my fav korean boy

English- (fav singer - Drake, fav movie - beauty and the beast 😭😍, fav actress - Audrie Hepburn , fav show - I love Lucy…)

Arabic (fav singer - Saad Lamjarred )

French - ( fav singer - Stromae , fav Cartoon - Le petit Nicolas )

Turkish (fav singer - Sancak  & Toygar Isikli, fav Actress I have too many 😍😭😭😭, Fav actor again too many I mean did you see how Allah created them. 😩😩, fav drama UGHHH I CANT CHOOSE Turks are so Perf. ) 

German ( @m0ndkid knows who I like sksk idk their name) 

Armenian ( I rmbr my love started from listening to Dle Yaman)

Korean (fav movie werewolf boy, I can’t choose a drama cause they’re all yh, fav singer - bruh just like every other language I listen to so many artists, and like obsess over one and for Korean BigBang all though yh… Fav Actress Ughh too many too freaking many, and same with actor)

Japanese - ( bruh anime is life I swear but songs by on/off oh my days 😭) 

Chinese (the songs sound so nice) 

Persian (I saved the best for last CAN I JUST , I’ll leave it here )