my father was killed by ninja's

(Unfortunately our consistent party tends to be just three people: myself, my husband, and a friend of ours. When I’m DM, I’m almost constantly caught off guard by the things my players do. Even when I go out of my way to try and come up with every possible thing they could do, they manage to do something unexpected. Here’s a few examples…)

Bear Hunting

(Story is an elven man is a mentor to a young human boy. His parents died under mysterious circumstances; everyone believes a bear killed his parents. After some investigating, it was determined that the elven man killed both parents with arrows to the heart, on account of they were going to sell their son into slavery. This follows.)

Husband: I let the elf go and go hunting.

Me: Uh, okay. What are you hunting for?

Husband: A bear.

Me: ….. *retrieves Bestiary* Ooookay then…

(He eventually succeeds in killing two bears, then brought one to the boy as ‘the one that killed his parents’. I actually, honestly expected him to kill the elf mentor…)


(A young boy is causing a scene in a city, harassing some guards. My players come and get the situation calmed, getting the guards to leave. It turns out that the boy’s father was a wizard who was wrongfully executed and he’s taking out his anger on the guards. Then this happens…)

Me: The boy, still distraught, casts Magic Missile at (husband). Take 2 damage.

Husband: Ow.

Friend (a ninja): I jump kick the boy in the head.

Me: ….what.

Friend: *hard stare*

Me: …. (We roll appropriately) He takes 12 nonlethal damage and is knocked unconscious.

Friend: *to my husband, in character* Shall I dispatch this miscreant for you, master?

Husband: NO.

Brothel Battle

(A slaver ship captain is in a brothel. I expected the players to just wait on the docks for him to return. Instead, they split up and end up at the brothel together. One is an Inquisitor (husband), the other is a vigilante (friend). Both are male. I fully expect both of them to enter as patrons. Instead…)

Friend: I disguise myself as a woman named ‘Rose’.

Me: …..Okay.

Husband: *shaking head*

Friend: I go inside and pretend to be looking for a job.

(We RP him approaching the Madame, and her offering rates and such things for 'Rose’. Note that the vigilante’s hero name is “The Wild Rose”, the brothel’s name is “The Blooming Rose”, and the Madame’s name is “Rosa”. The place is also heavily guarded by false patrons wearing masks. Husband comes in as a patron looking for a woman of Rose’s exact description, so he’s escorted to her room as her first patron. Then they just wait in the room for the man they suspect to be the captain to come by. After actually yanking him into the room when he turned down Rose’s advances [he preferred strong women, but Rose was dainty and childlike], they fight, and win. However, an alert goes up. I expect the pair to jump out the window. Instead…)

Husband: I run out of the room and around the corner, duck into another room, and cast Invisibility on myself.

Friend: I scream and pretend (Inquisitor) killed my customer.

(They proceeded to escape and even took the captain’s boots before they left, both of them invisible at this point.)

A Whole New Use for Bear Traps

(Same as the previous game, the two are sneaking around the house of a rich family and spot bear traps in the garden. I expect them to either move the traps, spring them, or ignore them. Instead…)


Me: ….Okay, you do so.

(Few moments later, after a successful perception check to notice footsteps nearby…)

Me: You hear someone sneaking around.


Me: …..WHY.

(It was an ally of theirs sneaking around, but he barely managed to NOT get her head stuck in a bear trap. Later on he used them again on a guard. Rather than roll damage, I just accepted it as the guard died instantly. For his sake…)

akatsuki headcanon rl
(by a girl who is bad in english)

How they say “i love you”

Pain: would go back to the basics and tell you “ you know you are my world” in a very romantic moment

Konan: A simple “ I love you” is her thing. She is not into this super dramatic “ I would die for you” but she will make you know you are a very important person to her. She would probably make little paper crowns and call you “prince/princess”

Kisame: Will bring you presents everytime he’s on a mission. He loves to spoil you when ever he can. A flower, a new sword, a dead body - everything for his girl

Itachi: Itachi is the edward cullen of love. He watches you sleep, protects you from everyone who just breathes and doesn’t talk. He will also be afraid that he might hurt you with his fate and power, and clearly he doesn’t want to have sex with you at first. He treats you like a child sometimes but it is his way to show you his love

Sasori: Sorry but he will turn you into a puppet. Maybe he calls you “Art” or something but yeah… that’s it. He is a shitty boyfriend

Deidara: Deidara is the type of man who always have to show you how cool he is, so if he starts a fight with your father at a family diner ( i believe that every universe has at least one diner ) it is because he wants you to know that he will kill anybody who dares to touch you.

Kakuzu: He would never tell you that he loves you but he calls you things like “ dear, honey or sometimes my girl” Kakuzu is a jealous person so if the kills some of your friends it is because he loves you

Hidan: Fucks you everyday, everywhere, everytime. He can’t stop touching you and most of the time he shows his love with hot making out sessions

Obito/tobi: He starts a ninja war for you :):

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Hi! I know you've done headcanons on Genji and Hanzo becoming fathers, but how would they be as uncles to each other's kids? I would imagine Genji would be very, very protective and Hanzo would spoil them (partially because he might feel guilty about almost not giving Genji the chance to become a father).

Sooo, I see them both being the I spoil my nieces/nephews types and I’m so cool but in different ways


  • This man is the arcade game master
  • He teaches the kids ALL the secrets to beating the games
  • Even teaches them ways to trick the claw games
  • Is the uncle to go to when you need advice on how to pick up people, I mean he was the playboy
  • He is super protective like he finds out they’re being bullied and he shadows them and suddenly the bully is babbling about some cyborg ninja that tried to kill them
  • The kids love the light tricks Genji does
  • Plus he has a cool Omnic best friend who does awesome tricks with those floating orbs!


  • Can you say uncle who will spoil you with sweets despite your dad saying you can’t have anymore that evening?
  • Because uncle Hanzo is gonna give you sweets anyway
  • You need money honey, don’t let uncle Hanzo find out, he’s just slide you over his card or however much you need
  • He just wants you kids to be happy, alright
  • He is also the BEST at giving advice. He doesn’t interject when you’re venting, just quietly sips at his tea then either gives advice or says he’ll take care of it
  • And by take care of it he shoots an arrow near the problems face threatening them
  • He also has the coolest cowboy best friend who does the best gun tricks and barrel rolls

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Headcanon that Tim isn't allowed to be on interviews without someone else because of one time when he was on no sleep and someone asked about the robins and he answered "Marry, Fuck, Kill" style

anon, ANON I AM CRYING JESUS TITS. Because I can just see it my god

“So Mr. Drake-Wayne, your adoptive Father is heading Batman Inc but he mentioned it was initially your idea. How did you come up with it?” The pretty young reporter asks, Tim blinks out of sequence, one lid after another. Is today Tuesday? No wait last week was Tuesday so that makes today…

“I like birds,” he says quietly because it seemed like a completely reasonable answer in his head. He does like birds, except when those birds are trained by ninjas try to kill him and are lil jerks who steal socks from his drawer. Dami doesn’t even take Tim’s boring normal socks, he takes the soft fuzzy Batman print socks the little demon. Tim will take revenge by… putting… wet tuna, yes in his pillow case. Yes. Good one Timmy, thank you Timmy.

“Oh really? You like the Robins? Who do you like best?” The reporter asks giddily, hoping to confirm the prevalent rumor that the Wayne boy is attracted to men. Tim himself misses the subtext because he’s distracted by the fact that her hair looks like a bees nest. Hmm, bees?

“I think,” Tim begins calmly and seriously, “I would Marry Nightwing. He’s very strong and supportive and I think he would be the most helpful with my many emotional needs.” Tim shrugs, “plus he seems like the kind of guy who would take out the trash without being nagged, any one with the self-confidence to wear a spandex onsie in public must be considerate like that.”

“I guess I’d Fuck Red Hood, cause y'know Robin is underage and all and also the bane of my existence.” Tim pauses in consideration mostly because the florescent lights above him seem brighter than normal, a coded message? “I mean yeah he’s brutal in the streets but I imagine he would be better in… no wait that dick gave me a wedgie two weeks ago. I change my answer, I want the pretty blonde Robin. I bet she could kill me with her thighs and I, for one, would relish that since I haven’t slept in 6 days.”

“And yeah I guess that means I have to kill Robin but like that seems super unfair because like, the brat seems like he’s gone through a lot and Batman would be sad and I’d have to fake my death and go on the lamb and have to rely on wedgie assholes like the Hood to get me safely out of Gotham and establish a new ID out of the country where Batman can’t track me down cause Batman is a lil bitch who can’t admit I’m better than him like hello man, ever heard of out with the old, in with the new you old goat? Anyway, how about I just push the kid around a bit and then buy him an ice cream. I’m totally not mad he’s Robin or anything, not anymore, only a little bit.”

There’s a long drawn out pause, Tim just smiles but his eyes are like glass, wide and unseeing.

“Are there any more questions?” He squints his eyes at the camera, “is that Bruce? Hey B wazzup? Wait? What do you mean the interview is over and we’re going home? I don’t understand.”


Anon ask: Can you do an imagine where the reader is Melinda and Phil daughter who tries to ask Daisy out during training?

warning: none?

(A/N): oh god this is short and sucks so sorry

Masterlist / Prompt List / Fandom List / Ask me anything!

the warm light of the sun hitting your skin made you purr into the pillow , today was a perfect day to stay in bed , doing nothing more than sleep, but unfortunately , today was training day, and the worst part is that Melinda May a.k.a your mother , is your trainer. I know , with just the information of Melinda training you was enough to stay in bed protecting yourself with the blankets.

knock knock knock

“ugh…please not be my mom, please not be my mom you“ mumble while you get out of the bed , walking lazily to the door.

knock knock knock

“jezz I’m coming!” you scream opening the door. For your surprise, it wasn’t your mother, it was Daisy…OH SHIT IT WAS DAISY

“Daisy! what are you doing here?” you said , trying to act normal. Daisy was your crush since your father Phil Coulson introduced her to you ,and by the little smile that she was doing , you probably were looking like shit.

“Hey Y/N , Goodmorning to you too” She said giggling a little “May is waiting for you , is Training Day sooo yeah , I came to take you there”

“oh yeah, I forgot about training , I was too busy sleeping and enjoying my soft blanket” You said sarcastically

“hey! at least you have a soft blanket , I lost mine” she said with a little pout.

“God how can she be so damn cute?”, you thought

“how can you lost your blanket?” you asked her while you walk to your bathroom. Daisy sit down on your bed grabbing the blanket

“I took it to a mission once and well… It didn’t end well we had to run away from the situation , leaving my blanket in the process”

You came out of the room wearing your normal training clothes.

“You can use mine if you want” You said without thinking.

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favorite sentai and why?

Ninja Sentai Kauranger!

The why is actually kind of a multi-part answer that goes into why I am a tokusatsu fan and how I ended up being one for over 20 years.  You see, back in the early 1990s I got heavily into anime fandom and started attending local conventions in the Dallas/Fort Worth area such as Project A-Kon and AnimeFEST. 

At a convention in 1996 (I think) a friend of mine handed me a VHS tape of Kakuranger and told me, "This is the stuff they turned into Power Rangers, check it out.”  It was maybe 3 in the morning and I watched every episode on that tape until the sun came up.  From that moment on, I was hooked and tokusatsu slowly overtook anime as my primary passion.

Ok, other reasons I love it so much:

1) Tsuruhime

Though Sasuke/Ninja Red may have been the focus character there was never any doubt who was the actual leader of the team, Ninja White a.k.a. Tsuruhime.  She was the most serious minded member of the team, the glue that held the group together and the one with the thankless job of keeping her teammates on task at all times. She was also a phenomenal fighter and had some of the best story arcs in the series.

2) Jiraiya

Jiraiya is the American member of the team and was played by American-born actor Kane Kosugi, the son of 1980s Ninja star Sho Kosugi.  He started out as the fish out of water coming back to his ancestor’s homeland to hunt the youkai and became Ninja Black.  His acting was fantastic and his Japanese never became perfect, always having an American accent to it.  He also had some of the BEST individual fight scenes especially in the two-parter where he had to fight the man who killed his Father. The enemy was played by his real-life Father and their fight is brutal and the best choreographed single fight in the entire series.

3) It is steeped in Japanese mythology.  Every episode features a monster that is a modernized version of one of the traditional youkai of myth.  One of my favorites is Gashadokuro, the hunger skeleton, who has disguised himself as a leather-clad punk rocker.

So, there you go, my short list of why Ninja Sentai Kakuranger is my favorite Super Sentai series of all time!

Thanks for the question!

i just gotta go over my favorite parts of this episode because i’m still reeling

  • “did you know kid danger can touch his elbows behind his back” “so what he’s not special my brother can do that”
  • jasper’s ninja skills niceeee
  • “if you hurt that girl you’re dead meat” yessssss give me protective brother henry
  • “MY FATHER WAS KILLED BY A DOUBLE-A BATTERY” *slams door and breathes in* “that was so upsetting”
  • “fork tv”
  • nurse cohort being like lmao nope to the idea of her dating minyak
  • charlotte snatching off her wig and running in???
Midori/Saizo C-A supports

[And the last of my supports for the day! Since it was Saizo, I tried to keep a serious tone. He seems to care about family a lot, but also be pretty blunt with most everyone, so I tried to account for all that. And also I made Midori a teensy little song because of one section I thought of, and also mild inspiration from her supports with Anna. I hope you like!]

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Young Avengers (Part 2)

part 1 (kate, billy, david, america, tommy)

lean mean hugging machine

  • his earrings say punk rock, but his varsity jacket says gay jock
  • “let me slip into something a little more…comfortable” [shapeshifts into captain america]
  • takes the term “illegal alien” to a whole new level
  • chair butt
  • intellectual bruiser
  • either listens to taylor swift or heavy metal, possibly both, but absolutely nothing in between
  • two modes: holding his friends in a group hug after tragedy strikes, or seconds from scooping a man’s eyeball out with his claw
  • “what are your qualifications” [takes out 500-paged pokemon binder]
  • the face that launched a thousand intergalatic ships
  • goes from 0 to 10,000,000 real fuckin quick when his friends are in danger: Berserker Mom Friend - Premium Edition
  • bro is a PRINCE and could inherit an ALIEN EMPIRE that’s WILD
  • but homeboy stays his ass on earth?? what?!?!?
  • gold with a heart of gold
  • definitely don’t fight teddy: not only will you feel bad because this kid has a million problems and didn’t even cause ONE of them, but also, he will throw you into a skyscraper and utterly shatter every bone in your body

eLIEjah bradley

  • just wants to make his grandpa proud
  • daddy figure issues
  • most heartbreaking power origin twist in the comic (compare to: billy and tommy’s - most heartwarming; teddy’s - most disastrous)
  • scalp brighter than his attitude
  • so sexy, a cosmic horror jacked his style
  • honestly just look at the sun SHINING OFF HIS HEAD
  • what does he do, windex that shit
  • BOSS, michelle obama, arms so heavy throwin ninja stars..
  • don’t do drugs kids (unless it’s part of your character development)
  • arguably the coolest costume out of all his friends
  • the bronx

kevin jonas

  • young avengers presents: and you guys thought tommy was forgotten by the fandom a lot
  • failsafe
  • “billy, tommy….i am your father”
  • to which, the twins replied: “holy fuck and we just finished our family tree project! hold on give us a moment…where’s the whiteout..”
  • billy killed him because jonas threatened to replace his position on the team as the talking gps/teammate tracker 

ants just wanna have fun

  • the young avengers wouldn’t let her join so she stepped on them
  • you know that chuck e. cheese game called spider stomp?
  • that’s new york city for her
  • would def unironically make friendship bracelets for everyone on the team
  • “who’s picking you up from school today sweetie?” either s.h.i.e.l.d., iron man, captain america, or all 700 avengers at once
  • i can’t even count on one hand the amount of times i’ve spoiled this one for somebody oops haha

kang the high schooler

  • if you could gaze into the future (future, future))
  • you might think would be a breeze (life is a breeze)
  • seeing trouble from a distance (yeah, go nate)
  • but its’s not that easyyyy (oh no)
  • I try to save the situation, then I end up misbehaving
  • (sorry about that timeline)
  • (not really tho)

dj starship

  • tommy: who are you?
  • noh: i’m you, but appreciated by marvel writers
  • the reason the young avengers can officially say they’ve road-tripped with an alien
  • that boy you just called cocky? he’s actually a cockroach. you racist sonnuva bitch.
  • has two dicks, by word of god
  • thinks teddy is wasting his shapeshifting abilities (see: chair butt, or rather, a disappointing lack-thereof)
  • had a beard once. we don’t talk about it.
  • honorary spice girls member
  • voted most likely in kree military training to systematically destroy planets. or was he voted most likely to meet beyonce? kree language is so hard to translate, it could honestly be either one of those categories.
  • the nightwing of the young avengers, in both his fighting style, the cut of his costume, and his writers’ fledgling aspirations to make him a sex symbol for the female gaze
  • fact: his relationship with a woman by the alias of Exterminatrix is underestimated as a valuable resource for nsfw headcanons
  • frat boy with a ray gun. be afraid.

The Eye of the Beholder by Travis Nickle

I don’t know how many times a fish went apeshit when I hooked into it, as they tug and rip around my heart races and I envision some monster that would break my heart if it got off. I need to land it just to see if it’s what I hoped and thought it would be.

Recently, I was fortunate enough to have witnessed a man’s vision unfold before his eyes. Unlike the monster fish I envision and hope to catch, his vision was far more rare and elusive. Unlike me and the fish though, this one wouldn’t get away.

I got home from work at about 5:30 to see that the photo assassin had called a few times. I knew that there were a few particular images he had in mind and I was excited to watch his genius at work, so the return call would define the evening’s mission. We made a rough plan and set out. It was still well lit by the late afternoon sun, an absolute contrast from the evening ahead.

An area he felt would shoot well for a sunset shot would serve as our evening area also. We had an hour to burn before sunset and hours before absolute darkness, so we ventured to the nearest town to gas up and grab some goodies. The drive to town and back set us up for a great sunset at the right time too. He got his sunset shots so now we had some time to burn before night would set in.

The late night would require some assistance in order for me to stay awake, so I made some peanut butter chocolate chip cookies to aid in consciousness or nervousness, either way I needed some help in the awake department. The photo slayer however was on a different plane, he buzzed about preparing for the evening as if it were in the morning, but it was 10 at night. His excitement aided him in the fight against sleepiness so he didn’t require the cookie fix I did.

The sky had finally darkened a bit, so we made our way to the chosen location. He again eye balled the place and surroundings so to be aware of what and where things were before the darkness consumed them. He was nearly vibrating with excitement as he checked various angles and seemed to somehow sense an incredible moment was at hand.

He wasted no time in finding a variety of angles as the darkening sky slowly illuminated the stars above. He moved to a spot where we could see some strange highlights over the mountains, which as a know-it- all local I thought to be cirrus clouds reflecting light from the area, he thought differently. He was right.

As the night developed so did the northern lights. I watched them with awe and glanced over at my friend to see his expression. His eyes were wide open due to the spectacle overhead, as he looked toward the sky he snapped shots. He looked into the sky like a father looks into his newborn’s eyes for the first time. He loved what he was seeing and it was written on his face. It was also captured on the camera.

The light show was ending so we packed up to go. A relatively quiet ride home was in store since words couldn’t do justice to the experience, but photos could. The shots he had taken were amazing and my nickname for him became obvious to me - “The Ginja Ninja.” If you see him the ginger requires no explanation, but the ninja is because he will sneak up on a shot and kill it! I could feel as I sat beside him a sense of relief, he had captured an image he envisioned years before, traveling all over to capture glimpses of it.

And now finally, it was in the eye of the beholder.


“How can you love him?” Neji asked with crossed arms. “How can you kiss him and know he’s brutally murdered people?”

Hinata rubbed her rounded stomach. “I’ve kissed my father, my cousins, and all of you have killed. We’re ninja.”

“He’s heartless! He’s unfeeling! How do you know he’ll love this child?”

“People don’t understand,” Hinata murmered, “he does what he does because he feels so much. You don’t understand his reasoning and you don’t need to.”

Neji clenched his fists. “Fine. Just… Be safe.”

“I know.”

The Valley of the End: Chapter Six

Summary: There is a place where two legends once fought, a valley that saw their lifeblood spilled. And in Konoha there is a monument, a stone face shaped out of the golden bluff, which honors the champion—the Second Hokage: Uchiha Madara. (AU in which the Uchiha rule Konoha. SasuSaku. NaruHina.)

Rating: Mature

Chapter: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Chapter Six

No one really knows why they are alive until they know what they’d die for.

“What were you thinking?” Otousan asks. He doesn’t raise his voice, but Sasuke can hear the anger in his words just the same.

He’s standing in his father’s room at the inn. Sasuke crosses his arms over his chest and says, “That Ame ninja could have killed Sakura.”

“And you could have killed him,” his father snaps.

“It’s too bad I didn’t,” Sasuke says, stubborn and refusing to show remorse he doesn’t feel.

Otousan shakes his head. “You’re a stupid, careless boy,” he says. “Do you have any idea the position you’ve put me in with the Rain village? My own son almost slaughtered one of their most promising young shinobi. They’re not going to take kindly to that.”

“Who cares about Ame?” Sasuke says. “Rain would never dare to pick a fight with us. We’d crush them and they know it.”

“All of this mess, and over what?” his father asks. “Some worthless girl who isn’t even from our clan.”

“Sakura isn’t worthless,” Sasuke says, before he can stop himself. “She’s a great kunoichi and a good person.”

Otousan narrows his eyes and walks closer. “If she’d been more powerful, strong enough to take care of herself, we wouldn’t be in this mess. Now you’re disqualified from the exams.”

Sasuke wants to say that isn’t Sakura’s fault, but he knows that the more he defends her the worse this whole situation is going to look.

“Is there anything going on between you and that girl?” his father asks. “And you better tell me the truth, Sasuke.”

“No, she’s just my teammate,” he says.

(Once again, Sasuke thinks of the genjutsu, his vision of the future with Sakura as his wife, but he pushes it away.)

“Good,” Otousan says. “Keep it like that.”

Sasuke nods. “Yes, sir.”

He isn’t allowed to watch the rest of the matches, but he finds out later that Naruto ended up fighting Neji after all, and won. Gaara defeated Shino, then his sister, and so the final fight came down to the sons of the Kazekage and the Yellow Flash. Sasuke can barely believe it when he hears that Naruto—his idiot teammate, bottom of their class at the Academy—mastered the rasengan and won the chunin exams.

He can’t bring himself to say congratulations. Not when Naruto is sure to be promoted, while Sasuke remains a genin.

He wants to visit Sakura, but he’s already on thin ice with his father. So Sasuke waits for her to be released, waits three long days, until she shows up at their shared room, looking pale and tired but otherwise healthy. She hugs him, and Sasuke can’t help it, he puts his arms around Sakura and holds her tight. Buries his face in her soft, pink hair and breathes in the scent of her.

“I heard what you did,” Sakura whispers, “but I don’t understand why.”

Sasuke can’t begin to give her a truthful answer, to explain what she means to him, so all he says is, “You’re my friend.”

She lets go and steps away from him. “I’m sorry you were disqualified. If it makes you feel any better, I didn’t make chunin either. So I guess we can retake the exams together.”

The Konoha shinobi return to their village with three new chunin in tow: Naruto, Neji, and Shino. Otousan doesn’t speak one word to him throughout the whole trip back to the Leaf, but that’s all right, because he doesn’t have anything to say either.

At home, Sasuke is surprised to find Okaasan in the garden, pulling up the dry, dead weeds that she had neglected all summer. She smiles when she sees him and asks, “So, how did the exams go?”

“Not well,” Sasuke says, but he can’t be irritated about this because it has been so long since he saw his mother looking this happy.

“That’s okay,” she says. Okaasan stands, takes off her gloves, and runs her fingers through his hair fondly. “You’ll pass next time. Most shinobi fail their first chunin exams.”

Itachi didn’t, Sasuke thinks, but he keeps this to himself. “You seem better,” he says.

His mother smiles again. “I feel better.”

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NH Month - Day Eight

Prompt: Flower Pressing

A/N: This is my favorite NH prompt I’ve done so far. I enjoy thinking about Hinata’s mother a lot, so that’s what inspired this. Hope you enjoy.

Flipping through the pages with tender care, Hinata skimmed through the old, worn book. The pages were lightly colored; hues of purples, pinks, and yellows stained the words and caused the ink to run together on certain pages.

As she studied the small, wicker basket sitting beside her on her bed, she thought to herself quietly, to try and decide which flowers she liked best–which flowers she felt were prettiest today.

At the sudden sound of knocking on her window, she jumped slightly but soon recovered, realizing quickly who it was.

“Come in,” she called softly, smiling to herself.

“Hey there,” Naruto grinned as he lifted the window and climbed into the room, landing on his feet and smiling down at her.

“You know, you’re allowed to come in the front door?” She laughed lightly as she turned her attention back toward the basket. “My dad’s not going to kill you.”

“He still scares me though,” Naruto admitted, frowning slightly, his cheeks reddening with embarrassment. Hinata laughed again, patting her bed, beckoning him to sit with her.

They’d been dating for a few months and only recently had Hiashi begun to warm up to Naruto’s overbearing presence around the Hyuuga compound. Hinata knew that her father didn’t dislike Naruto–in fact, he’d reacted surprisingly well to the news that Hinata had began to date him–but she had a feeling that the strict man probably still felt the need to be protective.

Even if that meant intimidating the strongest ninja in existence, something that Hinata still found surprisingly humorous.

“What are you doing?” He questioned as he took a seat across from her on her bed.

“Flower pressing,” she explained simply, picking up a couple of bright orange and yellow flowers to study.

“What’s that?” He asked, genuinely curious.

Scooting herself off her bed she leaned down to retrieve something from underneath her bed. Seconds later she sat herself back down on her bed, a box now propped on her lap.

“Here,” pulling out a brightly-colored scrapbook, she handed it to him.

Studying the book closely, he opened it slowly only to fall in silence as he studied the pages.

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The thing about the supports not affecting the plot at all is that you can marry the Nohr royals off to whoever the fuck and Garon does not give a shit

“Father I’m going to wed this farmer girl we picked up off the side of the road. She’ll be the next high queen of Nohr.” “Do i give a shit xander?”

“Father I’m going to marry this Hoshidan ninja” “I could not care less Camilla. Hell marry TWO hoshidan ninjas the more the fuckign merrier.”

“DADDY IM GONNA MARRY THIS WOLF MAN” “good you can stop fucking bugging me about buying you a puppy”

“Father i’d like you to meet my fiancee, she kills for fun and-” “no one cares about your imaginary girlfriend leo”

“Father I’m going to marry another man” “Fine he’ll be a handsome widower arent you dead yet?”