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I can’t believe I’m done with this , but I’m happy to tell you all the wrong links that appeared in all my fics recs are now fixed. A very huge high-five to @assisreal and @beccasafan who both totally saved my ass, making lists of fics to fix. Thank you a lot guys.

When I was at it, I updated some fics recs If you want to check them out ;)

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anonymous asked:

What are you're top 3/5/10 fav vkook fics?

hey anon,

I made one list of my fav taekook fics pretty long ago, I guess it’s time to make part 2 of it

cut out all the ropes (let me fall) - my fav model (Tae)/ photographer (Kook) au of all times. Taehyung is Korea’s most successful model, but goddamn Jeon Jeongguk appears and life’s getting even more interesting. I LUV IT (smut action - AW YAAAS)

i know i let you down (is it too late to say sorry now?) - OH BOI, I L-L-LoVe it. Taekook broke up a year ago and were supposed to never see each other again, buut… It sounds like cliche asf, but goddamn it’s not and it’s so good! (smut action - oh YAS, god pour dat rain of gud smut on me!)

Armani can’t compare to you - Jungkook loves sex, he really does, but getting into his new secretary’s pants can’t be as easy as it seems. Gud plot, gud presentation, everything gud included. (smut action - bless author for creating this dirty art)

Take You All The Way - Taekook are doing each other favors for favors (it’s not that banal actually i promise), but at some point ths system turns into something deeper… got it…? (smut action - yeeees)

And Suddenly You’re All I Need - dis is sa cyuuute, I almost cried disgustingly… Kook was waiting for somebody in a cafe - that person didn’t come, well, shit happens, but cute barista with nametag “V” won’t let him regret he came there that eve. (smut action - no needed, it’s so pure)

the sky is blue and the sun is shining - I cRiEeeeeeeed… how could you torture me like thaaat… true beauty aka “soulmate au where one only starts seeing in colors when they meet their soulmate”. (smut action - fuk dat smut prepare a bunch of tissues)

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Regrann from @rachellereza - “I could more easily do this telepathically from a distance. But I like the thrill of Physical combat.” -Psylocke 👉👉My fav photographer jammy jam @davidcallphotography #fb #tb #comics #comicbooks #marvel
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therock I walk in to my #Ballers photoshoot and own the room like a king, but in reality I’m just looking for the waffle truck.
A little behind the scenes action from our key art shoot with one of my fav photographers @michaelmuller7.
Mark You calendars for JULY 23rd. Our biggest and most ambitious season yet.
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