my fav songs of her


If I’m honest I know I would give it all back
For a chance to start over
And rewrite an ending or two 
For the girl that I knew


You are the only exception and I’m on my way to believing.

(one year of DestielDrabblesDaily)

Okay, I was seriously rolling my eyes when I heard OUAT was doing a musical episode. Then, I listened to Revenge Is Gonna Be Mine and I was like “Okay. It’s still going to be super lame, but Colin’s a pretty good singing, which is kind of cool.” Then I heard Josh sing in Powerful Magic and I was like :O “WHATTTTT? I’M IN LOVE!” And I still didn’t have high hopes, for the musical aspect of the episode, but I decided that since it was the CS wedding, I would go in with an open mind. Let’s be real, it’s probably going to be some sort of curse that they all sing. 

And it definitely exceeded my expectations. In fact, parts of the musical episode were quite entertaining (and some were just… not. Cue: Charmings vs. Evil Queen and Love Doesn’t Stand A Chance). The End song was great! 

PLUS, it was the Captain Swan wedding. They’re married. Captain Swan is canonly married. 

Modern Stoncy headcanon:

Steve absolutely loves Lady Gaga so when he gets upset, Jonathan and Nancy try to mimic the choreography from some of his favorite songs to cheer him up. They’re not even close but Steve loves that they care enough to go to the effort and smirks as he shows them how it’s done by dancing himself.

Perfect Places is the perfect mesh of Pure Heroine and her new style. It’s like a combo of Team and Green Light and I absolutely love it. Maybe I’m crazy cause it just came out but this is maybe my fav song but it is by far imo her best single she’s done. Can’t wait for Melodrama in just 2 weeks. Totally give it a listen it’s on iTunes and Spotify.


Honest my fav song by her and vocals !!!! Btw the song is tore up