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Ok, but imagine this...

(say this happens sometime after keith joins the group again)

Lance and Hunk are talking about love advice and feelings again, and at the end Hunk just goes “Man, it must be a lot, loving someone. Being in love.” And Keith just happens to be nearby and hears what Hunk says, and scoffs, “Aren’t they the same? Why does there have to be two different terms for the same thing?”

Lance then butts in and says “Uhhh no? They’re completely different and the difference matters.” Then this hopeless romantic gets all passionate and probably says something along the lines of: “Anyone can say they love something or someone, it’s a choice. But being in love isn’t something you can easily control. Sometimes you fall in love for the silliest and most random reasons and you can’t see beyond reason because, well, you’re in love. It’s senseless, it’s weird and you never know who it will be. Sometimes you don’t even realise you’ve fallen in love until you’ve reached the very bottom.” But even after his passionate little speech, and Hunk’s knowing look, Keith, this clueless, clueless boy, just shrugs and says he still doesn’t get why there has to be a difference between the two. But then Lance goes, “You never know mullet, it could be important one day ;)”

It isn’t until later after the team comes back from a tiring mission, that someone cracks a joke or does something to lighten the mood and Lance just laughs, head thrown back, brilliant blue eyes sparkling and smiles wide. Keith then kinda stops, stares and just goes “…oh.” Hunk, noticing his friend go still next to him, asks what’s wrong. And Keith, with the most fondest fucking look on his face (you know, that look), not once taking his eyes off Lance, says quietly, “I think I get it now. I think I get the difference.”

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Hey I love your art, any chance you still do Fairy Tail fan art- I like your interpretation of the characters. Just wondering

not affirmative i will post more ft, but yah know,,,i still love mah girl.


Lucas: “Just… stay away from him, [Y/N]. He’s a shithead. Don’t give yourself a headache.”
You: “Hey, watch your language, young man. And fine, I’ll stay away from the jerk.”
Stranger Things
Lucas Sinclair | Billy Hargrove


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I claim no credit for the gifs. All credit goes to their wonderful owners and creators. xx


You don’t have to hold the world in your hands,
You’ve already shown me that you can.

(V belated) haps to the amazing fic writer, the Lance to my Keith, @skullnar 
Some angsty comfort nalu for you Enzo, we all know this is your fave! (15.10.16)

An Iron Grip- Chapter 1

I posted about having this Gajevy fic that’s been sitting in my computer for a few years and thanks to all the encouragement I’ve decided to finally start posting it- all in all its about 40 chapters long give or take a bit; I’m going to update about 3 times a week with a new chapter so you guys dont have to wait too long :) This is my first fic so i’d appreciate some constructive criticism <3

Pairing: Gajevy

Words: 3,045

Will update every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday :)

Summary: There is no magic. There is no wizards or dragons, that was all just make believe- or so Levy had been told. Her world is turned upside down when a dark guild comes after her, searching for a rare book, and everything she thinks she knows turns out to be wrong. Unwillingly thrust into a dark hidden underbelly of Magnolia city she must trust an unlikely band of misfits, a magic guild called Fairy Tail. Will Levy cave under the pressure or will she grow to be more than she every thought she would be and make some new friends along the way?

Chapter 2. Chapter 3. 


         The world swirled around Levy, black and white flashing ever faster. She was falling and falling fast. There wasn’t even enough time for her to scream; the air was sucked out of her lungs as the air cut past her. The fall seemed like forever even though she was sure realistically it was only a few seconds. But everything slowed. She’d hit the ground soon, she was sure of that too. The ground was hard concrete, unforgiving and cold. And she was just so so small. She wouldn’t stand a chance in hell against it. Levy squeezed her eyes shut and let herself fall. There was nothing she could do but wait for the floor to meet her. This was it. This was how she was going to go- alone and weak. This was it.

   'I’m so sorry Gajeel, I’m sorry I couldn’t help you’ she thought to herself.

   And then everything stopped.

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Yo but just imagine if bts and seventeen had a collaboration

The vocal line (Jin, Jungkook, Jimin, V) with the vocal unit (Junghan, Joshua, Woozi, Seungkwan, DK)

The dancers (Jhope, Jungkook, Jimin) with the performance unit (Dino, THE8, Hoshi, Jun)

And the rap line (Jhope, Rap Monster, Suga) with the hip hop unit (Wonwoo, Mingyu, Vernon, Scoups)

With Woozi and Suga composing this masterpiece

this past year I have started saying “bro” a lot. it started out as a joke, however now it has become part of my daily vocab. it has gotten so bad that I have started saying it at work. now that would be all fine and dandy if I still worked at my old job at JCPenneys, however I am now employed as a full-time CNA at a nursing home where I told a 93 year old woman who was hitting me to “please chill out, bro”.


Summary: [based on the book/film ‘Tuck Everlasting’ with a few major changes] 
Set in 1914. After finding out she’s going to be sent away to boarding school, sixteen year old Riley Matthews runs away into the forest where she meets a young man who warns her about drinking from the spring water. 
Word Count: 3,860

❀   ❀   ❀   ❀

“Why do I not hear any music?” Riley’s mother called from the other room. With a slight roll of the eye she sits herself at the bench of the piano, allowing her fingers to delicately dance around the ivory keys. She was never one for playing instruments.  

That all started with her mother. She was set on her children having musical knowledge, since she never had the opportunity to take lessons when she was growing up.  

So, when Riley was 6, she started playing violin. However, she spent more time trying to plunk out the violin sheet music on the old piano in their living room than she did actually practicing the violin. Her mother then decided piano would be a more suitable fit for the rambunctious child.  

Riley certainly liked the sound of music, it was the tedious, unimaginative lessons she hated the most. Her instructor would make her play the same melancholy songs over and over again, which by now she was sure she could play those songs in her sleep.  

A half an hour goes by and she reaches the point in her playing where her mother usually tells her to ‘start over’ or to 'play like you love it’ but there’s nothing but silence as the tune comes to an end.  

Curious as to what is going on, the brunette rises from her seat, slowly inching her way out of the room to find an empty kitchen. She walks further in and sees her parents whispering to each other on the other side of the hallway. When her mother notices her hovering by the doorway, she shoots Riley a glare and points in the direction of the piano room, instructing her to leave.

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