my father is a legend

I think the most Gemini thing my dad has ever done is one year he threw himself a reverse surprise party for the sheer drama of it. What is a reverse surprise party? you may ask, well let me tell you. So about a week before his actual birthday he invites over all his friends and family and then in the middle of dinner he stands up and announces that it’s not a regular dinner, it is in fact, his birthday dinner (his exact words were “Surprise! …. it’s my Birthday”) cue everyone looking panicked, because oh god I don’t have a gift, I don’t even have a card, but my father, wine glass still in hand assures them not to worry and reveals a pile of presents he got for himself and wrapped for everyone to pick one and give it to him as their gift. And honestly? My father is such a legend.

Kai as a new father
  • Kai: *Walking around holding his baby 24/7*
  • Tenzin: Kai, may I have the honor of holding my granddaughter?
  • Kai: No.
  • Tenzin: Excuse me?
  • Kai: I'm sorry, it's just that I'm more comfortable when I'm the one holding her.
  • Tenzin: You are aware that I have four children, correct?
  • Kai:
  • Tenzin:
  • Kai: Yes, but this one's mine.

Nyx-Chapter 18

Summary: That would be telling

Pairings: Bucky x Nyx, Thor x  Nyx, Thor x OFC, Loki x Reader

Warnings: Mild Angst. Thats about it

Word Count: 1214

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“How is he?” Steve asks tiredly. He had not left Bucky’s side during the twelve hours Bucky had been asleep, the exhaustion of the transference to much for his body to bear.

You had slept for a time beside him, your own exhaustion forcing you to break your vigil over your sleeping one. “He is well. He dreams of home,” you reply.

Steve’s eyes widen marginally. He seems to hesitate before he speaks again. “How’d ya know?” he asks cautiously.

“I can see what he dreams, feel what he feels. He is in no danger,” you say softly. It was a strange sensation. You had woken in time to see Bucky pass out, Loki catching him as he fell, a new sense of self had wormed itself in your mind. You could feel his heartbeat,  sense his emotions, hear his thoughts mixing with your own, binding you tightly together. It was alien, strange, yet oddly comforting, as if it was meant to be this way from the beginning, like it had never been any different.

Loki places a steadying hand on your shoulder, squeezing gently. “My brother wishes to speak with you privately. He bids you attend him in your bedroom,” he says.

You crane your neck to scrutinize his face, finding nothing but encouragement. It does nothing to quell the sudden horror that fills your soul. You could not marry Thor. You knew this now. Such a fool you had been to even consider the proposal. You had no choice but to end the engagement even if you were doomed to never be with Bucky, you could not love another. You would not sentence Thor to an eternity with someone who did not love him.

Sighing heavily you rise shakily to your feet, smoothing out non existent creases on the hastily donned tunic you wore. “Watch over him, brother,” you say in parting, striding purposefully out of the room to meet your fate.


“My King,” you greet the golden God when he turns to face you, a small smile tugging at his lips.

He inclines his head in acknowledgement. “My Lady, how do you fare?” he inquires.

“I am well, my Lord. Tired, but I am on the mend.” You dare not say anything else, dare not break the silence that settles over the room like a blanket.

Thor breaks first, heaving a resigned sigh. He strides forward, placing gentle hands on your shoulders. “Nyx, I formally break our promise of betrothal. You are released from all obligations to myself and Asgard. I have spoken with my father. He has promised you safe harbor in Asgard should you ever require it,” Thor says as your heart swells.

You fight the grin forming on your lips, choosing instead the demure route. “Why?” you ask lightly, casting your eyes down to the floor.

Thor chuckles, tipping your chin upward, making you look at him again. “The lady Rayne… is my one,” he replies, a cocky grin snaking its way onto his face.

You fight the suprise you feel quite badly because Thor’s booming laugh fills the room, startling you slightly. You rally. “She is mortal…” you whisper, pity flaring in your chest.

He would perish when old age inevitably came for her. When her life ended, Thor the mighty warrior and Thunder God would be laid low, and he too would become nothing more than legend. “My father has promised it will not be an issue. He and Loki have made arrangements. She is to come back with me to Asgard where she will be crowned Queen when the time comes,” he says proudly and you can’t help but smile at his enthusiasm.

“I am happy you have found love, Thor. I am sorry I was not what you needed. My only regret is I caused you pain,” you reply, laying a hand on his chest.

He engulfs you in a warm embrace. “Do not be sorry. My time with you was the happiest I have been in a millennia. I do not regret it, nor do I regret loving you, my lady. I ask only one thing of you,” he says into your hair.

“Anything,” you reply almost instantly.

He pulls away, regarding you carefully. “Do not let the fear of getting hurt dictate your actions. He loves you, you love him. You will work out the rest. You cannot hide from him forever. You have faced the consequences once. Do not be a fool again.”

You bite your lip, looking down once more. He had hit the nail on the head. You feared Bucky. Not physically but emotionally, so much had happened, so much had been said, you doubted either of you could forgive the hurt that had been inflicted.

“Nyx, promise me this,” Thor demands, forcing you to look at him.

You close your eyes, clamping down on the panic. Sighing, before you can stop yourself, you answer three words that would change the course of your fate forever. “I will try.”


You silently creep back into the room where Bucky lays sleeping only to find him wide awake and talking to Steve.

His eyes snap to yours as you enter, Steve stops talking abruptly, stands, and shuffles out of the room at lightening speed.

“You are awake,” you say, striding toward him. Taking a seat at the edge of the bed, you scrutinize his face for any sign of distress.

He snorts, “I’m fine, doll. Stop stressin.” Reaching for your hand, you intertwine your fingers with his.

“Thank you,” you say, noting the confusion on his face. “Thank you for saving me” you clarify in a whisper, not daring to look at him.  

“What was I gonna do? Let the only woman I ever loved die? I don’ think so, doll,” he replies, a hard edge to his tone.

You swallow the lump in your throat, willing yourself to form the words you know you have to say. Squeezing his fingers tightly you muster all the courage you have, steeling yourself for another rejection. “Is there hope for us, James?” you ask so quietly he has to strain to hear you.

He chuckles softly, tightening the grip he has on your hand. “It ain’t gonna be easy doll face. A lot has happened. So much pain,” he trails off and your heart falls.

Blinking back tears you find yourself nodding, plastering a fake smile on your face.

“Hey now,” he says, “I ain’t saying no. Jesus there ain’t nothin I want more than to be with ya, doll, but we gotta take it slow. I don’ wanna fuck this up. Again,” he sighs, letting go of your hand and pulling you bodily toward him. He tucks you under his arm, holding you close while he strokes your hair. “I know you don’ trust me, sweetheart. I hurt ya, nearly killed ya. If we jump into this without takin the time… I don’ wanna lose ya again. I wanna do this right.”

You nod in agreement. He was right after all. You needed a clear head, open eyes to make this work.

“One day at a time?” he says tentatively.

You peer up at him, smiling lovingly. “One day at a time,” you reply as he swoops down to kiss your lips.

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  • Han Solo: Now, just a blasted moment --
  • Admiral Ackbar: However, I also find that your current assignment does not make the best use of your experience and abilities. Effective immediately, I order you placed on detached duty, assigned to the president of the Senate as liaison for domestic defense. You are to assist her in whatever way she sees fit. Do you understand?
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get to know me meme
favourite relationships [5/5]: thorin oakenshield, fili, and kili, “the hobbit”

“We grew up on tales of the Mountain. Tales you told us.”