my fav. metal songs

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post 10 songs i’ve been listening to lately, thank you so much!!

1. hole hearted / extreme (honestly one of my fav songs, glam metal mixed with country guitars, i adore it)
2. state trooper / bruce springsteen (not a huge bruce fan, but this is a good one. he says this song was inspired by frankie teardrop)
3. slave / the rolling stones (bitchiest riff, it basically spits in your face, ultimate summer song & often overlooked)
4. don’t go away / stiv bators (😢😢😢)
5. come up and see me (make me smile) / steve harley & cockney rebel (one of those songs that makes me really happy but a little sad at the same time, i want it played at my funeral or something)
6. oh death / charley patton (rock n roll if i ever heard it. this’ll make all the ghosts in your house dance)
7 i only wrote this song for you / johnny thunders (the “i’m so sorry, let me make it up to you, i’m sorry” part makes me tear up really bad every time)
8. it’s nothing to me / sanford clark (really fascinating perspective of the lyrics, deadpan delivery, melancholy guitars)
9. making plans for nigel / xtc (i think i heard this for the first time while i was getting ready in the morning for my last ever day of high school)
10. drowning butterflies / cleaners from venus (puts an ache in my heart)
and oooone more… the way i made you feel by ed kuepper. it’s a real good song

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