my fav part of his speech

Okay, I have to share, this is my fav part of the play’s backstage video

This is part of the stage play’s ending on the show on march 13th. Ryuu’s bday. The show ends like all others. All actors lined up thanking the audience. The only difference is that Ryuu isn’t there. Yumoto is about to finish his speech when Ryuu pops up. He says something among the lines “Oi don’t forget today is Zaou Ryuu’s bday”

they sing happy bday with the whole audience and then Io comes with with this cake! Ryuu gets told to make a wish I assume. Io’s actor claps too soon, and then Yumoto blows the candle instead.

Then my shipper heart got gifted with this

Io missed first XD

Then Ryuu’s actor is expected to speech I think, and it’s really hard to do with whipped cream on your face and while giggling.