my fav part omg

hurricane bianca may be cheesy but it’s adorable and we need movies like that, we need movies with trans characters played by trans actors, we need movies made by lgbt people and full of lgbt characters who are all alive and happy by the end, movies like that are important


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I think it was very nice for the Shorty Squad to have a bonding episode; it's been a while.

yess I’m doing a pic for it ;v; it was one of my fav parts!

Anon: (SU spoilers) OMG PERIDOT AND LAPIS BROKE UP???!!!

in a way, I guess ;( but u know Lapis will be back, Peridot might be mad at her when she does tho hhh

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A super simple but sweet trope: Character A puts their hand on Character B's cheek and frowns. "You feel kind of warm." 10/10 A+ 100% I am weak

Omg yes. Honestly my fav part of sickfics is when the other person finds out that the other person is sick. That’s why I love fics where the person hides it/ the caretaker doesn’t believe them. 10/10