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do you have any favorite jiguk one shots or series? :)

I do! although…my favs are very popular so most of you probably have already read them and 95 % of the stuff I read  are multiple chapter fics so I’m gonna cheat while answering this. 

In no particular order: 

Beautiful chaos : Top chimchim( for now at least), side sugakookie ( it’s super very wonderful), ongoing.

Jimn is extremely baddass and super hot in this one

Flashing lights : Top kook ( but nothing much has happened yet and they keep fighting for the upper hand so things might change i dunno), love/hate relationship ( pretty hot), ongoing

The one he left behind: Top kook ( I think, I dont remember, might be switch), side vmin ( my kokoro broke for Taetae) multiple chapters, completed


she has one shots and looooooooooong stuff I love them all, ALL!!!!!


Baby, you gotta fall : Switch (woohooo), Jimin is a bodyguard and kook likes to be praised, 45k words, ongoing

(Suck my cockiness : I’ll put this one for the thirsty ones lol, basically just nsfw stuff, this a series so  I did answer anon yay! power bottom jimin,)

Switch it: speaks for itself I think, ongoing, very nice, surprisingly romantic kinda.

I can’t find the ones I reallyyyyy love that I read ages ago, I’ll make a post when I do T.T

Thanks for asking, Babe cake! How tf is my opinion even relevant doe

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relationship status: happily single

last song I listened to: joker ni yoroshiku by penguin research

last book read/listened to: im currently reading d. gray man. im only on chapter 32, but im really enjoying it so far. pris, i hope you know this series is going to destroy me. lenalee is my favourite character so if anything happens to her, i’ll cry.

favorite color: black

top three shows: im just going to list my fav anime series which are code geass, durarara!!, and hunter x hunter (2011).

top three characters: lelouch vi britannia (code geass), izaya orihara (durarara!!), and killua zoldyck (hunter x hunter).

top three ships: im not really much of a ship person. the only ship that comes to mind is kirugon (killua x gon).

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