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Elijah x reader

5. “If you walk out that door… don’t you ever come back”

11. “Will you just shut up for a minute and let me think?!”
47. “Go on, I dare you”

“What was that about?” Snapped Elijah as he walked into the room, closing the door behind him.

“What was what about?” you replied, glancing up from your phone.

“Oh don’t play dumb, Y/N, you know perfectly well what I’m talking about. The argument you just had with Niklaus.”
“What of it?”
Elijah turned and glared at you, as you eventually put down your phone and gave him your full attention. “I am trying to make and keep the peace in this family. I thought you realised that,” he said, making the effort to keep his voice under control.

“I do, Elijah.”
“Then why do you provoke him like that? You know exactly how to get under his skin, at exactly the right time. Why? Does it entertain you? Are you bored?”
“He’s not a child, Elijah, don’t treat him like one. Klaus can fight his own battles, I don’t need you on my back as well.”
“It appears you do. There was no reason for that dispute, and you know it.”
“No reason?!” You exclaimed loudly, standing up. “He tried to kill me! More than once! Now you may be willing to let that go, God knows in this family anything seems to be acceptable, but I’m not. I can just about manage to make pleasant small talk, but don’t ask me to actually work with and get along with your brother.”
“Please do not insult my family, Y/N.”

“Why not? Someone has to call some of you out on your bullshit, may as well be me.”
“Why do you stay then, if you dislike us so much?”

You raised your eyebrows in shock at his comment, surprised he would ask. “Because I’m in love with you, Elijah. Or at least, I thought I was. Right now I don’t know. I don’t know why I stay, why I don’t walk out of there right now. There’s something keeping me here.”
“Go on, I dare you,” said Elijah, his voice low and almost threatening. For the first time, you realised what you had got yourself into and felt a little afraid of the original vampire stood in front of you.

“Dare me to do what?”

“Walk out of that door. If you don’t know what it is that keeping you here, then go.”

“Oh, will you just shut up for a minute and let me think?”
“No!” He slammed his hand into the wall to emphasise his point and you flinched. “No, Y/N, I will not. If you don’t know what it is that you want, then don’t stay here to look for it.”

“Fine,” you said, trying to keep your voice steady but struggling to hold back a sob. You knew that this was all your fault, that he hadn’t done anything wrong and that you should be more willing to compromise. But you were sick of always playing second fiddle in Elijah’s life to his family, when all they had done was betray him. You had been there, constantly, since the pair of you had met, and he didn’t seem to appreciate that. Of course, you were far too stubborn to explain all of this to him. It had all been brewing up inside you, and you had taken it out on Klaus, and now on Elijah. You turned, and started to walk towards the door, deciding to find somewhere to cool off for the time being.

“If you walk out that door… don’t you ever come back,” voiced Elijah from behind you.


“You heard me. Either you stay and we resolve this now, like adults, or you can leave.”

Change My Mind

Tyler Seguin x Reader

Team: Dallas Stars

Warnings: Mentions of babies? It’s all about starting a family

POV: Second Person

*not requested, just thrown together, based off the prompt: “You’re not mature enough to be a parent.”-“Try me.”*

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“(Y/n), get dressed, we’re going out!” Tyler yelled, slamming the front door behind him. He was still in his game-day suit and beaming from the most recent win.

“Right now?” You asked, looking up from your phone. You were currently sat on the coach in your pyjamas with messy hair and no intention of getting up. “I’m comfy though,”

“Too bad!” He chuckled, walking into the lounge and kissing you on the cheek. “Did you see the game?”

“Yep,” You replied, watching as he sat down on the chair across from you. “Good win.”

“It was, which is why-” He smiled at you. “We are going out to celebrate.”

“Are we going somewhere fancy? Can’t we just order a pizza?” You threw your head back.

“Nope! Come on, get dressed, we gotta hurry.” Tyler said.

“Okay, okay,” You sighed, reluctantly picking yourself up and heading to your room to get dressed.

“What about T.J?”

“For wh-”

“You know, like Tyler Junior.”

“Tyler, what?”

“Or J.J,” He said. “After Jamie.”

“Tyler, what are you on about?” You asked, pressing the glass back up to your lips and waiting for a reply.

“We should have a baby.”

There went your water.

You sputtered and coughed, reaching for a napkin that was on the table.You wiped down the water that dribbled down your chin and onto your chest.

“You good?”

“You’re not mature enough to be a parent.”

“Try me.”

“Tyler,” you sighed. “That is not something you just throw around and use to prove your point.”

“I’m not,” He smiled. “I want a kid.”

“You told your mom if you ever tried to settle down-”


“To snap you out of it because you’re so young.”

“(Y/n),” Tyler interrupted. “That was a long time ago.”

“Couple of years isn’t long,” You reminded, setting down your napkin. You barely noticed your heart was pounding and your hands shook as you moved them. Was Tyler being serious this time?

“Well,” He chuckled. “That was before I met you, despite how cheesy that is.”

You didn’t say anything, just hummed in response.

“(Y/n),” Tyler reached over the dinner table and grabbed your hands that still trembled. “I want to start a family with you, okay? I know what I’ve said in the past and I know my actions seem like I’m not ready, but I really want this.” He told you sincerely. “It would mean the world to me if you would be my partner in this,”

Now you really didn’t know what to say. Was this really Tyler Seguin? The guy that drinks like he has no liver and parties like he doesn’t have another day to live? How did you get so lucky?

“Tyler,” You sighed with a smile. “I’m flattered you want to start a family with me,” He grinned as well. “But I don’t know if we’re ready.” His grin faded.

“What do you mean?”

“Tee, we’re still young and we’re still exploring,” You explained. “Who knows, one day you might…Change your mind.”

“Change my mind?” Tyler repeated. “(Y/n)– why would I ever change my mind about you? I’ve been with you for nearly two years, if I were to change my mind, it would have happened way earlier.”

“But we don’t have children, you just have me.” You said, tightening the grip on his hands. “You might get a baby one day and decide that you miss partying until three or you miss the girls-”

“I don’t need the girls, (Y/n), I’ve been with you forever– if I wanted the girls, I wouldn’t keep you around.” 

At least he was honest.

You took a deep breath. “I dunno, Ty, I’m just scared, I don’t want you to get into something you’re no serious about.” You glanced back at your water, suddenly feeling very thirsty as your throat began to dry and your eyes began to water. 

“Babe,” He started. “I see the guys with their families all the time. I see Sharpy and his kids and it makes me sad,” He admitted. “I want that with someone; I want to show off my kids and teach them how to skate and I want to come home to them curled up with my beautiful (Y/n) on the couch. I understand if you don’t want this, but please, consider it before you make your decision.”

You took a deep breath. “How long have you been thinking about this, Tee?”

“After our first year.” He said, a bit shyly. He avoided your eye contact and another smile grew on his face, reminiscing about the two years the two of you had been together. 

“Okay,” You released the breath you were holding, feeling the relief of finally making a short decision and your lungs refilling. “Let’s start a family, Tyler Seguin.”

“Really?” His eyes lit up and he looked shocked, not believing what you had just said. 

“Why not?” You asked, removing your hands from his and throwing them in the air. “Worst-case scenario: you regret your decision, leave me and the baby, and then I die of sadness.”

“Not gonna happen, (Y/n),” Tyler said seriously. “Trust me, I will be the best father ever, I swear.” He told you, nodding his head, obviously trying to hide his excitement, but you could see right through it. 

“Okay,” You rolled your eyes and chuckled. “Just don’t make me change my mind.”

The Only Movie Theatre ~ Jughead Jones

Request: Jughead and (Y/N) meeting in the diner
Y/N=Your Name
Y/E/C=Your Eye Color

The small bell above the door jingled as I entered the small 80’s themed diner, Pop’s, also known as the only diner in Riverdale, which was a very big fall from the largeness of New York I was used to.

I had just moved here with my fraternal twin-sister, Veronica and our mother after the man I refuse to call my father had done some very stupid things, forcing us to flee our home and move to possibly the most boring town in the world.

As my shoes clicked against the tiled floor I looked down to see that I was still in my party attire from the homecoming dance, though I had left early to take Betty home as she wasn’t in the best of terms with my sister at the moment.

I walked up to the register, ordering a milkshake and paying. As the worker moved to the back to start on my shake, I saw a mysterious looking guy around my age sitting not to far away in a booth by the window, typing at a computer.

As confidence was something known to run in the Lodge family, in a few steps I stood in front of the table where the boy sat, hoping that he wasn’t a serial killer and I could possibly make another friend.

It took a few moments but the boy slowly looked up from his screen, his green eyes landing on me, “Can I help you?” He asked dryly, my smile faltered for a second at the annoyance in his voice, before picking it back up again.

“What are you writing about?” I questioned, looking down as his fingers typed rapidly on the keyboard of his silver laptop.

He responded almost immediately, “Its my novel, about this town.”

I frowned at his answer as he began typing, “Why would you want to write about this town? No offense, but it’s no big apple.”

The boy looked up from his screen for a split second, before beginning to type again, “Does the big apple have a Jason Blossom?”

The name sounded familiar to me, and I had to rack my brain fir a few seconds before remembering I had seen a poster of him at the front of school on the first day, “You mean the boy that drowned? I’m pretty positive that people have drowned in bigger towns than Riverdale, it’s actually quite a common way to go.”

“Yes, but in a town like Riverdale, nothing ever happens here-”

“Obviously.” I cut in, absentmindedly playing with the menu that was by the edge of the table. “You guys have, what? One movie theatre?”

The boy ignored my comment and continued writing his novel, “And when something like the death of the son of the richest family in town happens, people want to hear about it. As a city person I wouldn’t expect you to understand.”

I opened my mouth slightly at what the boy had just muttered, should I have been offended?

“How did you know I’m from the city?” I questioned carefully, seriously wondering if this guy was done kind of crazed stalker.

The boy just shrugged, “This town is small, so when things happen, like the very rich sand famous Lodge family moving in unexpectedly from New York, people talk.” The boy looked up at me once more, “And you, (Y/N) Lodge, seem to be the talk of the town.”

I looked at the boy for a minute, studying him, “If you know my name, I feel obligated to know yours as well. Or is remaining nameless part of the antisocial all-knowing hipster thing you got going on?”

If may have just been my imagination but I swore I saw the corner’s of the boy’s lips turn up slightly at my sarcastic comment, “It’s Jughead. Jughead Jones.”

I thanked the diner employee as they handed me my milkshake and I took a sip of it, enjoying the smooth and refreshing drink, “Well, Jughead Jones. Tell me about this novel.” I requested, sliding into the booth across from the dark-haired boy, watching with curious eyes as he faintly chuckled, but went into detail about his book nonetheless.


After speaking with Jughead for what only seemed like mere minutes, a text from my sister reveled that I had been sitting with him the diner for three hours!

Veronica: Where r you?

(Y/N): Sorry, lost track if time. On the way now.

“Looks like its time for me to head home.” I told the boy in front of me, standing up and sighing lightly when I felt something pop after sitting in the same position for the last few hours.

I was surprised when Jughead stood up as well, “I’ll walk you out.”

Jughead and I awkwardly stood outside of the entrance to Pop’s, looking anywhere but each other’s eyes.

“I had fun tonight.” Jughead and I both said at the same time, causing each other to burst into laughter, after a few seconds of recovering I spoke up.

“You go first.”

Jughead nodded, pushing his hands into the pickets if his jacket, “I had a lot of fun tonight, (Y/N). You’re something different.”

“Good different?” I questioned, moving a stray piece if hair from my face.

The Jones boy nodded, “A very good different.” It was silently for a moment as he kicked a rock with his shoe before speaking up again, “So if you, I don’t know, like ever want to hang out or something-”

I cut off his awkward, but somewhat cute rambling, “I’ve been dying to check out the movie theatre here. You know, the only one?“

He nodded and chuckled a bit, "So it’s a date?”

I smiled at him, “If that’s what you want to call it.” We stared at each-other for a few seconds, his green eyes meeting my (Y/E/C) ones. I broke the eye contact by looking at my phone to see it was 1:14. “I better get going, but I had fun tonight Jughead, really.”

The Jones boy nodded, “So, did I.”

Another spur of confidence made me push on the tops of my toes, and plant a kiss on his cheek, causing a blush to spread across his face.

“See you around, Jughead Jones.” I said in a final goodbye, before turning around and walking into the parking lot.

As I got into my car, I looked to see that Jughead was still standing outside of Pop’s, and this time I was more than sure that the corners of his mouth had turned up into a smirk.

Why I fell in love with Riverdale's cast

Usually when I watch tv shows, I get easily attached to the characters. But when I discover the actors in real life, watch their interviews and stuff, I’m not gonna say I’m disappointed, but I’m kinda sad they aren’t like I imagined them you know? Sometimes I don’t like their personalities, or my otps in the show don’t even get along that well in real life and stuff like that. Usually I fall in love with fictional characters, not the actors behind them. But with Riverdale it’s just so different. The moment I began watching the first episode I just knew I was gonna be obsessed with it. I knew I was gonna love the cast. And then when I watched interviews, they were so much better than my expectations. I loved the actors even more. Every interview shows how genuine they are, how they get along so well and care for each other. They’re all so funny, humble, pure and loving. You can really see the chemistry between them. They actually show that they enjoy working together everyday. I don’t know how to explain it but it felt like I knew them for a very long time. They seem like a family, and they made me feel like I was part of it for some reason. Also the thing that surprised me is that each actor is perfect for his character. I know that it’s supposed to be like that since there’s a casting process and they’re basically looking for the actor who would fit the character well, but it’s insane how they make it feel like they’re actually these characters when they play them and how they don’t seem so different from them in real life (especially since the characters are 75 years old and well-known, so it’s not that easy). There’s a part of Betty in Lili, a part of Veronica in Camila…
I don’t know if you guys feel this way too, maybe it sounds weird and not very clear, but that’s how I feel. And to make a person feel all of this just in a few interviews (because the show just began so we don’t know that much about them after all), is pretty special.
To conclude all of these messy thoughts, I think I’m just gonna say that I’m so grateful for this lovely cast. They’re already gaining so much audience, fans, recognition…and I couldn’t be happier because they truly deserve it.

Muggle Stuff - Sirius Black x Reader

Requested by anon! I hope this okay, I know i is rather long and it rambles like crazy and is pointless but still. I hope you like it! Requests are still open and so is my Taglist  

(y/m/n) = your mums name    (y/d/n) = your dads name 

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“Yes darling?” Sirius moved his eyes away from his book and down to you, cuddled into his side.
“What would you say to not staying with James’ this summer? And maybe staying with me?” Sirius placed his book down as you sat up to look at him, “We’ve been together for longer than a year. I know you never want me to meet your parents and I get that, honestly, I don’t really want to either but… that doesn’t mean that you cant meet mine."
"Are you sure about this, (y/n)?”
“Why wouldn’t I be? I know they’re muggles, they barely understand magic and when I am there I am basically one too but it may be good you know, for you to get away from the magic world fully for a bit. You can always go back to James’ if you didn’t like it…"
"Why would I dislike it? You would be there, what isn’t to like.” his signature smirk lit up his face and you slapped him lightly over the head,
“Just try impressing my father first, then get excited. Until then there is no chance you would be staying in my room.”
“Well then, that changes things. (y/n), how he hell do I, a pureblood with the worst family imaginable impress your father."
"He doesn’t know all that, remember. Just be you.”

"James, you’ve met Lilly’s parents. What did you do? They’re muggles.” Sirius was sprawled out on his bed, hands tugging at his hair and worrying about the sheer task of meeting this innocent (well as far as the parents were concerned) sweet girls protective parents.
“Just act normal.”
“Normal?! What even is normal?” Sirius trailed off at the end, for once he was nervous. Actually nervous.
“Look mate, they aren’t immune to magic, their daughter is a witch for Godricks sakes, they are used to it now. Just be normal." 

Your parents hadn’t met you at the station, you didn’t think being stuck in a car would be best for first impressions. It was a normal house. Sirius didn’t really know why he had expected any differently. What he didn’t expect was the sheer joy this house had. His house was dark, gloomy and with the lack of care might as well have been abandoned. Yet this, this was something new all together. "Mum, dad? I’m home!” Just your shout made them rush to the door, enveloping you in a hug, Sirius had never had this, or had he even seen this. your father was busy moving the cases when your mother had turned to him,
“You must be Sirius, dear. We’re so happy to meet you.” your mum had already hugged him briefly and was ushering him into the kitchen followed by your father, “We have heard so, so much about you,” Sirius looked to you with a small smile as you began to blush adorably,
“Good things I hope, Mrs (y/l/n).” he chuckled.
“Oh please, call me (y/m/n), with the amount we have heard, you’re practically one of us.” Sirius didn’t know whether to be shocked or to smile. He glanced at you as you smiled up at him, sticking to his side, “Now, do you want tea dear?” (y/m/n) asked, hand making the tea, fascinating him and he glanced to you confused,
“Its just a kettle, sweetie, you should get used to it all” you smiled sweetly, trying not to laugh at his innocence.
He stood a little straighter when your father came in, watching as he glanced him up and down a little before Sirius offered his hand, “It’s a pleasure to meet you sir.” Sirius kept his voice as steady as he could but from what you had told him, it was her father he needed to impress. No pressure here then.
“You must be Sirius,” your father finally shook his hand firmly, “I’m (y/d/n). I have heard a lot about you Mr. Black, I trust what I hear is the complete truth.” Now Sirius wasn’t easily scared but he couldn’t help but gulp down his fear.
“It is sir, yes.”
“Very well then,” a smile covered your dads face, “you make her happy, that makes us happy. Now, I’ll take your cases up to your room, (y/n/n).”
“(y/n/n)?“ Sirius looked down at you with a smirk
"A childhood nickname. Don’t start.” you chuckled and picked up the mugs of tea your mother had left. “Welcome to the muggle world, Sirius. I think you are going to be just fine.” you handed him the mug and leaned up , kissing his cheek before you made your way up the stairs to your room, Sirius following closely. Your house didn’t have moving pictures or house elves or even a trace of magic, if he hadn’t of known you he would have thought you were a family unaffected entirely by this other hidden world.
You spent the next few weeks being questioned about every little muggle thing Sirius could find, “what does this do?” “how do these tv’s even work, are the people in them?!” “how do you people even get anywhere without the floo network?” “What is the real need for all these switches?” and your favorite, WHAT IN GODRICK IS THAT SQUELING SOUND?!” in reference to your phone ringing leaving Sirius both very confused and scared to touch the thing for days. Although they did get a little annoying, the way his face would light up when he figured something out or when you had taught him to do something made your day. He was like a child learning everything all over again. What Sirius loved most was watching you cook. It was weird and simple but he was so used to having house elves make something or everything just cook itself. He loved how you were so careful with everything but you would still dance around a little to whatever music you had on, swaying your hips a little just to wind him up (you had to admit it was rather funny, he however didn’t think so as much).
“How do you do it?” He had asked one night when he had finally been allowed to stay in your room,
“What do you mean?”
“How do you just be so perfect at everything always?” you blushed and cuddled into him more.
“I’m not and you know it.”
“But you are! You are this amazing witch, even giving Lilly a run for her money and then here you’re just even more amazing.”
“Which do you prefer?” you asked, pulling away from him to look at him more clearly.
“What do you mean by that?”
“Do you prefer the magic world, or this one?” Sirius studied your face for a moment,
“I think, in a way, I prefer this. Life is simpler. No war or Deatheaters, none of my family - just you and me but truthfully? I am a lot happier where ever you are. Everything just seems so much… happier you know? Its amazing. I would happily give up all this magic and live like this, with you. As long as would promise to be my teacher.” Your heart swelled with love for this boy in front of you, “because, (y/n/n),” you smirked at him using your nickname, “I think I am damn well in love with you.” Your heart seemed to stop or beat so fast you couldn’t feel it, you didn’t know but you two had never said them words to each other before and you knew Sirius has never said them words before ever - to anyone.
“Sirius Black. I love you too.” you mumbled back before Sirius launched himself at you making you laugh as you were rather trapped beneath him. He looked down at you for a moment,
“I don’t deserve you.” he murmured quickly before attaching his lips to yours sweetly but passionately, as if he would never be able to kiss you again.
“Of course you deserve me, just as I deserve you.” you whispered to him when he pulled away, “I love you Sirius,” you repeated feeling giddy with happiness while saying it, “I love you and I want to love you forever. Whether it is in this world or surrounded by magic, I will always love you.” Sirius kissed you again and let you free so you were able to rest your head on his chest again as he ran his fingers through your hair.
“I think we should raise the kids like this, you know?” Sirius said wistfully, making you chuckle,
“Oh yeah?”
“Yeah! Like, they would know about magic and all that and when they’re 11 will tell them more but they should be like you, can you imagine that! Little me’s and you’s! magic but also like, muggles! Babe, can you imagine it!”
“Of course Sirius, of course.” you laughed at how excited he got over your future. You weren’t to sure about having a load of mini Sirius’, you could barely manage one! But he was happy and if anyone deserved some happiness in their lives it was him. You were just happy that you were the one that could give it him.
“You would have to teach them muggle stuff though. I really don’t get all this.”

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summary: in which after having a row with the grim reaper whom he was fond of for over the past days of being a pending soul, fred finds himself more connected to y/n than the both of them reckoned to be now that he has accepted the job as a guardian.

a/n: i am too obsessed with this story line that i’m making it a mini series now whoops


tagging: @shadowmaiden1618


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Can we at least pretend to be civilized?
We’re supposed to be civil?
Now, please… invite me in.
Come in before I change my mind.
You do realize that everyone hates you.
Tonight, we celebrate our truce.
So, you’re throwing a fake party in honor of a fake truce and your guest of honor is in a dungeon.
Have fun with that.
So, talk to me about this.
This is the ebb and flow of violence and tragedy.
What does it want?
You think this person might be at your party?
I’m counting on you to help me find them.
Speaking of which…
Late start to the day, ______?
Hi. Creepy.
Normal is boring.
Are you here to kill me?
My priorities have changed.
So, you know, one plus one equals captured.
I like her, for what it’s worth.
Well, you can make up for it by doing me a favor.
I don’t think I have a choice.
Well, you’ve outdone yourself.
I’m inclined to agree.
Violence must only be seen as a last resort, or it will only weaken our position.
Yes, well, I’m a creature of of very specific habits.
No bloodshed.
Bloodshed is inevitable.
And should any turmoil arise, should anyone dare to disrupt our kingdom, let them answer to me.
How the mighty have fallen. How the tables have turned. Still trying to find the right idiom.
You ransacked my place. Classy.
If you think that waving that blade around is gonna scare me, you’re more desperate than I thought.
Threatening my friends. That is… that is low.
So it’s just business with some pleasure.
Let this evening be a respite from past grievances and and an opportunity to forge new friendships.
Stiff drinks. Hot waiters. Seems like a cool shindig.
You got a plan?
It was a nice speech.
Well, your concern has been duly noted.
You positive this will work?
I always wondered what my parents might have been like, what they might have thought of me.
Might I suggest we begin before the evening ends?
You can start by locating our enemies.
You ready?
What does any of this mean? Our suspect is a hanged magician with a penchant for hanging swords?
Well, then by all means, let’s go find the viper in our midst.
This is the one.
I think I need to do this part alone.
You seem confident.
Remember the deal we made.
I spy a lady in need of accompaniment.
I’m so glad the lack of invitation didn’t deter you from attending.
You should try not to be so clingy.
Well, given your reputation, one can never be too careful.
You seem to have made up your mind about me.
Let’s start again.
You’re bluffing.
Go ahead, call my bluff. See how that works out.
I’m good at finding what I want.
And I would so hate to see you become their next blood sacrifice.
Of course, there is another way.
He’s either cutting a deal or killing somebody. Either way, we really ain’t got nothing to talk about.
You know, I can’t say I blame you.
Don’t try to justify what it is that you did: you know you were wrong.
Have all your battles been free of casualties?
You know, in my experiences, I’ve learned that survival comes at a price, just like love and family and basically anything else.
You probably tell yourself that because you haven’t got anybody else.
Is everything okay here?
He seems nice. Want me to break his legs?
Tell me what it wants.
Regardless, my terms are set.
It’s a good thing one isn’t judged by the competence of one’s enemies. I’d be rather insulted.
I was you once.
Now, that right there should show you just how bad your master actually is.
I’m gonna take that as a compliment.
I ought to flay the skin from your bones, but these are uncommon times, are they not?
I must say, it is a compelling offer. Murder in exchange for clemency.
You’re even more perceptive than your reputation suggests.
And in what fairy tale do you think that I would allow that to happen?
My offer was a courtesy.
You have quite the one-track mind.
Tell me, do you hate me on general principle or was it something I said?
I hid and watched what you did.
Careful not to overplay your hand, _______.
I did what I had to and you’re quite welcome.
So, am I supposed to thank you?
An alliance between you and I is essential.
I don’t bargain and I’m done with reason.
I owe you an apology.
I get the sense that’s kind of par for the course with your family.
Well, the night’s still young.
Of course you’d enter in the creepiest way possible— again.
I try to avoid bloodshed; you become the town executioner.
Tell me what you know.
And it will come for us all.

The signs based on my family members

Aries 2 year old brother  Bountiful amounts of energy… literally no one can keep up with him. Curious about everything. Barely sleeps nor eats… but he loves cookies and juice. Gets excited and shouts whenever he sees a car, tractor, bus or plane. Bossy and a drama queen. Shows off in front of pretty girls. Possessive of his parents and siblings (Pic of him bc hes so fukn cute)

Taurus unstable crazy nana. Looks half her age and has never been seen without a full face of makeup on. Ever. Always the drunkest and craziest person at family functions. Receives compliments on her cooking, extremely empathetic and psychic. Loud and drinks wine while watching Kath and Kim most days. Collects gossip magazines and has only just upgraded from her flip top phone shes had for 7 years.

Gemini my chaotic aunty. legally changed her name too Kandi Kane. Always travelling, moved to Morocco to marry a man she found on FB… divorced him when he wasn’t allowed back in her country. Smokes weed and plays the drums like a pro. Loves heavy metal and writing poetry. Treats her dog like a human.

Cancer My mum A clean freak around the house, everything has to be spotless or she stresses. She’s obsessed with laundry conditioner. Makes sure we’re fed and happy before she is. Keeps scrapbooks and photo albums. Sheds tears over unnecessary things , bad mood swings. Always reminding her family how much she loves them, spoils her kids with cute gifts.

Leo alcoholic aunty Always carries a flask of vodka with her, chain smokes yet some how looks like a model. Spoils her kids with the latest technology. Usually the one pouring shots and twerking at family events. Outspoken and will tell you if your outfit looks shit.

Virgo Grandad no one ever hears from him bc he’s always working. Has been putting $50 in our bday cards ever since we were born. Takes pride in his garden and will happily give you a guided tour of his landscaped yard. Owns a shelf of porcelain dolls and fine china, his house smells like peanuts.

Libra favorite aunt Buys every single niece and nephew Christmas and birthday presents and makes sure they’re delivered on time without fail, independently maintains her own house and a well paying job despite the fact that she’s wheelchair bound and handicapped. Probably the brainiest and wisest person i know. Has a secret wild side.

Scorpio my Dad Workaholic and seems serious all the time, the craziest person I know to go clubbing with. Awkward and a lil bit detached but extremely intense and knows everyone intentions. Good with money, has a dark humor. Took the family on a trip too Thailand so he could taste authentic Thai curry lol, ended up getting drunk and hitting on a man.

Sagittarius 16 year old brother Always has more money then me but idk how he gets it? never single. Obsessed with buying the latest technology. Eats KFC atleast 4 times a week. Secretly sensitive and insecure, bit of an old soul. Can be nasty and stubborn with his opinions, does well in school. Listens too alt rock.

Capricorn Uncle Posts his food pictures to fb 3 times a day, drinks in abundance, owns a Harley Davidson but hes too scared to ride it, has the most money out of anyone in the family, sarcastic/blunt humor. Can seem awkward but has a big heart, makes his bed hospital corner style, always purchasing diffusers.

Aquarius Step mum Quirky as hell, laughs like a duck, owns an eyelash extensions business. Get’s drunk easily and she’s super fun to party with. Constantly making cheeky remarks and laughs when someone gets offended. Talks to herself all the time, overly protective of her kids. Has a phobia of germs. 

Pisces 8 year old sis lil baby gal who’s always doodling and writing in her diaries in her room, addicted to Sims, really defensive. Has big pretty eyes and long curly shiny hair. Hates veges but loves mashed potato. Randomly cries out of nowhere especially at dinner, cuddly.

The Serpent Or Me - Part 5 (Bughead/Serpent!Jughead x Serpent!Reader)

Jughead has never cared about fitting in, as long as he has Betty and the gang he knows he has his place in Riverdale. However, Southside High has brought him an odd comfort and new friends very easily. The serpents have taken him under their wing, one in particular y/n has started to show him how things work in the gang. Jughead starts to grow a fondness for y/n that feels uneasy, he’s stuck between two worlds. Where or who should he choose? 

Part 1    Part 2     Part 3     Part 4

Characters/Pairings: Bughead, Serpent!Reader x Serpent!Jughead.

Warnings: Kissing.

Word Count: 2507.

Notes: Slightly longer part this week but lots of action as promised.I’m away on holiday next week but I’ve scheduled part 6 to be published on 14/7/17. Enjoy!

Originally posted by writing-in-riverdale

Y/n’s POV

So much for being some scary gang member. I was a soppy teenage girl who had fallen for her once ‘work’ colleague turned best friend Jughead Jones. There was no denying it now. We’d started hanging out a lot more outside of school and Serpent jobs, we’d go on late night drives and just talk. I could listen to his words for hours. There was so much to him, it was practically impossible not to crush on him.

And now I’d agreed to meet his girlfriend. What was I thinking?

For the remainder of the week, I decided it was best to avoid Jughead as much as I could. It was bound to be the amount of time we spent together that made me like him so much. It was going to be tricky however, since I had almost every class with him. I could do this though, I was a badass Serpent after all. Or at least that’s what I told myself.

‘Did you do the homework y/n/n?’ I could hear Jug whispering to me in biology. I pretended to not hear him, keeping my eyes on the teacher up front.

‘Hello? Y/n?’ He wasn’t going to stop.

‘Jug, I’m trying to listen.’ I snapped back. My heart clenched as he scowled at me.

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The Roommate Part 2

Part 1

Summary: After living with you for about a week, Jason needs your help.
Word Count: 1200

    The first week went by like a breeze. You seemed to wake up before Jason did so you tried to be as quiet as possible while you got ready for work. What you didn’t know is that he was still wide awake, stitching his own wounds all the while trying not to get any bloodstains on the carpet.

It was a Tuesday that you had your first real conversation with him. It was your day off before your rotation changed to night shift. You just happened to be sitting in the kitchen dining area when he walked in. It shocked you because you hadn’t even realized he had left.

“I made some pasta, if you’re hungry?” you offered politely.

“I’m starving,” he answered before checking out the aforementioned pasta on the stove. He dumped the remainder of the pot into a bowl and took a seat in the chair across from you before he began shoveling the food into his mouth.

So, how do you make money, Jason?” you asked curiously as you twirled your fork in your pasta purposefully.

“I do some security work,” he answered before filling up his mouth again. You picked up on his tone. He didn’t want to go into details about what he did. It made you curious, but you decided to push that feeling aside in favor of getting him to open up a bit more.

Have you always lived in Gotham?” you asked. He swallowed and nodded.

“Born and raised,” he chuckled.

“Do you have any family?” you continued to question. He stabbed his food and sighed.

Not really,” he answered. “What about you, (Y/N)? What do you do for a living?” he seemed almost annoyed that he needed to engage in conversation to deflect attention away from himself.

Well, I’m a nurse at Gotham General,” you answered pretending to ignore his tone. If you wanted him to open up, you couldn’t pry. You had learned that the first year of being a nurse.

Really?” he seemed impressed.

“Yes, really, I typically work in the ER, but I love sneaking up to the pediatric unit and seeing the children,” you smiled as you told him.

You’re not from Gotham, are you?” he asked, still slowly working on his large helping of pasta.

No, I’m not. I’m from (your hometown) originally,” you answered honestly. “I have to admit, it is quite different here,” you added.

Gotham’s not like any other place on earth,” he replied with a slight grin.

Have you traveled much?” you asked casually before taking a bite of your food.

I’ve been here and there, but not for too long,” he answered. “I always end up back here,” he added.

Well, you know they say there’s no place like home,” you offered him a smile. He seemed almost sad at your statement. “I don’t have any family either,” you admitted after a long pause. “My mom died when I was really young, I don’t really even remember anything about her. All I know is what my dad told me. He died a few years ago in a car accident. I didn’t know what else to do, so I moved here,” you told him. He stared at you silently from across the table, as if he was trying to figure out why you were telling him this information. “I like it here,” you added before taking another bite of pasta.

Your conversation shifted into a more generic topic. He asked about the rent, and when it would be due. You told him that you needed it before the 5th of each month. You tried to get him to talk more again, but he had closed up. You decided to give him space and as soon as he finished his meal, he vanished into his room.

You spent the rest of the day doing tediously chores and errands. It was the night before your shift change. This meant that your next shift was 8pm-8am the next night. You found that the best way to prepare for this shift change was to stay up all night the night before. So you got your coffee together and started your movie marathon.

It was nearly three in the morning when you heard a crash coming from down the hall. You shot up from your spot curled up on the couch and rushed towards Jason’s room. You hesitated. If he was seriously hurt, you needed to just go in, but what if he had just rolled off the bed in his sleep. You couldn’t barge in. So you knocked gently.

“Jason? Are you ok?” you asked loud enough that maybe if he was asleep it would wake him. All you heard in response was a groan. You opened the door and what you saw was nothing like what you expected. Jason was collapsed on the floor beside the window covered in blood. You rushed out of the room, towards the bathroom where you kept your first aide kit.

You grabbed it and ran back to Jason’s room. He hadn’t moved an inch. You gently cut open the gray and red tee shirt he wore and found what appeared to be a gunshot wound. You worked quickly. There was no exit wound, which meant the bullet was still lodged in his shoulder. You filled a syringe with Novocaine and gently injected it around the wound. You gave about five seconds to become numb before you pulled out a pair of tweezers and started digging out the slug.

Jason groaned in pain and shifted as you agitated his injury. He arched his back in an attempt to get away from you. You held him down firmly and chewed your bottom lip nervously as you continued to pull out the bullet. It took you about two minutes and as soon as you had it out, you started disinfecting the hole and suturing it closed. You placed a fresh gauze over the stitches and taped it down.

You sought out any other wounds and found a few cuts and what appeared to be a few grazes from bullets. You put a total of twenty stitches in him before you were satisfied. It was until you were done that you noticed his incredibly fit body littered with scars. You couldn’t deny it made him look sexy.

You found some inner strength and helped the barely conscious man into his bed. You pulled off his boots and tossed them in the floor. That’s when you noticed his room. The desk in the corner was covered in first aide supplies. There was a large black duffle bag next to where Jason had crashed through the window. You felt the urge to look inside, afraid to find drugs or stolen money, but you ignored it in favor of tending to your patient.

His vitals were strong, he would be just fine aside from the pain. You couldn’t help but worry what he had been doing to get shot at. You also couldn’t figure out why he had tried to sneak through the window.

“You’ve got some explaining to do Jason Todd,” you sighed as you began cleaning the drying blood from his chest.       

Last time I’ll post my grad cap probably but this picture came out way better. I’m done with Emerson College and it was really difficult. I was waitlisted, deferred, denied, and then got in anyways. A guidance counselor at Emerson told me to drop out because I came from public high school and she assumed I wouldn’t be able to handle it. She also told me to give up on animation since I was attending a film school…she doesn’t know what being resourceful and well rounded is.

Forgive me if I sound rude, but this was a feat for me and my family!

I graduated Summa Cum Laude and in the top 2% of my class. This public school kid had a 3.9. I had an internship at Adult Swim and temped at Lionsgate all before I touched a diploma. I’m a working class daughter of a first generation American. So yes, I did write my way out, and Hamilton was extremely inspirational to have my last semester of college, when things seemed uncertain. Going back to my apartment in LA next week. Wonder if that guidance counselor cares.

I love my new community out there and can’t wait to get back.

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Supercorp prompt: They're totally a couple but they just don't realise it yet!

Now, she doesn’t want to accuse her sister of anything. She doesn’t, despite what her narrowed eyes and pursed lips might suggest. It’s just that…you’d think after living with an alien for over half your life, the alien would know better than to attempt to lie.

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Harry Styles - Rich Girl Imagine

[Thank you to you and your friend! Enjoy and I AM SO SORRY IT’S BEEN LIKE A YEAR. I’M A FAILURE!]

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the parent trap pt5 // archie andrews

The Parent Trap (5/12)

Words: 1.1k

Summary-Archie and (Y/N) separate, splitting their twin daughters between them. what happens when ten years later, the pair seem to be reunited in a twist of fate at summer camp?

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Aria gaped up at the red haired man in front of her. She had been in this situation before but only in her dreams. She never expected it to happen but yet, there she was stood before him.

“God, Melia, has it really been that long since you’ve seen me? Have you forgotten me?”

“I’ve just missed you, that’s all.” Aria grinned, practically throwing herself into her father’s embrace.

“I’ve missed you too kiddo!” He chuckled, crouching down to her height “How about on the way home, we go and grab a burger?”

Aria nodded eagerly, wanting to explore Riverdale as much as possible.

Amelia sat on the plane gawking at the sight of her uncle. He sat in his seat, watching some show about two twins in a hotel. She couldn’t take her eyes off him, fearing that if she looked away he would disappear. “You okay Ari? You need something?”

Amelia shook her head and let out a laugh “Just wondering why you’re watching a kid’s show?”

Aria sat in the passenger’s side of her father’s car, taking in the sights of his hometown. She couldn’t wait to meet her father’s side of her family. She looked up at him as he drove throughout the quiet town. She noticed the frown playing at his lips as his fingers tapped the steering wheel.

“What’s wrong, Dad?”

“Nothing, Amelia, I’m just thinking.”

Archie sighed, his head in his hands. It was normal for him and (Y/N) to argue but she had never walked out on him like that before. She had left him with both the twins, who, judging by the baby monitor, were starting to get fussy in their cribs. He forced himself up and made his way over to the Amelia and Aria’s room. Archie never quite knew how to calm Aria down, she always seemed to grow more fussy whenever she was in his arms. Amelia, in contrast, loved being in Archie’s arms. Whenever he picked her up, her tears would stop flowing and she would instantly stop crying, almost as if he had flipped a switch that triggered her emotions. He opened the door to his daughters’s room and was met with Betty who stood over the two girls, cooing at them.

“Mommy’s out right now girls. She’ll be back soon.” She spoke, her voice low, almost in a hushed tone. “You know, your mom loves you both and your dad very much, but I fear that she might be growing tired of arguing with him. You see, girls, we’re all very young, we’ve barely gotten out the womb ourselves. I guess you little blessings, just came at a wrong time.”

It was clear to everyone around them that there was a major strain on Archie and (Y/N)’s relationship. An argument would erupt from the simplest things. (Y/N) could breathe a little too loudly and Archie would groan and roll his eyes and Archie could blink a little too slowly and (Y/N) would burst out into fits of anger. It was also clear to everyone else that the couple would give anything to be able to fix that strain.

Once Betty noticed the girls had drifted off to sleep, she turned around to face Archie. “(Y/N) went off to talk to Jughead. She’ll be back within the hour.” Archie groaned and sunk to the floor “What did you argue about this time?”

“I told her she was spending too much time with her own family instead of mine. She’s just proven my point! She’s always with her brother and she’s always at her parents house. It’s almost as if she doesn’t remember she has two children of her own to look after.”

“Archie, you’re both sixteen. She’s obviously going to run to her brother and parents when something goes wrong. Maybe she would spend more time with your dad if you didn’t push her away so often.”

“I just don’t get it Bet, she always says that she loves me but yet we always seem to argue. I just want her to get to know my dad like I know him. I want her to seem like she’s actually making an effort to be part of our family because all she seems to do is run.”

“God, you’re angering me as well, Andrews. You shouldn’t be so stubborn then, because (Y/N) works so hard to keep you happy, Archie. It’s all she wants.”

Well, you tell her, the day she stops seeing her brother more than she sees me, I’ll be more happier.”

“Jughead’s your best friend, Archie, you don’t mean that. Do you know why she’s constantly with him?”

“Why? Are they planning on being the new Blossom twins?”

"You’re so stupid, Archie. She goes to him because she doesn’t want you to see her cry. You’re the one causing her to see her brother more than she sees you. You’re the one out every night helping Josie write songs. You’re the one who argues with her, pushing her away.”

"I’m trying to make a future for myself, for the twins, Betty. (Y/N)’s idea for her future, it’s so unlikely. At least one of us is being realistic. Don’t even get me started on how Jughead is encouraging her. He knows himself that she’s never going to make it.”

(Y/N) looked up at Jughead as she heard Archie’s words. Pushing his aside she stormed off, bumping into Fred as she reached the front door. He looked down at her and saw her tear stained face. “(Y/N), darling, what’s wrong?”

"It’s nothing Mr.Andrews. I just came back from my mum’s house and Jughead and I watched ‘The Fault in Our Stars’.”

Aria was greeted by a barking dog as soon as she stepped foot into the house. “Toby! Get down!” a voice shouted from the kitchen, startling Aria. “I’m so sorry Amelia, he’s probably just missed you. Four weeks is a long time for a dog.”

“Lillian!” Aria grinned, mentally thanking Amelia for letting describing the woman so accurately, but also mentally scorning her sister for not telling her about the dribbling creature in front of her, who seemed to eye her wearily, almost as if he knew she wasn’t Amelia.

“Your dad made sure I cooked your favourite for dinner tonight.” She grinned, making her way over to pat the young red haired girl on the back.

Amelia gasped as she entered Aria’s room. The room could’ve passed for a living room back in Riverdale. Their mom spoilt Aria more than she imagined. Her room had a desk, pushed against the wall, in back corner of the room was a door that seemed to lead a wardrobe. Her mind wandered to Aria and hope she had settled in well.

“Is mum home?” Amelia asked as she felt her uncle join her at the door. “I’ve missed her terribly and would love to see her.”

“This would’ve been your room too.” Jughead spoke, glancing down at Amelia. “Don’t think you could’ve fooled me for a second, Amelia Andrews.”

Bestfriend Benefits

Word Count: 1.6K
Warnings: crude language, sexual implications, warren making daddy jokes haha
A/N : Fake Relationship AU with Warren Also idk how I feel about this so plz send feedback

Warren turned on his heels about ready to bolt straight out the door when he felt your hand trailing up his bicep, cupping his shoulder and spinning him to face you. He blinked, too shocked to move and too slow to escape,

“Warren pleaseeeeeeeeee” You begged your e/c eyes pleading with his gorgeous blue eyes. He nearly let out a whine as he starred down at you; batting your lashes at him your lips puckered in a pretty pout.

“please angel, for me…” You smirked as you watched his cheeks grow pink at the childhood nickname.

He coughed awkwardly before puffing out his chest and rolling his eyes again, “Y/N I don’t understand why this is so important to you! Just go out and find a real boyfriend, it really shouldn’t be that hard for you I could think of like at least 5 guys just off the top of my head who would-”

“No Warren! it has to be you! You are Scott’s roommate and he absolutely despises your influence on me!”

“What kind of influence? What do I do to you, baby?” He winked leaning closer as his eyes trailed over your body.

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My mum sent me some family photos and I can’t get them off my mind. I asked for some with my grandfather because I genuinely couldn’t remember how he looked (he died probably around the time photos were becoming digital so I didn’t have any on the computer). These were nice in a way because he looks like he really loves me and it’s just genuine happiness on his face.

I looked at the rest which included my Nan, Grandma, parents and sister as well and felt something different. I really struggle to look at any photos of “me” as a child for obvious reasons but the more I see the worse I feel.

I can see alters in the photos but it really struck me how “I” appear in the pictures. My mum has her arm round my sister and they’re both smiling a lot, I seem separate. I looked at “my” eyes and expression. I was dressed well and surrounded by family so most people wouldn’t take a second look but I don’t look happy, I look uncomfortable, I look spaced out.

I know hindsight is a wonderful thing and all because with what I know now of parts of my childhood, it makes perfect sense why I look so different. But my face, my eyes, they’re screaming out and no one noticed. It makes me feel sick to my stomach. Yes there are of course pictures in which we are smiling as not every second of our childhood was awful but the rest.. how did no one notice?!

Maybe the people around us didn’t want to see it but there must have been someone who noticed something. There must have been signs. Denial is bad.

Title: Why Me?

Warnings: Sad Alex :(

Author’s Note:  Lemme know what ya think!

Links: My Master List  and My Current Requests

“Alex, why have you been giving me the silent treatment since we got home?” you asked, carefully sitting down beside him in the grass. “I thought we had a really nice time with your family today.”

“It was alright.” he muttered, plucking a strand of grass, ripping it lengthwise.

“Come on, it was the first time you’ve been with all of your family since Christmas.” you said, resting your hand on his knee.

“Yeah, well it seemed like you had a much better time than me.” he mumbled.

“What does that mean?” you asked, growing more confused by the second.

“It means what I said. It seemed like you were having a really great time with William.” he elaborated, his eyes locked on the ground.

You scooted closer to him in the grass, moving your hand to his bicep, but he shrugged your hand away. Well this was annoying. “Alex, I had a great day with you.” you emphasized. “I really like your family, it was fun catching up with all of them.” Alex rolled his eyes, ripping another piece of grass from the ground. “Okay, fine.” you sighed. “Just come find me when you want to talk about… whatever this is about.” you said, shaking your head.

You had met Alex’s family plenty of times before, but he had never acted like this. Alex and William were brothers and best friends. The four hour distance between Rochester and Toronto wasn’t far, the boys visiting each other occasionally throughout their seasons when their off days matched up. This week the whole family was in town, Alex’s parents, sisters, and William. You had all gone out for lunch and you had all had a great time; or at least you thought you had. As soon as you had gotten home Alex had gotten mopey and refused to talk to you.

You grabbed a book from inside the house, settling on the back porch swing. You glanced across the yard, Alex still plucking grass. You sighed, cracking your book open. You were a few chapters in, when Alex’s shadow fell over you.

“Do you like my brother more than you like me?” he asked as he stood in front of you, a hurt expression masking his normally bright smile.

“Of course not.” you replied without hesitation; setting your book down you grabbed his hand, pulling him in the empty seat beside you. “What would make you think that?” you asked softly, your heart breaking at the hurt in his voice.

“You just seemed really happy to be talking to him today.” he shrugged sadly, looking at his lap. “You guys were laughing a lot.”

“I was happy to talk to him today, babe, and he is funny. But it doesn’t mean I liked talking to more than I like talking to you.” Alex stared straight ahead, his eyes squinting in the sunlight.

“It just seemed… I don’t know.” he shrugged, looking down he began playing with the hem of his shirt.

“I love your family, but I’m in love with you.” you offered, trying to figure out where all of this was coming from.

Alex sighed, his frustration with his inability to express his feelings the way he wanted to was wearing on him. Finally he blurted out, “William, he’s just—my brother is so much funnier than me, he makes more money, he’s better at hockey, he’s—“

“Alex, stop.” you said; cutting him off. “Our relationship has nothing to do with your brother.” you said, resting a hand on his thigh. “I’m not in love with you because of your money or because of how good you are at hockey, you know that, right?” you questioned as you noticed the insecurity in Alex’s eyes.

“Yeah, I guess.” he mumbled, unconvinced.

“Alex, I want you. Not your brother.” you stated firmly.

“I just feel like I need to keep up with him, but I can’t.” he said, sadly.

“You don’t have to keep up with anyone, Alex. Don’t compare yourself to William, you’ll only drive yourself crazy.” you reasoned, grabbing his hand. “You’ll get the NHL, babe. It may take another year in the AHL, you might get called up tomorrow. Your family is full of great hockey players, and you’re one of them.” you finished, giving his hand a squeeze.

“But why would you choose me? You could have picked anyone.” he sighed.

“I’m in love with you because you’re kind, you’re supportive, and you’re generous.” you listed slowly. “You love your family; the way you interact with your sisters is the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen. You’re smart, and you’re funny. You also have the best hair I’ve ever laid eyes on.” you smiled, leaning over and pecking his cheek.

“Better than Willy’s?” he asked, a smirk tugging at the corner of his mouth.

“Better than Willy’s.” you confirmed, running your fingers through is soft, blond locks.

He sighed, propping his feet up on the table in front of you. “I’m sorry, (Y/N), I shouldn’t have gotten upset. Sometimes it’s just hard to not compare myself to my brother, especially when he’s doing so well.” he said, pulling you onto his lap.

“You’re doing well, too. Just believe in yourself, babe, because I do.” you said, wrapping your arms around his neck.

“I am really glad you get along with my family. Especially William; I’m glad the two people closest to me get along so well.” he said, looking into your eyes for the first time all afternoon. “I love you.”

“I love you, too.” you grinned, pressing a kiss to Alex’s lips. He smiled up at you, before furrowing his brows. “What is it?” you asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Are you lying when you say I have better hair than Willy? I mean, the internet seems pretty set on him having the best hair in the entire league…”

Request: Hey, i dont know you got your twenty requests already, if not could you do one with Alex nylander where he’s insecure cause he thinks his brother will steal you from him or something like that? :) love your blog            

Sweets - Finn Shelby

23 , finn

From this prompt list:

23)  “Do you really need all that candy?” (*changed to  “Do you really need all those sweets?” because, you know, they’re Brummies)

Part One | Part Two | Part Three 

There’s a little spot up the cut that no one seems to use. It’s peaceful and sheltered, and it’s where Finn and I have taken to meeting. We’ve both agreed that it’s best to keep things quiet for the time being; his family have a lot going on -although I don’t ask too many questions- and mine, well, my family would flip their lids if they found out I was seeing a Shelby boy.

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Words ( Draco Malfoy x Reader)

Could you possibly write Oneshot where Draco protects a mute  reader from bullies of some sort? Keep up the great work  - mate-DaAnimeLyfe

Warnings- Bullying etc

(Authors Note- I had no idea how to write this and I tried to write it so the reader speaks again but it made me want to puke from cheesiness so I rewrote it before I published it. Sorry if this wasn’t what you wanted.)

It’s a Slytherin again, towering over me in the corridor with a sneer. My books are strewn across cold floor on which I find my self crumpled over, clutching my shoulder that had been smacked against the wall when I was pushed.

I look up at the offender to find it’s Pansy again.

“What is it? Mute,” She hisses and I cringe back but only find myself backed against the wall.

I look around me to try and find anyone who would help, not that I can cry out.

No one seems willing to interfere, I don’t blame them, sometimes it’s better just to ignore unpleasantness.

Pansy bends down slightly, her dark hair falls from her shoulder and I can see just how greasy it is.

“Cat got your tongue?” She snickered and I don’t feel it happening until my hand hits her face with a loud snap.

My eyes widen as realisation hits me and I begin to frantically shake my head as an apology.

“Sorry,” I sign but its clear Pansy does not care for my sign language and I begin to brace myself for what comes next.

However nothing happens and so slowly I allow myself to open my eyes and see, stood next to me, is Draco Malfoy, hand locked on Pansy’s wrist.

“Draco?"Pansy marvels at the boy who had saved me.

"Just go away Pansy,  leave her alone,"He begins.

Pansy brings her hand down to her side and looks up at the platinum haired boy in bewilderment.

"Why do you care, Draco?"She questions, I too look up expectantly as the boy just sighs .

"You deserved the slap, you were rude and intentionally picked on someone who was vulnerable because you want to take attention off yourself."He concludes.

With one swift movement he bends down and offers me his hand which I take with an uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach as he pulls me to my feet.

I nod as a sort of thanks and he smiles.

"Your welcome,” The words are genuine and don’t come as a sarcastic remark on my lack of actual words.

His expression changes and he turns his attention back to Pansy who is guiltily looking at her feet.

“Apologize.” He demands and Pansy shuffles awkwardly before she looks up and meets my eyes with sour expression.

“Sorry,” She mumbles reluctantly and without saying as much as goodbye, she scuttles round the corner.

“Thank you so much,” I sign and he scratches the back of his neck.

“Sorry, I can’t understand sign,"He says guiltily.

I nod but pull a small note book from the pocket of my robes and using a never-ending ink quill that I’d acquired from the Weasely twins, I scribble out a quick note of thanks.

Thank you

"Oh, no problem,"He smiles again and I can feel a warm sensation in my cheeks at the sight. "Plus she needed the slap. Oh nice one by the way,”

I blush again and smile shyly while writing another note,

I didn’t mean it but right now it feels amazing to have done it

“I bet it does,” He snorts which creates a bubbly feeling in my throat that can almost be mistaken as a choking sound but Draco is unfazed by my laugh, however it leaves me embarrassed.

I look away, my face going red before remembering about my books that had been scattered across the floor during the quarrel.

I begin to pick them up.

“Oh let me help,” Draco offers bending down and picking up my books with me.

Once all my books have been collected he takes half the pile for me.

You don’t need to do that.

I write, leaning on my books as a temporary desk but he ignores it and begins walking to the lunch hall with my books in hand.

When we reach the hall he he hands back my books.

“Do you maybe want to meet later, the astronomy tower?” He asks and I ponder it for a second before nodding.

He grins,

“I’ll see you at six then?”

I nod again and his grin grows wider yet again and he waves before rushing to the Slytherin table. I also take my seat with Hermione and Ginny.

“What was that about?” Ginny asks

“He came to the rescue when Pansy was acting up again,” I sign and Ginny nods, Hermione had taught her sign after we became friend.

“Really?” Hermione queries and I nod.

“We are meeting at the astronomy tower later,” I sign again

“Wow, what does he want?” Ginny asks and I shrug.

“He just asked,” I sign

“Well, be careful, (Y/N),” Hermione sighs.

“I will,”

When I climb the steps up the tower I can feel the cold air from above tunneling down towards me, it wakes me up a little.

When I reach the top I notice Draco straight away from his blond hair.

“Hi,” He smiles

I wave.

“Sorry it’s so cold,” He says nervously and I shake my head with a smile on my face, assuring him that it’s no problem.

I bring out my note pad again and write a note.

You can’t control the climate so you are forgiven

He chuckles at this.

“Thank you,” He grins before making his way to the bench that sits against the tower’s wall.

I take a seat next to him and sit my note pad on my lap.

“I’m sorry about Pansy today, I’d like to be able to say that she was acting out of character but that would be a huge lie,” He says and I shake my head.

It’s fine, you saved me

“I just did what was right,”

Well thank you, I wish I could tell you that but the circumstances seem to be against me.

“How did you lose your voice anyway? If you don’t mind me asking  I mean” He stammers

It’s fine. I was hit by a hex when I was two , during a deatheater attack, it can’t be cured so I’ve always had the suspicion that it was a curse.

I scribble the explanation and Draco looks at me with a sympathetic stare.

Ugh, don’t look at me like that. I hate that look of pity.

“Sorry,” He sighs “It’s just, I can’t help but feel like my family is involved since they are ex-deatheaters,” He says cautiously, hiding something.

I doubt your family were involved. It happened after You-Know-Who fled and the deatheaters who were responsible where killed there and then.

Draco seems to relax a little.

“Oh well, that’s good then,”

Yeah I guess, can we stop talking about it though?

“Oh yeah sorry, so how was your lessons today,” He starts, changing the subject swiftly.

Oh my god, Snape is a nightmare!

He laughs and I smile back at him.

We talk for hours and hours until we finally sneak back into the castle, smiles plastered to our faces when we make plans for the next day.

The next couple of months are the same and Draco and I have become great friends. However, my feelings for Draco keep growing and I’m starting to worry I’ll lose his friendship if he finds out.

I can’t get the thought out of my head as I walk to the astronomy tower again. I can’t imagine losing Draco, not after all this.

The corridors are empty, no pupils are rushing to class or talking with there friends. Everyone is at the Hufflepuff vs Ravenclaw quidditch match.

Then suddenly I’m hurtling to the ground, the impact of my shoulder and the rough stone floor creates a loud thud. I lean up to see not just Pansy, but two other girls, Millicent and Daphne, Pansy’s “friends”.

“Long time no see, mute,” Pansy spits and the two other girls laugh.

“I see you’ve made friends with Draco,” Daphne says with a sneer.

“I don’t think so, Daphne,” Pansy says to the other girl.

“You’re right Pansy, Draco couldn’t possibly be friends with a mute,”  Daphne agrees as I’m looking for a way out the situation.

I don’t notice that Pansy has my notebook until she gasps in surprise.

“What is this!?” She shrieks, flicking through the pages with a evil smirk

Then the sound of torn paper fills the corridors and slowly the shredded remains of the words I’d written for Draco float down and land on the ground, like all meaning has disappeared.

I shove my self off the ground quickly but I am only pushed down again by Pansy who sneers.

“You’re just his charity case, he doesn’t care about you at all!"She hisses and I can feel tears stinging my eyes.

"You’re wrong, Pansy,”

The familiar voice comes from behind me and I turn around sharply to see Draco again.

“Get away from her now!”

The three girls scatter away from me quickly.

“I suggest you leave before I tell Snape about this,” He demands and the girls exchange a few glances before running off.

Draco comes towards as quickly as the girls ran off and pulls me to my feet.

“You know that’s not true right? I do care about you,” He assures, stepping closer again and placing a hand on my cheek, wiping away a tear with his thumb.

I feel my cheeks burning but I don’t step back.

“I really love you,” He admits and my eyes widen.

Unable to write anything I resort to signing.

“Really?”I sign and he nods.

“Wait when did you learn sign?”

“Oh, um, I’ve been getting lessons from Granger for a while now but it’s a bit rusty and I didn’t want to tell you until I was certain I could do it…” He rambles. I then lift my hand to his chin and pulls his head up to look at me then I stand back a bit.

“ I love you,” I sign and his eyes widen, I sigh, thankful that he understood me.

I sling my arms around his neck and lean up , pressing my lips to his and he puts his hands on my waist, his lips move softly with mine and everything goes silent.

No words in the world  can describe how much I love this boy.

(Author’s Note: Oh My God I hate this so much, it’s so bad that I almost gave up writing it. The idea is amazing but holy crap I cant write it! Also I am so sorry that I’ve not updated, I had exams last week and now I have a cold. Anyway, excuse this piece of crap that I have produced) ( P.S- I nearly put this up without editing because I really didn’t want to read it)


Summary: When Castiel goes off to be God, thanks to the Leviathans, he abandons his sister (Y/N). When Y/N is captured, things go very wrong. Her grace is taken and Y/N is now human and has no idea what to do…

Pairings: Castiel x sister!reader, Dean x reader, (mentioned): Sam and Bobby

Warnings: angst, language, fluff, violence?, Dean being a flirt (yes this is a warning because have you seen him)

Word Count: 1075 sorry not sorry :D

A/N: This was written for @luci-in-trenchcoats Michelle’s 2k follower celebration. My prompt is in bold. This is my first write, so I hope you like it. Also, this isn’t beta’d, so all mistakes are mine. Flashbacks are in italics.

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