my fave is the shirt dress

It’s Saturday and I decided to draw something that makes myself happy :D

Not sure if you had played paper doll dress-up when you were young, but it was a really common game among my friends back then here. So I think “hey why not draw a Tony version?”

Hope you like it ;D

(Below is the template that you can print out to play if you are interested ;D)

OUATVAN 2017 - Sunday, Gold Panel with Lana Parrilla


  • Lana is still waking up (x)
  • Lana is wearing a dress from Eva longoria (x)
  • Lana loves the GVRD in North Van (x)
  • Lana tells everyone to go see how beautiful BC and Vancouver is (x)
  • Lana says tonight is a specials ep (x)
  • A beautiful scene will be happening between Regina and the EQ tonight (x)
  • Pilot is Lana’s fave ep (x)
  • Lana had to give Lenny away because Fred is allergic (x)
  • Lenny is living with Lana’s best friends and she sees him all the time (x)
  • Lana had tarantulas as pets when she was younger (x)
  • The feather on Jareds shirt is my Lana’s feather (x)
  • When the tsunami hit in the early 00’s Lana was working at camps in Sri Lanka to help children (x)
  • Lana would like to build a charity organization (x)
  • Lana likes to wear the most comfortable costumes on set (x)
  • Lana really loves the red velvet dress and the black rubber dress (x)
  • Lana likes the costume in the musical episode. She dances a lot (x)
  • Lana did a bit of research about what it’s like to be teasered before the torture scene in S2 (x)
  • Lana just gave a lesson on how to act long shots and close ups (x)
  • Lana loves working with Bobby. They are good friends and work super well together (x)
  • The GQ chemistry was Lana and Bobby’s acting chemistry (x)
  • Lana and Bobby always thought that Regina and gold were father and daughter but then there were moments when not (x)
  • Lana says Regina and gold are family in a weird way (x)
  • Lana likes the scenes between Emma and Regina where they have the most honest conversations (x)
  • Lana thinks Trina is still swinging (x)
  • Nina is going through quite a bit according to Lana. She is still trying to figure out her life (x)
  • Lana thinks Eva zambrano is saving lives and saving people (x)
  • Lana thinks Teresa became a badass cop (x)
  • Lana loves the young Regina moments with Barbara (x)
  • Regina was manipulated by her mother subconsciously (x)
  • One of her fave moments was in hell when they saw Cora wake up and make amends (x)

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Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Part Six

Part Seven

After yet another terrifying flight you and Pan were back on the main island. 

Once you were back on steady legs Pan began leading you to what you believed to be the camp, but you later realized that this was a completely different area.

‘What kind of stunt are you pulling? This isn’t the camp.’ you said after you slapped his arm.

‘Well where I might have sucked as a fiance I intend to be the perfect husband, and that means an excellent honeymoon.’ Pan smiled.

You stared at him, completely unamused with a hand on your hip.

‘What? Do you really want fifty loud and violent boys around while I’m trying to get you realize how much of a trophy husband I am?’ Pan said.

You nodded in agreement, despite your current dislike for the disney character, those boys were so loud and from the reception you could tell they were a lot to handle.

So on you marched through the forest until you came to a really cool tree house.

‘Well well well, color me impressed.’ you said.

‘Glad you like it sweetheart, all your things are up there.’ he said.

‘Thank God, because as lovely as it is this dress ain’t made for comfort.’ you said as you and your “husband” approached the tree house.

‘Hold these.’ you said handing him the heels you took off miles ago.

‘I must give it to you girls, walking around with deadly weapons on your feet.’ Pan complimented.

‘Deadly to the one wearing ‘em.’ you said as you climbed the ladder.

‘Love the view.’ Peter smiled as he watched you climb.

‘You can look but don’t touch.’ you sasses as you reach the porch of the tree house.

Pan climbed the ladder and handed you the shoes.

‘Thanks, can you unzip this dress?’ you asked turning so that he could free you from this damn dress.

‘Undressing my wife on my wedding night, how promising.’ Pan said as he unzipped the back.

‘More like disappointing.’ you said as you entered the tree house finally.

When you heard Pan behind you you turned and quickly pushed him back out and closed the door in his face before locking the door.

‘Stay out while I’m getting changed. If you magically poof in here I’ll have your nuts mounted on the wall.’ you threatened as you began removing the dress. Your clothes were in a average sized wooden wardrobe. You quickly selected your fave blue sweats, a old sports bra and oversized white -shirt. 

After finding and putting on your comfy socks you walked over to the door to let Pan in, only then realizing just how bad your feet really hurt.

‘Just as gorgeous as before.’ he smiled.

‘Bite me.’ you groaned as you let him in.

‘If you insist.’ Pan smirked.

‘Shut up.’ you said as you limped over to the bed(the only bed you noticed) that was in the middle of the room.

The tree house was spacious, enough for two people, had two windows, two wardrobes, a table set and a shelf for just random things you assumed.

As you were looking around your were rubbing your aching feet.

‘Here, let me.’ Pan said as he sat at the foot of the bed and pulled your feet into his lap.

‘What are yo- oh wow.’ you gasped as he began giving you a foot massage.

You could only lay back against the pillows and enjoy the treatment. This was the best foot massage ever.

‘That’s amazing.’ you praised.

‘Told you so.’



I am rebelling against the summer in this all black look but it’s really angelic when you see the happy smiling face of the legend Bob Ross. If you don’t know Bob Ross you have to check him out on Netflix/YouTube because he is the most peaceful sweet man and he is a magnificent painter/artist. You basically watch him paint a masterpiece and it’s almost a meditative thing.

Now for my lil art piece aka my outfit, I layered this oversized T-shirt over a fishnet crop top. I’ve had this little fishnet thing for years but haven’t been able to style becos I was waiting on someone to return it me. I finally got it back and I’ve been wearing it non stop. It feels kinda like new again and the fishnet fabric as well as layering are def on trend right now.

I love the different textures that you can mix when layering and the fishnet makes for a breathable longsleeve to wear under a tee or even a sleeveless dress. I love wearing a long sleeved garment when I’m showing a lot of leg, I think it creates a nice balance for any look. I paired the whole thing with these amazing boots that I got on eBay! They were a major bargain and they are the best boots ever. My newest obsession. I love a few inches because I’m a shorty but the platform makes this heel so comfortable and tbh the most perfect festival boot. (I am planning a festival lookbook post so I’ll def add my festival essentials in there too!).

+ three necklaces and my newest fave fatty tattoo choker + baby hoops and my glitter jelly backpack because obviously, tomboy glam.

Bob Ross Tee (bfs) <$6
Fishnet Top (h&m; cropped & altered by me) <$15
Unbranded platform Chunky Boots (eBay) <$45
Jelly Backpack (LA Fashion District) <$25
Assorted Necklaces (thrifted, h&m)


ghostly-malec  asked:

Something I've noticed is that s1/s2 Alec never really dressed "ratty" per se. Sure, he had some questionable choices in clothing (*cough* denim shirt *cough* kakhis on a first date *cough*), but it's not like he was a walking fashion disaster. In the books, he pretty much dressed like a homeless person all the time, even AFTER he came out. So yeah, the fancy shirts that he's wearing in s3 are far from anything pre Magnus Alec would have worn, but it's still a big step forward for his character.

I think this adds to something that pretty much always happens in fandom. When you take book!Alec f.e. he totally did dress like a homeless person so that nobody noticed him. While book!Magnus is just a tragic fashion disaster (don’t get me started on CC’s description of him!) with glitter all over. 

The “funny” thing now is that even if in the books the word glitter would have been mentioned just once, you can bet all the money you have, that the fandom would take it to the next level. Meaning: Magnus on the show or in fics based on the show is this super glittery person with a strange taste in fashion. I am not saying this is happening in all fics, don’t get me wrong! Just… in a lot. When in fact, show!Magnus knows very well how to dress (all his looks are iconic™ pls!) and is not a tragic fashion disaster that fell into the glitter pot and that CC made out of him in the books. In fact, Magnus on the show barely wears glitter, it’s very subtle, if even there at all, often it is just some highlighter. 

Same with Alec. He had these hole-y sweaters and looked like a homeless person in general in the books. But show!Alec is the complete opposite. He might be not as fashionable as Magnus but the boy still doesn’t dress ratty! Some outfits might be a bit questionable (leave the denim shirt alone, he looks so fucking good! lol) but he does not wear weird sweaters with holes or other nonsense that he wore in the books.

Now, the fandom acts like show!Alec is still book!Alec. I mean we only find out about that fancy shirt yesterday but as I said, he always knew how to dress. But in fics based on the show Alec is still this fashion disaster on 2 legs that would put on pants as a shirt and other nonsense. And who only wears ratty sweaters with holes. Honestly, this stopped being “endearing” years ago. Even without us knowing about the fancy dress shirt now.

But this is hard for the fandom to accept and just to get rid of it. And like I said, this is not something that doesn’t happen in other fandoms, too. My fave example: A person eats an apple. Suddenly it is the fave fruit of that person and you can bet that in every fic that person is eating a fucking apple, that person breathes apples and one day becomes an apple.

There is a fine line about using certain traits and all and just getting waaaay over board with them.

something i did after sobbing through the Square Enix thing…

Bathbomb - C.B

That wasn’t funny

This isn’t what it looks like! Okay… Maybe it is.

Stop texting me weird stuff so late at night

Requested by: @noodleswdw

Sundays have always been your favourite day of the week, for multiple reasons. One of the reasons being, you didn’t had to do homework. But since you moved out to L.A. the feeling of being totally free on sunday slowly started to fade. It totally got ruined when you finally got into your dorm room and started college. Even when you were free from school work, you were still too busy with bills and food and even work to relax.

This sunday wasn’t supposed to be any different, you had a script to finish for your writing class. You woke up after a short night, already being sleepdeprived everything went wrong from the moment you got up. Starting off by tripping on your sweatpants that were lying on the floor, causing to wake up your bestfriend who was still sleeping after a night out, which you didn’t go to since you were up all night working on your script. ‘My gosh.. Can’t you be a little more quiet?! I am trying to sleep here!’ She spat angrily, you softly mumble lots of sorry’s before putting your sweatpants on and hurrying to the shared kitchen. You quickly open the cabinet and your beloved mug drops out of it and shatters right for your eyes. A foul curse leaves your mouth as you start cleaning up the bits and pieces ‘No coffee for me today..’ You sigh as it comes to your mind that you still had to go to the store to get some coffee beans. 

After eating burned toast with only butter since you also ran out of eggs, you quickly put on some make-up to get ready to finish your script and maybe even see your boyfriend Corbyn if you could finish it before six. When you finally sat yourself down with a bottle of water and your laptop, you recieved a text from Corbyn. 

Corbeann: Hii babe! I know you will probably be very busy today but I just wanted to let you know I love you and I hope I’ll see you today. Also please let me know if you’re coming by today, maybe you can come over for dinner and a movie? I’ll cook!

This boy never failed to make you smile and even though your day started off rough, Corbyn didn’t fail once again. With a bright smile on your mouth you face time him. 

‘Heyy baby’ His raspy voice came through and you went all fuzy, his morning voice was the cutest and it was one of the things you loved about him. 

‘Hello love, did you just wake up?’ Now his face comes to the camera and you see a sleepy Corbyn. ‘Yes I did, how is that script coming along babe?’ ‘Well.. I am so close to finishing it but like I don’t know how to end it. I have four or even five ideas on how to end it.’ He just stared at you, his eyes locked on yours. ‘Watcha looking at?’ You giggle, starting your laptop and opening the script. ‘Well, I am currently looking at the most beautiful woman in my life who is so stressed about a script and is still looking stunning while being stressed.’ A blush crept on your cheeks as you looked away ‘Thank you babe’ You softly say as you turn back to facetime. ‘I have to go now, hopefully I’ll finish it soon’ ‘Wait! Are you coming over for dinner or not? It would be so nice.’ He looked at you nervously. ‘Yes ofcourse, I’ll be there around six alright?’ ‘Yay! Love you babe.’ ‘I love you too.’ 

A few hours later, you put the last page of your script in your binder. It took you around full 4 hours of rewriting and even writing different endings but you made it just in time. You quickly grab your bag and keys, running off to make it just in time. 

You walk in right on time to see Corbyn running around, fully covered in flower and what looks like egg. ‘What the actual…’ Two seconds later Jack comes running past you, he looked even worse then Corbyn. His curls wear covered in egg yolk and he was carying a bag of sugar. A laugh escapes your mouth while you walk behind them, you quickly took out your phone to get some footage. Jonah saw you first and kept quiet while you filmed the boys fighting eachother with eggs and flower and salt. Corbyn then turned around and went red as soon as he saw you ‘Hey babe.. This isn’t what it looks like! ’ Jack turned around too, dropping the bag of sugar as he just sneaked off. ‘Oh really? ‘Cause it looks like you didn’t cook but had a food fight without me?!’ The corners of your mouth are so tempted to turn upwards. ‘Okay… Maybe it is.’ He started to come closer, you slowly stepped backwards. ’Come here babe, I want a hug’ His smirk told you that you had about 4 seconds before you would also be covered in flower, eggs and sugar.  You quickly threw your bag on the couch outside and took a sprint to the kitchen to escape from Corbyn, who was now running after you. ‘BABE! COME HERE I WANT MY HUG!’ ‘NOT WHEN YOU LOOK LIKE THAT!’ Luckily, you weren’t in a bad shape so you kept running around the house. At some point, you thought you had lost him and you took a quick breath. You felt someone pull you into a hug and before you knew it you were fully covered in flower and eggs. He started laughing, ‘Haha! I got you, but damn my girl is atlethic.’ you felt his lips kissing your neck as you just gave up and turned around. ‘I hate you, this is my fave shirt and now it’s ruined!’ You acted like a drama queen, fake tears and all. ‘Sorry babe, I’ll get you a new one.’ He softly places a kiss on your in flower covered hair. ‘You know that this wasn’t funny

When the two of you went back to the kitchen, Corbyn quickly leads you away to the dining table. It was perfectly set up, romantic lights, soft music and a fully dressed table. ‘Baby..’ you whine softly as you start to smile. You turn around to look at him, you find him staring at you. ‘I love you’ And that was all he needed, he pulled you into a tight hug, your lips finally making contact. The kiss was soft and gentle. ‘I love you too, but you have to sit down now, I’ll get the food.’ He pecked a quick kiss on your lips and turned around back to the kitchen. You sighted, sat down and waited patiently on Corbyn. This boy had your head spinning, making you fall in love with him even more on a daily base. After a few minutes he came back with two plates, you couldn’t directlty see what it was. ‘So we’ll start off with roasted vegetables with some mashed potatoes and for you a small piece of steak.’ He put the plate down infront of you ‘This smells amazing babe!’ You patiently wait until he’s seated, when he is, the two of you dig in and have an amazing dinner without being interreputed by any of the boys. 

After desert, the two of you head upstairs. Corbyn had a whole night planned out but first you really had to wash off the flower and eggs since it started to itch. ‘I’ll run the bath, we’re too dirty to go into my bed like this!’ A small giggle left your mouth as you picked out a bathbomb. ‘You really like that one don’t you?’ His breath made your hairs stand up straight. ‘Mmhm’ You softly hummed as you turned around, brushing his lips as you walked away towards the bath. His arms shyly wrapped around your waist. Although the two of you had showered together many times before, every time Corbyn would take it slow with you, making sure you were as good as you could be while getting naked with him.  ‘May I?’ You turned around, making eye contact with him and nodding. He tugged on your shirt and then slowly pulled it off. You took his shirt off and his pants too. ‘Come on babe, I’m getting cold.’ He slowly took of your pants too. ‘I am fine, Corbyn, let’s just get in.’

You just wanted to close your eyes for two seconds, just to relax a bit. But when you opened them, you realised that it had been a bit longer that two seconds. You were still laying on his chest and Corbyn was sleeping, the water had gone cold. A quick look on your phone told you that it was half past nine and that you had so many follow requests, it made you wonder what did Corbyn or one of the boys post? You open Instagram to see a cute picture of you and Corbyn at the dining table, fully covered in flower and eggs while eating dinner. Jonah snapped the photo and posted it on his story, with your name under it. Everyone knew you were Corbyns girlfriend but the two of you decided to keep your instagram private, at least the one you had since high school. You had created a second account since the fans wanted to follow you. But Jonah linked the wrong instagram, oh well it was private and it wouldn’t go off private soon.

Corbyn woke up shortly after you, the two of you decided to shower and Corbyn got ready for bed. You got ready to go back to your dorm.

‘Babe?’ ‘Yes?’ He grabbed your hand. ‘Thank you for tonight’ You leaned in for a kiss, Corbyn pulled you close deepening the kiss a bit. ‘I love you [Y/N].’ He smiled as you got into the car. You drove off , going back to the stress. But you know you could always come back, because Corbyn was your home and you was his.

Later that night you recieved lots of texts of Corbyn. Some were about Jonah linking the wrong insta and how sorry he was. And some of them were total random. The most random one came around 2 A.M after facetiming. It was a picture of an apartment in L.A. Corbyn wanted to buy it and live there with you.

[Y/N]: Stop texting me weird stuff so late at night babe.

Corbeann: But I want to live there with you babe!

[Y/N]: We will live together, you just gotta put a 💍 on it first! 😜


Sooooo this is a Corbyn fic that didn’t turn out angsty, not really sure about it. Writing it was so much fun! Love y'all

Ressler Week - Day 6 - Casual Dress

I really love it when they let Ressler dress down for cases - or when he’s suspended and apparently that means you don’t have to wear a suit and it’s casual Friday every day. But what I have always, always loved is when Ress get’s down to business and rolls those shirt sleeves up. Yup, does it to me every time. So for my fave casual dress, it has to be those rolled up sleeves and beautiful forearms on display. It’s what I have always called his ‘working class look’. So I threw this together, (along with a touch of my youth with good old Barnesy) for our working class man.







GOOD. BECAUSE YOU ARE ABOUT TO LEARN THE NAME OF ALL THE MAIN THINGS WE WEAR (they may have different names based on the region)








anonymous asked:

could you make another clothes mini-masterpost that you usually do? i really enjoy the ones you make

THIS IS RLLY SO NICE OF U (why are my followers so cute????) sometimes i get rlly insecure that my masterposts aren’t v helpful.

anyway, i got all the clothes listed below from here. the store is currently having free shipping on july 10-12 so check them out!! (bolded my faves)

Things I'll never get as an ace

#1 - Clothing destruction in sex scenes

You know those movie sex scenes where characters literally just rip each others clothes off in the heat of the moment? Like, they actually destroy perfectly decent, new-looking clothes with their bare hands?

It’s like, “You had buttons on your shirt? Whoops! Now they’re popping off all over the place and shit. Joke’s on us though - gonna be a bitch to pick them all up later! HA!” And, “Oh, you were in a nice and, might I add, really expensive dress (that you saved up for ages to buy)? Welp now it’s got a huge ugly tear down the side and you can kiss it goodbye cos I couldn’t be bothered to use the zip at the back lololol!!!”

Honestly, if someone were to even try and rip my clothes in the process of making out I’d be like “Da Faq you doin homie??!?” and slap their hands the hell away. Like, yeah enthusiasm and all that but how can you just assume you have permission to destroy my fave cat shirt?? BRUH.

Whenever I’ve had to sit through these scenes in movies, everyone else around me is so entirely fixated on the passion between the characters. Meanwhile, I’m sitting there stressing and internally screaming about the poor clothes. Guess it makes sense that I’m ace, huh ._.

appolloed  asked:

🌸 (the favourite type of clothing thing I think???) also like you're so cool and I'm intimidated by how wonderful you are 25/8

✿ - fave kind of clothing?
Oh gosh. Ummmm. I love anything floral or anything with lace or anything witchy looking. Or dresses with pockets. Now cOMBINE THEM AND IT’S PERFECT. But my confidence is really non existence, so I don’t usually wear anything I love the look of. It’s just jeans and t-shirts for me!!

Also NOOO IM SO NOT COOL. I’m a big dork and really lame I promise!! I’m no one to be intimidated by. ; o ; You’re far more wonderful than I could ever even dream of being!! ❤️❤️

the geeks will inherit the earth!

i have kind of a love-hate relationship with that song. have some lovely lab partners! i’m team brains-and-moffie-as-besties 5ever.