my fat hand

I figured it was about time I introduced the little guy. This is (insert drum roll) Crowley, because I just couldn’t resist. 

Out of the bunch we bought, he’s the shy awkward one. He likes hissing at me, too, and probably thinks he’s really scary.

Bonus: Crowley meets Aziraphale. Because of ineffability, you see. 

A Very Small Man

Blue-crowned manakins (Lepidothrix coronata) can be found from Costa Rica to Bolivia, and are a common species at low-elevation tropical forest. Interestingly, males from the northern population of this species are pure black with a bright blue crown, while southern birds are green with a blue crown.

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Could I please request Fatgum's reaction to finding out he and his partner are having 'Baby Fat'?

Since it’s not specified, I’ll do headcanons. If you want a scenario, send it in again and I’ll do that too! But oh, boy, Fatgum is Best Dad, I love him so very much.

I’m writing this like it’s a continuation of the post where Fatgum’s crush jokes that they’ve got a little family with Kirishima and Amajiki, since I slid a little bonus on that about the impending arrival of Baby Fat.


+ at first, he doesn’t believe his partner

+ are you pullin’ my leg?

+ no fat, no they are not, you’re gonna be a dad asdfghjkl

+ he’s beaming, he can’t stop smiling, he’s so happy

+ then he starts to cry, he’s going to be a dad, a full fledged dad, with someone who he loves so, so much

+ he pulls his partner into a big, squishy hug and tells them how much he loves them, and how excited he is for them to have a family together

+ he holds his partner, gives them lots of kisses; he’s really excited, and he vows that he’s going to go with them to as many of the appointments as he can

+ he calls Eijiro and Tamaki and summons them back to Osaka so that he can tell them the news in person. He wants them to be the first ones to know about it

+ he can barely contain himself while the boys are on the shinkansen from Musutafu to Osaka, he wants to just call them up and tell them while they’re on the train, but that will ruin the surprise

+ so, to keep himself occupied, he dotes on his partner; brings them all their favorite snacks, touches their belly even though they haven’t really begun showing yet, asks them if they want to do anything special to celebrate once Eijiro and Tamaki arrive

+ once the boys arrive, Fatgum tells them; he managed to stop crying before they arrived, but he starts crying again when he tells them

+ how would ya feel about bein’ big brothers?

+ Eijiro is pumped, he’s as excited as Fat and his partner are

+ you hear that, Amajiki senpai?! We’re gonna big bros! Wahoo!!!!!

+ Tamaki is happy, but he’s not as outwardly excited about it as Eijiro is; he’s hesitant to think of himself as an older brother to this being that isn’t in the world yet, but that will change once the baby is born

+ the four and a half of them go out to dinner and pig out in celebration, it’s a very, very happy day for everyone involved, but most especially Fat, who had wondered if that day would ever come

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UT UF Sans and US SF Papyrus losing their s/o to a reset?

u got it hun!~))

one minute he was right next to you, giving you a genuine smile, and the next thing he knew he was back in his room with Papy yelling at him about sentry duty…what the…oh no. no no no no no….he had just found happiness and the kid takes it away again? oh they had better gave a damn good reason..but for now, he just lays in bed. he wont deal with the wirld for a while. then he’ll come out to go look for you. some how…

oh hell. fuckin. no. after realizing what happened he throws a frickin fit is what he does. destruction everywhere in the house and a lot of cussing. not wven Edge approaches him. heforces the kid to do everything exactly the same so that he can get back to you. then hes gonna knock the kid up a little. some broken bones should teach em a lesson…

uh…where did you…oh shiz. why did this have to happen now? he just lays in bed all day, not doing anything. the kid is gonna have a bad time if they dont have a reason…

how could yhis happen, you were right there! he had been holding you, right there and now he was back in his shithole of a room without you?! he has an anxiety attack. he cant deal with you being gone. he tries to pull through as best he can

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how do you normally dress?

When I’m at home I dress really casual comfy. Usual a  big band/game tee shirt or a baseball tee. I never really wear pants when I’m at home either. But when I’m going out I usually wear rompers or casual dressy. Lately I’ve been wearing hats when I’m out.


So apparently I pissed off a wizard today. He couldn’t believe that someone could be so rude to him. All I did was tell him to get out of my way. But apparently I was being, “arrogant, self-entitled and rude.” I laughed him off. I could have easily done something much worse. He looked like such a wimp standing next to me. And apparently laughing at him was also not the right answer.

“I’ll show you what it’s like to be small,” he muttered under his breath.

“Whatever. Just get out of my way. I want to use the squat rack,” I said. He got out of my way still muttering something under his breath. I didn’t care. The gym wasn’t his. I had every right to use whatever equipment I wanted. Besides he was just standing there looking at his phone. I wasn’t going to let it bother me. I just went to my work out. I removed his ten pound plates and put several 45 pound ones on.

The rest of my work out went smoothly. I felt a nice, strong pump going on. It was definitely a good day. I went to the locker room and started undressing. There was another guy in there. One of those really scrawny types. Someone who looked like he’d never shaved in his life. Not because he had a lot of hair but because his body just didn’t grow it. He had to be in his mid-twenties too. I felt like this day got even better.

“Hey squirt,” I smiled. He looked up in awe; drinking in my massive body. “I noticed you’re just getting ready for a workout.” He nodded, mouth agape. I reached down and grabbed his phone off the bench, “Why not after you finish your workout you send me a text. Then we can work on your cardio.”

He smiled blankly at the stupid one liner. I knew how dumb it sounded but it still worked some of the time. And this guy was clearly into it. He nodded again and reached for his phone. However a shock went through my system as he touched my hand.

I had no idea what was going on. My body felt like it couldn’t move. I stared down at my massive hands. There was something different about them. They were smaller! “What the…” I backed up into the lockers. My whole body felt different. Looking in the mirror I could see it shrinking. Years of working out going down the drain. My thick arms dwindling down to almost nothing. My large impressive chest flattening against my rib cage. My thick juicy legs turning into scrawny little chicken legs better suited for my now much smaller body.

I stood there in awe; my XL shirt draping to one side while my shorts fell to the floor. I couldn’t believe it. “What was that?” A gruff voice in front of me asked. I looked up to see a massive hairy dude standing in front of me. “Damn. That felt good. And my voice… Shit.” He smiled stupidly at how deep it was. My body was churning looking at the impressively handsome man in front of me.

He finally made eye contact as he finished staring down his own body, “So you want to work on a bit of cardio today? Huh, pup? I could use some of that.” My heart nearly skipped a beat as he prodded his light belly fat. My hands were fighting not to rub that thick hairy chest in front of me. I wanted that body to hold me so tightly. “Who says we have to wait until after the workout.” He flexed his arm giving me a sly smirk. I smiled knowing exactly what he meant.

The wizard apparently tried to curse me but there was no way I was going to let something this good pass me up. Like having a big guy like him around would be so terrible. I couldn’t help but laugh at how dumb that wizard actually was.

The Cutest Tomato In Konoha

@kokoro4kakashi Okay! I lied! I was up to something! 

(On a scale of Tobi to Naruto how obvious was I? xD)

Please enjoy this tiny little ode to the ship of your choice, in the hopes that it will take your mind away from the woes of stupid neighbors!

Also available on AO3.


The Cutest Tomato In Konoha
Pairing: MinatoKushina

“Minato. I’m pregnant.”

The Yellow Flash of Konoha looked up from the book he was reading, a bewildered look on his face.

“Uhm…yes,” he said slowly. “I knew that.”

It was hard to miss, after all. Kushina’s growing belly proceeded her through doorways, made her too easy to spot in the streets, and had been the subject of near constant cursing for the last three days as she finally outgrew her last pair of sweat pants. Minato sat very still, lest too much movement somehow set off his very pregnant and very hormonal wife.

“No you don’t get it. I’m pregnant.” Kushina looked at him like there was some point that he was missing and he wracked his brain to try and find it. She had been so unhappy lately as the morning sickness worsened and the hours of sleep she achieved per night dwindled. But today he had been trying so hard to help her relax and he didn’t want to see his efforts ruined just because he couldn’t think of an answer fast enough.

“Uhmmm…” He begged his brain to go faster. Wasn’t speed supposed to be his thing? Kushina sighed and rubbed her swollen stomach.

“I’m so big,” she said mournfully. “I’m fat. My belly is fat and my feet are fat. Even my hands are getting fat. My hands! I didn’t even know that could happen but apparently it’s really common. Being pregnant sucks, dattebane!”

Minato dropped his book on the table and rose from his chair, approaching his wife with a gentle smile.

“Kushina you’re not fat,” he told her. “You’re growing a whole other person inside of you. You’ve got to make room for the little guy, don’t you?” She wrinkled her nose at him.

“Well it’s still made me fat! Everything is so big and I’m too hot all the time and I hate throwing up.” Kushina crossed her arms, scowling deeper when she noticed that her elbows rested perfectly on top of her stomach. Minato shook his head.

“Please tell me what this is really about?”

Kushina dropped her eyes to the side, tilting her head down so that her beautiful red hair fell around her face. “I was in the market place yesterday and I saw this little boy. He was only four and I thought oh cute! I love kids! He wanted to rub my belly and he said he liked the color of my hair.” Minato nodded slowly, wondering where this was going. Then he perked up in alarm when he saw tears gathering in Kushina’s eyes. “And then…and then…he said I looked like a giant tomato!”

She fell in to his arms the moment he opened them, weeping in to his shoulder with great wracking sobs. Minato buried his face in her hair to try and hide the smile.

“Sweetheart. Kushina, love. You’re the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes on. Seven months pregnant and you still take my breath away every time I see you. I know you hate that name because they tease you in the academy but…darling he was four and he’s probably never seen someone with hair your color. You know he didn’t mean anything by it.”

“It was mean!” Kushina wailed in to his shirt. Minato bit his lip.

“Yes, I know. It’ll be okay.”

Pregnancy had made his wife extremely emotional and prone to take offense to the slightest things. He had to admit though, this was the cutest one yet.

He stood in the kitchen and held his wife, rubbing her back soothingly and petting her hair until she had cried herself out. Then they continued to stand there, arms wrapped around each other and swaying gently from side to side. Minato used that time to get his face under control so that Kushina wouldn’t see him smiling, silently amused that she would cry over such a trivial thing. It was only the mood swings. She’d been called meaner names by people of all ages and never batted an eyelash. But she was still genuinely upset in this moment and he was more than happy to help her through it.

Eventually Kushina stood upright, wiping at her eyes with a sheepish expression. Minato calmly pulled her hands away and drew her thumbs across her cheeks himself. She gifted him with a gorgeous smile and he felt his heart stutter in his chest. Kami but he was just so in love with this woman.

“Thank you,” she said. “That was silly, wasn’t it?”

“A little,” he agreed, offering no other opinion.

“I love you, ‘ttebane!” Her soft smile turned in to a beaming grin, bad mood vanished with the tears she had finally been able to let out. Minato laughed.

“And I you.” He leaned over her belly to give her a quick kiss. “Always.”

And he meant that too. How could he not love the cutest tomato in Konoha?