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mjolnir-s-master  asked:

I would love to see you write a beserker!thor fic one day.

I have such a want for a really dark/intense conquerer!Loki and berserker!Thor AU. I just… I feel like there’s no way in hell that during Avengers Loki ever actually wanted to rule Midgard. Maaaybe you could say he was just off his game, but really if Loki was truly focused on taking Midgard, man, it would have been total devastation. Just look at Thor 1 - Loki intended to take out the Jotuns and he didn’t even fuck around. He did his little plot with Laufey to kill him and save Odin and prove something, but when it came to the rest of Jotunheimr? He was like, fuck fighting them hand-to-hand, fuck having casualties, their planet isn’t going to exist anymore. And we still never saw/heard what happened to Jotunheimr afterwards. I can only assume, at best, that they were blown back to their Stone Ages for the next couple thousand years. Say what you like, but I always appreciated the fact that Loki did not fuck around, he stopped that ‘impending’ war crap dead cold. Like DAAAAAMN.

So, thinking about THAT, I am just like, MAN tho what if Loki and Thor were both that cold and focused on taking over Midgard?

No pulling punches, just pure devastation. Midgard wouldn’t stand a chance.

It would be fun for them. Loki would be the brains, the strategic mastermind, walking calmly through absolutely burning chaos with a dark little smile on his face. Thor would be like his personal hellhound, his right hand. Loki would let Thor off his chain, so to speak (or literally if you’re kinky that way) and tell Thor to just destroy everything.

Thor would be pure berserker rage and bloodlust bliss. He would be crushing skulls and breaking bones with his bare hands. There would be no force to stop him, no walls to contain him, especially with the full fury of his elemental rage unleashed. I have no doubt that even the Hulk would not stand a chance against them (maybe at first the Hulk would be a surprise, but only so long as it took for them to regroup and take him out or turn him to their side).

Then I just imagine Loki calling Thor back from the death and devastation, it’s done now, and Thor would be blood-stained and soot-smeared and still brimming with bloostlust and primal elemental power. And he’d pin Loki down in the ruins and take him, hard, and Loki would welcome him and revel in their new razed kingdom.