my fandom blends

For real though, the day that Magnus Bane realises he’s met *the* Merlin is the best and most embarrassing day of his entire life.

I can just imagine Magnus meeting this gangly British guy on the streets of New York. He seems a little lost and confused, and Magnus, feeling sorry for him, decides to buy him a coffee. He soon finds out that the guy is a warlock, that he goes by the name Merlin (it’s not all that uncommon for warlocks to adopt the name so he doesn’t think much of it) and that he has no idea why, but he feels like he needs to be in New York for some reason so he portalled there without thinking through the logistics. Magnus instinctively trusts him, offers him his spare room and they become fast friends.

It’s only a few weeks later at Pandemonium that the realisation dawns on him.

Magnus and Merlin, distracted from their drinks by a disturbance on the other side of the dancefloor, rush over to help a small group of Shadowhunters who are trying to take down a sizeable pack of demons. It takes a few moments and some really impressive magic from Merlin, but they eventually manage to get the situation under control.

Magnus is temporarily distracted by the tall dark-haired Shadowhunter hovering near the a back of the group, but turns around quickly when one of the Shadowhunters introduces himself as ‘Arthur Pendragon’. When Magnus sees the look of recognition dawn across his and Merlin’s faces, suddenly everything makes sense and he cringes as he realises that he’s spent the last week or so making the oldest and most powerful warlock who’s ever lived watch reruns of RuPaul’s Drag Race with him.


”Today, I’ll teach you cool poses 1 to 89 that you can use in diplomacy!
Listen up. By assuming cool diplomatic poses, people get charmed by me and then I have the advantage and-”



So it’s taken me a long time to get around to this (every part of this, actually, not just posting about it) but I am so obsessed with Adagio fandom tea.  I found out about it from tinybro who is absolutely awesome and designed the tea on the right and the one in the tin.  (The two on the left were done by me.)  I’ve wanted to get the Son of Hades and Daughter of Aphrodite blends since I found them and let me tell you they did not disappoint!  I’ve only tried the first one, which I think is great with dinner or as a daytime tea, but I can’t wait to try the second one tomorrow.  It smells heavenly~!

Now, as for the ones I made … funny story.  I wanted to do a blend for my mother who adores herbal tropical teas, so I wound up calling it Calypso’s Island just because that’s what sprang to mind.  Then, I asked my dad what he might want since it was his birthday a while back.  He said spicy cinnamon, and I couldn’t resist doing a Heroes of Olympus ship.  I didn’t mean to do the same fandom as you tinybro, I swear I didn’t, but now I can’t stop myself. XD  If I manage to get enough points for another bag, I’m going to try out a Will Solace inspired blend, yum.

So, once these have both been taste tested I’ll make them available for anyone who wants to buy them either in the bag or in one of those epic tins.  Probably tomorrow, and I’ll post/link when that happens.  I adjusted the Dragon Fire blend since I felt it was a little too smoky, but that’s really only altering the scent.  The taste was very nice, great with cookies. :3  Never fear about the packaging, it printed up darker than I’d expected so I lightened up the text and it should be much more readable now.  I, uh, know I should probably try and get the word out somehow  …. like with tags on tumblr …. b-but I’m shy and that scares me. o_o