my fav friendship this season

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I don't like how when people say Barry loves Iris and doesn't care/like Caitlin. I'm all for WestAllen I ship them hardcore and don't believe SnowBarry will ever happen, but saying that Barry doesn't care about Caitlin at all is a stretch as well. They have a cute friendship, but that's all it is. He obviously loves Iris. Opinions?

I agree. I’m a big fan of the SB friendship (3x07 was one of my fav eps this season b/c of it!), so while I’m quick to criticize any thought of a romantic ship, I do defend their friendship. They’re prob the least close of all the friendships on the show, but they do still have a very real bond. I will always defend it. That’s my opinion.


Braley Appreciation Week
Day 7: Free Choice

“This year has been the hardest of my life and you know who was always here for me? My Maid of Honor.”