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Imagine Steve in an AU where he adopts the Maximoff twins!

“So Friday tells me if you want to stay, we have to get started, like yesterday on your alphabet soup visa type applications because it can take a while and like—Friday, can you explain it?”  Tony flashed a quick smile. “Pepper usually handles this sort of thing.  Sorry.”

“Sure, boss.  Their B visas expire in approximately 4 months. They’ll need to apply for an H1-B if they want to stay.  Though, it’ll be a stretch.  I’m not sure if the government will consider what they do as ‘skilled labor’.  Worth a shot, and they’re familiar with Stark Industries sponsoring visas.  We just have to hope they make it through the lottery.”

Pietro quirked an eyebrow.  “And if we don’t?” 

“-We can find a way.  Right?” Tony glanced towards the ceiling.

We might be able to get you back on an L visa, if we can set you up in our Sokovia branch.  It’s mostly a foundation, but it’d be just about all we have left as an option.  A green card would be an option, too, but it’d take some time.  More than we have.”

After Sokovia, with the twins joining the Avengers in a not-so-low-profile move to the Tower, the government was asking a lot of questions about their allegiances and intent.  Tony had lawyers for that, but they were still working on the best way to legally keep the Maximoffs in the country.  They kept coming up short.  Tony dropped heavily onto a couch with a groan.  “Uggghhh.  This is why Pepper does all this.  What the hell.”

Or” Steve had come out of nowhere, dropping a folder onto the glass table.  “We do an adult adoption.”

“Can you do that?”  Tony sat up straighter.  

I’ll have to look into it, boss. But without any living parents, provided they consent, Captain Rogers should be able to.”

Wanda smiled slyly.  “Is that why you give Vision side-eye? Do you disapprove of the relationship we may or may not have?”

Pietro laughed.  “You do a great Disappointed Dad face.  I will not call you Dad, though.”

Steve grinned.  “I don’t expect you would.”

Wanda glanced over the paperwork Steve had brought.  “Ok.  Yes. But,” she pointed a finger at Steve, “only if you promise to stop looking so suspicious of Viz.”  

Steve held up his hands.  “Sorry, ok.”

Tony clapped his hands together.  “This is great.  I’ve gotta go organize a party.  Adoption shower.  Something. There’ll be cake.  It’s gonna be great.  Friday!  Friday, take care of Steve’s paperwork.” 

Yes, boss.”

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Racer dads has become a huge favorite for me now. I know you've done a bunch of sick Bee or Knock Out being taken care of by the other, but what about Bee and Knock Out taking care of Raf with a tummyache? Your art is so cute and sweet, it melts my heart...

I’m sry, that I wasn’t really active the last couple of weeks, my mood isn’t the best rn and I know that it is not good to post anything when I’m feeling like this. Not that my life is that awful, actually it’s all pretty great. My family uses the right pronouns and my new school seems accepting of me being trans. But idk. my body is driving me crazy like I really wanna go to the beach and swim in the ocean but yeah that’s not going to happen very soon. Everything just takes so freaking long. T.T Anyway I should end this on a good note. So like k-pop idols always use to say “fighting!”. (Yeah my manliness is over the top ^^)

Fight or Flight

Sander Sides belongs to @thatsthat24 and I love him!
Warnings: Violence
After Accepting Anxiety videos
Virgil pov.

Sometimes, I think Thomas is just poking fun at me when he does stupid things. Sure he embarrasses himself a lot, leaving me to internally screaming in agony, but this is the dumbest thing he has done. It was late around 9:30 and he forgot to buy some spice for some meal he was making. I hadn’t really cared until Roman convinced Thomas is run to the store for some. I, of course, explained why that was a horrible idea but do they listen? No, even Logan said it would be a waste to dump the food. So here I am keeping Thomas just as on edge as me. “Your walking too slow, someone might mug you if they think you’re lost.” I hide a cringe as I hear my voice shake slightly, thankfully the others don’t notice. Roman gives me a dismissive look as Logan speaks, “The likelihood of Thomas being ambushed or ‘mugged’ is an unlikely 5%.”
“It’s still a possibility, so Thomas should be running.” I can feel my hands start to shake as my eyes dart around the empty street, everything is too quiet to deal with.
“Well, Thomas can always use that shortcut up ahead.” Roman’s voice stung with an annoyed, I’m-so-done-with-you tone that it took me a minute to process what shortcut he was talking about. My eyes widen as Thomas turns into an alleyway so small two people walking past would brush shoulders. I feel my legs almost give out on me, the control I had of my shaking seems to have vanish. “N-no, this is a horrible idea. This is just asking to be attacked!”
“Aww, do you want me to hug your fear away?” Patton opened his arms wide inviting me, but before I could send a sarcastic remark a man’s voice rings in my ears.
“Stay *hic* still and if you…you scream you won’t *hic* live for much longerrr.” The man appears from behind a dumpster holding a small hunting knife. His clothes suggest he’s poor and living on the streets. The smell of fresh booze is strongly flowing off of him. Thomas stands still and I can feel his heart running a mile a minute, mostly because of me. I turn to look at the others, my breathe is heavy and my whole body is shaking. My surprise came when I really see my surroundings. The alleyway lights was tinted a blue hue, the ground surrounded by spider webs. The others were stood still, seemingly paralyzed with eye shadow that beats my own. I make the connection quickly, just like Roman’s 'daydream mode’, I’ve been given full control. Everything seems to go in slow motion as I turn to Thomas letting my one purpose take complete control. “Thomas he’s drunk and less likely to aim correctly, avoid the knife and run!” Not even a bit of hesitation, Thomas bolts past the man and turns the corner on the street. I notice him auto pilot through his front door and locking it tight. I close my eyes and a breath I didn’t know I was holding releases. I open my eyes to see the blue hue and webs slowly disappear, my fully control losing it’s hold. The others gasp as if they were finally able to lift their heads above water to breathe. I collapse to the floor feeling stray tears escape, I can’t be bothered to care, feeling a sense of relief and safety. Logan is the first to really recover, his nature of understanding sending him into a rant, “Interesting, being put into a true 'fight or flight’ situation, causes Anxiety, or Virgil to claim full control of Thomas without his permission, unlike Roman’s 'daydream mode’ which Thomas must approve of. Does this mean under the right conditions, the power of persuasion can be dismissed to save the person’s life? Not only did full control transfer to Virgil, he seemed to have used our own functions as puppets. This could mean-”
“Logan, please shut up.” Thomas’ voice shook slightly. He moved to sit on the couch, limbs shaking slightly. “T-that was…something.”
“A m-mistake is-s what you mean.” I hear myself speak, my mind clouded with what if’s and disgusting images of me failing at my purpose. My hands shake as I lift my hood to hide my face from view, although it’s useless since they mostly likely already saw the tears. Roman appears from the corner of my eye and I prepare myself for his self gloating laughter. Instead, I feel a comforting hand rest on my shoulder.
“I must apologize, I was the one to throw caution to the wind and put you in harms way.” I didn’t have to look at Roman to see he was breaking down, his hand shaking on my shoulder. I relax more seeing the apology wasn’t just for Thomas. I almost fall onto Princy as a large weight springs onto me. “M-m-my poor little baby! I’m soorrrry, you must have been s-s-so scared.” Patton’s tears stain my shirt but I don’t mind, as I hold Patton rubbing circles into his back carefully. I curse to myself as more tears slip out. Foot steps strain my ears and looking up I see Logan look uncertainly. I can see him trying to find a way to comfort Patton and myself. I give him a reassuring look and turn to Thomas. I haven’t really checked to see if he really was okay. Though, the look he was giving us surprised me. He wore a warm smile seemingly peaceful like he wasn’t almost stabbed. “Why the heck are you smiling?! You were almost killed!” I could barely manage to sound anger over the complete exaustion I am feeling. His smile never left his face as he said, “You all just look like a real family is all.” My face heats up at this as I look at the others. Their own faces wore a small smile, faces filled with relief. All past tension seemingly disappearing. A goofy smile finds its way onto my face as I turn my head to hide it. I cough into my sleeve and slowly pull Patton and myself onto our feet. “Uh, well…how about we watch something to forget about that near death experience?” My sarcastic joke sends Patton’s eyes lighting up as he runs into the kitchen shouting, “I’ll make popcorn and hot chocolate.” Logan follows after him saying something about kitchen safety.
“We’ll have a Disney marathon,” Roman turns to me slightly with a thankful look, “starting with Black Cauldron.” He runs upstairs before I could say anything. I wipe the tear stains from my face and slowly sit on the couch resting my body on the armrest. Thomas smiles at me and I see Patton and Logan return just as Roman arrives with many movies in arms. Logan sits opposite of me and Roman puts in the first movie and sits back against the couch. Patton sits next to me and I can see him practically begging to show me comfort. I sigh and I rest my head on his lap allowing him to run his fingers in my hair. Patton vibrates with happiness and hums softly eyes glued to the TV screen. 'Family’…..before I loathed how they all acted like one. Although, now…I can see why they loved the idea of it. Safe, peaceful, and accepting. My family is pretty great.
Okay so that stuff with Patton is completely Father - son kind of thing. I realize it seems more like a relationship but hey I want some more family fluff :3 Anyway hope you all enjoyed this.

Fluffy Fridays—Chapter 89: Asking Permission

Fluffy Fridays—Chapter 89: Asking Permission

Pairing:  Captain Swan (and Captain Charming)

Rating: T

Summary:  A series of unrelated, fluffy one shots featuring  Killian Jones and Emma Swan and the relationship that makes us all  swoon. Will contain both canon and AU stories. My contribution to  Operation Rainbow Kisses and Unicorn Stickers (aka, my attempt to drown  out the season 4 finale angst with ridiculous levels of fluff.)

Missed the beginning? ( 1) ( 2) ( 3) ( 4) ( 5) (6) ( 7) ( 8) ( 9) ( 10) ( 11) ( 12) (13) (14) (15) (16) (17) (18) (19) (20) (21) (22) (23) (24) (25) (26) (27) (28) (29) (30) (31) (32) (33) (34) (35) (36) (37) (38) (39) (40) (41) (42) (43) (44) (45) (46) (47) (48) (49) (50) (51) (52) (53) (54) (55) (56) (57) (58) (59) (60) (61) (62) (63) (64) (65) (66) (67) (68) (69) (70) (71) (72) (73) (74) (75) (76) (77) (78) (79) (80) (81) (82) (83) (84) (85) (86) (87) (88)

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Asking Permission

CS Genre: Future fic (follows Making a House a Home)

Killian woke with a smile on his lips, as he seemed to do nearly every morning anymore.  The sun shone brightly into their bedroom window, the smell of the sea heavy on the breeze that gently ruffled the gossamer curtains that hung before the slightly open French doors leading out to their balcony.  In the distance, Killian could hear the crash of the sea against the shore.  His bed was soft and warm, and he’d gotten an exemplary night’s sleep.

But nothing filled him with such joy as waking to Emma Swan in his arms, her fragrant, glorious hair tickling his nose, her soft body pressed against his, a gentle smile on her face.  It was overwhelming sometimes to remember that she was his, that she loved him, that she chose him as strongly and deeply as he chose her.

Life was good.  Life was near to perfect, and Killian had never been happier in his life.

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One more Clodius Thought for contemplation: Clodius’s dad died when he was in his late teens leaving his eldest brother Appius Claudius Pulcher head of the family at the age of like 22, and probably he was the one who arranged Clodius’s marriage to Fulvia as paterfamilias

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Hey :+) I know this is super random but I just want to pop in & say that u matter !! I hope life's treating u well (& even if it's not, i know it'll get better asap!). Have a great day / night :+)

Aww, this was incredibly sweet to wake up to! Life is pretty great at the moment for my family and I. I do hope your life is treating you good as well <3 

YOU MATTER! Never forget that. People like you, who take seconds out of their day to send random acts of kindness, are the best people. Thank you for choosing love and kind words!

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  • Satoshi: my boyfriend is pretty great
  • miles: I want to meet him :|
  • iori: ...yes, so would I.
  • satoshi: uh....
  • satsuki: i would like to have a conversation with him longer than five minutes
  • bstar: yeah when are you going to tell him about us?!
  • everyone: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ford & mabel bonding drabble/fic #5: reconciliation

rating: k
characters: Mabel Pines, Stanford Pines, Stanley Pines (mentioned), and Dipper Pines (mentioned) 
word count: ~1560
summary: Weirdmageddon is over and done, and Ford and Mabel end up discussing and reflecting over what has occurred recently.
a/n: FINALLY GOT THIS FINISHED. And omg it’s been a while since I’ve written another drabble. (I still dunno what I think about this one tbh, haha. But I wanted to get this finished and posted before the finale.) I wasn’t sure what to title this drabble, but oh well lmao. This is kind of like a little au, since no one knows what’s gonna happen at the very end of the finale. I kind of wanted the two to talk about what happened since Ford came back through the portal? Idk but I hope you all enjoy reading. c:

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My Mother Told My Father I Was Trans Yesterday

Here is her email to me on how it went:

The conversation with your Dad was ok; could have been better, could have been worse. He was a bit shell shocked I think ( :

Anyway, he says he’s still processing the info I dumped on him (older model processor you know - my feisty words, not his) but that he loves you no matter your gender.  That’s pretty good for an old-ish-model Caribbean father ( :  And he was very sincere about that. Plus there was no big drama of clutching chest or “no, no!” kind of stuff either.

So looks like you kind of hit the jackpot on the ‘coming out to parents’ thing, as far as the Caribbean goes … . . at least based on the impression I got from Aunty Denise, who told me she kind of collects these stories.

Love you love you love you, Alison.



and here’s an amv ive been working on the past couple days c’:

This next fanfic here comes from the lovely NDRV3 Headcanons blog place, and it is this prompt here specifically, sent to me by the nice mod @listles-s

This one’s a long one, and contains some death stuffs and trial stuffs :0

Enjoy ^3^


“But I just don’t get it! Amami is smarter than most of the guys here! How could he have even been tricked by the culprit to meet alone? He should’ve known better!” Tenko sighed, shaking her head and pressing her fingers to her temple.

“Who knows…? He was pretty mysterious, we still don’t even know his talent…” Ouma murmured, thoughtfully stroking his chin.

The class was in the middle of a heated debate, but Ouma Kokichi had never felt colder. The blood that ran through his veins felt frozen, as if made of ice. He couldn’t feel the fire pumping in him, not anymore, not since…

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I was In science class and this white girl asked my name so I told her (my name is japanese, it’s Hideko (he-day-ko)) and she started saying really racist asian slurs and since I was little I’ve been rlly insecure about my name and I used to cry all night wishing I had an “American” name. I even tell ppl to say it differently so it was easier.It took me so long to accept that my name is very pretty and it meant a lot to my family (my great grandmas name) but all this insecurity is coming back😞

Hideko, your name is so beautiful!! don’t let these uncultured swines make you feel insecure! ignore them all and be proud of your name! 💖

The Great Salt Lake to PDX

Yeah, so coming home wasn’t really that fun. Other than seeing all my friends and family again. That part was pretty great. It was also really interesting (and depressing, in some ways) seeing my hometown from a fresh perspective.

I really didn’t stay for long. I don’t remember when this idea came to fruition, but I wanted to bike to Portland, OR from my hometown. I was accepted into Cornell University but deferred for a year. I always forget that there was actually a possibility that I was going to go to college. I guess I made up this story in my head that I confidently walked away from higher education just because it seems to have worked out pretty well for me so far, but that’s not the case. I also tried to defer a second time, but they wouldn’t let me, so I just decided to scrap it entirely. Now, getting accepted into an Ivy League school and not going sounds stupid. But I still don’t regret it. I think I’ve learned much more living on my own than I ever would have if I went to college. Honestly, I didn’t deserve to go to Cornell. I did well in high school and I looked decent on paper but I only got in because both my brothers (and grandpa) went. It just didn’t seem fair, given that some students work their whole lives for the opportunity go to an Ivy League and I got in because I chose an easy major and I had a few family members who went there. My SAT scores were average AF. I did not deserve to attend Cornell.

I had to give a reason for my deferral. I told them that I was going to move to Thailand and assist my brother in running his lychee fruit juice business. Part of that story was true. My brother did move to Thailand (and then Bali) to start a company, but it definitely wasn’t a fruit juice company and I definitely wasn’t moving there to help him run it. Fruit juice was the first thing that came to my mind. I googled ‘fruits in Thailand’ and I think lychee was the first thing that came up. I also didn’t end up biking from NY to Portland, but I did bike from Salt Lake City to Portland. I wanted to do the whole trip, but I had nowhere near enough money to and it just would’ve gotten too cold, with it being autumn and all. It may have been December by the time I arrived. Not to mention that I was in NO kind of shape to be doing a 3,000 mile bike trip. I wasn’t even in shape to do an 800 mile bike trip, but I still did it somehow. I took two ‘practice’ rides before leaving. I want to say one was 30 miles and the other was 50. That was a seriously unintelligent decision. But props to me for doing it, I guess. 

Basically, I got home from Switzerland in mid July of 2014, and my plan was to work on the farm for two months to save up enough to pay for my ticket to Salt Lake, food, motels, and maybe my first month of rent until I got a job. Why Salt Lake? I wanted a challenge. I honestly should have just done Seattle or San Francisco. Not sure if I thought those cities weren’t challenging enough or what, but those rides would have been much easier to plan and probably way more fun and scenic. The brother of one of my best friends growing up was also going to school there, so I knew I had a place to stay. Great reasons, bro. I also found a decent deal for what was essentially student housing on Craigslist in downtown Portland. It was like $725/month for a 4 bedroom/2 bathroom which was amazing compared to my other options. I ended up being extremely lucky to find that. 

Now, why Portland? 

Stop asking so many questions. It’s annoying. 

Honestly, I don’t know. I actually recently heard someone respond to that question with, “Well, why does anyone move here?” which, is a good answer and even better question. What I tell people is that I still had wanderlust and wanted to learn about and live in a completely new part of the country. I had also heard some cool things about Portland’s music scene, which I wanted to be a part of. Research also told me it was a great bike city too, so I knew I could survive without a car. This is key because I was completely broke and I don’t fuck with loans. 

Ultimately, I was tired of being told what to do and I wanted to live my own life, which is the main reason I moved, but it doesn’t answer the Portland question. I have a cousin living here whom I’ve become pretty good friends with since living here. I remember getting breakfast with him and one of his friends when they asked me why I moved to Portland. I told them everything from the last paragraph and they said that it sounded like I was trying to add logic to a completely emotional decision. It caught me off guard, but I suppose that’s fair. These are all honest reasons, but there’s probably some deeper shit going on that I don’t understand. Maybe I should go to therapy. I never did watch Portlandia until I was actually in Portland, so that wasn’t it. I guess Portland just kind of seems like this magic promised land. It’s relatively close to a mountain and the coast, it’s really green and outdoorsy, it’s a west coast city but not as expensive as California or Seattle, it’s hip(ster)… you know, “Keep Portland Weird!” or whatever. Organic, gluten-free, vegan, yoga, kombucha, artists, way too many coffee shops, colorful metaphorical paintings on buildings… 

The more cities I visit, the more I realize that they’re all like this, or each city at least has its own part of town like this. So these things seem less like Portland and more like a sign of the times. To me, at least. I still love living here, but I would probably love living in any city with youngish creative people where I have the option to save money by not having a car. It gets rainy, but it makes me appreciate the sun that much more.

The bike ride was cool. If I could have changed some things, I definitely wouldn’t have listened to music the whole time. I wanted reflection time, but I never gave it to myself. I didn’t even listen to any new music. I can’t really deal with new music on long trips, except plane rides. Biking/driving requires too much concentration for me to be taking in new stimuli. I need comfort on these types of trips. I wouldn’t have called my parents each night, which I’m pretty sure I did. If I were to do another bike trip, I definitely wouldn’t do it through a desert. I’d also be open to the idea of not going alone. I had planned another bike trip with a friend from Portland to San Francisco in 2015, but that ended up falling through. He wanted to get all sorts of camping equipment and do it that way, which would have been cool, but I didn’t have the money for it at the time. I also didn’t feel great about carrying around that much more stuff, including food if we were to camp.

I remember always getting more miles in before lunch than after lunch. Also, I did the whole trip without a smart phone. I didn’t have one yet. I planned the whole thing out on google maps and printed out the directions for each day. I also searched motels, generally just the cheapest ones I could find (think Motel 6). I spent about $50-$80/night when I wasn’t staying with people. I mostly went to restaurants/motel breakfasts, but when I could, I would go to Albertsons and get fruits and bread and cheese and deli meats and butter and nuts, just anything that would give me enough energy to get through the day.

I definitely took a wrong turn my first day and ended up riding way longer than I had to. I want to say I got close to 100 miles, but I can’t say for sure because I don’t know what route I actually took. I had to stop at houses to ask people where to go, which isn’t easy in northern Utah/southern Idaho. There’s not a whole lot going on there. It rained towards the end of my ride, which was unfortunate because that apparently never happens. I got a flat tire and my hands were so cold that I couldn’t replace the tube, so I hitchhiked to Preston and met my hosts at a gas station. The couple who picked me up were super friendly, and they gave me their number so that I could let them know when I made it to Portland. I never did, but I should have. My hosts were some friends of my parents from Organic Valley, and they were so kind as to let me stay with them! Really great people. I know them. They’re fantastic people (Trump voice). I was telling them about my exchange year, and they mentioned they had an exchange student in Preston the previous year. They said, “Oh, wasn’t Daria from Switzerland?” and I immediately thought of a girl I met named Daria who exchanged in Idaho. I replied, “… Daria Fuchs?” and lo and behold, we were talking about the same person. That’s some small world shit. 

Fun fact: Preston, ID is where Napoleon Dynamite was filmed. I felt bad that that was Daria’s experience of the US.

My next destination was Pocatello. I realized my directions were kind of wrong upon arrival and had to get another ride from someone who knew the town better than I did. He was a mortician and had some interesting views on life. I think I was also supposed to tell him when I made it to Portland but never did either. I couched surfed and stayed with another friendly couple, once we found their house. They were taking a trip to Germany the following month and I unsuccessfully tried to give them some pointers on the language. They had a guitar there and the dude said they like to film their travelers doing cool things, so I sang a cover of Ed Sheeran’s ‘Don’t’.

I think the day after that is when I decided to stay on the highway instead of taking the backroads. I never checked any of my directions until the morning of the ride, and I noticed on this day that after a particular road, the directions became increasingly vague, saying things like Turn Left, rather than Turn Left on (insert road name here). As I approached this road (Quigley Road. I will never forget that name), the pavement turned to gravel and there was no one, save some dude rolling some sand or whatever people do out there. When I showed him the directions, he told me not to follow them. He mentioned seeing people enter the desert from that road and not coming back. I wasn’t tryna do that. I found some people working on a potato farm a few miles away to help take me back to the nearest city (American Falls). Super nice of them. From that point on, I decided to stick to the highway. It made things easier, but it also made me ask myself what the difference was, at this point, between doing what I was doing and just driving? Other than that biking was way slower.

Mountain Home, my next destination, is where Victor Wooten was born. I hope he didn’t live there too long. That day of riding was on track to be my fastest, but I kept getting flat tires. I ran out of tubes and had to get a ride to Mountain Home. I think a cop drove me. I got some new tires with slime in them, which patches holes in the tube as they happen. It made my bike way heavier, though.

Boise was cool. I had another gracious couch surfer there. Actually, she was pretty condescending. But I appreciate her giving me food and letting me stay in her home.

Everything after Boise was complete shit. There were like 30+mph winds EVERY day. The downhills were no easier than the uphills. It was THAT windy. I stayed in Ontario, Baker City, La Grande, Pendleton, and Arlington. From Arlington I hitchhiked to the Dalles, then rode to Hood River, then hitchhiked to Portland. I was so sick of the wind and had nothing left to prove to myself. I learned later that if I had only done that trip in the spring, the wind would have been at my back the whole time. Huh. HINDSIGHT IS 20/20.

Overall, the bike ride was a cool thing I did when I was 18. It looks like the trip was about 850 miles, and I’m estimating I hitchhiked 100-150 miles of that. I ‘documented’ it through video. I haven’t looked through it yet. I think it will be cool to look back on in a few more years. I’d like to piece the clips together into a video someday, but I’m almost positive all the footage was shit. It was challenging, and it allowed me to prove to myself that I’m capable of doing anything I set my mind to. 

That’s a lesson I should learn sometime.