my fav part omg


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A super simple but sweet trope: Character A puts their hand on Character B's cheek and frowns. "You feel kind of warm." 10/10 A+ 100% I am weak

Omg yes. Honestly my fav part of sickfics is when the other person finds out that the other person is sick. That’s why I love fics where the person hides it/ the caretaker doesn’t believe them. 10/10

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Mommm, I finally managed to watch seventeen's weekly idol, AND I SWEAR TO THE ALMIGHTY THAT THE CAMERA MAN AND THE EDITING STAFF IS IN LOVE WITH WONWOOO. Dork didn't even do anything and still got a LOT of screen time, a LOT of him just slaying me in general, and I ain't complaining~~ Aand Dino finally let out his frustration at being "JEONGHAN HYUNGS AEGI" WOOZI got kissed a lot by the members and I'm gonna stop here. Need to control myself coz this carat life is destroying me Whoooosh!

i was so happy with all his screentime BUT CHAN THOUGH OMG I LOVE THIS KID i think my fav part though was when jeonghan cheated (of coURSE) in the random dance play omfg he’s so good at swindling the hosts didn’t even notice he was in the wrong place LMAO