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Don’t Say Anything (part 7)

Summary: You finally decide to tell Bucky that you’ve been in love with him since the day you met but what happens when you walk in on him with a girl? And not just any girl; Natasha.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Pietro being a little shit, Bucky being annoying

A/N: You guys wanted Bucky’s pov so I’m giving you Bucky’s pov. I hope you like it :) Have any of you watched Rupaul’s Drag Race? What do you think about season 9? Who’s your fav so far? I like Shea Coulee, Nina Bo’nina Brown, Aja, Peppermint but my number 1 is definitely Farrah Moan. I don’t really like Trinity Taylor so far though.

“Movie night!” Tony’s voice rang throughout the building. “I have taken the liberty of choosing a movie already.”

Everyone filed into the living room, sitting down where open spots were. Nat and Bucky sat next to each other on the couch opposite of you while Pietro plopped down beside you, wrapping his arm behind you on the sofa.

“What movie is it?” Steve questioned.

“A little something I like to call ‘How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days’.” Tony smiled as he clicked play on the movie. Everyone groaned.

“We watched this last week.” Wanda spoke.

“And we’re watching it this week as well.”

“Someone else needs to pick a movie for movie night. It can’t always be you, Tony.” Nat laughed, curling up next to Bucky.

Tony rolls his eyes and takes a seat next to Steve, opting not to respond to the red head. 20 minutes into the movie, Natasha scoots towards Bucky. He lifts his arm, allowing Nat to cuddle up to him even more. He wraps his arm around her, pulling her ever so close to him. Bucky kisses Nat’s temple all while looking directly at you.

The super soldier felt his heart break when he saw a flash of hurt in your eyes.

Is she okay? Why does she look so sad? Was it Pietro? If he did anything to Y/N..

He was pulled from his thoughts when Pietro placed a pillow on Y/N’s lap and laid down. Her hands instantly go to his hair, fingers threading the blonde locks. Bucky felt his body tense up at the sight. He remembers when you would run your fingers through his hair after he had a nightmare or even when you two were just hanging out.

“I love when you run your fingers through my hair, my love.” Pietro sighed happily, loud enough for Bucky to hear. He gripped the couch when he heard you giggle.

Bucky doesn’t know why he was feeling this way. He had Nat. There’s no way he liked you.. Right? No. Absolutely not. You were just his friend. Natasha was the whole package. He looked down at Nat who was under his arm and smiled. But his smiled faded all too fast when he looked back at you and Pietro, seeing him making you giggle even more.

Bucky rolled his eyes. “Some of us are trying to watch a movie.” he glared directly at Pietro.

The two of you look over at him and Pietro smirked. “Then watch it.”

“I can’t when you keep making Y/N laugh.” the brunette snapped.

“Hearing Y/N laugh is a problem? I think her laugh is music to my ears.” he smiled, knowing how angry he was making Bucky.

“Do that some other time.” Bucky was trying to keep his cool and trying not to cause a scene but judging by how everyone was looking at him, it was clear that he had made a scene.

“When you love someone-”

“Oh shut up!” Bucky cut Pietro off. The blonde opened his mouth to say something back until you slapped your hand over his mouth to shut him up.

“Stop it.” you mutter. “C’mon, Piet. Let’s go to sleep.”

You nudge him with your knee and he stands up, offering his hand to you which you gladly take. Bucky watches as you leave the room and his mouth opens and closes. He wanted to tell you to stay, to come sit next to him, but he didn’t.

When he heard your door shut, he leaned back into the couch, closed his eyes and let out a long, frustrated sigh.

He spent the next day lying in bed with Nat. It was a lazy day for the team. It was good to get some down time.

“Bucky.” Nat said softly as her fingers traced his arm.

“Hmm?” he hummed in response. All he’s been thinking about was you. He had no idea why. And now that Pietro was here, being all clingy and shit, it wasn’t helping.

“Is something wrong?”

He gives her a confused look. “Why would there be something wrong?”

Nat shrugged. “You’ve just been acting a bit weird ever since Y/N found out about us.”

“I was just scared that she’d tell everyone.” he murmured.

“We told everyone we were dating a couple of days ago, Bucky and you’re still being weird. Like, what was that last night?” the red head moved to sit up. Bucky copied her actions.

“What was what?” he knew what she was talking about but played dumb.

“You going off on Pietro. He didn’t even do anything.” she replied.

“He was making Y/N laugh.”

“So? Steve’s laughed during a movie and you’ve never gave him shit for it.”

“It was disrupting the movie, Nat. The movie that I was trying to watch.” he tried his best not to roll his eyes because if he did, she’d murder him.

“Wanda and Tony have disrupted plenty of movies - I have too and not once have you said anything. Something’s wrong. I know you don’t really like Pietro but you usually ignore him.” she says and she’s right. Bucky would usually ignore Pietro whenever he was over. So why was last night any different?

Bucky sighed. “I don’t know what you want me to say, Natasha. I just got irritated, alright?”

“Is this because him and Y/N are a thing now? Are you mad that she might be replacing you with him?” Nat questioned and Bucky gave her a look.

“What do you mean by ‘thing’? They’re not together. There’s no way in hell that they’re together.” his voice raised as he spoke. Y/N would never date Pietro. He knew she wouldn’t.

“I wouldn’t doubt it.” she shrugged. “They make a cute couple.”

Bucky’s jaw tenses. “No they don’t.”

Natasha knits her eyebrows together. “What’s wrong with you, seriously? You can’t be happy for Y/N? She’s getting over that asshole she used to like.”

“Pietro is an asshole.”

Natasha rolled her eyes at the super soldier but before she could reply, the door opened, revealing Y/N and wow did she look beautiful.

She looks beautiful everyday, what am I thinking?

“Hey guys.” you say softly, eyes wandering between Bucky and Nat.

“Hey snooka.” Nat greeted. Y/N gives her a little smile before turning to Bucky.

“Sorry if I interrupted something but I was wondering if you still had those coupons for free milkshakes?” you tilt your head in the most adorable way and Bucky smiled.

“Yeah, I do. Why? You wanna go get some milkshakes?” he couldn’t hide the excitement in him. Just the thought of hanging out with Y/N for the day made him so happy. The last time you two had hung out together was the day at the zoo and that didn’t go so well. He still doesn’t know why you broke down crying.

“Umm.. I was gonna take Pietro with me. We don’t want to stay in the building all day.” you say, biting the inside of your cheek.

His eyes went dark and he clenched his hands. Getting milkshakes was a Y/N and Bucky thing, not a Y/N and Pietro thing.

“Uh, well here.” he digs around in his drawer before pulling out the coupons. Bucky stood up and walked around his bed to hand over the papers. “I can come if you want. We haven’t hung out together in a while.”

You bit your bottom lip. “No, it’s fine. You stay here with Nat, maybe some other time.” you take the coupons from his hand. “Thanks Bucky.”

He watches as you walk out of his room and over to the elevator where Pietro was waiting for you. The blonde makes eye contact with Bucky and smirked as he draped his arm around your shoulders before entering the elevator.

A/N: Here you gooooooo, tell me what ya think! :)



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MASTERLIST (updated regularly)

a neat list of every piece of writing i’ve ever created. i hope you enjoy them.


❥ indicates angst 
☼ indicates fluff
☾ indicates both angst and fluff
✿ indicates smutty (there isn’t any actual smut tho atm)

Spencer Reid x Reader

one shots/drabbles/prompts:

☼ Cure for Headaches.

☼ Paint

☾ Support

☼ Not Ready

☼ Take Care

☾ Need You

☾ Insecure. 

☼ Day with Dad

☾ Too Small.

☼ Calm and Content.

❥ Happier.  

☼ Lousy Day

☼ Cold

☼ Sunday

☾ Not Surprised.

☼ Period Problems.


☾ Defending You.

What if I mess up?

Accidental Confession.



☼ Short Skirt.

Don’t worry.

☾ Hero.

☾ Nightmare.

☾ Angel.

My Girl.

Braids. (personal fav!)

☼ Massage.

☼ Sick at Work.

☾ Uneasy.

☼ Drunk in Love.

First Fight.

☼ Overthinking. (fav)

☾ Miss You.

❥ Targeted.

☼ Targeted: Wake Up. (part 2)

☼ Date.


☼ Delete It!

☾ Long Day.

☼ Finally.

☼ Feeling for a Fever.

☾ Leaving Again.

multiple part series:

⇨ Second Chances (IN PROGRESS, may not continue):

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

Derek Morgan x Reader

one shots/drabbles/prompts:

☼ Girls. (derek w kids)

☼ Newest Addition.

☼ First Meetings.

✿ Short skirt.

☼ Shoes.


☼ Sneaking Around.

Luke Alvez x Reader

one shots/drabbles/prompts:

☾ Turbulence.

☼ Elevator Kisses.

☼ Water Balloon Fight.

✿ Short Skirt.

☾ Worried.

☼ Pregnant.

☾ Minor Injuries. (fav)

✿ T-shirt.

☼ Heartbeat.

☼ Hurt.

Other Characters Prompt List Requests

Accident. - Emily Prentiss x reader

Clingy. - Emily Prentiss x Reader

anonymous asked:

I saw your Yoongi edit, any more Yoongi fic recs?

BOYY HAVE I BEEN WAITING FOR THIS DAY, FINALLY ALL THE HOURS I HAVE PUT IN THIS WEBSITE COME TO FRUITION *cracks knuckles* you came to right place anon, here are my ult fav Yoongi fic recs in no particular order. Be aware that all of these caused me emotional wreckage so tread lightly.

Iโ€™ll put a read more below this cause itโ€™s a long post.

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p-nutwithapeeve  asked:

Space Australia person ~ also imagine earth birthdays ~ humans CELEBRATE another year closer to death! How BA is that? We also do things pointlessly for the rush : bungee jumping, sky diving, keeping animals that could kill us in our homes, willfully intoxicating ourselves. And don't get them started in the food we eat, we go to places like McDonald's to eat food that fattens us up only to go to a place of exercise the next day??? It just doesn't make sense!

If there’s any human being on this planet that would earn the respect of aliens when they know of his existence it would be Steve Irwin.

ALSO IMAGINE FUNERALS THO, LIKE? We stuff the corpses and make them look pretty for like 2 days before burying them which is already strange in and of itself but sometimes they’re propped up in motorcycles or in kayaks, and that’s downright weird even for human standards. 
I think they’d greatly admire the ‘doing-stuff-for-the-thrill’ part! 

The whole food area though is my fav. I mean, when it comes to food, humans go overboard. We spice foods with spices from all over the world, in a thousand different ways rather than just take some food and pass it through the fire or just eat it raw. We even grow certain animals a specific way on a specific diet for their lifetime so they taste a certain way. It’s so extra lmao

Also i snorted at “Space Australia person”  pFFT

please don’t delete the text or self promo on this post otherwise you will be disqualified 

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have a great day/night (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡

[ JOJOVEMBER ] Day 1: Draw any Jojo
- Haha decided to draw my fav joj, Jolyne Kujo! She deserves more love!

my fav part of season 4 was when Damon couldn’t calm Elena down after she got some of her emotions back and she punched the window out of Matt’s truck but then Stefan comes along and helps her turn it back on, guides her through the process, tells her to let it on as opposed to turn it off like Damon did because he didn’t know how to comfort her.

anonymous asked:

I read your "thoughts" on Regina and Robin and as a Swan Queen fan I personally HOPE Robin dies and doesn't come back but I just needed to tell you that as a widely known outspoken captain swan fan you have no business analyzing regina and what she wants for her HE. I mean you ship Emma and Hook you have no busines analyzing anything on the show. So as an ER i'm asking you to leave my fav out of your dumb headcanons she's better than that.

“Widely known”?? LMAO I almost just spit out my morning coffee laughing so hard at this message. I wanted to just respond w/a funny gif and say “have a nice day” but…

As an OUAT fan, I can analyze and talk about whatever I want. Your status as “Evil Regal” doesn’t give you the right to tell anyone what to do or what not to say. Also - I’m sorry but, of any ship fandom…the CS fandom, for the most part, are the ones who have analyzed the show more accurately than anyone else. We are the ones who love the show as is, not some made up version we have in our heads. Our opinions and interpretations are the ones the writers and actors validate every time they speak in interviews. People would do well to actually pay attention to what some of us say b/c, they might gain a new understanding and appreciation for their favs. We’ve got some smart cookies on this side of the pond. 

Also – actively wishing for an actor who just had a newborn to lose his job is really disgusting. Person to person, you should take a step back and adjust your perception on fiction vs. reality when you’re taking preference to a fictional ship that isn’t even canon over the well being of a real person.

I’m ALL for ship and let ship but you came into my inbox and insulted my intelligence so the least I can do is serve you a little truth tea. I’m a hospitable host. I hope you enjoyed your stay.

(©) I’M FINALLY GETTING AROUND TO THIS !!! MY FIRST FOLLOW FOREVER !! first off, i’d like to say thank you to every single one of my followers. i can’t even begin to tell you how much you all mean to me. when i first made this blog about two weeks ago, i was so, so certain that i wouldn’t get any followers and i almost gave up on it, but now i have 200+ and……wow that just….Makes Me So Happy….it honestly feels like i’ve been friends with some of you for a while. you’re all so kind to me and genuinely supportive and it really, really means the world to me. i’m on this blog all day because you all make me love being here. thank you. ♡ NOW FOR THE FUN PART !! 

* urls in italics are people i’m not particularly close to but are still my fav blogs, bolded ones are my close pals whose blogs i also really love !!

woozismiles blondesuhoofficial ♡ pinkhoshi wonweedlchvn ♡ tfwjisoo ♡ deureun  ♡ vernonshit ♡ kiminguy wendysons ♡ hans5l 17joshua ♡ woozication ♡ mingyunism ♡ seunkgwanseunqkwan ♡ minghaosnovia ♡ junhumid seventeenzdiamond ♡ vernonie ♡ hansolmp3 kimtaehyungsgf ♡ svnteenish ♡ wonwooi ♡ floppyhairhansol ♡ kkimgyu wooziscalves ♡ sugambino chowvernon ♡ sailormoonv ♡ thurstae svnten ♡ fairyjisoo ♡ woewoos ♡ 17sgf seungskwan ♡ hansoulvernon vertnon wandwoo plsvernon ♡ jshuas ♡ itsalways-1400 1004cmmprettybbywoozi ♡ hansoluv ♡ scvcnteen  ♡ hansolc ♡ scoupdogg mineral-craving shiningmingyu officialminghao chowhansol schlongbinverrnonsjiisoohhyunhoshoe nuneonjeonqhans slothwoo sugajimhansolemoji  jaehopes hansolver164cmwooziseungquality hearteyehansol  nezuminseok meisterjisoo abixmay woozidaisy wonxoosvnteeniehansvc  ho5hi stopminghao maybezino softwoozi  taeili pholemvernsace idkhansolbz17 joshsgfvernonyhngjsoojisoosnoviayoon-angel ♡ kai-shhitwonshiks c0ups the8ghtseventeentrashwoozistopdeathescentvernchoi coupsgf vernolversacevernonjihoonseventenewoojeonvernonsboo17dadvernonsbabe jisoospeachprincehansolswonwooing wonwoosgfvernonstop

baby v ( the #1 mingyu stan probably )

Interview: A Snowflake in Spring, by Celerysticks4life

Hello everyone, and welcome to the very first (and definitely not last) interview by the EPP. Thank you to everyone who sent in such awesome questions. We tried to get them all, but Cel just talks a lot, so we went off on a few tangents ^^; anyone who has a chance to stop by and tell her how much they like ASIS, I strongly recommend you do so. Sheโ€™s pretty rad.

A Snowflake in Springย is undeniably the most popular story in the Frozenย fandom, not just Elsanna, and Celerysticks is the mastermind behind it. Simply put, itโ€™s Elsa and Anna and a mental institution. And itโ€™s awesome. Taken from FFN, the summary is thus:

After her brother Hans is institutionalized, Anna makes it her mission to visit him whenever she can. The sooner he comes home, the sooner everything will go back to normal. She wasnโ€™t expecting to meet the asylumโ€™s resident โ€˜Ice Queen,โ€™ who refuses to speak or acknowledge anyoneโ€ฆ except Anna.ย 

At 27 chapters and almost 120k words, itโ€™s a monster of a story. And, I tell you, you wonโ€™t regret a single second.

But, on with the interview~!

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Here we are T-fans. A long time ago I told you about a storyboard I was working on. I still don’t know if I can call it like that though. Because it doesn’t look like a storyboard, but it’s not a comic too… idk…

I just know this will be in 3 parts. And I’m sorry if you expected something more… animated. A story board is actually half animation half pictures. So not really what you expected I think. But, I’m quite proud about the result, mostly the last sequence with the “travelling” scene.

So basically the story is focused on April who’s going to see Donnie after her class, I though it would be cool to add Irma (I wish they will bring her back one day… please T-T) And of course Casey, who despite my love for Apritello, is one of my fav character. On her way April meets Duncan, an OC I just put there randomly at first, but he imposed himself to get his own story, that explain the next two parts. 

If you have any question, I will be glad to answer them ^^

So now, all of my biggest projects are done. I can focus on the next ones ! I think I will do some short comics before, I need time to rest my brain after this though…

Oh and of course, it’s HD !


my boyfriend makes me the happiest. He put a ring on it a month ago (nearly) and i feel it’s like a milestone we have crossed as a couple. We have had TOO many moments of euphoria & happy tears. Seriously…I have been through a lot in my life but by being by his side, my personal power and confidence have reached a level that ensures that they will never ever drop again. I can conquer anything & everything. Make it mine. Own it. Love it. Take care of it. Have it under my control. Bring it up and down. Twist it…. Albert has truly changed my life for the better 💕 it’s lovely & fucking incredible to have this BOND w him (soulmates and have been married/together in other lives…and we have met each other again…and we will share this life and grow old again…YES 🎉🎉🎉👌👌👌). We have argued in the past like normal couples do but it’s like 5 or 6 times a year. And if you multiply that number (or possibility since I haven’t counted the times we have fought) we have 6 x 5 = 30 👌 that’s a v nice number. No crisis. No break ups. Random hugs, kisses/cuddles, your ‘i love you, honey’s every single minute (fact: for every 2 hours i spend w albert, he says I love you 5 times. Nice. Those words are important. But I have found the guy who FEELS them. He doesn’t just blurt them out. He feels whatever he’s saying. When your man is vulnerable like that w you…it means he loves you unconditionally, like he says lmao 💖👍), LAUGHTER, holding hands, getting many ‘oh my gosh, look at them and how in love they are….AWE’, every single day. Just love, and two human beings that just love love love each other aka us. Albert, you have proved it every single time, baby. We have been there for each other through thick and thin. [a lil parenthesis: throwback to when he said ‘woah, you are kinda cold. But I know that deep down, you are very warm and caring.’ He said this when our relationship marked 4 months. Bae knows. It takes me 5 years to completely open up 💃💃💃 then, i’m way too wonderful. But w him, it took me a couple of years….he must be v special then 😢😭😍] You are my best friend, first and foremost. And the one I will share my life w 💕💕💕 I love the happiness I see in your eyes when you talk to me or when someone mentions weddings, walking down the aisle, kids, rings, getting married…nothing compares to that 👌 you make me feel like it’s a v intense and beautiful spiritual experience to be w you 💖 seriously…words can’t describe it. You don’t complete me cause I am a whole person already but you make me be a better version of myself. And the other way around 💕💕 The connection I share w you is probably the strongest I have in my life. You know the beautiful romantic stories we see on tv? Well, I have one of those. I’m living a dream ☁🌼 Maybe I live it rationally but everyone has his/her little heart. Mine is exploading of happiness every single day 👼 Here’s to the 6 years together…and here’s to the rest of our lifetimes 👌💥 like my horoscope says today:

‘Your path is clear for many of your future decisions on love. The person that you love inspires you tremendously…. Words which are rarely used, but which have great symbolic significance, will be used to confirm (to certify or legitimate) an indisputable fact. You will receive an incredible gift (a mad spending spree of love) and you will see how much you are loved. (Hehehe, the ring😣💍) Your loved one loves you with an immeasurable love and wants to keep you close to him/her for eternity. The next few years will be wonderful on the sentimental level, and you will know immense joys which you have never experienced before. You are a real ray of sunshine! You transmit the spark that makes hearts shine and one is always very happy to be with you. You stimulate the people who surround you and you give them as much passion as you do the joy of living. Your sensitivity comforts and your charisma is immense. Goodness accompanies you and people love you. Some people know that they can count on you at any time and your presence is always appreciated on special occasions. You will have to accompany or help people close to you (family and friends) many times in their lives and you will be immensely loved (even in silence). Love is in you, you are authentic and you fascinate. People will never stop loving you because you are a gift from heaven. Even those who do not know you will (one day or another) be dazzled by your presence.

But my fav part of today’s horoscope is:

You are associated to a pure and sincere love. The person you love shares a deep love with you. Your feelings are reciprocal and they favour the fulfillment and realization of wishes. Your love life with this person will bring you the happiness and harmony you seek. Communication and exchanges will be favored while conflicts will be rare and not important. No rupture can be foreseen with this person because loyalty and strength in this couple will be the focus of your aspirations.

I am extremely happy ✌💖

if I make Steven universe prints they might be like this because the 10 year old in me would have a field day. the glitter part is probably impossible due to glue and ink not getting along well but i don’t see any problems with the rhinestone

would people be interested in something like this?

(also I caught up with the show recently. amethyst’s my fav cuz shes basically toph)

The Inside Story with pomegranatepithos


1) Name: Laura

2) Age: If the average age of U.S. soldier in Vietnam was 22 and the average Wordpress user is 35… well, I’m not either of those.

3) blog title/website: @pomegranatepithos

4) Where you live: California

5) Where you grew up: I’m rather like that Beach Boys song. Been here my whole life.

6) Schooling: Currently in my second year of college.

7) What do you do for a living: Professional student and part time editor.

8) Any mentors that have helped you: My creative writing professor has been a tremendous motivator for me. It’s because of him that I am writing and editing and loving both.

9) When you began writing: I’m such a newb. Unlike everyone else, I didn’t start young. I’ve only been writing for approximately 3 years and only seriously in the last year.


10) Fav time of day: Night. Absolutely night.

11) Fav tree: Who has a favorite tree?

12)  Fav prose writer(s): Flannery O’Connor

13)  Fav poet(s): Um… the list is probably way too long for the space allotted but I’ll try to narrow it down – Christina Rossetti, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Richard Siken, Maxine Kumin, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Sappho, and a new favorite Zaid Shlah

14) Fav quote: “You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you odd.” – Flannery O’Connor

15) Currently reading: “Taqsim” by Zaid Shlah, the current issue of Zyzzyva, and finishing up the latest issue of Glimmer Train

16)  Want to read: There’s definitely not enough room. I’ve got a TBR stack that has been growing since the beginning of last semester. It’s taller than my piano.

17)  Biggest literary pet peeve: Text-speak in poems. (Actually, text-speak in general, but you don’t really want to hear my diatribe on that.)

18)  Biggest literary turn on: Images that make my heart go boom.


19) From idea to completion, what is your process?: I just sit and write. I don’t use outlines or make notes first. I just write. I edit a lot as I write. And for things I don’t post to my blog, I set aside for a while, come back, slice it up until I think it’s ready to be sent off for possible publication.

20) Where do you write?: Mostly on my laptop when I’m sitting in a recliner at home. However, if the mood strikes while I’m out, I use my phone.

21) In what medium (notebook paper, computer, phone)?: Oops. I already answered that. See above.

22) How long do you usually spend on a piece?: Depends greatly on the piece. Some poems have come out in a few minutes. The short stories I write can take days or weeks. I’d say the pieces I post to my blog usually take thirty minutes to an hour.

23) Do you go back and re-work?: Once a piece is posted to my blog, I usually don’t. I’ve recently taken a couple of older poems and reimagined them. That was a fun process and I will probably do it again.

24) Have you/will you publish?: Yes. I’ve had several short stories and a dozen or so poems published in various literary magazines in the past year.

25) What is your biggest challenge with writing?: Finding time. School is kicking me this semester.

26) Do you have particular goals?: To write more. To be a full time editor. To go skinny dipping in the Blue Lagoon, Iceland.

27) Other outlets (creative, physical, leisure, etc.): I like to play video games. Great stress reliever.


28) What is one thing you would like to have people remember you by?: Well, besides my writing, I’d like it to be my loyal friendship.

29) What would you like to know about other writers?: How often do you think, ‘oh my god, this is all crap’?

30) Coffee or Tea?: Neither. Ick. Actually, tea isn’t horrid, it’s just bleh.

31) One quirk/talent you can share: I can raise one eyebrow by itself. But only the left one.

32)  Present state of mind: NSFW

33) Where we can find your work: On tumblr, @pomegranatepithos and I also have a Wordpress account but I don’t post there as much.