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Reasons to read my Noragami x Harry Potter AU

  • It’s Harry Potter everyone loves Harry Potter
  • Pureblood Slytherin Yato and Muggle Gryffindor Hiyori romance
  • Gryffindor Bishamon and Ravenclaw Kazuma romance
  • Hufflepuff Yukine and Suzuha romance
  • Slytherin Yato and Hufflepuff Yukine friendship
  • Gryffindor Hiyori/Bishamon friendship
  • Constant Yato fails
  • Daikoku and Kofuku as that Gross Teacher Couple
  • Kofuku as a potions teacher I mean what could go wrong
  • Takemika and Kiun also work at Hogwarts and the Tsundere is real
  • Hippogriff keeper Yato
  • Yato, Bishamon and Kazuma as their houses Quidditch Seekers
  • Making fun of Yukine’s height
  • Yato being a dork when teaching Hiyori stuff
  • Yato being Extra™
  • Tragic Past™ 
  • I’m not holding back on killing 17 characters 
  • So much planning, I’ve been working on this since September 
  • Lots of details like wands, patronus, houses, blood-type, teachers
  • Scenes from actual series included coughtrollscenecough 
  • It’s going to be a longass slow burn fic
  • I mean seriously I’m covering all 7 books this will be a slow burn
  • A N G S T
  • I’ve been coerced into writing fluff too so that’s nice *coughyuleballcough*
  • Multiple characters giving no fucks
  • Sass
  • P A R A L E L L S
  • I solemnly swear I will update every month (pretty much when I need to give someone a birthday present which is at least once a month)
  • Art work from my queens @eerna @paperypiper and @skyheaven1231
  • An AU of my AU by my queen @scarfblogs
  • I also try to draw stuff but that’s not important 
  • #spon
Where are you going, Viktor?

I meant to follow up my post about the happy bits of chapter 2 of OBSABH with… a post about the angsty bits. And I do want to, and I intend to, but then I couldn’t do it.  Not yet anyway.  It’s all just too sad.  So I ended up redirecting my thoughts to a different matter, one which I’m sure is not far from anyone’s mind… where is Viktor going when he leaves his hotel room in chapter 9 and gets jumped by Yuuri

So on a more lighthearted note… in no particular order here’s my list of 20 places Viktor Nikiforov might have be going to on that fateful night (and it is fateful.  If he’d left two minutes earlier or later, things would have been so different):

(I have put a cut here again because it ended up being long)

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Happy belated birthday, @ravnesque!! Hope you’ve had an amazing day yesterday! Sorry that this is late, and also that it’s also probably such a mess with grammar and all, but I just wanted to give you something for your b-day ahh!! I’ll probably have to read it through later aka. when it’s not late at night haha, but yeah, hope you like this!! <3 <3

(Also just general disclaimer: I have no idea how much a manga costs in Euros/in France, but according to my quick research, I think 18-20 Euros is correct for two manga? Idk please correct me if anyone knows x3)

The bell chimed as a customer arrived, and, looking up from her book with a friendly smile, Marinette greeted the new customer. “Hello! Is there anything you’re looking for?”

The customer seemed startled at having been noticed so fast, and mumbled something akin to “I’m just looking” as he continued further into the shop. He was clad in a hoodie and wore large sunglasses. The typical celebrity disguise from movies and anime. Marinette resisted the urge to raise an eyebrow, but instead continued with her book.

After a minute or two, the stranger was back. “You wouldn’t happen to have any comics, would you?” The timid mumble from earlier was completely gone. Now his voice, while quite dark and suave, sounded somewhat fake. Yet at the same time, it also sounded strangely familiar.

“Sure! They’re in the back, there’s an entire wall covered in comics and manga there, shouldn’t be hard to find,” Marinette grinned, pointing between some shelves to the back of the store.

The stranger seemed a bit taken aback, and blushed. “Thank you, kind lady,” he said in the same suave, voice, doing a small bow in thanks as he disappeared into the back again.

Now that Marinette thought about it, something about the stranger in general seemed familiar. Was it maybe someone she knew? No, nobody she knew went around dressed like that. Or talked in such a way for that matter. Maybe someone from TV then? Despite the size of their store, there were actually several celebrities who came to there quite regularly. Then again, they all tended to act naturally, unlike this young man.

She heard a small gasp, and leaned to the left to see between the bookshelves at her newest customer. It seemed he had finally found the back row of comics and manga, which he seemed quite ecstatic about. She heard something that sounded akin to hushed gushing coming from the stranger and couldn’t help but smile. There was a reason why their book store was one of the favorites in Paris.

“You have the newest volumes of Yona of the dawn!!” The stranger was suddenly in front of her again, fake voice forgotten in his excitement. Marinette was almost certain that if this stranger had had a tail, he’d have wagged it back and forth in excitement.

Marinette giggled. “Yes, we get all the manga faster than the other book stores because of my family.”

“Woah, and yet I never knew about this place until today,” the stranger said, astonished. Then, it seemed as if he remembered something, and he coughed rather awkwardly. “Uh… I’ll take these then,” the fake voice was back, to Marinette’s continued amusement.

“Alright then, that’ll be 18 euros, please,” Marinette said, not able to hide her smile at the changing behavior of her customer. He blushed again as he paid, staring intently down at the bank terminal. Putting his two books into a plastic bag, Marinette held it out for him to take.

“Thanks,” he mumbled, awkwardly putting away his wallet before taking the bag. He was about to walk over to the door, but seemed hesitant. The fake act seemed to have disappeared once again. “Do you.. mind if I stay a little longer? Someone was following me, which is why I came in here in the first place…”

“Sure, this is a book store after all, look around for as long as you want,” Marinette smiled gently. She knew that that was how the celebrities that were now regulars had found their store as well. “Oh, there’s also a small reading room with some couches out that door,” Marinette pointed to a door to her left. “If you want, you can read your manga there, then leave later.”

“Really?” Marinette nodded. “Wow, that’s really nice. Thank you! A book store with a reading room…A bit weird but at the same time really fitting,” he mumbled the last part to himself as he walked over to the door and disappeared inside.

Marinette couldn’t help but look after him as her weird, but cute, customer walked away. There was this familiar feeling hanging over it all, but Marinette still couldn’t quite figure out just where she knew him from.

Several customers came and left; some of them were new faces to Marinette, other were old regulars which she happily chatted away with as they looked over what new books had arrived or which book they wanted to read. After an hour had passed, Marinette finally decided that she had to go and check up on the customer from earlier. Walking into the small reading room, she found him splayed on one of the couches, face resting on top of one of the new manga he’d bought earlier. The hoodie had slid halfway off his head to reveal messy blonde locks and a young face with dark circles underneath his eyes.

Marinette instantly recognized him, almost giving a little squeal as she did so, but stopped herself. He seemed worn out, so instead she left the room again and said to any customer who asked about it that the reading room was closed for the day. This was nothing new as they had let people use it several times before, both celebrities and regular people who needed a nap or some peace. Her father called it their safe haven, and had said that it was just as important for them to use as it was for them to share it with other people. Marinette had used it once herself, but usually just used her room instead as that was just as quiet and secluded.

Half an hour later, the new customer came outside again, yawning as pulled the hoodie over his head again. The sunglasses were already in place, hiding whatever grogginess his eyes might have displayed.

“Sleep well?” Marinette couldn’t help but ask when she saw him, which once again made him blush.

“Yeah, sorry about that. I didn’t mean to fall asleep in your reading room,” he shuffled his feet, looking away from her gaze.

“Don’t worry about it, you’re not the first one,” Marinette smiled, hoping that he might feel a little more at ease knowing that. “Also, if you want to, you can come back here again and have a nap. We don’t mind.”

The stranger turned his head towards her again. “But you don’t know me. Why would you let a stranger sleep on one of your couches like that? I could steal something!”

“No, you couldn’t,” Marinette found herself saying, somehow knowing that this stranger wouldn’t do anything to harm her. Well, except maybe accidentally knocking a bookshelf over in his excitement. “And excuse me for saying this, but it really looked like you needed that nap, so feel free to come again at any time, Mr. Agreste.”

The stranger, Adrien Agreste, already a famous music artist despite his young age, looked astonished at her. “I’m sorry, when I went to check on you, your sun glasses had slid off, so I recognized you,” Marinette quickly apologized, a smile playing on her lips. “Though if I might say so, I don’t think the ‘movie celebrity disguise’ works, at least not for sleeping on couches.”

Adrien Agreste was quiet for a moment, and Marinette wondered if she might have gone too far, but then he chuckled. “I guess you’re right, maybe I should use swimming goggles next time.”

“Please don’t,” Marinette laughed as well. “Then the disguise definitely wouldn’t work.” They both laughed. “But, as I said, feel free to come by if you need a breather or a nap. We always have some room to spare if you need it.”

Adrien removed his sunglasses. “What’s your name?”


“Thank you, Marinette, that is really kind of you. I really appreciate it,” Adrien said and smiled, which in turn made Marinette blush.

“N-no problem!” Marinette stuttered.

“We’ll meet again then, my lady,” Adrien said, still smiling, as he put on his sunglasses and turned to the door.

“Have a n-nice day,” Marinette said automatically, still blushing. When he was out the door, Marinette sat down on the chair behind the counter. Weirdly enough, she was used to deal with celebrities, just not celebrities at her own age. And it seemed Alya was right about him, for once, he actually was even cuter up close.

When a long fanfic is tagged your OTP but the endgame is your NOTP and you don't find out till the last couple chapters cus it wasn't tagged.


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Post-Modern Handholding

a/n: just a short one ‘cause I watch PMP too many times and had to do it … in other news, because of this, I’m going to be late for work and I just don’t care :)


‘Walking in Memphis’ thrummed in her ears, the words echoing through her brain as her foot shook in rhythm and her fingers tapped the table. Looking from Cher on stage to the dancing, happy figure in front of her, she couldn’t help but smile, her face lighting up enough to rival the spotlights sweeping the crowd.

Mulder, enjoying their surreal world for the moment, discarded his trepidation at fucking with the universe and reached across the table, slipping his hand swiftly under hers, palm meeting palm, fingers sliding under her skin and against table to surprise her, confuse her as to why one beat she was touching cheap Formica, then next, calloused Mulder hand.

But the look she gave him made him giddy – honest-to-God giddy – the oddest jump in his inhale making his grin spread wide, involuntary muscle contraction making for what could possibly have been the goofiest expression in the history of the world, one that told every other living soul in the building that he couldn’t be more happy if he tried.

Cher may have thought he was smiling because of her singing, her performance, but Mulder, in great seriousness, couldn’t have cared less who she was at the moment.

He was holding Scully’s hand.

And there was absolutely no reason to stop.


If he could help it.

Then, he wasn’t holding it anymore, instead helping their suspect stand, move towards his idol, approach his unapproachable. Hanging one second out in the open, Mulder realized his own unapproachable was within heartbeat’s distance and hanging his head in seventh-grade boy fear, he extended his hand in her direction, letting his demeanor ask her what his mouth hadn’t yet formed.

And then she reached and stood and moved and leaned and my God, gave him a smile to last the ages, burned into every part of him, eyes, brain, soul, fabric of space and time … pressed against him, hand in hand, hand on shoulder, hand on side …

Hand itching to pull her closer than physics allowed but settling for material against material, promise of flesh on flesh a mere planted grain of an idea in the unconscious mind of one Fox Mulder …

As well as one Dana Scully.

He could have danced with her forever and a day but, as with all great things, eventually, the end arrived and Cher finished her set and they loaded their euphoric criminal back in the car. The steady stream of appreciation and thanks bubbling forth made Mulder laugh, telling him one last time that it was the way the story was supposed to end and he was happy to have been a part of it … they were happy to be a part of it.

Finally quieting as they pulled back onto the long, dark road, Scully noticed a few minutes later that their ‘monster’ was sound asleep in the back seat, curled on the cracked vinyl, arm cushioning what the cheap foam did not. Turning her eyes in Mulder’s direction, she cocked her head for a second, wondering if it would be wrong to ask him to dance with her again someday, to hold her like he had, make her feel like she did.

Reaching over, she removed his right hand from the wheel and laced her fingers with his, settling the twined set of them on the console between, where she could see it and he could see it and she could hope that, one day, he’d remember swaying with her in time to the music on a warm, spring night in the middle of nowhere.

Mulder gently squeezed her fingers, hoping that was answer enough that he would remember forever.

And a day.

Lay With Me


In which Clarke Griffin is sick, tired, and makes a joke about needing a body pillow (the body pillow she’s referring to is Bellamy, FYI).

Please read below the cut and reblog, giving any feedback/constructive criticism you can think of! I’m new to this sort of thing so I’d really appreciate it! :-)

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Cliffs Edge ch9

thanks to @luckiedee​, I finally did the thing.


Prior to their departure from the hotel, Kent’s first act of business is to Google something on his phone. He won’t let Alexei see what it is.

“Fuck yes!” Kent exclaims. When he looks up from the screen, he’s grinning. “Okay, we’ve got some hours to kill. Will you be warm enough walking around outside in just a shirt and jacket? Even at night? It gets cold up here.”

Alexei looks down at himself. “I’m Russian.”

“Yeah, and I play ice hockey and grew up in New York, and I can’t fucking stand the cold. That’s why I’ve got three layers on and I’m grabbing a jacket before we go.” Kent gets up from his chair. “So?”

Alexei gets up, too. “I’m okay. It’s warm jacket. Where we go at night?”

“That’s for me to know and you to find out.” Kent goes to his closet to fish out the aforementioned jacket, which he ties around his waist like it’s 1995. Alexei would chirp him but it’s too fucking cute.

Kent heads for the door but Alexei hangs back, looking around the room. It was mildly messy when they came in but now it’s kind of disastrous, with the beds further rumpled from people sitting on their edges and all the available trashcans filled up with leavings. The delivery bags have been rolled up and stuffed inside each other, along with the discarded pie and quiche tins.

“Housekeeping will get it,” Kent says.

Alexei still cringes at the mess, but he goes with Kent, who checks for his keycard before closing the door behind them.

Outside the hotel, all is quiet. Alexei doesn’t see anyone with cameras hanging out in wait.

“Probably stalking the Falconers,” Kent says, and hails a taxi.

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Dean is in one of those moods. He’s fidgety and noisy and goddammit, Sam feels like living with a giant, wild five-years-old who is super high on sugar and won’t calm down until he got what he wanted. He honestly can’t stand it for too long, and for a few minutes Sam considers taking his big brother to a daycare or something– that would make him shut up or at least hurt his pride a bit.

It’s a sweet option, but Sam is busy, cataloging one of the storage rooms Dean should’ve taken care of months ago. It’s a wonder they’re not dead yet with so many supernatural crap laying around.

“Sammy, come on.”

“Dean, I’m busy–” Sam sighs, pushing a cursed, now harmless box aside. “You know, doing what you were supposed to do. We can go out later or whatever.”

Dean suddenly quiets down. It’s a small blessing and Sam can’t help but wonder for how long he’ll have some silence. Knowing his brother, it won’t be long enough–


What, Dean?”

“You sexy.” Sam knows what’s coming but he yelps in surprise anyway at the strong hand slapping his ass. “I’m way more interesting than this old crap.”

“This old crap can kill you in your sleep, and so can I. Hands off.”

“Love is so cruel.”

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Well, Dirk’s Moving Castle is now on ao3! Yay. I’ve been meaning to do this for some time now. I’m still going to post new chapters here but also over on ao3 now so yeah. You can find me as babyawkwardturtles on ao3. Here’s a link to my story on that site. Sorry that my ao3 is really bare right now sinceineverusedao3beforetillnow.

no seriously, i’ve fooled around with ao3 just to figure out how to use it. Herpderp it’s much more specific than ff. I’m learning though.

Anyway yeah, every time I update, I’ll post the new chapter and tell you guys here on my tumblr, alright? Yay. I think that’s the general drill of these things work…? Oh well.

After this request I’m taking a break.

I’m not happy with a lot of stuff so I’m stopping doing requests and fanfic for a while. I don’t know how long I’ll be on hiatus and I thank you all for being so patient with me before today but I just can’t do this anymore.

Sorry to everyone’s requests I didn’t get to. I still have them so maybe at some point I’ll write them. It’s just a bit much for me right now.

I hope you can understand and I thank you for your time


A/N: I apologize for the crappyness but I just came from Hong Kong to Brasil so a 49 hour travel from door to door. I chickened out of the one I intended to do and I mentioned before, I will try to put up a birthday special for our dear Simon Snow but I have a lot of family to see so the updates might slow down. Either way,enjoy!

Daphene had invited Simon and I to go camping along with my siblings and father, I was hesitant to agree at first as I didn’t know how Simon would react but once I talked to him he was all for it saying he had never been camping and it’d be a great idea to get to know my family more. So Simon and I went camping along with my family.

Mordelia and (Baz’s other sibling names) seem to be quiet fond of Simon, hanging of his wings and tugging his tail as we hiked up to the camping site. He looked like he was having just as much fun as they were he was laughing and smiling, I couldn’t help but admire him, trees creating shadows in his face as the sun shine through to his skin and his eyes were so vibrant. I was brought out of my thoughts by my father “Basilton, are you sure it’s…wise to bring along Simon Snow? Especially with those wings he has” I sighed my father still chooses to ignore the fact that I’m queer therefore he’s always complaining about Snow, as if he were a friend he’d prefer I stayed away from “Father we’ve already discussed this, Simon’s wings and tail  have been charmed so normals won’t see them.” I call him Simon in front of my father just to piss him off really, but I wasn’t lying Bunce had found a spell that makes normals simply overlook his wings only seeing him as a boy while mages see the truth.
Once we arrived at the site, Snow seemed out of breath and the little ones were laughing as for them who do this on eve a month, it was. nothing more then a walk on the park. “Baz… What do we do now?” I suppressed a laugh at his state.

I’m not fucking fit, I never really was. Sure I could swing a sword for hours and run like hell is I needed to in a fight, but that was it all the things that would make me ‘fit’ was just adrenaline and the need to stay alive. Therefore I was heaving an panting by the time we got to the site, the little kids laughed and when I asked Baz what to do next I could see he was trying not to laugh as well before he answered “We build the tents of course” as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. I mean maybe it was for someone who has been camping before and knows what the fuck they’re doing. Either way Baz chose a spot for his and mine tent and threw me a bag in which I guessed contained the tent. I got it out of the bag and looked at the complicated pieces, how the fuck is this suppose to end up somewhat like a living space? This time I really did hear Baz laugh and I would’ve glared if his laugh wasn’t so adorable and if his father wasn’t watching of course. He walked over to me hugging me from behind, as he laughs in my ear I couldn’t help but smile. Baz loves doing gay stuff in front of his father which usually means the whole family as well but I don’t mind, the little kids giggle while Daphene pretends to be busy his father glares. “Simon, go get the sleeping mats and other things to set up inside while I put the tent up” I didn’t have to be told twice I got our bags which we had left near the circle of rocks which I was told was for the campfire. Baz had chosen a clearing al little further from the others more into the trees, I guessed it was because it’d be easier for him to hunt or he just wanted to be further away. By the time I dropped the bags the tent was up and Baz was already helping me take in the stuff. It was a three or four person tent so we not only had space for ourselves but my wings would t need to be as cramped up.
At night we had a campfire, Baz was hunting so I was left alone with his family meaning I busied myself entirely with the kids trying to avoid his fathers glare at all costs. Baz arrived just in time for marshmallows. “Who wants to hear a scary story?” He asked taking his seat next to me, the kids raised their hands faster than lightening all screaming ‘I do’ over and over as if it’d make a difference “long ago in these exact woods lived an old lady along with her two grandchildren. Mia and Lilly, identical twins loved to help their grandma get her food -” Baz was interrupted by one of his sibling (I think his name was jack) “Boring!” I wasn’t surprised when Baz sneered and with a stern voice replied “wait.” Before continuing with the story “they would go out into the woods looking for campers anyone really, they would go up to these people put on pouty faces and ask 'Please help us we’re hungry and need to eat’ now who would decline food to two lost and starving 8 year olds so when they said their yeses the two would show their true selves. Long silver claws, and scaly green skin with long pearly white fangs ready to attack, they would then jump ripping the poor people to shreds. They’d take the shreds to their sweet grandma who’s probably already boiling the water as we speak” there was a silence before Baz made a loud hissing noise while baring his fangs. Me, the kids and Daphene all jumped while his father merely flinched, I slapped Baz on the arm as he laughed at our reactions.
I helped clear up and said good night to everyone before reassigning to my tent.
I tried and I tried to sleep but I just couldn’t, there was something wrong, after an hour I figured it out. It was to quiet, I was raised in the city where it was never really quite and even at Watford I could still here the merewolves and naiads, after another bit of thought I got up and went to Baz’s tent “hey, hey Baz. Are you awake?” I whisper asked “what is it Snow?” He groaned sitting up, his hair was messy and his eyes only half open “I-I can’t sleep” I mumbled, he sighed “Snow the horror story was fake there’s nothing to wo-” “No, no, no. It’s not that… it’s just…it-it’s too quiet” he gave me a confused and I was about to just give up when he called me back “Simon. Come here, you can sleep here for tonight tomorrow we can figure something out” I nodded crawling in beside him and snuggling up to him, he put his chin in my hair and wrapped his arms around me, “thank you” I whispered before falling asleep to the familiar sound of Baz breathing and the comfort of his arms.


post-reveal adrienette hurt/comfort???

He’s awkward and he can’t stop wiping his palms on his pants, but he knows too much time has passed (and one of them has to break sooner rather than later).

After all, it’s been two weeks now.

She’s shifting uncomfortably on her feet in front of him and he can’t stand what’s happened between them, can’t stand how him being there makes her so uncomfortable.

Gosh, he feels like such a jerk for showing up at her home uninvited.

“Uh,” he says intelligibly.

Come on, man–Speak words!

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