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“I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way.”

Jessica Rabbit cosplay, with added ace Jessica Rabbit icons.

Thank you @smnius for the idea (you all should check out their wonderful art of asexual Jessica Rabbit), and thank you to @cryopods for making the icons. (Check out all her awesome icons as well). 💖💖

@blessedkeith @shiroqanetakashi @shcith @mi-kish @marmoraskeith @pining-keith @becausemiisha You all signed up for my bs when you became my friends.

brooklyn nine-nine + hogwarts houses (more)

Iwa-chan has a healthy scepticism regarding presents jointly purchased by Mattsun and Makki.

[I knooow this is late for his birthday, shh]


Favourite couple: Ben & Sophie

1x11 “Scarecrow”
Standing Tall