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Unexpected turn (1370 words) by Frullama [AO3]

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist - All Media Types
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Edvy, Edward Elric/Envy
Characters: Edward Elric, Alphonse Elric, Envy #Fullmetal Alchemist#
Additional Tags: Short, Drabble, What could of been, I love these two losers, Fluff, Envy!Whump, hurt comfort

It was pushing ten pm when there was a knock on the door. It was less of a knock and more of a dull thud, like a cabbage hitting a wall. Edward marked the page in his book and placed it to the side, cautiously sliding off the ratty couch towards the door. They weren’t expecting anyone at their room, and it was awfully late for hotel workers to come calling. He pushed the dead lock back but left the security chain connected as he eased the door open a sliver. Ed’s heart leapt as the door suddenly bared a weight that had the chain pulled taught. The only reason he didn’t immediately drop into a defensive stance was he could see a figure leaning against the door outside. The unmistakable long green hair was a dead giveaway.

LawLu Drabble: Post-Dressrosa

The tension was thick in the surgeon’s perception as he looked around at the crew that was delivering him towards his crew, having finally destroyed the factory.  Unfortunately he was apparently the only one suffering under the weight of atmosphere.  The Strawhats’ were acting like they hadn’t just barely escaped being annihilated in the past few days on more than one occasion.  They seemed to have mastered the whole living on the suicidal whim of an (so far) invulnerable rubber mad man, where as Law was left completely breathless.  And angry too.

“I didn’t ask you to save me."  Law said finally, cutting across the chatter that had been flitting across the kitchen table.  "You should of left me.  I dissolved the alliance to ensure that you all wouldn’t get dragged down with me.  You were too careless Luffy-ya.  Next time you’re likely to get yourself killed.”

Nami who was to his right frowned at him, “Hey, shouldn’t you be more grateful?  Luffy risked his life for you!"  She waved her fork in her Captain’s direction, who seemed to be obliviously stuffing his face with the fried fish Sanji had placed before him.

Law shook his head and scowled.  "I’m criticizing Luffy’s tactics as a Captain.  He didn’t just risk his life needlessly, he also risked all of yours.  It has nothing to do with me anyway, besides that I didn’t even ask him to.  His commitments should be to you all before me, anyway.”

Zoro ‘hmmmed’ appreciatively at that statement from Law’s left and kept chewing his dinner.

Franky laughed a little and casually said, “Don’t let things like that bother you Surgeon-guy.  It worked out in the end.  Luffy is a pretty reliable guy." 

The cyborg’s words defused what Law had said in a way.  The table relaxed, but Law wasn’t having that.

Law growled, "Don’t say something like that to me.  I was the one who had my hands inside his chest only two years ago.  He can die.”

That made the table lapse into cold silence again.

Robin was the first to talk this time.  “You care about Luffy."  It wasn’t a question, but it was a revelation to hear it out loud.

"That’s not-”

“Torao.” The strawhat captain suddenly looked much older to Law’s surprise.  His eyes flashed, and even though he had food on his face it was still an intimidating effect.  Law blinked at this new side of Luffy.  Luffy had a serious side.  “You did ask for my help when we made the alliance.”

“The alliance that I ended!"  Law refuted savagely.

"Don’t pretend not to know what kind of man I am."  Luffy leveled a look at Law that made Law remember the circumstances behind that epic surgery he performed those years ago that pulled Luffy from the brink of death.

Luffy continued briskly, "It doesn’t matter though, it’s none of your business for whom I decide to risk my life.  Nakama is nakama.”

Law felt himself choke up.  He bit his lip and hid his eyes under the shadow of his hat.

Luckily the attention was taken off him as the crew realized that during Luffy’s sage like speech he had been sneakily taking the food off of their plates.  Luffy received a few light-hearted punches and kicks from his crew as they attempted to take their food back.

“Thank you."  Law said with a shaky voice, still hiding is face.  The strawhats looked at him curiously.  "Thank you for not leaving me.”

Why am I sitting here pretending to know how to color lololololol

So some headcanons! Someone made a post a while ago saying what if the stripes on the twins helmets were their initials like Turbo’s helmet aaaaaand I stuck to that like glue. The twins themselves call each other by nicknames, and the game console would as well but it would also give their full names during character select (Turbo cannot by any means get their names right either way, so he has his own terms of endearment for them).

Izzy is hella laid back about the game. He reads the manual frequently so he can dissolve fights, but only if things are getting ridiculously violent (when the tire irons and crowbars get involved). He also dabbles in coding when no one is looking. He knows he shouldn’t, everyone in GCS constantly warns against tampering with a console’s insides, but what harm could there be in keeping a few beginner programming books around?

Iggy is a jealous bastard and doesn’t understand how the loud dorklet mascot of the game is better than him at racing. If he can’t win during arcade hours, he’ll vent out later by bothering Turbo. Or by reading car mags until Turbo starts bothering him. Then it’s all out fisticuffs until Izzy intervenes or the arcade opens in the morning. It hasn’t dawned on him that most of Turbo’s shitty tendencies might be a result him being a jerk in the first place.

When alone, the twins get along quite fine. The game doesn't explicitly say they are brothers, but their relationship resembles a brotherly bond compared to their individual relationships with Turbo. Izzy tries to get along with him while Iggy remains a jerkass. Though, when the shorter of the three does something stupid outside their game, they are the first to defend him when it is logically possible. Otherwise, they take the brunt of the consequences then deal out punishment at the most inopportune moments for Turbo.

Akira Midousuji x Onoda Sakamichi

So I thought I’d start working on a MidoSaka crap series, because I love Akira so much I could die, and I basically am Onoda.  SO anyway!  Doesn’t have a name yet.  I’ll think of something later.  Disclaimer:  I’ve watched the show and read a little of the manga (mostly chapters 150 on).  Feel free to leave comments on this if you want.  I just like sharing. ;)

i = Midousuji’s thoughts

Akira Midousuji x Onoda Sakamichi

“Ah, Midousuji-kun! Over here!"  Onoda waved emphatically as he weaved between pedestrians towards the lanky teen.  Midousuji himself stood hunched over on the stoop of the convenience store they had agreed to meet at, looking out of place in his indescribable way.  He jumped when his name was called, his large dark eyes seeking out Onoda, looking mystified and nauseated all at once.  Onoda smiled at him in what he hoped was a friendly way, but it only caused the other teen to withdraw further way.

"I’m going home.” Midousuji announced suddenly, and turned on his heel to walk back to where he had parked his bike.  The trip from Kyoto to Akiba had been long, but he was sure that it would be worth his while not to risk being here any longer.

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