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If you ever just wanna feel a lil emo, take a second to remember that nakhun (one of the eliminated mydol trainees) still makes sure to keep up with vixx’s activities and supports them any way he can.

he bought tickets to elysium, watches their v app streams, requests their songs, “do well taekwoon and wonshik hehe 😆”, tweeting mvs, and again, even more tweets abt lr, you can absolutely bet he listened to vixx n kpop too



└ When Sho-kun pays us more than ‘lip’ service~

Cr: VS Arashi 16.03.2017

Y’all: Bellarke isn’t romantic!!!

Tree Adams:

Y’all: But Cl/xa’s theme song is 4 minutes longer than Bellarke’s sooo…

Tree Adams: 

Y’all: That means nothing!

Tree Adams: “ For example, the cello is often used for Clarke, deep piano chords represent Bellamy (Bob Morley)” 

and “I was curious about how Adams assigned instruments to characters, and what other characters were represented by instruments, and he shared that, “sometimes, a certain instrument or a certain melody just feels like it captures the essence of a character or a particular relationship.”

 and “There’s gonna be one instrument in particular that I commissioned somebody to make for me,” he shared. “It’s called a GuitarViol, and it’s basically a cross between a guitar and a cello, or a guitar and a viola…I feel like, having played one before, I know it’s gonna be perfect. So I had that one commissioned, and I’ll get to be using that in the new season. I’ve only read the first few scripts, and there’s a lot more left that I don’t know, so I’m waiting to see what’s in store.”

(Just in case you don’t get the significance of combining a guitar and a cello, as it relates to Bellarke, we already know that Clarke is the cello in the score, but the guitar seems up for grabs-wrong! Both the piano (which we know to represent Bellamy) and the guitar fit into a group of musical instruments known as “cordophones” or instruments that make sound by way of a vibrating string or strings stretched between two points. Additional fun fact: the cello is also a cordophone!)

Y’all: OK  but…that doesn’t mean that the show is going to make Bellarke canon.

Tree Adams: 

Y’all: OK….but…he liked tweets about the Cl/xa theme song:

Tree Adams:

I’m not saying Tree Adams ships Bellarke but…..Tree Adams ships Bellarke.

when you feel like you’re on top of the world


im nayeon, a miracle, almost dropped #najeong/2yeon because jeongyeon still hasn’t heard a song of her fave’s that was released only a couple of hours ago



얄미운데귀여움: When you thought after quitting the club won’t get you any award…