my fave ep is only 11 :(

ok so fave 11 as of ep. 5: (v = down, - = no change, ^ = up)

11. lee woojin (v2) - precious. tries really hard but is far too smol for everything. probably the only competitor who is my yute.

10. kim namhyun (v4) - hasn’t gotten any screentime since the first episode but that first stage is still one of my favourites so far.

9. ong seongwoo (^2) - the dabs? the ear folding? the dancing? the bruno mars? being daniel’s husband and woojin’s second dad? why did i not appreciate him before hand.

8. jang moonbok (v1) - has better hair than me. hard working af.

7. jung dongsoo (^5) - a gorgeous voice, gorgeous face, and in dire need of some screentime.

6. justin huang (v1) - a literal prince. angelic. pure. beautiful/

5.  yoon jisung (^3) - y’know when he started ugly crying? yeah that was when I Knew he was a fave.

4. kang daniel (v1) - has cats, a voice as deep as the ocean, best dad of the year with a beautiful trophy husband. literally living the dream.

3. lee daehwi (^1) - he had to apologise for being a teenager and making mistakes Why Are Y’all Like This. also that scream.

2. ahn hyungseob (-) - DID YOU SEE THAT BOI RUUUUUUUUUUUN. he flinged the chair and everything. i died.

1. hong eunki (-) - dancing king, mega tease, blonde bombshell babe. love of my life. can’t not debut.