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The Gold Dress

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We found out yesterday from an old interview with Emily Bett Rickards that Oliver actually bought Felicity the gold dress Felicity wore in the Dodger episode. This is a little fic, Pretty Woman style, on how that came to be. It’s from Felicity’s point of view. On AO3 if you prefer.

“So we are all set for tonight right? I’ll get the jewelry piece and make sure it’s delivered to the auction and you and Digg will meet me there.” Oliver looked down at Felicity who sat in her chair in front of the computers.

“Right, except I’ll monitor things from here. You and Digg will be onsite.” Felicity turned back to her computers.

“No, I want you there.” Oliver stated firmly. “We need to track if the Dodger takes the bait and it would be better if you were on site.”

“I can do my job just fine from here.” She looked back at him over her shoulder. “You will have comms, it will be fine.”

“Felicity what aren’t you telling me? Why don’t you want to go?” He looked at her with such concern.

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hunger pains

bughead fanfiction - one-shot - pointless fluff piece - unbeta’d, forgive errors


“A soulmate is someone who
appreciates your level of weird.”
-Bill Murray

Betty wakes up to the smell of bacon, but upon glancing to the clock at her bedside, she realizes it’s far too early for breakfast. Reaching her hand out, her palm runs over cold sheets, prompting a groan from her lips before she pushes herself up and off the bed.

Rubbing the grit from her eyes, she follows the soft tune of Purple Haze from the kitchen and sees her husband at the stove, oblivious to her presence. Pushing herself up onto the counter, the bare skin of her legs break out in goosebumps at the chilled marble.

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ginny weasley and luna lovegood

do you ever meet someone and all of a sudden everything makes sense?

there’s a reason you took that class and a reason you lost that stuffed animal as a child. or maybe they smile and everything goes away.

all your problems don’t exist and you could care less about the classes you fail because they’re here and they’re happy and you’re happy.

they’re blonde with big blue eyes, and they flinch every time you try to do their makeup and it’s a huge laugh. they’re taller than you even though you like to be taller one and the one in charge but you can’t do much when you have to look up to say hi or get on your tippy toes to give a joking kiss on the cheek if you’re brave enough.

there’s a reason you can’t form a simple sentence when a stranger looks at you the wrong way because you’re too scared they’ll reject you if you say the wrong thing. but sometimes you forget to say anything at all. and they leave you anyways.

but all of their jokes makes sense even when there is no punchline or it’s not supposed to be funny at all yet you just look at each other and you can’t stop laughing. and her laugh makes your whole face go red because it sounds like what you’d imagine heaven to feel like.

there’s a reason you lost your father and a reason she held you in the girl’s dressing room and you cried, smudges of black dripping down your cheeks. she isn’t sure if it’s from mascara or the way you’re feeling.

and shit you go outside to the lake every time she stays at your house over the weekend and right before the sun disappears into the sky there’s this moment where the clouds turn all shades of red, pink, and orange, but somehow, just somehow, she turns gold. because that’s all she is. gold.

but gold ruined your life because it’s the color of carelessness and desperation. the heartbreaking need to see gold on their side of the bed as light flickers in their hair, and you watch curl into the covers as they sleep because it’s 3am why are you awake? why are you so damn distraught over the color gold?

there’s a reason you’re without her. reminding yourself that you’re young and there are other people out there. but there’s a single thought in the back of your mind.

what if there’s no one else?

Alfred: Working out is so hard. Like, we need our rest more than even working. It’s like 45% actual work and 65% rest.

*Ludwig and Arthur exchange a look.*

Arthur: That so? 

Alfred *realizing what he just said*: For… uh, ya know… 110% effort… 

A Fish Fic for (not) Friday

It wasn’t until I went to write that title that I realized I should’ve saved this fic back till tomorrow, but it’s already posted and I am not a patient woman anyway. Oh well! Here is a short West Wing standalone fic about my favorite mystery: what benign force is in charge of Gail’s fishbowl? Personally I still believe it’s magic, but this is a somewhat more mundane explanation. Hope you enjoy! 

“So what’s going on in here?”

Carol jumped at the sudden voice from behind her, water slopping over her fingers as she tightened her grip on the glass bowl. She turned to glare at the interloper, now leaning in the doorway as though he had not a care in the world. “You’re not supposed to be back here, Danny,” she accused. “Margaret’s going to eat you for breakfast.”

“Hey, ease back there, Galatea,” Danny implored, raising his empty hands. “I’ve got a note from the boss, I swear. We’re meeting for lunch.”

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My blog is one year old!

Tumbler let me know recently that my blog is a year old!  I wish I could say something snarky about this blue hole of procrastination, but I’m just really thankful for this awesome fandom and all the wonderful people who make it happen!  So here’s a little something fluffy to celebrate:

Sansa eyed Jon over the top of her wine glass.  He was always a wonderful boyfriend but tonight he’d really outdone himself.  Their one year anniversary had started with flowers, then tickets to the symphony–even though she knew he hated it–and now an incredible dinner.  It was a restaurant she’d been dying to try but could never get a table.  Everything had been amazing, from the food to the wine, of which Sansa had several glasses.  Then there was Jon himself.  He was decked out in a suit and tie.  She couldn’t help but think about pulling his tie down to get at the skin below it.  

“You know Jon, the bathrooms here are like, individual bathrooms.  They’re really private,” she said, finishing her glass and placing it on the table.

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Rosalie doesn’t often play a role in my world because I kind of took her man lmao but gigi hadid is so gorgeous and I thought she would’ve made a beautiful Rosalie so I edited a photo and here it is. I kind of love it.

The thing Bucky likes about elephants in the room is that everyone knows there a problem but no one mentions it. Except Darcy. She always mentions it. 

When Steve’s half of the Avengers had been invited back to the tower to play nice with Stark, Darcy has already been there about two months making herself a staple according to some. She had the majority of the hero’s living there enamored, including Natalia. She already had some sort of spell cast over Barton when they get there. Probably some left over love from Natalia the two assassins were on another plain of existence and he didn’t doubt they shared a conscious. She’d made devastatingly short work of Steve and Sam, feeding and verbally abusing them into friendship, and then she was by his side. 

He had tried to fight her at first, glaring at her, snarling at her, begging Natalia to make her go away, hiding from her. All to no avail. 

“You know Jarvis just tells me where you’re hiding right?” She said conversationally after she opened the janitors closet he was standing stock still in. Bucky gives her a dirty look. “It’s true he’s always watching.” She wiggles her fingers like it should scare him. 

“And?” He rumbled irritated. 

“And I’m his favorite human so he tells me where you’re avoiding me.” She shrugs.”Wanna eat?”  Bucky gives a heavy sigh, If anyone could charm a robot it would be this girl. 

And for the most part having the twenty something tag along isn’t terrible. Until it is. Like the time they’re at team dinner and it’s awkwardly silent and uncomfortable for everyone but Bruce, who’s reading, and Darcy who’s unflappable. 

“So you and Nat used to bang?” Bucky and a third of the other people at the table choke on their food. His eyes water and he coughs strongly, silver hand clenching until he regains the ability to breath. He gives her a wild look but apparently she’s done waiting for him. 

“Was it like sweethearts-going-steady-fifties-making-love? or like mad-hot- assassin-ass-slappin?” She asks Natalia. The team is chucking. Natalia arches a single brow a move that has most cowering with fear.

“Bit of both. He used to take her to the sock hop all the time” Barton deadpans around a mouthful of food. Sam and Steve are practically rolling at their end of the table. It makes Bucky a little uncomfortable Barton answers but Natalia nods.

“Ten out of Ten, would bang again” She says coolly.

Or the time when she signed him up to start for over 50s dating websites. Or the time she pointed out he couldn’t avoid Stark forever. But apparently he could because when she mentioned it at move night Stark had promptly exited the room. Bucky had been enjoying the fact they all avoided talking about the “civil war”. That Tony really really hated him and had only allowed him here as a gift to Steve. She only brought it up after they had gone to get a tune up on his arm and it had just been Bruce with some instructions from Tony. Apparently he wasn’t even persuaded by the tech in his arm. Harsh. This trend continued for the next several days, Tony pointedly leaving anytime Bucky and Darcy entered a room. So Bucky was left feeling like an intrusion and fervently wishing his personal beggar-weed would scram. 

“Will you stop following me?” He whirls around so suddenly that she collides with his chest. His hands grip her upper arms. He just wants to pout in peace and avoid everyone. Especially her and Stark. He gives her a good shake before he realizes he’s done it. “Leave. Me, Be,”  and then he runs away.


He’s sitting in the lobby where it’s loud enough he doesn’t have to think. Doesn’t have to remember that he laid hands on the annoying girl. He laid hands on her, not a relapse, not a brainwashed assassin. Him, Bucky Barnes.  

“Guess Stark was right” He sighs and stands to go. where he hasn’t decided back upstairs to face Darcy and everyone who probably knew by now or out to.. to what?

“Don’t let him hear you say that” A soft voice teases and a coffee is pressed into his hand. It’s Pepper. and beside her Darcy. She gives him a weak smile and waves but doesn’t speak. Which is unheard of for her. “He’s damn near impossible as is” Pepper gives him a warm smile. Bucky struggles for what he hopes is a smile but something catches his eye over he shoulder. and that’s all the warning they get. 

Bucky shoves the two women to either side stepping forward so that the bullet meant for the CEO  slams into his chest. It’s on the right side between some ribs, a fatality for the woman it was meant for. He falls quickly to his knees pain and ringing in his ears. It’s been a while since he’s been shot and he doesn’t remember it hurting exactly like this last time. People are screaming and Pepper is kneeling above him pressing on his wound calling his name loudly. Darcy is standing above them taser in hand and Bucky would laugh if he could find the breath. That dame’s the real hero.

And he passes out.


She’s got her feet propped up on his hospital bed flipping threw a magazine when he wakes up. He just watches her for a moment. The arm nearest him has dark purple bruises he knows are his fault. They look even worse against her pale skin. 

“Tony got you like an all new rib cage. Parts from Romania to match the original” She says without looking up. He struggles to laugh because she makes it sound like he’s a car. “He also did some whiz kid business on your arm while you were asleep to show his undying gratitude for saving his much better half.” She says and Bucky flexes his arm a little to find it does feel smoother. 

“That is not how it happened” A voice buzzes over the PA where Jarvis would normally be. It’s Stark. Bucky gives her a weak smile. 

“And he wants to know if it’s cool if he taps Steve, for America.” She adds. Bucky barks out a laugh and his ribs fucking burn. 

“THAT IS 100 PERCENT FALSE!!!” The billionaire says. “I don’t know how to evict people, but I will have Pepper find out, and you can consider yourself evicted!” He pouts. Darcy smirks and puts down her magazine. 

“I mean yea if your lady doesn’t mind and you can swing him, he’s all yours” Bucky lets his left arm shrug enjoying the finer points on the movement. Definitely an upgrade. “Thanks for being here” He adds to Darcy. 

“No sweat you can make it up to me by letting me bunk with you because I just got evicted by my evil slumlord landlord” She winks at him and Bucky relaxes. If she was upset she would have brought it up. Nothing goes unspoken with her.


Bucky’s ribs are never heal if he keeps laughing like this.

“Told you he’s always watching”


“She’s volatile. Unpredictable. Soft then hard, then soft again.”

Evaluation (tag to The Gold Job)

Note: Sorry followers who are here for sterek, this is Leverage fanfiction! (Don’t worry, we will be back to your usually scheduled programming later tonight with more of It’s Insanity, but…)


 For the record, Hardison is not snooping through Elliot’s things.

 He’s not. He’s learned his lesson with the whole sandwich fiasco of a few months ago. Well, he’s learned that if you want to eat some of Elliot’s food, you really have to plan on doing it when you can frame Nate for the transgression and you have to accept that Elliot will probably see right through that plan and be angry with you for at least three days afterwards.

 (Or less. Last time, Hardison had weaseled back into Elliot’s good graces in only two days. He’d just had to spent twelve hours putting Elliot in another Japanese style commercial.)

 So, back to the moment at hand, he is not snooping. He is merely going through Elliot’s bookshelf because they had somehow ended up in some strange challenge as to who can cook the best pesto and if Hardison were to find Elliot’s recipe, then he could conceivably wind up on top.

 And by recipe, Hardison means grocery list. Because Elliot is much too smart to leave the recipe lying around but one of his strange, provincial qualities is his love of shopping lists (especially when food is involved).

 That’s right- a man who can make a mental map of distance travelled when he is blindfolded in the back of a car still uses grocery lists. It’s adora-

 Funny. Hardison shakes his head for a second. Elliot would beat his ass if he knew there was any part of Hardison that had started describing him with words like “adorable” or “cute.”

 Hardison doesn’t really know why he keeps doing that in his head anyway.

 The point is that Hardison is positive he saw Elliot scribble down a list a few moments after their bet and if he could just find it…

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Pairing: FilixReader

Length: 2,266 words

Based on: “Imagine cuddling with Fili  by the campfire with your head on his chest, listening to his heart.” and “Imagine being held captive by orcs and Fili coming to your rescue.” from imaginexhobbit

A/N: Third part to “In Sickness” and “A Promise”. Also on AO3.

     You had not meant for this to happen, not at all. Then again, it was not as if anything had been going to plan as of late. Had things gone the way you had intended, you would be laying beside your beloved, cradled in his arms as the two of you whispered sweet jokes in each others’ ear, giggling until his brother might burst in, bearing urgent news which would soon prove none too urgent. Not rotting away in some orc’s horde, trapped in a crudely barred cave, stripped of all weapons.

    It was hard to admit, but for a time, you had considered surrendering to death, fully and truly giving in. After all, what was left? You had banished yourself from Erebor, your One apparently gone past your reach, descended into the same madness which had taken his Uncle only shortly before. Dale, too, was not home - Bard had been kind enough, more than he needed to be, and his children had taken to you as well, but the proximity to the Dwarven kingdom proved a constant reminder, particularly during certain diplomatic exchanges. Your king would pass through, both of you awkwardly hiding your eyes from the other. Leaving had been your only choice, honestly.

    Taking to travelling again, consenting to an adventurous instinct once more, you had wandered. At least, until a random night of ambush which found you awakening in a cell. The immediate confusion passing, and acceptance settling in, you began to hope for some miracle, as if calling out in your mind might somehow bring about a solution. However, such feeble attempts lasted not long. Survival kicked in somehow, and your abundant free time found you considering the possibilities.

    This was of no elven quality, after all - the bars might break if given the proper tools, something denied to you. Or, perhaps causing enough ruckus to attract attention, bring one beast close enough to land a hard hit at its face through the bars, search it in hopes of a key. Except that you had already tried that twice, and without luck; you perhaps had only one more chance before your sentries wisened up. The walls and floors, too, you had searched for the possibility of finding anything of even marginal usefulness.

    No such luck.

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Glimmer and Gold

Summary: It’s a bright store, the kind that’s loud to look at and just screams expensive, so of course Vex wants to go inside. And well, they do need more magical items and this store promises all kinds of cool goodies. Glorious ones, if the name is anything to go by.

Vax doesn’t expect to be charmed by the owner. He doesn’t expect the flirting, the winks, the sly smiles. And he certainly doesn’t expect to return them.

Aka: the pre-ship, pre-stream fic we all deserve.

Relationships: Shaun Gilmore/Vax'ildan

Characters: Shaun Gilmore, Vax'ildan (Critical Role), Vex'ahlia (Critical Role), Vox Machina

Additional Tags: Pre-Stream (Critical Role), Fluff, Pre-Relationship, Flirting, winks

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Will you take care of me?

All I Want For Christmas Is You

I don’t want a lot for Christmas
There is just one thing I need
I don’t care about the presents
Underneath the Christmas tree
I just want you for my own
More than you could ever know
Make my wish come true oh
All I want for Christmas is you

Marinette looked at the small Christmas tree in her apartment and sighed. It had been a mistake moving out of her parents’ home just before the holidays. At least there she could be surrounded by loved ones. Instead it was her, Tikki, and her projects. When she first decided to move out it had seemed like the best plan. She was up all night, her parents were bakers and started their day early. Everyone was constantly trying to be quiet for the other and over time it just became tense. Moving out was really the best idea and where she was moving to better still.

That was until Alya got transferred to an office in Munich. Alya’s German wasn’t even that good! Yet her journalism skills had her working for the Associated Press, and they needed her skill and energy there. Nino had joined her less than a week after she’d moved and Marinette couldn’t have been happier for the couple.

That was still okay though. She had her boyfriend at least. Or well, her almost boyfriend. Oh who was she kidding! Her and Adrien were in this weird quasi-relationship thing that needed to be sorted out because they were partners, best friends, and had been tiptoeing on exactly what they wanted to do with their relationship!

She was Ladybug for goodness sakes! She needed to pull up her spotted panties and act like it! Marinette was all ready to get the ball rolling on the conversation of what ‘they’ were, but Adrien had pulled the rug out from under her by saying he was living the country for a while. It wasn’t a bad thing really. Adrien and his father were working on repairing their relationship and when Gabriel said he was going to be in Manila for the next several months to oversee the new line Adrien had volunteered to go with him. It was a good way for him to observe the business side of the fashion company, though of course he would be pulled in for some modeling as well. Adrien didn’t mind any of that though.

Still it was now December and Marinette was feeling a lot more lonesome that she had expected to feel.

I don’t want a lot for Christmas
There is just one thing I need, and I
Don’t care about the presents
Underneath the Christmas tree
I don’t need to hang my stocking
There upon the fireplace
Santa Claus won’t make me happy
With a toy on Christmas day

Marinette was knitting on the couch, Tikki sitting in front of her in a cookie coma. On her laptop Christmas music was playing and the image of a fireplace was keeping her company. It was relaxing knitting, her design sketches forgotten for the moment. She had picked out a particular ball of blue yarn and knew who she would be making a hat for. It had been an age since the truth of Adrien’s first gift from her came to light, but she had never touched on the topic since. Now however as she missed the man with a smile that could light up a room, she felt the urge to make a companion to the scarf that likely needed to be retired.

Soft music, crackling fire, light snoring and the clicking of knitting needles. A peaceful scene for anyone that from the outside would observe it. It was not so peaceful inside Marinette’s mind. The conversation still needed to happen, and with him not being here all the worse case scenarios were playing out in her mind. She didn’t realize she was crying until Tikki’s drowsy voice came to her. “Are you alright Marinette?”

“Hu? Oh, oh yeah Tikki!” Marinette rubbed her face with the heel of her hand. “I’m just cold. I should put some stocking on.”

“Oh, okay,” Tikki said, not sounding convinced as Marinette carefully put her knitting to the side. “Maybe you should play a game,” the kwami suggested pointing to the game system.

In all honesty Marinette didn’t feel much like gaming, but it might be a good distraction. “Okay!”

I just want you for my own
More than you could ever know
Make my wish come true
All I want for Christmas is you

“I’m so glad things are going well there,” Marinette said with all the enthusiasm that she could muster.

“But,” Adrien asked, not missing a beat. That was the disadvantage of knowing each other so well.

Marinette gave a short laugh. “I just miss you, that’s all.”

“I miss you too Marinette,” he said earnestly over the phone.

I won’t ask for much this Christmas
I won’t even wish for snow, and I
I just wanna keep on waiting
Underneath the mistletoe

“Marinette, thank you so much for helping us with the decorations,” Sabine said from the other side of front of the bakery.

Marinette turned her head, having just tapped the nail that put the mistletoe over the doorframe of the front entrance and grinned at her mother, then slowly stepped down. They had waited until the shop was closed for the evening to get all the garland and other decorations out from the storage. It was one of her favorite activities to do during the month. Tom and Sabine had been slowly pulling out the decorations, but today had been the big day for them to make the shop look as Christmasy as possible.

Pulling the ladder away she looked out the door. Tom had finished up putting greenery on the outside of the bakery. “Papa, it looks great out here!”

“Thank you sweetheart,” he said as he came inside, giving her a side hug in the process. “Are you staying for dinner?”

“I,” she paused and looked up as she saw small fluttering white lazily falling from the sky. “I probably should head home. It looks like it might actually stick tonight.”

“That it might. A shame. You could stay the night you know.” Her mother was nodding her agreement and Marinette was tempted.

In the end she shook her head and soon left her family home, for the first time that she could recall hating the snow falling.

I won’t make a list and send it
To the North Pole for Saint Nick
I won’t even stay awake
To hear those magic reindeer click

“Are you making a list Marinette?” Tikki asked, looking over her shoulder.

It was a list of sorts, but not a Christmas list. It was a pro and con list on telling Adrien how she felt. She knew something needed to happen, and she also knew her worries were exaggerated, but with only Tikki to confide in it was hard to think about any of this rationally. So she was making a list and any time she wrote something in the con list she’d go to a second page to write out why she thought it could happen and how likely it was. Because the things she wrote down would not happen with the Adrien she knew. They were by and large a product of her insecurities and imagination. Even if Adrien did not see eye to eye with her, he would never… ‘send a letter to every design house in Europe denouncing her’ or other crazy notions. The list would be burned later that night in the kitchen! Hopefully she would be done with the project before midnight.

Cause I just want you here tonight
Holding on to me so tight
What more can I do
Oh, Baby all I want for Christmas is you

Okay, she had been handling things pretty well, or so she thought, but tonight she went to bed early and cried herself to sleep. The whole day had been one reminder after another of those she was missing. A shirt she thought Alya would like in a store front, a street musician she would have loved to tell Nino about, and all too many things that just reminded her of Adrien. It was pathetic. In the end all she wanted was a hug! Tikki patted her cheek in consolation and that just made her feel more guilty because honestly Tikki was a delight to have around and honest to goodness one of her dearest friends, but she wasn’t human. But it was more than that she realized because even with her parents it just wasn’t the same. Though if she did go to the bakery wanting a hug she would have gotten it and she would have felt better, but she didn’t have the energy for that.

All the lights are shining
So brightly everywhere
And the sound of children's
Laughter fills the air

The day had been bright and sunny, but slowly the sky had darken. Even still there were lights everywhere. This was Paris and one had to hunt for a dark corner in this city even at the best of times. During Christmas it was nearly impossible. The air was crisp and everywhere people were bustling about. As she passed her old neighborhood park she looked at the statue of her and her partner and smiled.

Around the statue were kids playing tag, or parents sitting nearby and watching, or older people bundled up enjoying the fresh air before it got to be truly night. The murmuring of voices and the laughter of children warmed her heart. This was what Ladybug and Chat Noir protected. This was what the holiday season was about. This was one of oh so many things that made her happy.

And everyone is singing
I hear those sleigh bells ringing
Santa won’t you bring me
The one I really need
Won’t you please bring my baby to me quickly

Marinette leaned on her balcony looking out at the city. It was one of the things she couldn’t live without. What was Ladybug without a secure place to swing out from after all? It was impossible not to know it was nearly Christmas by now. Even if her own apartment wasn’t decorated all the sights, the sounds, even the smell of the city told her it was the holidays. In the distance she thought she could hear people singing.

Earlier in the day she had seen a horse and carriage for tourist to ride in. The carriage looked like a sleigh, with the wheels nearly covered and bells on the reigns. It had been the catalyst for her impulse to buy a single golden bell herself. At the moment in the cold of night, looking out at the sky she held it even as she looked up passed the rooftops to the sky, trying to find a star to wish upon. If only there was a way Adrien could come back home sooner.

I don’t want a lot for Christmas
This is all I’m asking for
I just wanna see my baby
Standing right outside my door

It was cold and she knew it was unwise to stay out on the balcony all night. She turned to go back inside and was shutting the door when she heard a soft thump and the darkness she could see though the glass was blacker than Paris ever could be at night. With a gasp she pulled the door back open and there standing before her was Chat Noir.

“Adrien!” she cried out wrapping her around around his neck as she nearly tackled him. The cat themed super hero was ready for such a response and was steady enough on his feet to not stumble back at all, simply wrap his arms around her back. “When? Why? How?”

Adrien chuckled even as he detransformed. “It was my father’s idea,” he said to her, rubbing his cheek to the top of her head. “He suggested a few days ago I ought to come home. At first I thought he didn’t want to spend the holidays with me, but then…”

Marinette pulled back to look at him as he looked down at her. All of the sudden she felt nervous and scared and exhilarated. “Then…?”

Adrien smiled at her. “Then I realized he wanted me to have the best Christmas possible, with you!”

I just want you for my own
More than you could ever know
Make my wish come true
Baby all I want for Christmas is you

The kwami’s were cuddled up together in the black and green stocking that was nailed to the wall near the Christmas tree. While the two humans were doing the same on the couch with a large blanket covering the both of them. Adrien was wearing his new stocking hat, and Marinette was now properly wearing the bell she had bought. On the laptop screen was an old Christmas movie there were not watching.

“Do you think anyone would understand?” Adrien asked in a groggy voice, a near whisper in her ear.

Marinette shook her head slightly. “No, but when has anyone really understood us? Our relationship is just that, ours.”

“Agreed, just we will have people asking questions.” Adrien was doing his best to stay awake Marinette could tell.

“I don’t know, we can try explaining it to the important people. Alya, Nino, our parents. As for the rest of the world…?” She shrugged.

“Just as long as you’re okay with people making assumptions,” Adrien said, obviously not pleased with that himself.

Marinette sat up a little bit and turned to look Adrien in the eyes. “I won’t be okay, but I also have better things to worry about. Let them think we’re a couple, in a way we are. If they want to believe we’re engaged or whatever so be it. You know, and I know what our relationship is now and that’s all that matters.”

All I want for Christmas is you, baby

“Partners in life, no matter how unconventional the world sees our relationship.”

“It might be queer.”

“It might be platonic.”

“But it’s our partnership.”