and right” (i had to look this up) but they’re in a stick shift and that’s what you do when you’re on a highway and want to go fast
-is this song sexual? is it intimate? is it neither and just talkin about a change in the relationship? idk
-“i hope you stay shotgun till the day i die” this whole verse is just so lovely and this line is probs my fave out of the whole song

if you stay, I’ll make you a night
Like no night has been or will be again
I’ll sail on your smile, I’ll ride on your touch
I’ll talk to your eyes that I love so much
But if you go, I won’t cry
For the good’s gone from goodbye
If you go away, If you go away, If you go away

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What are your fave Lana songs for adansey/pynch I really need to know????

oh god this is the most iconic ask of my life okay i’m just going to pick a few bc otherwise i will spiral and not be able to pick myself back up for days so ok


(obligatory) “let me put on a show for you, tiger  - (both pov, mostly gansey, but still both-ish)

quit your job let’s make a ride for it, if you want it super-size, i can do that for you  - (gansey pov) (there’s also a fantastic line about coca-cola lmao but mostly gansey pov)

“no man can keep me together, been broken since i was born”  - (adam pov)

but if you send for me you know i’ll come, and if you call for me you know i’ll run  - (gansey pov)

i know you’re sick, boy, i wanna get the flu (both pov)


it isn’t that hard, boy, to like you or love you, i’d follow you down down down

(both pov)

think of you on quiet nights, at traffic lights and every highway, and i get a little scared sometimes (ronan pov)

he has a white corvette like i want it, a fire in his eyes, no, i saw it, he’s bleeding from his brain and his wallet, he’s sick and he’s taken but honest (adam pov i fEEL strongly abt this one obvs)

if you’re lonely, baby, hold me you’re my only one (both pov, mostly ronan tho)

my man’s crazy and his mind is a knife, but i like him – fact, i love him (adam pov)

honorable mentions

just a ronan song in general it’s kind of pynch but like mostly just my ronan anthem tho (can we just ignore how much the video sucks tho ok ok):

i’m tired of feeling like i’m fuckin crazy
i’m tired of driving ‘til i see stars in my eyes
it’s all i’ve got to keep myself sane, baby
so i just ride, i just ride

adam anthem:

every line of this song lmao 

gansey anthem:

im sorry roflmao but i have to be real i cant not be real here


Haikyuu!! Fanvid  |  Iwaizumi x Oikawa x Kageyama - オレンジ



iwaoi being otp since childhood and Kageyama being in love with the senpai who doesn’t want to have anything to do with him is one of my fave HQ fanon scenarios (well, it’s 90% canon lol?) and this vid/song really captures that!!!!! :’(

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lmao late night anxiety so im trying to get myself together w/ some hinakumi. its messy. whatever. 

-i headcanon hinata as like. a really really good dancer (listen have you seen those moves in battle) and he teaches takumi how to dance sometimes. takumi sort of… trips a lot. its cute. the two often dance together with takumi humming some random song, hinata is a giant blushy mess when he hears takumi hum

-hinata totally uses super cheesy pickup lines on takumi. takumi has two reactions: some deadpan response that make both of them laugh OR he gets super flustered and blushes like no other 

-takumi probably smooches hinata’s scars a lot. hinata CHERISHES this. 

-obligatory hair combing headcanons. takumi probably takes a while with hinata’s hair, given how he wants to be gentle and how goddamn messy it is lmao. hinata is super careful with takumi’s hair, he treats it like if it belonged to a god or something. sometimes when takumi needs calming down hinata runs his fingers through takumi’s hair c a r e f u l l y, each stroke soft and comforting as can be. 

-hinata compliments takumi at least 7 times every day. it could be about anything, he just wants his boyfriend to know that he loves him and appreciates him more than anything in the goddamn universe. takumi is super bad at taking compliments and always has this giant blush on his face (“ohh my gods??? no way you’re way more pretty than me the fuck????) 

-they probably show tons of pda lmao. takumi gets super embarrassed when hinata starts flirting w/ him in public but. he’s 100% not telling him to stop, thats for sure. they probably do the little cheek kiss thing when they have to go tend to their separate duties. (sweetie pies…) 

-they strike me as the couple who has these really cheesy pet names for each other?? hinata’s is "my sweet shining sun” and takumi’s changes day by day 

-takumi probably initiates the midnight snuggling, tracing the scars on hinata’s arms and hugging him suuuper super tightly (again!!! hinata feels like he is #blessed for every single second)

-hinata’s a really comforting presence for takumi when he gets nightmares, always there to hug him and tell him he’s okay like a broken record. (takumi started to get nightmares less when they got together. the hole in his heart’s been mostly filled.) 

-i can see hinata being the one to drag takumi out of bed for a midnight adventure. in the beginning takumi probably clings to his futon for dear life but once they get outside takumi actually has a lot of fun (although hes still pretty groggy..) these things probably range from stargazing to waiting for the sun to rise to roasting marshmallows, like, they have an endless list of things to do.

-they probably hold hands allll the time. 

-i can see them both buying gifts for each other lots! they probably get all kinds of knickknacks for each other like hair accessories and little pieces of jewelry or something. 

-hinata is a giver of giant bear hugs that takumi NEVER expects but grew to love anyways (so warm…) hugs are a regular thing in this relationship. hinata has these big grins on his face when he’s hugging taku. 

-takumi has these big dorky blushes that always make hinata giggle (which makes takumi blush even MORE) 

-sometimes when taku is REALLY flustered he gets a bad case of the stutters. like, sakura level bad. hinata thinks this is the cutest thing in the world!!!!!!!!! 

-when they go on walks outside, hinata slips some flowers into takumi’s hair w/o him knowing. once takumi realized, he retaliated, and now they always come back with flowers in their hair lmao

Somewhere Like This

Summary: Life, Taehyung eventually realizes, is not a game of luck, but rather one of timing.
Characters: Jeon Jungkook x Kim Taehyung || Taekook
Genre: Car Racing!AU, angst, smut (be warned), fluff, more angst
A/N: this makes me feel a weird in between of wanting to do nothing but write and never wanting to write again. and tagging my fave taekook hoe lol @taehxyung 

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The road is where he likes to unravel himself.

It is amongst painted yellow lines and between cracked lanes that Jungkook finds himself besides the car window, letting instincts take over logic. The smell of burning rubber tires and the humming engines feel nostalgic, almost sad, but it’s familiar. Familiar like an old favorite song on the static radio; familiar like the scent of a past lover who had slipped away as sand does between fingers. Jungkook doesn’t drive anymore, but the landscape still melts together by his ears the same way, just like the old days.

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If I’m not mistaken this was real a moment of inspiration! It was what became a line in a song called ‘Aviation’ - 'The Colorama in your eyes takes me on a moonlight drive’ - not completely unremarkable written down but when appropriated by this particular melodic idea and backlit by its chord progression it permitted me to glimpse into what seemed like a new constellation in my imagination, one that every time I heard the demo recording I was encouraged to try and traverse. It seemed so loaded with the possibility of something new but at the same time it was as if it had been there all along and WE had simply discovered it. A ghost in the walls of the guitar or something. I was excited and intrigued when we wrote Aviation to say the least. I think when moments like this ring the buzzer and tell you they’re downstairs it’s better to just put you boots on and go rather than asking too many questions.
Miles understands this.
By the time I got out the front door he was already in the cab.
—  Alex Turner [x]