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Do you know some people here who ship Bellarke and still love Octavia and Marie?

this question is to really bad person because while octavia was my fav female character in s1-s2 last ep even destroyed blake siblings for me more. i still reblog some octavia-related things because marie is so beautiful and is good actress in my opinion and i like some aspects of her storyline but bellamy/octavia is just too toxic for me.
im not so active on tumblr as i used to be but i know bellarker and octavia fan is @merdok1993 and i remember some people from bellarke fandom who liked ilian/octavia (idn who tho?) so i’d say ask mer about it:)

im more active on twitter and i say id find more bellarkers and octavia fans there


Wynonna Earp Appreciation Month: favorite episode
               1x07 || Walking After Midnight


Elyes Gabel - Favorite episodes in season 1 of Scorpion (1/2)

It’s difficult, because looking back on episodes is very different. I enjoyed the spy episode [“Charades”], where we ended up getting in the airplane at the end, because there was some flirting – I think it had a really nice cocktail of fun, danger, action, and nice comedy as well. I’d say that was possibly one of my favorite episodes.