my family says this to each other all the time


It’s a long-standing tradition for the sitting president of the United States to leave a parting letter in the Oval Office for the American elected to take his or her place. It’s a letter meant to share what we know, what we’ve learned, and what small wisdom may help our successor bear the great responsibility that comes with the highest office in our land, and the leadership of the free world.

But before I leave my note for our 45th president, I wanted to say one final thank you for the honor of serving as your 44th. Because all that I’ve learned in my time in office, I’ve learned from you. You made me a better President, and you made me a better man.

Throughout these eight years, you have been the source of goodness, resilience, and hope from which I’ve pulled strength. I’ve seen neighbors and communities take care of each other during the worst economic crisis of our lifetimes. I have mourned with grieving families searching for answers – and found grace in a Charleston church.

I’ve taken heart from the hope of young graduates and our newest military officers. I’ve seen our scientists help a paralyzed man regain his sense of touch, and wounded warriors once given up for dead walk again. I’ve seen Americans whose lives have been saved because they finally have access to medical care, and families whose lives have been changed because their marriages are recognized as equal to our own. I’ve seen the youngest of children remind us through their actions and through their generosity of our obligations to care for refugees, or work for peace, and, above all, to look out for each other.

I’ve seen you, the American people, in all your decency, determination, good humor, and kindness. And in your daily acts of citizenship, I’ve seen our future unfolding.

All of us, regardless of party, should throw ourselves into that work – the joyous work of citizenship. Not just when there’s an election, not just when our own narrow interest is at stake, but over the full span of a lifetime.

I’ll be right there with you every step of the way.

And when the arc of progress seems slow, remember: America is not the project of any one person. The single most powerful word in our democracy is the word ‘We.’ 'We the People.’ 'We shall overcome.’

Yes, we can.

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President Barack Obama 


Until we meet again.

every time the holidays roll around i like to think about how they probably miss each other like hell when they leave to visit their families, even though they literally spend every waking moment together. it’s not just christmas, either – it’s like, every second they spend away from each other (and i’m totally not saying they’re not able to function when separated) they somehow are still connected. i’ll bet you if they could use mind telepathy, they would just have hour-long arguments about eggnog and where snakes fart out of.

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I just had the weirdest thought.

So, in academia, who trained you is really important (this makes sense, because no matter how smart you are, if you are taught a ginromous doofus, it will impair your education especially when your education functions on, essentially, the apprenticeship system, which it does). 

If you’ve ever been to a lecture with a guest speaker you probably remember that they were introduced like this “Professor did their Ph.D. with Supervisor, etc etc). This is called an academic pedigree and we treat it like one, you can even find websites which trace the academic ‘family tree’ of people. So your supervisor is like your academia-dad (or academia-mom)

Well, this isn’t just a formality for introductions. My Dad’s a prof*, so all through my childhood he and his prof friends would hang out (academics all hang out with each other, they don’t have time to meet anyone else) and they’d say ‘Oh I ran into so-and-so at that conference, have you met them they’re such-and-such’s student’, like, this is actually how we talk about each other.

And it just occurred to me, that the closest outside equivalent of this is, like, fantasy naming “This is Thor, son of Odin”

*This makes this extra bonus goofy for me because my Dad’s academic reputation (which wouldn’t show up in my formal, written academic pedigree) is known to people, so I get introduced and known as both “this is dendritic-trees she’s [Supervisor]’s student” and as “this is dendritic-trees, she’s [Dad]’s daughter.

@betterbemeta I just have a feeling you’ll be interested in this for some reason.

me and my “best friend”: *hug, cuddle, kiss, say “i love you” all the time, are really close, share just about everything with each other, and hold hands a lot*

our friends and families: “are you guys gay?”

us: “nah it’s just ‘platonic.’”

us, a few months later, when she asked me to be her girlfriend and i very happily accepted: “ok well actually”

After having drawn no proper fma art for almost a year, I must say I missed you guys. Out of all the fandoms I’m part of, the fma people seem the most talkative and everyone knows each other, which makes it feel like a big family. Thanks for being a bunch of kind nerds!!

This is by the way sort of a redraw (not really) of that outfit swap drawing I made a long time ago…(of course here they are preparing for battle and not something else, as you can tell from the Promised-Day-outfit Mustang is wearing).

So…I guess I’m back in royai hell??

I was just thinking about the first time Jack mentions Bitty in one of his acceptance speeches. It’s been a short while after they’ve came out to the world about their relationship as well as Jack’s sexuality and it’s been a slippery road. There have been many supportive fans as well as people who aren’t all the supportive at all. But they have the help of their friends and families so it makes the journey a whole lot easier when there are people that they can now talk besides each other. 

Jack has done quite a few acceptance speeches but he’s never been able to mention Bitty in them by name. He’s always managed to place Bitty there through the words such as ‘my lover’ or ‘my sweetheart’ but has never been able to say, ‘my wonderful boyfriend, Eric Bittle’ and it has been aching him for such a long time. That people don’t know that Bitty, his little ray of sunshine and everything that is good, has been the one to help, support and love him unconditionally throughout everything that they have been through together. 

So that he can, he isn’t going to hold back and he doesn’t show Bitty his speech like he usually does. He wants it to be a surprise because that is how much it matters. It matters so much, it means everything. 

The moment his name is called, he walks onto the stage and waits for the applause to die down until he begins to speak. He thanks  the wonderful support of his family and his friends, the strong bond that he’s formed with his team and how they’ve been with him, never letting him down and always willing to help him when he falls, how they’re a family of their own. He thanks his manager and everyone who has helped him made this far. 

His eyes then focus on Bitty whose seated next to his empty seat, smiling widely as he watches him on the stage. 

Jack then goes:

“I also want to thank Eric Bittle.”

Bitty’s smile slips from his face as his eyes widen ever so slightly. 

“My incredible and beautiful boyfriend who has been with me every step of the way. Who has always been by my side and has never given up on me. Who has always held my hand when times were so rough. Who makes me happy everyday and makes life so worthwhile and so worth living.”

Bitty’s shoulders begin to shake as he glances down so no one can see that he’s trying not to cry. Alicia, who is seated next to him, comfortingly takes hold of his hand as Bitty continues to tremble because he never expected this at all, sniffling as he finds himself clutching at Alicia’s hand. 

Once they get home that evening, Bitty is immediately in Jack’s arms and softly crying into his shirt. Jack holds him close as he closes his eyes, savoring the familiar feel of Bitty in his arms and finds himself trying to hold back his own tears. 

It may not have been seen as a huge thing to many people but them, it meant so much. This was a way of confirming that their relationship was out there and that they didn’t have to hide anymore. Bitty was no longer hidden and is known as being such an important part of Jack’s life. 

It was a freedom that was sweet and that felt incredible. 

It was freedom. 

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why do you like 3b so much?? i see your tags alot and you always say how much you love it but cs is together and living together now and are way closer than they were in 3b, why do you miss 3b so much when you have everything now?

Listen. Season 3 is my favorite OUAT season of all time and it always will be. And not just for CS but for EVERYTHING. I love seeing my babies together right now. I love seeing them grow and commit themselves to each other and I love seeing all of these little milestones on their road to becoming a family.

But there is just something about that period of time with a couple….RIGHT before they both finally give in to their feelings. Where one or both of them are just fighting off these feelings to the point where they get downright mean to the person they have the feelings for. Everyone was so mad at Emma during “Kansas” but I was laughing my ass off because she had it SO EFFING BAD for him and it was so obvious and she was SO MEAN about it oh my god.

Like…their talk at Emma’s kitchen table during NYCS…RIDDLED with feelings and thoughts left unsaid, filled with tension just bubbling to the surface. When Walsh knocks at the door and Killian wants to just send him on his way and she tells him no, that she cares about him and what they had was real AND HE PROCEEDS TO BROOD AND GRAB THE WHISKEY BOTTLE. Dear god.

And Killian just KNOWING she’s got feelings for him b/c of the way she kissed him. That wasn’t just a thank you kiss, that first kiss had pent up PASSION AND FEELINGS that she had been holding back since the beanstalk and he felt it, he KNEW she felt it. Which is why he’s all “And I will win it” b/c he knew he’s halfway there al-fucking-ready. I mean goodness, it’s not 3b but has there been a better scene to date than the Dark Hollow scene in S3?!! I MEAN.

Look, you sent me off on a fangirl rant b/c if there’s one thing that gets me talking, it’s OUAT S3′s Captain Swan, lord have mercy. Colin and Jen’s chemistry and the way they acted their scenes was freaking perfect. The writing was perfect. (Except for “A Curious Thing”. We don’t talk about that episode ever. EVER.) And they capped off that INCREDIBLE season with the most badass finale episodes this show has ever seen. I will never not be head over heels in love with the entirety of S3.

As much as I love when my couples get together and we get to see them in a relationship like we are now… I still long for the days when Killian was still wearing that pirate coat, struggling with who he is and who he wants to be, so in love with this beautiful woman who yells at him and breaks him down and makes him better. I’ll forever be in love with watching him try going back to being the ruthless pirate but being unable to b/c Emma Swan has touched his life so richly that even though he may never see her again, he can’t go back to the way his life was before her. (The year without Emma is my FAV concept this show has ever done and I wish we could have explored it more.) – and my favorite time on this show and in this fandom will forever be watching this soulful pirate, the last person you’d ever expect, show up for Emma physically and emotionally time and time again when she’s so used to everyone leaving her; watching her walls come crumbling down little by little with every selfless action he makes for her and her family.

That is why I love 3A/3B, anon. It was such a special time for CS, for this show and for our fandom and I miss it so so much.

Okaaay this was really hard to do, considering the other animes that I watched. But then again, not all of them affected me, so this is the list that had affected me in some way. IN ORDER!!! (gasp)

Haikyuu S3 (Because I’ve been such a long fan of this and this season left me at the edge of my seats with each episode!)

Servamp (Who can’t say no to an array of eccentric characters, vampire dudes, and family drama?)

Boku dake wa Inai Machi (Erased) (This anime left me to pieces. The deep plot of time travel and saving someone from getting killed…It was beautifully done and GOSH. It needs a sequel!)

Yuri on Ice!!! (True Love portrayal at its finest)

91 Days (I can`t help but love this show because of how the character development went and especially the ending!!!)

Boku no Hero Academia (I`ve been a fan of Onepunch-man so superhero genre is starting to grow on me)

Ansatsu Kyoushitsu s2 (KORO-SENSEIIIIIIII!!!!)

Bungou Stray Dogs s2 (DAZAI AND CHUUYA!!!)

Durarara x2 (IZAYAAAA!!!)

Tales of Zesteria the X (I`ve always been a fan of the Tales series and this one is just one good animation!)

Mob Psycho 100 (I wanted to see how they would animate this series using One`s original style, and honestly I`m impressed by the flawless animation!)

D.Gray-Man Hallow (It`s been so long since a new season came out, and Kanda`s arc was PERFECT. They need to continue this tho…)

Orange (I cried so much for Kakeru) 

Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge (This one was so nice to just sit back and watch and it was one of those animes thatmade me laugh so hard that my stomach hurt)

Amaama to Inazuma (Family stuffs, cooking, and a really cute Tsumugi!)

Joker Game (With each episode featuring a certain member of the organization and showcasing their stories and talents, coupled with a deep plot of war and adult stuffs, I can`t help but wanna be a spy lol)

Shounen Maid (This one is another slice of life, family-ish kind of anime with lots of heartwarming and comedic situations dealt by a young boy who`s too hardworking for his own good)

Nanbaka (The bright colors! The sparkly lights! The two-toned hair colors and eccentric hairstyles! And in prison too!)

Watashi ga Motete Dousunda (Describes every fujoshi`s life minus the harem,)

Tsukiuta: The Animation (Fun and lovable characters, EPIC CGI music videos, and damn good catchy music. It`s been a while good music anime. Check out their awesome openings here: 1, 2)

I highly recommend watching them peeps! 


“It’s so funny—we had both been told over the years by makeup artists and photographers that we should meet. They’d all say, “You should meet Taylor, you’d be friends” or “You should meet Karlie, you’d love each other.” So we finally met for the first time at a Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. We hit it off. We’re both just normal girls who come from strong, supportive families and have been pursuing our careers from an early age. She’s a hard-worker. I have the utmost respect for her.“ -Karlie Kloss on her friendship with Taylor Swift

happy thanksgiving

i wanna say oh holy shet, this is our second thanksgiving together and i am so happy to have you all with me. y’all is definitely my second family and thanks so much for the 5000+ followers as well. within one year and i never thought i’d gain such a huge fam. T_T

and to those who we talked and became close with each other even if we share one or two or lots of commons with, thanks for sticking by my side all this time.

i am thankful for you all my loves~

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and if i missed you, i am suuuuuper sorry. but just know that i am super thankful to wake up everyday talking to you guise or even getting to know you guise. you’re all precious pebbles. i’m truly grateful for BTS, because they helped me expand my second family with y’all and i hope we all just grow more!

Oh god square pizza.

My family always cuts them in squares even when they’re round. They’re monsters.



“Someday you’ll learn to accept… all pizza.”

Wiser words have never been spoken.

Greg has a great point here. Sometimes you can’t force two people to make up with each other, you just give them time to cool down and think. And come to conclusions themselves.

don’t you think it’s a bit scary how martin can say ‘yeah they’ve been through some hard times but they’ve come out the other side’ and the straights are like 'ah yes of course! one partner shoots the other’s best friend, all is forgiven by christmas! regular non-abusive straight protocol!’

i love it when people say it doesn’t make sense for caryl to become canon after “all this time” passed and nothing happened. nothing as in understanding each other from start? nothing as in sharing very intimate moments with just each other? nothing as in team family members wondering how one of them will react to bad news concerning the other?

while at the same time calling fight scenes and wanting to leave someone behind cute and otp material or a person seeing through your bullshit, calling you out on it and offering help to get back on your feet immediate soulmates. i don’t tell you you can’t ship other things. it’s awesome when you genuinely support a ship. just don’t say these two aren’t incredibly important in each others life and personal development or that they don’t make sense together. because you look pretty damn silly if you do.

I’ve never been so terrified of the real world tbh. I’m so scared of the real world.

But to all my friends and family, mutuals, acquaintances, and followers, of any race, gender and sexual preference, please hold on. If our leaders can’t support us, we’ll have to support each other. Take care of people you know who need the support, take care of yourselves and your family. Please watch out for each other. While this was awful news, it’s rough to say, but we have to be strong for everyone. There might be bad times ahead but we have to be strong.

The Neighbor //Part 2:

Previous Parts 

Sam’s mom was the sweetest person ever. She kept offering cake, even after three already eaten slides. I met Sam since I was little, that’s why we’ve always been so close to each other. His family was my second home as well mine was his. He tends to say we were brothers and he mostly introduce himself as my brother than just a friend. Brendan knew that even if he wasn’t with me all the time, Sam would be with me and he wouldn’t let me do anything stupid.

“Can you come with me to buy my dad’s present?” Sam asked, he looked over his shoulder. His mom was in the kitchen talking with mine. 

My mom was planning a dinner party for Sam’s dad. We were like a big family and we’ve always been like that. My mom wanted to invite them home on Saturday and we just talked.

“Of course, but you have thought about something for him?”

“Maybe a watch, I saw his was broken but maybe he already bought another one.” He murmured

Our mothers got out of the kitchen and sat with us in the table.

“Would you like that we went with them on Saturday?” Jannet asked Sam and he nodded smiling.

“Is Rhianne coming tonight?” Sam asked moving his position on the chair with his forearms on the table.

“She’s busy, but she called in the morning and said that she already saw your dad” Jannet explained and he leaned back on his chair. 
It had been months since he saw her, and it was normal for him to miss her. That´s why we spent time together and we understood each other. That was one of the reason I loved Sam and he loved me. 

We went to 4 different stores trying to find something for Sam’s dad. He was unsure about it. He felt like his dad, maybe wanted something better than just normal stuff, but we were so tired we couldn’t find something better for him. We went to a lot of different stores and Sam was so indecisive.

We were heading home again when we found a record and book store. Sam said his dad had been searching for a Beatles collection of CDs and maybe he could buy it there. We got inside and there was a special smell in there. Like it was clean air combined with the smell of new books. From the entrance, you could see the place divided in two. One half was for CDs and vinyls while the other was just for books. We’ve never been here before and we stayed there admiring the view.

Sam and I used to go to a lot of this stores. We looked everywhere to CDs we liked and at the end just made a paper-rock game to see which CD we should buy and we would hear it for the rest of the week while coming from school and at the end we would criticize it. We did it for almost a year until we got in high school and we haven’t had enough time to go out together. 
This store was near Sam’s house and they recently opened. They said it was a really cheap store.

“It’s been a while, don’t you think?” Sam asked and raised an eyebrow. I nodded. “I’ll go and ask for the CDs, if you want to choose something not so expensive because I didn’t bring so much money.”

He left and I continued exploring the store. The place had a familiar thing that reminded me a lot of stories. I had so present a flashback with Brendan. Since I was little, he took care of me when my parents weren’t home because of work. We did nothing for the whole afternoon besides watching Disney movies over and over again. I failed math, but I had so much fun with him. I didn’t attend plenty times to school and we got really bad grades that year. They shouted really bad to Brendan, and blamed him for anything. I was so little that I started crying once I saw my dad pushing Brendan to the floor. I stayed in the middle of them and hugged Brendan on the floor.  Since then, Brendan likes to stay out of the house so he avoids spending time with them. He comes home to see me, and he always comes quite late, early or just when my parents are out so he can see me. He was a good brother, but we had so much trouble lately.

I took the album of “The 1975” and I looked at the songs list. I knew some songs already, but I didn’t want to make Sam buy it for me. I put it back on its place when I heard some footsteps coming closer.

“Hey!” Someone said beside me and I turned around. Justin.

“Hey!” I observed him and he was wearing a shirt with some khaki pants. He was holding a box wrapped in some special way. “You work here?” I asked and he nodded.

“Yeah, I do. And what about you? Are you working somewhere near here?” He asked nicely.

“No, I just came here with my friend to buy something-” I started, but I got distracted by him staring at me. He gave me full attention, like we were alone in there. I looked down and blushed a little. “I’ll take the milk to you later, okay?”

“Yeah, don’t worry. It’s fine.” He said and he looked down at the box. “Are you doing something later today?” He asked and smiled.

“Besides getting your milk, I don’t think I have something else planned. Why?“  

“Here you are!” Sam interrupted, Justin and I just stared at him. “Did you find any album you want? I mean, we still have to get his stuff and we need money. But, do you want something, y/n?”

“No, I don’t want to waste all our cash on any album. I´m fine like that.”

"Oh, here´s your box” Justin showed the box to Sam. Sam looked finally released. “You already paid, right?” Sam nodded and he grabbed the box. “Well, Y/n, I´ll see you later. And nice to meet you Sam” He smiled and left a little nervous.

“What was that?” I asked and Sam laughed. “You were making out with my neighbor?” I said, imitating his voice from last night. 

“Shut up!” Sam slapped my arm. “I´ll tell you the story later, now let´s buy his milk before we arrive home.

We went to the store and buy extra milk than just what we needed. It seemed I was nervous about giving bad impressions again and Sam, just made bad jokes about how much I cared for a stranger. Sam looked excited after we finally buy his dad´s present. The girl who was attending Sam was rude saying they didn’t have the special collection of CDs, and it wasn´t until Justin interrupted and he helped Sam. The collection was so unique and special that the one that Sam bought was the last one in the store. It was quite expensive and Justin even gave him some kind of discount. They recognized each other and they had a previous conversation like "You´re Y/n´s neighbor, right?” And well, they meet each other. 

We arrived home finally and I got surprised by a warm and delicious scent in the air. It had an unfamiliar smell running through my nostrils that made me want to investigate more about it. I went to the kitchen and saw Dalia mixing something in a bowl. She smiled when she saw me and ran to hug me. 

“Sam! I had no idea you were coming, would you like to stay for dinner?” Dalia asked him and then hugged him.

“I´d love to, but I better go to help my mom with my dad´s arrival tonight.” He said and grabbed my hand playing with the ring in it.

“Be careful who are you touching, Hood!” Brendan shouted from the entrance. I let go of Sam´s hand and went to hug Brendan. “I missed you, little girl. Where were you?”

“We went downtown to buy something for Sam´s dad, and you? Why are you here?”

“What? I can´t surprise my little sister with a dinner?” He said and Sam laughed. I crossed arms. “Okay, okay. You got me. I went to see mom and she told me you were alone, in pajama, watching Pretty Little Liars while making funny jokes with yourself. You surprised us when we didn´t find you here, but we made dinner anyways.”

“Mom wanted me to spend time with Kate, but you know, I had to chose between her or Sam” I answered and Sam looked weird at me. 

“You chose me, right?” Sam asked doubtfully.

“No. That´s why I didn´t spend the whole day with you and I stayed with Kate instead” I answered smiling with a sarcastic tone.

“But-” He finally got it and slapped me on the arm. I laughed at him. “You aren´t funny. And in that case, we spent the day with your boyfriend too” He remarked the BOYFRIEND word and Brendan and Dalia looked at me. 

“Please tell me that it isn´t Garrett” Dalia spoiled and suddenly silence filled the air, I looked down.

“No, it isn´t him. And no, I don´t have a boyfriend.” I slapped Sam back on his shoulder.

“Who is the dude, Sam? Who is pretending to date my sister?” Brendan asked with his arm on my shoulder and pulled me closer.

“It´s a neighbor, and he isn´t bad.” I answered before Sam. “But no. We aren´t dating or anything. I barely know him. Can we just end this argument and finally have dinner?” Dalia gave me a dish with the dinner, and smiled.

Sam and Brendan exchanged looks and Sam finally left. They were like a team with everything related to me. Sam wanted to stay and give Brendan a quick update about Justin but it was getting late. He gave me a hug and murmured something like “We love you, that´s why we do this” I smiled and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek before leaving. Brendan was serious and Dalia was constantly rubbing his hand in circles when we were sitting in the dinning room. I knew why they acted like this, why Sam revealed about Justin and why Brendan was with a serious expression.

“You know we love you, I love you Y/n. Since you were little I had to take care of you and I have already told you this for more than just a thousand times: I never cared to take care of you. I know you think that I blame you for all those things that mom and dad shouted at me, or all those places I didn´t go because I took care of you. But no, I don´t blame you. Y/n, what I´m trying to say is that I will always take care of you. And if this guy treats you right, go ahead. I´ll always be by your side.” He said and he grabbed my hand.

“I love you too Brendan” I said and half hugged him.

We end up dinner and they finally leave. Dalia kept saying how happy she was for me. And Brendan just kept hugging me. When they leave, my mom arrived with my dad. They saw Brendan for a second and made me questions about if he was mad or something. It was obvious they would be worried to see Brendan serious after coming to see me. They went to their room and I approach the opportunity to give Justin his milk.

I put the milk in a bag. His car was outside his house and that would mean he was going to be there. I knocked his door and he opened. He surprised a little when he saw me. He wasn´t wearing a T-shirt and he had wet hair. He went back to grab a T-shirt to cover himself. He had a lot of different tattoos on his sleeve and he had an incredibly good body.

“Hey… Here´s the milk.” I said, trying to not look awkward and trying not to blush.

“Thank you.” He answered and grabbed it putting it on the table in his living room.

“I better leave, you´re busy… you know, waiting for someone and-“

“I´m not waiting for anyone, I just thought you would come later and  maybe the one knocking could be my mom or a friend. But, do you really have to leave so early?” He interrupted.

“Don´t worry. If you were waiting for your girlfriend, it´s fine. I must leave now. See you tomorrow, Justin”
I stepped back and turned around. He held my hand stopping me.

“I wasn´t waiting for my girlfriend, I told you, I was just waiting for you…”

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To lead off that one anon that talked about Jancy: Like I'm okay with it and I want him to be happy in the cannon verse, so yes if it happens okay. But sometimes seeing Jancy stuff is physically painful because I love him so much and help it hurts

I actually don’t like Jonathan and Nancy together at all. I think the basis of the “feelings” they could have developed for each other in the time they worked together is nowhere near solid enough, and I can’t get out of my head that scene at the police station when that woman tells Nancy something about how Jonathan only beat up Steve because he has feelings for her (she didn’t say it like that but you know what scene) and Nancy is all like… bashful and it gets her thinking and……………

Girl, the only reason he punched Steve was because of what he said about his family, when he insulted you he was on his way to get the hell out of there

I really like that Nancy ended up with Steve because they really liked each other and apparently knew each other quite well, and with Jonathan she just spent a few days and to me that time just wasn’t enough to develop real feelings for each other

I really wish for the show to not go with that route, but if they do…… well, what can you do

What’s hilarious to me about NR’s interview is that I’ve said for years that Caryl comes off more familial than romantic (imo) and he flat out said that he plays their reunion scene as a sibling dynamic. And then you’ve got Carol dressed up like Old Mother Hubbard telling him to take a bath or she’ll hose him down while he sleeps. Like my grandmother used to say that shit to me all the time when I was kid. But yeah, they totally wanna bang each other’s brains out!

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I love the sound of 'insult bingo'. Lol. I mean, I am not taking this shit seriously when they've already confirmed there is a wedding. Other people can analyse it to death and pick everything apart everything that's said but what's the point? We all flip out sometimes and say shit we don't mean. That's Christmas round my house. You gotta move on. Lol.

Sounds good, don’t it? It’s going to be resolved or forgotten about which you know fine, Aaron s arrested that’s the thing to focus on now. God knows I’ve said to some shitty things to my family at times, it’s just one of those things, we know they won’t mean what they say and I’m sure they’ll apologise to each other at.

Christmas Eve

“Dyl! Hurry up or we’re gonna miss tonight’s movie for 25 Days Of Christmas!”

Watching ABC family on Christmas eve was a long tradition you and your boyfriend Dylan shared before spending Christmas day separated from each other since you would be with your families. You usually opened the gifts you had for each other before the movie started, but this year things are a bit backtracked since Dylan spent all evening “preparing” your gift. You’re not sure what that means, but every time you go near him, he rushes away hiding whatever is in his hand.

"I’m coming, I’m coming! Geez, I’m just trying to make sure your gift is perfect!” Dylan says as he rushes to be by your side on the floor in front of the lit up Christmas tree.

"My gift doesn’t have to be perfect, anything that comes from you is good enough.”

He chuckles at your attempt to be romantic. “That was so cheesy but thank you. Are you ready to swap now?” You reach under the Christmas tree to grab the bag that contains your gift for Dylan. This year you decided to give him a new Mets jersey and hat. A big smile spreads across his face when he removes them both from the bag.
“I know you’re attached to your old Mets hat since you’ve had it for so long, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to have another one for special occasions.”

Dylan kisses you softly on the cheek before saying, “You’re right. It’s so perfect, I can never have too many Mets hats. Thank you, (Y/N).” He reaches under the tree as well and grabs a rectangle shaped gift. He hands it over to you and as you begin to unwrap it, you realize that this is one of the very few moments you’ve seen Dylan nervous. You finish unwrapping to reveal a photo album that looks identical to the one from the popular Disney movie Up. It has the words, “Our Adventure Book” on it. Once you open it up, you realize the pictures in it tell a story, from the first time you met to all the moments leading up to this exact point of your relationship.

"Dylan, this is… I don’t know what to say. I love this. I love you. I love you so, so much.” You are overwhelmed by how much you care for this boy of yours. You kiss him over and over again until he breaks away to speak again.
“I love you too, (Y/N). More than I ever thought I would be capable of loving someone. I know we’re super young and our relationship is just getting started, but I’m so excited to keep building memories with you. I figured we could keep filling this book up every time we have another milestone in our relationship. Is this too cheesy? Oh god, it is. Everyone said you would love it but now I feel like a total idiot.” His eyebrows furrow up and his jaw clenches the way it does when he’s mad.

Shaking your head at how ridiculous he sounds, you respond, “Dylan, stop. You’re not an idiot, and I do love it. It’s amazing, I can’t believe you thought of this! I’m so excited for our future, it means so much to me that you took the time to do this.”

The two of you embrace again and it takes everything in you for you to separate your lips from his the third time this evening. He grabs your hand and leads you to the couch, where you continue your holiday traditions by turning on the TV to watch Christmas movies for the rest of the night.

Right before the last blink-182 tour, Tom sent me a message, saying he was going to be in LA the next day. I told him to hit me up: we ended up going to my restaurant Crossroads, and we had a really cool time. We chilled and talked about our families. Halfway through the dinner, Tom said, “Do you know I’ve never gotten to eat a dinner with you?” All those years we’ve known each other, we had never just kicked it like that. It was great to finally hang out together, not on a tour, and really connect as people again. It didn’t last.
—  Travis Barker