my fav tweet ever

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I love the picture dan chose for phils profile because then even when dan can't be with phil and talk to him in person he can still look into his eyes :(

i like it bc it’s from one of my fav ever random dan tweets. still have no idea why dan randomly decided march 1 would be #philday but i think he jst wanted to share this pic and it amuses me to know he finds it so funny n memorable that it’s still phil’s contact photo over 3 years later wtf

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One of my fav Ed tweets ever was a couple years ago when a fan tweeted him why he hadn't wished Taylor a happy birthday and he replied with like "phones exist you know" 😂

lmaoooo so true 

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I don't understand the Namjoon Kim possible joke?? what is it?

there’s this american cartoon called Kim Possible that i watched REGLIGIOUSLY when i was younger 

and u kno how he always tweets like “kim hungry” or like “kim insomnia” or like weird stuff like that 

so Kim Possible is something that he would probably tweet but is also ONE OF MY FAV KIDS SHOWS EVER