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“Ever tried, ever failed. No matter. Try again, fail again. Fail better.” 

In which Hux helps Kylo find his feet again after a series of failed missions. 

Empathy and sympathy in Fe/Fi

Can you explain the difference between Fe vs Fi in terms of showing they care or even caring about others? Maybe you answered this in which case I’ll do my research through the archives… but maybe not as specific as I am going to get into in a moment… So we established that I am most like a higher order Fi user which I get now, so let me think of an example from myself…

Ok, here’s one when someone I care about  or even someone I do not care about so much shows they are feeling bad about something— say, they think they are stupid! I will go into a barrage of “you are not stupid…” and they’ll be like “ok, ok, I get it but I don’t agree…” then I’ll formulate a thousand things they did that makes them appear really smart and that made me think they were really smart. I don’t want to shut up until they feel better about it, and hey sometimes they don’t feel better about it. But they’ll tell me to shut up and eventually I do— maybe I’ll even take it TOO far- but how would a Fe maybe do this differently? Maybe this is a behavior vs. intention thing and I get that “cognition” is huge over behavior. Bet a ENTJ can unite two opposing forces to get a future project together. But I don’t always feel like I can put these people into my shoes at all nor is this a “person I want to be”. It just is. So I assume Fi can’t always need to sympathize to support people?

I imagine both Fe and Fi sympathize and empathize with others. Those are words that are universal in the English language— everyone is taught those words in like, 3rd grade. But Fe sounds so much like “empathy” and Fi so much like “sympathy.” It sounds like asking people, are you empathic or a sympathetic?? I mean Fe and Fi both have to be able to put themselves in the world of another person, right? So how does Fe and Fi sympathize and empathize differently internally (back at that intention over behavior?)

Like, you have a class of kids in school and they all failed your test. You want to curve it because hey, that sucks to be them. There must be something wrong with your test and you tell the kids “don’t worry about it. It’ll be fine. It won’t mess up your grade.” I mean— isn’t that a universal feeling of empathy? Fi doesn’t have to sympathize with it in order to understand it and help it? And Fi doesn’t have to want to be this “nice person” identity in order to do so right? I hope my question is clear but it’s probably not.

I have people in my life I need to type and I think Fi vs Fe has been the hardest one to get my head around.

I really don’t think there’s much difference, apart from Fi automatically self-inserting into the situation (have I been through something similar? how would I feel in their situation?) vs. Fe’s “you’re sad, I feel it, I’m sad too” approach.

Here’s a weird comparison that may or may not be useful; awhile back, my dad and I went to a fundraiser for a local large cat sanctuary, where they provide homes for tigers, lions, cougars, etc, who have been abused, abandoned, neglected, or who have lost their homes due to zoos and circuses shutting down. I’d signed up a couple of years earlier to sponsor a tiger, but when it came to choosing one, when the woman asked me which, I had zero ability to pick one. Call it NeFi, or poor Fi, but I felt bad choosing one I had no real connection to, so I told her “Just pick the current neediest one* and let me know.” So she did, and that’s “my” tiger.

Well, we were seated at this table with several other people, one of whom’s sponsored lion had just passed away a few months ago. She had come hoping to “find the right cat” to sponsor now; and as a Fi-dom (ISFP?) she said, “I’ll know the right one when I see it, it will speak to me.” I could not relate, but hope she found one that day.

My Fe-using father found it odd too, because in his words, as we drove home, “I don’t need a connection to give… I just need a good cause.” He chose the lions as a category, but let them choose a lion for him, much as I did, not because he felt overwhelmed at choosing one / picking one over all the rest (my motive), but because “I just want to give, which lion receives it doesn’t really matter to me. The cause is important.”

So, there you have it – three different types who gave, all touched by the same need, but who personalized or kept it impersonal in the process. Was it empathy? Sympathy? Dunno, does it matter so long as we did something? The Fi-dom wanted a specific connection. The Fi-aux just wanted to help. The Fe-dom saw it as a “good cause.” (I should add here that my STJ mother decided to sponsor two kids in China. She looked at how old they were / how long they had been without a sponsor, and chose that way. I doubt her feelings factored into the choosing much beyond, “This is the right thing to do, and I have to pick someone… so how about these two, who need it most?”)

When typing others in your life, look at how they express their feelings, rather than guessing at their motives. Fe/Ti axis are comfortable and affluent with words; Fi/Te axis are more inclined to show feelings through actions.

All types will comfort and affirm those they care about (your example of arguing against self-loathing) but all the introverted judging functions speak through their extroverted counterpart, so a Ti/Fe will use Fe (sharing of feelings) and a Fi/Te will use Te (stronger language / firmness).

- ENFP Mod

* This is so typical of my life. I go to animal shelters and pick the one closest to death row / who has not been adopted the longest, because they ‘need me’ the most, rather than forming a ‘bond’ with them beforehand.

You Are Very Pretty(Dr.Sean Murphy X Reader)

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Hello Everyone!Welcome to my new Blog!If you couldn’t tell by now, I love The Good Doctor!This is my very first Imagine with him, however, I’m sure I can satisfy your Imagine needs!Don't forget, I am taking requests!

Prompt: Shaun meets you for the first time(Dr.Glassman being your father) and shamelessly commenting on your amazing appearance in front of your father.

“Oh!” you were shocked when you heard your phone ringtone from the bathroom.You walk out, entering your room to look at a familiar picture of you and your father on the phone’s screen.You pick up.

“Hey, what’s up?” you speak in a worried tone as you sandwich the phone with the right side of your face and your shoulder.”What’s up?Your loving father has called you every day for three years and the one day I don’t call you, you seem at peace!Were you not at all concerned?” you could hear his panicked voice envelope your eardrum.”Dad, what’s wrong?You sound like your in danger!Would you like me to change into my super suit and fly to the hospital?!” you chuckle at your own sarcasm.

You finish getting ready to leave, still talking to your father throughout the process.”Ok, dad, I’m leaving now.I have to hang up!” you start walking down the stairs as the door handles of your car pop out.(It was a birthday gift from your father, he wanted to pay for it fully, but you insisted on splitting the payment)”Right, hurry!There’s someone I’d like you to meet!Love you, dear! Bye!” he hangs up before you can respond.You couldn’t help but be distracted on your way to the hospital.

I wonder what he’s planning…

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Father figures are important, and we should treasure them while they are here.

  • Blake: ... *Blake sat in her comfy chair reading one of her favorite books with in the house she, her girlfriend Yang, and the rest of team RWBY shared and has a random thought.* I wonder if I should get one of those virgin killer sweaters to tease Yang with?... Wait Why the hell would I even think that?
  • Yang: *Suddenly the door burst open revealing Yang ironically wearing said sweater hiding something moving with in it before with a teasing smile said to her girlfriend.* Blake. I'm pregnant. You're the father.
  • Blake: Ah, it was an omen. *Blake thought to herself before going back to her book.* Yang. Picking up a stray cat does not make them our baby. Now go take them to the animal shelter so they can get a good house.
  • Yang: Aw but Blakey. She is so cute. Look. *Yang then reach inside of her backless sweater and processed to turn it around revealing before the black cat with blonde stripes and her breast to which made Blake's face instantly blush as a warm feeling rose between her legs.* See, She is adorable. Can we keep her? Please?
  • Blake: I...duh... uh... *Is all Blake could say as she stared at Yang wanting nothing more then to pounce on her. Unfortunately for her self control she then watched as the began to make itself comfy between her girlfriend's chest pillows causing her to slam her book shut, throw it on the table as she stand up, march over to her girlfriend, Snatch the cat from Yang, placing it on the ground, and before Yang could speak Tackle her onto the couch.*
  • Yang: Whoa! Blake? What are you-Hmmmph!~<3 *Yang trying to question before holding back a moan as Blake nuzzled her breats, her cat ears tickling her.*
  • Blake: Fine. We can keep the cat if Ruby and Weiss are okay with it. However, She stays off my favorite cuddle pillow. Deal. *Blake said as she stared up at Yang growing lustfully face as she teased her.*
  • Yang: ~Deeeeal.~<3 Butt first, *Yang panted with a smirk and she reached down Blake's back, slipping her hand underneath her pants and undies causing her girlfriend to yip in surprise.* Lets go up to our room with you can cuddle and I play my belladongos.<3
  • Blake: Oh yes please. *Blake smiled giving Yang a kiss and laughed as Yang lifted her up and carried her up to their room as the cat watch and then fall a sleep on the couch.
  • ~Later~
  • Weiss: *Weiss sat at the stand of counter reading her scroll sipping her coffee when she had a random thought.* I wonder if they have those sweaters with the opening in the chest in my size... Wait Why the hell would I even want one of those lewd things!?
  • Ruby: *Suddenly the door burst open revealing Ruby ironically wearing said sweater hiding something moving with in it before with a teasing smile said to her girlfriend.* Weiss. I'm pregnant and you are the father.
  • Weiss: What are the odds? And why does my girlfriend have to be bigger then me in the two areas I wish I was? *Weiss thought to herself.* Ruby. Aside from the fact that we can't have kids through normal sex. What is in your shirt?
  • Ruby: *Then right on cue, Zwei's head popped out of the opening of Ruby's sweater as Ruby grinned.* Our son!~<3
  • Weiss: ... *Weiss then set her scroll and mug down, stand up, walk over to her girlfriend and there dog, and processed to cuddle them both.* And what an adorable son and mommy you two are.~<3 Oh yes you both are.~<3
  • Ruby: Hehehehe Love you too Weiss. *Ruby smiled as she cuddled back.*

“I’ve made everyone sad the past couple posts. I’mma do something funny!” And then I fucking THREW IN FEELS. Honestly I am sorry but I did want to explore Howard and Maria’s relationship a bit.

Maria walked into her husband’s office and was only slightly surprised that he was sprawled out on his fainting couch. Howard had always had a flair for the dramatic. She wasn’t quite sure why he was moaning about how terrible his life was though. It wasn’t like something bad had happened to him in the last three days.

“Dear,” she said.

“Maria, everything is terrible!” Howard moaned, rolling from side to side.

It took everything Maria had not to laugh in his face. “Why is everything terrible, dear?”

Howard jerked into a sitting position, appalled that she apparently hadn’t noticed. “Tony hasn’t called me ‘daddy’ in a month!”

Maria raised her eyebrow and clasped her hands behind her back so he couldn’t see her digging claws into her skin, to keep from giggling about how earnestly upset he was. “Oh.”

“He always called me ‘daddy!’” Howard continued, covering his face and moaning in frustration. “He’s only called me ‘dad’ for the last month! Do you know how many times that was?”

“Honey, I don’t kn–” Maria began.

“Eighty-three times!” Howard burst out, thrashing so hard that he fell off the couch with a yelp.

Maria did not snort, because she knew she would start laughing and never stop if she did, and then Howard would be extra upset.

Howard blinked up at the ceiling, then clambered to his feet, dusting himself off. “Eighty-three times he’s called me ‘dad’ instead of ‘daddy,’ Maria.”

“You kept count,” Maria said after a moment, surprised.

Howard frowned at her. “Well, yes, Maria, it’s a numbers thing, I’m a numbers man.”

“No, you’re right, honestly,” she said. “That’s on me.”

Eighty-three times, Maria!” Howard continued, throwing his hands up. “You don’t seem nearly as upset about this as you should be!”

Maria didn’t say ‘well yeah, he still calls me “mommy,”’ but only because it was quite possible that Howard might burst into tears.

“…Did I do something wrong?” Howard asked softly. “Did I make him stop loving me?”

“Honey, no,” Maria answered immediately. “There is nobody who loves their father more than Tony loves you. Sometimes boys just… stop calling their fathers ‘daddy’ as they get older. That’s not a reflection on you.

Howard frowned. “But… I’m his daddy.”

“Howard,” Maria sighed, reaching out to cup his cheeks and draw him into a kiss. “You’re always going to be his daddy. Just because Tony’s calling you something different doesn’t mean his feelings have changed. He still loves you the same as he did a month ago.”

“Why do things have to change?” Howard asked sadly. “Why can’t he be my sweet little boy forever?”

Maria pressed her face into his neck and hummed. “That’s just life, honey.”

“I know,” he sighed, then yelped. “Ooh! Did you just bite me?!”

Maria blinked, teeth digging into the skin of his throat. “…No.”

“Maria, you know you can’t bite me unless we have time for me to do something about it,” Howard scolded, giving her a fond pat on the butt before gently nudging her away. “I have to make some phone calls before supper.”

Maria groaned loudly, annoyed. “Why did you have to be a CEO? Why couldn’t I marry a regular guy?”

Howard pressed a quick kiss to her lips before moving back toward his desk. “A regular guy couldn’t buy Janet Van Dyne expensive fabric just to make his son a beautiful ballgown for the next Meeting.”

The werewolf couldn’t help a fond smile. “Tony’s going to love the dress, Howard.”

He scoffed. “It’s a gift from Janet, Maria, not from me.”

Maria rolled her eyes. “Of course, Howard.”

“I think,” Maria said, then paused. “…I think you should call your father ‘daddy’ more often, bambino.”

Tony blinked up at her, gangly now, but still with bright, innocent eyes. “The boys at school make fun of me when I call him that.”

“Why in the hell,” Maria whispered to herself, another thing to wonder about why humans were the way they were. “Well, perhaps still refer to him as ‘dad’ while at school, but call him ‘daddy’ when you’re home? He misses it.”

“Okay,” Tony replied with that familiar guilelessness that she loved. “I can try.”

She wrapped him up in a hug that brought his feet off the ground, spinning him in a circle that had him giggling. “That’s my boy! Your father is a little odd, but we love him anyway, right?”

Tony laughed as she dug her fingers into his sides, kicking wildly with laughter. “Mom!”

“He’s a human and he’s strange even by their standards but he’s the most loving father and husband in the world!” Maria continued, swinging him around again.

“Yeah!” Tony agreed happily, then kicked again. “Mommy, put me down!”

Maria sighed, just a touch wistfully, as she set him on his feet. He still called her ‘mommy’ but it was definitely falling in frequency. She carefully brushed his hair out of his eyes, humming quietly and murmuring about a haircut, and ended up with her hand on top of his head, surprising herself with the thought ‘if we just had a little more time.’ Usually it was Howard being the sentimental one.

“My precious pup,” she murmured, cupping his cheek. “Do you know how much we love you?”

Tony tilted his head as he looked up at her. “Of course, Mom. You guys hug and kiss me and tell me you love me all the time. Did you know there are boys at school who don’t get hugs and kisses from their parents?”

Maria smiled sadly. “Oh, honey.”

“So I know how much you guys loves me,” the boy continued. “Do you guys know how much I love you?”

Maria squatted in front of him, cupping his cheeks again. “Honey, it’s never going to be as much as your daddy and I love you.”

Tony stuck his chin out stubbornly. “Well, I’m going to try!”

“Tesorino, that would be delightful,” Maria assured him, pressing a kiss to his cheek.

“Mom!” Tony complained. “You always get lipstick on me when you do that!”

“Boys are making fun of him for calling me ‘daddy?!’” Howard burst out angrily. “I knew sending him to boarding school was a mistake!”

“Honey,” Maria said, trying to keep the laughter out of her voice.

“They’re ruining my precious boy!”

Maria covered her mouth to hide her smile. “I think boys would have made fun of him at a public school, too, dear.”

“Maria, I’ve been telling you this!” Howard threw his hands up. “We could home school him until he’s ready for college! And then we get a little apartment off campus to stay in while he’s there so we’d always be nearby–”

“Howard, I thought you wanted to stop people from bullying him. A boy that never leaves his parents’ home, Howard? Really?”

Howard sagged, sitting down on the edge of their bed and hanging his head. “My boy,” he said sadly. “I’m supposed to protect him.”

“You’re also supposed to let him grow up to become his own man,” Maria told him gently. “And with you as his father, he’s going to grow up to be a good man, too, Howard.”

Howard choked quietly and clutched his chest. “Maria,” he said, tears filling his eyes. “Why would you say something like that when you know I’m so weak?”

“You’re not weak,” she answered immediately. “I wouldn’t choose a weak mate. If anything, you’re too strong, and too damn responsible.” She ran her fingers through his hair as his shoulders began to shake. “Why does it surprise you so that I love my mate so dearly?”

“Sometimes,” Howard began, leaning his head on her shoulder. “Sometimes I worry. That I’m tricking you somehow. And I’m just screwing everything up.”

“You’re not,” Maria assured him. “You’re not tricking me and you’re not screwing everything up. You love Tony. And sometimes you forget about Tony long enough to remember you love me, too.”

“Maria,” Howard gasped, lifting his head to stare up at her. “I always love you. If I’ve done something–”

She snorted, pressing a finger to his lips. “Howard, nothing could give me greater pleasure than my mate loving our pup. I was just teasing.”

“I wish I could give you another one,” he admitted softly, eyes going sad. “Maria, if I’d had any idea what that radiation would do to me–”

Maria held her hand up to stop him. “I’m happy that we even got one pup, Howard. Tony is enough. You are enough. You were upfront with me about your possible fertility issues before you even proposed.” She smirked, leering at him. “And I can’t say the endeavor for a pup was unpleasant either.”

Howard choked on a slightly hysterical laugh. “Maria.

“We’re getting older, dear,” she added after he’d calmed down. “You, especially. Tony… Tony is always going to be enough for me.” She pressed a kiss to his forehead. “And you will, too. Besides, we have Ana and Jarvis, and Peggy and her family. I come from a big pack where there were aunts and uncles and cousins. This… this is just like home.”

Howard frowned, reaching up to cup her cheeks and using his thumb to wipe away a tear she hadn’t noticed had fallen. “I’m sorry I couldn’t find more of your family, honey.”

“You found my Uncle Giuseppe and his family,” Maria answered quietly. “That was… honestly more than I ever hoped for.”

Howard nodded, dissatisfied. He was still looking, technically, had detectives searching Europe for Carbonells, but at this point he was pretty sure that they would only find graves, if they’d even been given that decency. He wished he’d taken better care, better safety precautions when he was younger, so he could have given Maria the big family she wanted and the siblings Tony would have adored.

But if Maria could be happy, after all that had happened to her, he’d stop wondering ‘what if’ and be happy, too.

I’ll go with you

(Zach Dempsey mini-series part III)

Part I Part II

A/N: I hope you like it! I really like writing about Zach, he’s so sweet :)

Warnings: English is not my first language.

Words: 2.162



We were just one week apart from saying goodbye to the life we knew, goodbye to the high school life and hello to the college life. I couldn’t wait to start the rest of my life and even better, I couldn’t wait to start it with Zach by my side.

We got in the same college, which was the most amazing thing ever, I still couldn’t believe it, I know I’m still young, but I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my days with Zach and I was hoping he felt the same way about me because I couldn’t imagine my life without him in it.

We had all planned, we would leave in a week to take a little holiday just the two of us and after that we would set in college, where he was going to study to be a marine biologist and I was going to study to be a veterinarian.

As you could imagine there was a party to celebrate the end of high school, all the grades were invited even though only the seniors were leaving. The party was in a house whose owner I didn’t know but it looked like they had money.

I wasn’t there because I really wanted but because Zach made me come, as always. He promised he woulnd’t drink a single drop of alcohol and I didn’t want to ruin his last high school party, but he stay firm and didn’t drink anything.

He was with his friends and I was with mine, Clay, Hannah and Tony, talking about anything and everything.

When I saw Zach getting up al walking in my direction I stopped paying attention to what my friends were saying and I watched him with a big smile on my face.

“Hey babe” he said lowering and kissing my forehead “I’m going to pick up my sister from a friend’s house. She called me saying she doesn’t feel well and she wants to go back home, will you be fine while I come back?”

“Oh, I’ll go with you” I said getting on my feet before he could say anything “I’ll see you later guys” I added saying goodbye to my friends and grabbing the hand Zach was offering to me.

We talked about the plans we had for our little trip when my phone went off and I saw the caller was my mother.

I answered, but it wasn’t my mother on the other side, it was my father, which was odd because he could have just called with his phone and when I heard his voice I knew something was wrong.

“What is it dad?” I heard sobs on the other side of the phone “Is mom alright?”

“Yes honey, your mom is fine… this call is about fluff…”as I listened what my father was telling me my eyes started opening more and more, I got a lump on my throat and I put my free hand on my mouth trying to contain how much I wanted to cry right now.

I didn’t answer to my dad’s words; I just put my phone away from my ear. I was completely shocked.

“Hey (Y/n) what’s wrong?” Zach asked clearly concerned.

I looked at Zach with tears in my eyes and trying to find the words to say that my best friend for more than ten years has just died, but when I looked at him and saw he was staring at me and he hadn’t seen the car coming in our direction I just screamed his name to make him look to the road again, but it was too late.

Zach did a hard turn trying to avoid the car. Everything was in slow motion, like if it wasn’t really happening, but it was real and when the other car crashed with us I came back to reality.

It took me a few seconds to react and be aware of what had happened, my body hurt like hell, specially my arm, but that didn’t matter right now, I looked at Zach to see if he was fine and when I saw him my heart just broke even more.

Thanks to the hard turn Zach did I was fine, as far I could tell, because the other car crashed in Zach’s side and not mine.

I called him desperately, waiting for him to open his eyes at any moment. He was bleeding in different spots of his arm, head and face, but still he reacted to my voice.

I reached for my phone quickly and I called emergencies, trying to stay calm. They told me I had to keep him awake while the help arrived and that I had to remind on the phone in case something happens.

“Hey Zach look at me” I said taking my seatbelt off to get closer to him. He had his eyes closed and it didn’t look like he could move his body “You’re going to be fine, do you hear me?” even though I wanted to sound optimistic I couldn’t help the tears falling from my eyes, seeing him like this was tearing me apart, I couldn’t face the idea of losing him “You’re going to get out of this and we’re going to leave for college together” I saw his lips bending in a little smile and it seems like he wanted to say something but I stopped him “shhh, don’t talk, save your energy to stay awake” I wanted to caress his face so he could feel my touch, but I couldn’t see properly how bad his injures were and I didn’t want to make it worse so I grad his right hand, which was perfectly fine.

When I heard the ambulance I sighed heavily, I had to think that everything was going to be just fine.

“I…” even though I told him not to talk he didn’t listen to me “I lo-love…you” he said trying to give my hand a squeeze.

“And I love you, with all my heart Zach, that’s why you can’t close your eyes” I hated thinking that those could be his lasts words.

The ambulances finally arrived and the paramedics took care of taking Zach and the other person out of the cars. I could get out by myself, but when I stand outside I felt everything spinning around me and the next thing I remember is seeing all black.

I was hearing voices and beeps around me and when I opened my eyes I saw I was in an ambulance, next to two paramedics that were looking the machines attached to me.

“Where is Zach?” was the first thing that left my lips. When I didn’t get an answer I tried to sit straight on the stretcher and then one of the paramedics made me lay again.

“He’s in other ambulance, in his way to the hospital”

“Is he going to be ok?”

“I can’t answer that; I didn’t take care of him”

I tried to relax, but it was impossible and when I look at my body trying to find some injure I just saw my right arm with a bandage, but I wasn’t feeling any pain maybe because they had gave me some kind of painkiller.

Once we were at the hospital they ran a lot of tests on me and as much as I asked for Zach no one told me anything and I didn’t know if that was good or bad news.

Suddenly the curtains that were around me moved and I saw my parents, obviously worried.

My mom came to hug me and I hugged her back, hiding my face in the crock of his neck and trying not to cry, I didn’t know where I should start talking.

“How has it happened?” I asked without letting my mom let go of me. I was referring to what my father told me over the phone before the accident.

“We can talk about that later, don’t think about that now” my mom said putting her hands on my cheeks and kissing my forehead.

“Do you know anything about Zach?” I looked at my father because I knew how to read his expression so that way I’d know if they were telling me the truth “I’ve been asking the nurses, but no one tells me anything”

A doctor appeared and my parents couldn’t answer my question. He told us I was free to go, that I was perfect expect for the cut on my arm, which was pretty deep, but it wouldn’t be a problem.

While he kept talking to my parents I excused myself and got out of there, ready to find answers. Just when I was going to ask for Zach to the girl in the reception I saw Zach’s mom at the end of the hallway and I ran in her direction.

“Mrs. Dempsey” I said breathless. She turned in my direction and a bug smile appeared on her face, which made me think everything was ok “Where is Zach? Is he ok?”

“He’s in there” she answered pointing at the close door next to her “and he’s going to be fine, you don’t have to worry” as soon as she finished that sentence she evolved me with her arms, hugging me, which made me feel confused “he’s alive thanks to you, if you hadn’t been there to call emergencies…” she couldn’t finish the sentence and I didn’t want her to “are you ok?” she asked letting me go and examining me, looking for something different.

“Yes, I just have a cut in my arm. Can I… it is possible to see him?” I asked anxious to see him again.

The door opened and a nurse got out, leaving the door half-open.

“He’s all yours” Zach’s mom told motioning me to the door.

Without a second thought I got into the room and there he was, peacefully laid on the bed, this time with his face clean of blood.

“Zach” I called him softly, standing by his bed and grabbing his hand. He turned his head in my direction and his eyes opened slowly, I could see the cuts on his face clearly now “Hey” I added happy to see him and kissing his hand “How do you feel?”

“Like if the basketball and baseball teams had passed over me” he joked with a weak tone on his voice “are you ok?”

“Yes, thanks to you” I replied letting a few tears roll down my cheeks “You should rest, I’ll be here when you wake up” he closed his eyes when he heard my words and with my free hand I started rubbing his hair.

I ended up falling asleep there, I had told my parents where I was, I didn’t want to scare them more.

When I opened my eyes again I found Zach looking at me, this time more recovered than the last time I talked with him.

“Good morning” he said with a smile on his face.

I lifted my head from the bed, adjusting my eyes to the light, I was a little confused, but I remembered what had happened the night before.

“Is it morning already?” I asked turning to the window to see that it was a new day indeed “Have you slept good?” I said turning to Zach again.

“I can’t complain” he answered “I won’t ask how you slept because I can imagine the answer to that. You should had gone home to rest”

“I’m not leaving you here”

“As much as I like hearing that you’ll have to leave at some point, I don’t think they’re letting me go soon” he put his hand on my cheek and caressed my skin with his thumb.

“I can’t go home…” I whisper.


“Last night… when my dad called me before the accident..” I had to stop to clear my throat to send the urge to cry away, I hadn’t think about it too much and I hadn’t say it out loud yet “He told me fluff had died” I felt my eyes burn, I wanted to cry so badly.

“Come here” he said pulling from my hand in his direction.

I laid next to him, he embraced my body with his arms and hugged me tight to his warm body not caring about how much his wounds could hurt.

“And then I thought I was going to lose you too” I couldn’t hide it anymore and I started crying.

“Don’t think about that ok? I’m here and I’m not going anywhere” he replied kissing my head.

We stayed there until a nurse came in and I had to leave the room.

In the end we hadn’t our vacations before college, Zach needed time to recover and I needed time to stop feeling like crap after what happened that night and the loss of my dog, but when the time came we left for college without looking behind.

If i could recommend a book to everyone would be any book in this series 📖🌿
~ I have had this book since i was 16; i had just learned a little about LOA & wanted to learn more on my own terms. On my 16th birthday my father came home with this book (i did not tell him about my newest interest) he said “i saw it & had an urge to buy it for you” at this point in my life i was not a reader, you would never see me read a book unless it was for school so it was odd for my father to buy me a ‘book'🙈 but once i realized what book it was i was utterly amazed & shocked. This was my very first experience with The Law of Attraction & I have been educating myself & believing ever since 🙏

Even If It’s Just Pretend

A new chapter! Also, this is for Snowbaz Feda Day 3 (@snowbaz-feda ).

Description: Simon is broke, his foster father is an asshole, and he knows he has nowhere to go when summer break comes around. So when he sees an ad for a paid psychology experiment involving romantic couples, he’s quick to pretend he’s in a relationship…with his nemesis/roommate Baz.
AKA the faking dating trope that we know we all love.

Chapter 1/Chapter 2/Chapter 3

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New World Part One

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Part one out of two.

Warning: Trigger warnings for violence, blood, and sexual assault. There’s also smut. Different from the assault, though, two different instances. Smut 100% consensual. Also character has a name -shrugs-

Word count: 12.4K

Eden lives with her family in the middle of no where. They live away from everything and everyone for religious purposes, not wanting to be near sinners in the city. Though, there is also a darker reason for their solidarity. What happens when a stranger who can do magic, a stranger who is a sinner, enters her life and changes her views? Can she tell him the dark truth, or will it be too late?

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Trouble (m) pt.1

Female reader x Jaebum series (oooooooh) I began writing this after I watched the Assassins Creed film and the thirst for Jaebum & adventure was real so I had to-

Warnings:semi-smut, FLUFFY (lord knows i need to be protected from the fluff I can’t handle it TTnTT), angst? (I guess in further instalments it’ll get especially angsty)

This is an Assassins Creed Au where OC is the daughter of the current leader of the creed & Jaebum is her mentor & stuff happens ;))) I do want to make this fic action based so if u stay tuned there’ll be fights and stuffs :’)

Pt.1, Pt.2, Pt.3

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anonymous asked:

What are your thoughts on Noodle? Some say you don't care about her. Some say you actually hate her. Of more weird and creepy freaks say that you (sometimes the others) find her kind of hot and want to stick it to her. What is the truth?

There’s a bit of a special bond between Noodle and I, I would like to say I’m more of the ‘odd father figure’ to her in my own personal opinion, take of it what you will but ah. Honestly. Those of you who’ve read our autobiography, Rise of the Ogre, know well enough that as a child I was simply Plopped! on my fathers doorstep.

Noodles arrival, so to speak, always resonated with me a bit, you know? It’s– It’s very similar in it’s origin story yeah? Small, unassuming being dropped on the doorstep of completely incompetent parental figure(s). Never really thought I’d be much of a parenting type, really I’m not, Noodles always been that special sort of exception.

Love her to bits, she’s a valued member, and she’s a part of our scrrrewy little family yeah? If I hated her, would she be here? You lot have some asks about our little Red Light trip in here to boot, you think I’d spend some quality time with someone I didn’t like?

She’s gifted in gab, fist throwing, and music playing. She’s a good listener too, always valuable.

Either way, she’s Noodle, that’s all what matters, innit?

Reasons to love Ryan Ross

- he is not yet old enough to be my father, therefore it’s not creepy
- have you ever seen his hair???
- Pretty. Odd. era exists
- dOgS
- uM he is a songwriting genius??
- I’ve cried too many tears over him to not be in love
- he could probably pick me up with one arm
- his v o i c e
- the way he just *clenches fist* lives like a hermit
- has my ideal lifestyle
- we were both in love with Brendon Urie at some point
- he’s just a beautiful person okay?
- this list could be infinite
- a list of reasons not to love him would be nonexistent