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Hello from South Korea everyone!!!!

I meant to post when we got here just in case anyone was wondering but since getting here, I’ve been so busy lmao. For the first time in years I’ve been go go go and it’s so fun but it also ends up tiring lmao.

Since getting here the 9th of May I’ve been to a Korean vet (first venture into Seoul lmao), apartment hunted, gone to a festival where one of my fave girl groups Oh My Girl was a surprise guest even tho our little town is a teeny tiny little place, bought more language textbooks, learned the bus system, learned the subway system, gone to Hongdae, gone to the Kakaofriends store, gone to a RACCOON CAFE, attended a japchae cooking class, joined a language exchange and met some lovely sweet unnies, met the SWEETEST halmeonies and halabeojis (grandma and grandpa - elderly folks), and walked SO SO SO MUCH.

I’m having so much fun here! Being able to take the bus anywhere is the most useful thing I’ve encountered in my life! Though every time I go home, my feet are killing me and there’s usually nowhere to sit on the bus cos you know, it’s busy time. The last time, a v v V sweet halabeoji gave me his seat even tho i tried to protest he was v insistent.

I still get scared/nervous about using my Korean, but I’m trying. The language exchange is really good practice for me to use it (especially to check my pronunciation) and the ladies who attend are just SO sweet and encouraging. It definitely makes me feel more confident about speaking things.

One of the unnies I met, Hyeyoung wants to do a diary exchange with me - she’ll have it one week and write in English and in the following week I have to write in Korean. I’m so nervous but I think it’ll be a REALLY good way for me to learn!

I’m just having SUCH a good time! But I miss my games lmao and I miss following everyone’s games so I’m going to try to… well. Not REALLY catch up but kind of you know? If you guys are curious about any of my adventures you can check out my instagram! :3 For once it’s so active!

I hope you’re all doing well! It must be exam/prom/graduation season for a lot of the students yeah. Summer is looming and ;A; I’m already ready to die lmao

Okay on the real NO QUEEN has EVER had the effect on me that sasha velour has

Marksandrec’s Super Dooper Popcorn Party #229

(Most dialogue from Happy New Year, Charlie Brown. Dan’s is from Rent, though, haha.) (Best wishes for 2017, guys!)

People are shitting on Daehwi’s team choice and his actions and tbh, it is making me a bit disappointed. He’s a kid. He’s in a survival show and I can only imagine how tense it can get, I can only imagine the levels of pressure. Sure Daehwi’s always a ball of fluff, a sunshine but idk if the dude gets super anxious or paranoid about what’s gonna happen to him in the show. He made choices to ensure his position, that’s how I see it. He’s not out there to challenge himself or go against the best. He’s out there to debut (just like all of your faves) and he’s still a kid. I don’t see what he did wrong, I’d have done the exact same thing myself.


Ben & Sophie at Wimbledon final, July 10 2016 - pt 2 (pt 1)

(Hit refresh for synchronized gifs. :))

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Hiyaa lovelies! It’s been a while since I’ve first posted and announced my first ever FAVES! Now I’m back with a new faves. But this one is a little bit different than my first faves. EVERYONE CHOSEN in this will all be added to my queue group too! So this is my faves + first ever QUEUE GROUP! I’m super excited to do this again! And this is also as a celebration of me reaching over 40K+ followers (thank you so much guys ily so much) *throws confetti* 

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