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Finished my Valentines! These were a lot of fun to make, though I’ve been procrastinating on homework to do these~ Feel free to print these out and give ‘em to your friends! 

I’m particularly proud of Poe’s pun~

EDIT: I didn’t want to put my signature stamp on these but I already found some reposters so yeah, signature stamp edit :)


HOLY MOLY 4000 FOLLOWERS!?!?! I’m amazed! I’m astounded!! I’m shocked!!! I’m crying, I’m so happy right now! Thank you so much for all the continuous support! I’m going to be taking a little break from tumblr for awhile for spring break to finish a lot of project I have rn, but as soon as I’m done I’ll come back and post all the goodies I’ve been working on! Thank you so much again babes! Please enjoy some Big brother Percy

my father wasn’t around (my father wasn’t around)
i swear that i’ll be around for you

happy late father’s day!

Hiya Tumblr I’ve joined more fandoms meaning I need more blogs to follow

So please reblog/like/reply if you post ANY of the following

Doctor Who (Old and New)

Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (My Harry Potter Blog is @newts-field-guide)

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Disney (Especially Zootopia. My Zootopia Blog is @zootopiahustle)

Nintendo (Mainly Mario, Pokemon, EarthBound, Legend of Zelda, Pikmin, Splatoon, Animal Crossing, Kirby, Star Fox, Metroid, and Super Smash Bros.) (My Pokemon Blog is @wondrous-world-of-pokemon and my Zelda Blog is @ritominstrel-and-zoraprince)


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Jurassic Park

Ghostbusters (Old and New)

DC (Especially Batman)

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Star VS the Forces of Evil

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Stranger Things

Game of Thrones

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (My MLP Blog is @magical-twilight)


The Get Down

Adventure Time


Elder Scrolls


Five Nights at Freddy’s/Sister Location


Kingdom Hearts

Drawn to Life

A Series of Unfortunate Events

We Bare Bears

Mad Max


The Spiderwick Chronicles

James Bond

Back to the Future



Team Fortress 2


Rick and Morty

The Nancy Drew Games by Her Interactive (My Nancy Drew Blog is @nancydrew-cluecrew)

In a Heartbeat

Chronicles of Narnia


NiGHTS Into Dreams


Les Miserbles

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Studio Ghibli

IT (2017) (My IT Blog is @losers-of-derry)





Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared



Buffy the Vampire Slayer

One-Punch Man

American Horror Story


Night in the Woods


Bob’s Burgers

Normal Boots

Hidden Block

The Wolf Among Us



Left 4 Dead


Epic Mickey

Star Trek

American McGee’s Alice



Addams Family

Danny Phantom

Mystery Skulls Animated



Ninjago: Masters of Spinjiztu

Elves: Secrets of Elvendale, Vinesauce

Ava’s Demon

The Amazing World of Gumball

Neko Atsume

Monster Factory

The Adventure Zone

Voltron: Legendary Defender

Phineas and Ferb

Milo Murphy’s Law

Cucumber Quest



Mission Impossible

Yuri!!! On Ice

Camp Weedonwantcha

The Walking Dead

The Kane Chronicles

Percy Jackson and the Olympians/ Heroes of Olympus

Hunger Games

The Maze Runner



The Secret World Legends 

Aesthetics Base on any of the above fandoms

Cute Animals



Or If you’re an Roleplay Blog (My roleplay blogs are @zootopiahustle, @wondrous-world-of-pokemon, @ritominstrel-and-zoraprince, @blueblur-of-greenhill, @magical-twilight, @rebelious-resistance)

((Thank you guys SO MUCH for all of the wonderful birthday wishes! I appreciate it more than I can say!! ♥♥♥))

((Please excuse me for a moment I just. I would like to say how incredible you all are and I’m just sitting here like “how do so many amazing people follow this blog” like I can’t even believe half of you, who are so talented and wonderful and have these KICKASS ask blogs, follow me, a lowly college student who’s way too invested in her own AUs, and I am so full of love and admiration for you and for the fandom and how I’ve been accepted so kindly, and all of the compliments I’ve gotten and just wow. I don’t know what else to do except sit here and scream like an idiot and continue to answer asks, because that’s all I feel I can do, and I can’t even begin to express my gratitude and my amazement. THANK YOU!!))

Following Spree

my dash has been super dead lately and I just went on a big unfollowing spree cause i was following so many inactive people and I need to find more blogs to follow haha and I’ve seen a lot of people do these lately so i thought I’d give it a try so

please reblog if you post some of the following:

  • Harry Potter (mainly gifsets but aesthetics as well!)
  • Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
  • Teen Wolf
  • SKAM
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  • Riverdale
  • Aesthetics
  • YA Lit 

if mutuals could signal boost to get the good word out that would be lovely <3


Guardian of my heart | a modern Gramander AU 

                                                        Act I 

In which police officer Percival Graves meets a cute guy, one morning, while interrogating people inside a coffee shop in regards to his latest case. 

Or, in which Newt Scamander has the habit of coming to Kowalski’s every day before work to grab something to eat, and stops short at the sight of the handsome man at the counter - clad in a fitting three piece suit, holding a notepad and talking to Jacob.

                                                        Act II  

After that first encounter, Percival goes back to his team, and Newt to the zoo. Coincidentally, that is also where the police shows up as the day ends. Newt watches them from the deer enclosure, wondering what business they could possibly have with his colleague and friend, Credence Barebone. 

Newt goes home, and he most certainly does not think about a certain police officer before he falls asleep. 

The investigation progresses, and finally comes to an end. Percival puts on his best clothes and goes to the zoo, intent on finally asking out one particular redhead, who works there, for dinner. 

                                                        Act III  

The two of them are now in a relationship. They eat breakfast at Kowalski’s together in the morning, Graves sometimes sleeps at Newt’s flat and vice-versa, and they’re… happy. Ridiculously so. Sometimes it gets hard because they’re very different men, but they manage to make it work. 

After a while, Newt moves in with Percival. 

All is well. 


So I made this enormous Fantastic Beasts-themed weighted blanket!

This monstrosity is wider than a twin bed and almost as long. I’d claim full credit for it but the truth is I am terrible at sewing and gave up on this project repeatedly until a friend took pity on me and helped me finish it. Don’t judge me.

Here’s a couple pictures so you can see the fabrics I picked, and the underside.

Hot sec to appreciate some top rate cuties !?!??

Since I am waytoofar in the celebratory mood, I’m gonna take a minute to appreciate all the amazing adorable and fantastic friends and mutuals I have on this blog!!?? I love you all sm

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Keep being…. generally flawless??? Some of you are new and some have followed me from the start, some I talk to pretty often and some I haven’t shared even a word with yet but!! Regardless of who you are, I’m glad you’re here.

so i watched fantastic beasts today and loved queenie so much that my hand slipped

Writing in a Second Language

Anonymous asked: “What advice can you give to someone who is just starting now when English is not their first language?” 

Now personally, I’m probably not the best ever resource here. While I love to learn other languages, the ones I’ve picked up any level of proficiency outside of English are dead languages. But if I know anything, reading is the best teacher for writing. Reading in the language you’re writing in is going to be I think the best tool for helping you to learn quickly. 

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