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“Why the hell did we do that?” You laugh under your breath, Closing the flats door behind you. Shivering at the sudden warmness emitting from the fireplace. You looked over at Newt, Who looked like he might just die of frostbite.

“…It was supposed to be romantic.” Newt muttered, stuttering more than usually from being completely freezing.

“It was,” you started “But maybe next time we pick a place indoors, preferably with heaters.“ Newt chuckled at that, nodding in agreement. You took his hand in yours, leading him over to the fireplace so you could sit together. Which was nice, but somehow it wasn’t warming you both up, even when you wrapped a blanket over you two.

“I still can’t even feel my legs.” You complained, cuddling more into newts touch, desperately searching for warmth from him, that didn’t really exist. He was just as cold as you.

“What about we make some tea to help?” He offered. And you swore you fell in love with him all over again. Sometimes you couldn’t believe how sweet he was.

"That would be absolutely amazing.” You hummed, “But I want to stay here with you a little bit more.”

Happy New Year (Percival Graves x Reader)

(Here’s the third and final installment of the secret santa fic! They deserved a New Year’s kiss, so here it is.)

After the whole ‘call me Percival’ bit, the evening had gone quite a bit more smoothly than you could have hoped. The pair of you had drank about half a bottle of firewhiskey between you, and you were starting to feel a little looser.

Percival, it seemed, was feeling quite loose. You could tell because he had loosened his tie and taken off his jacket, leaving him in his shirt and waistcoat. He’d rolled his shirt sleeves up to his elbows, and a few pieces of his perfectly slicked hair had fallen into his forehead. You longed to reach out and brush them back and a few more sips of firewhiskey might have just given you the gumption.

You opened your mouth to say something to him (you couldn’t quite put the sentence together in your head, but it was something to do with his hair), but he suddenly pulled out his pocket watch and made a very serious sounding noise. You frowned.

“What’s that for?”

He hummed curiously and looked at you. “Telling time, of course.”

You snorted. “No, I mean why do you want to know the time?”

He fixed you with a look that made you wonder if you were missing something obvious and then said, “It’s New Year’s. A minute to midnight, actually. Good thing I checked.”

You nodded sagely.

“Good thing. It’s bad luck not to toast at midnight.”

His eyes widened a little.

“Maybe that’s why I have such bad luck. I never toast. But then, I usually spend New Year’s alone.” You frowned, reaching out to pat his cheek in a way you hoped was somewhat consoling. His hand came up to catch yours and you stared at him, relishing the feeling. “Will you kiss me?”

Your eyebrows shot up.

“What, now?”

“At midnight.”

Your mouth hung open for a moment in shock before you closed it, nodding.


He looked at his watch again.

“Just a few seconds now.”

He scooted closer to you and your free hand went to his other cheek. Your foreheads were almost touching, and you could feel his breath on your lips. A second later, the clock struck midnight somewhere in your apartment and then his mouth was on yours and your brain turned to mush.

He pulled away far too soon, but he didn’t move away. He kept your foreheads pressed together as you both tried to catch your breath.

“I’ve wanted to do that for a very long time,” he said after a moment. You smiled.

“You could have said so.”

He chuckled softly. “Can I do it again?”

You nodded, unable to keep from breaking into a grin as he immediately stole another kiss.


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find ThemBugger!

Newt, trying to find his wand, turns his back on Jacob. Jacob takes the opportunity, seizes his case, swinging it violently at Newt, who is knocked to the ground. Jacob runs for his life.
Newt holds his head for a moment and looks after Jacob, who has hurried down the alleyway and into the crowd.


Gramander AU → Priest!Newt & Demon!Graves 

     Soak the ropes with your holy water
Tie me down as you read out the words

     Set me free from my jealousy
Won’t you exorcise my mind?
     Won’t you exorcise my mind?
I want to be free as I’ll ever be
     Exorcise my mind
Help me exorcise my mind

More Than Worth It - a Newt/Tina fic (feat. Baby Linnet)

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SUMMARY: Linnet is loud and shouts instead of crying a lot. Tina is simply exhausted. Newt is in love with his family.

I’d like to give a shout-out to baby Iris Mary Redmayne who Eddie is totally in love with and I can’t deal with how in love he is with his family…also, Newt is of course in love with his family too so this fic was going to be written anyway

It’s hilarious, she’ll just be sitting there going, ‘Behhhhh!’ Like, what is that noise from this tiny little thing?”
“It’s in the morning if Iris has managed to sleep through the night and then you hear a gentle squeak and you go in and turn on the light. She has a massive grin that’s like, ‘It’s a whole new day’. That’s probably the greatest thing.”

– Eddie Redmayne

Fact: On 30 January 1933, Adolf Hitler was appointed chancellor of a coalition government of the NSDAP-DNVP Party.
(Linnet was born on 13th January 1933)

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Queenie Goldstein is an empathe

Do you ever stop and think about it ? She can hear people’s thoughts ofc, but she can also hear their heart, aka know their past and their deepest fears and desires. Still she didn’t turn bitter and hateful. How amazing ?! So now, the headcanons :

  • It was a conscious decision to keep an open-mind towards anyone, in hope people would be the same with her

  • She inherited her powers from her mother, who got it from her mother before her etc. - much like Parseltongue in the Gaunt family comes from Salazar Slytherin, except she doesn’t know who it originally comes from
  • Her parents died when she was very young, before her powers really revealed their entire potentials
  • She had to teach herself how to control them. Tina helpedby supportign her and  letting her experiment with her mind as much as she needed
  • When she was at school, she suffered from chronical insomnia because she just couldn’t shut other people’s brains out
  • When it happened, she would go into Tina’s dormitory and they would talk for as long as was needed
  • Now she’s very good at speaking so softly that no one can hear her if she doesn’t want them to
  • Tina can organise her thoughts so that Queenie will hear them clearly
  • Sometimes she speaks to Queenie through M.A.C.U.S.A. this way
  • Queenie still had lots of sleep issues as an adult but it’s not as bad. However on days she feels poorly she has more trouble keeping control of her powers and NYC can be overwhelming very fast, so she learned spells to isolate the apartment

  • When she entered puberty she could hear men’s thoughts about her body and it terrified her for a while, then she learned how she could use it against them
  • That’s why she teased Jacob at first
  • She knew how sweet he could be, but she also reminded both of them she had to deal with other men before him and she wasn’t just a pretty face he could fantasize about
  • She fell in love with Jacob just minutes later when he stopped thinking about her naked and started imagining her working with him in his bakery, as his friend and his equal and his lover (in this order)

  • Her powers are potentially terrifying, she could break people’s minds if she wanted
  • She doesn’t want it though
  • But she still could
  • That’s why when she takes the decision to go look for Jacob she doesn’t hesitate for a second or even imagine that someone could stop her
  • She’s a force of nature, but really she’s such a nice person that she never becomes a threat to anyone
  • Except if you threaten people she loves
  • One of Tina’s exes-turned-bully from school will have awful nightmares all of their lifes

Other headcanons :



Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them → Credence Barebone confronting Percival Graves

The final wall collapses. Graves is facing Credence, who stares at him, unable to control his fury, his sense of betrayal, his bitterness. Credence’s face begins to contort, his rage tearing him from within.