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It’s finally here! Full pic plus already cropped one

Feel free to edit just don’t forget to credit

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No disrespect to the creator of the show “Samurai Jack” but I really felt like the Jashi kiss could have been a little better made. So I thought I would quickly edit the kiss myself to make it a little less weird looking. I do not normally like to alter an original screenshot and just prefer to appreciate it the way it is. Please take no offense to this because it is never my intention to make anybody angry with me, especially the creator himself. But overall I have always been a big fan since I was a youngin’ of Tartakovsky’s lineless animations & artworks and will always continue to be.

Although there has been hate going on lately since the last episode, I hope the SJ fandom likes this anyway. Feel free to use if you like, no credit needed. All I ask is to just leave my watermark alone please. :)

[Characters + show belong to Genndy Tartakovsky]

[[Let Jack & Ashi be happy people!]]


LR - beautiful Liar ( L and Raito Version )  ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Seriously, i’m really like this song. You can see this music video in HERE . 
just really want  to draw this, because their look like Raito and L, and they are a liar  ✧


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