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“Class dismissed.” The teacher called only seconds after the final bell of the day.

No one wasted anytime and instead gathered their things for the weekend glad for the break from the stress of school.

“Oh man i don’t know how i’m gonna last till summer, just this week seemed to stretch on for like a year.” Hunk moaned as he stood up and stretched.

“Dude we just got back from spring break like two weeks ago.” Pidge rolled her eyes as she grabbed her bag before a smirk spread across her face. “Whose turn is it to wake up sleeping beauty?” she asked nodding towards Lance who was slumped over his desk snoring softly and cuddling his maths textbook like a teddy bear.

“Keiths i think.” Hunk chuckled nervously as said boy scowled

“I say we leave him. If the slacker wants to sleep so badly then let him and he misses the bus home so be it.” However despite his words they all knew Keith would never do that and was only annoyed because of Lance’s girlfriend.

“Oh come on he’s a fool in love, he spent to whole of spring break with his ‘special little lady’” Pidge made the air quotations with her fingers “He’s probably got plans with her this weekend too.”

Hunk slowly shook his head “nah he’s working tonight at the restaurant and has booked in for double shifts till monday.”

Keith frowned “seems like a lot, how come your moms letting him?”

“Half the staffs out sick, she wouldn’t let him normally but we’re really understaffed right now.” Hunk shrugged. Since the start of last year Lance had been working at his family’s restaurant picking up as many shifts as he was allowed. For a while Hunks mom the owner had let him figuring that he was just a teenager with too much energy and there was no harm in it.

However after he had collapsed while carrying a flaming desert nearly burning down the place and really hurting himself too, she limited Lance’s shifts to at most once a day during school time.

“I don’t get it, i’ve never seen him spend a penny but he’s always working, he even started asking Shiro if he needs a hand at the garage.” Keith had at first assumed that Lance was saving up for a car to impress his girlfriend with, yet he never mentioned wanting to look for one to anyone. Not even his supposedly best friend Hunk.

Maybe this girl was spoiled brat that demanded all his money as well as his attention…

It wasn’t that keith was jealous… or that’s what he tells himself.

He just doesn’t want to see his friend taken advantage of.

“You know, we could always tail him and finally meet this mystery girl of his?” Pidge suggested looking over the top of her glasses directly at keith like she knew what he was thinking.

“Like i don’t have anything better to do then follow Lance around all night.” Keith huffed crossing his arms.

Pidge rose an eyebrow “do you?”

Keith let his arms drop to his sides “n-no i don’t.”

“So spying it is!” Hunk grinned clapping the two on the back.

“Fine it’s settled then.” Keith sighed as he pulled a bottle of water out from his bag and poured it over Lance’s head.

The effect was instantaneous and he shot up from his seat shaking the droplets from his hair. “What the hell… wait where is everyone?”

“It’s 3pm Lance time to go home.” Hunk was already putting away Lance’s things and slipping his own phone into the bag, admittedly a lot more excited about finding out who his best friend was dating then he first let on.

“Oh man.”Lance frowned looking at his phone. “At this rate i’m gonna be late, erm i’ll see you guys monday i guess.” he waved as he took his bag from Hunk with a smile and ran off smiling.

Keith moved to follow but was held back by Hunk.

“Dude we’re gonna lose him.”

Hunk shook his head as he pointed at Pidge “do me a favour and track my phone, should lead us right to him.”

“Oh you big wonderful genious you.” Pidge laughed taking out her own phone a reading already coming through.

“Follow me to our boy!” She declared walking out the door closely followed by the other two.

To be honest they weren’t really sure what they were expecting to see.

Maybe Lance and some pretty girl at a high end restaurant or jewelry store where he was fawking out all the cash to keep her happy.

However they never imagined Lance to lead them to a hospital.

“Pidage you sure this is right?” keith asked as they walked through the halls the smell of disinfectant hanging in the air.

“It’s where Hunk’s phone is.” Pidge shrugged uneasily.

“Maybe he’s dating a nurse and is picking her up at work?” Hunk suggested a nervous feeling in his gut getting stronger and stronger with every step they took.

“No he would of been at the nurse’s station not in the cancer ward.” Pidge bit her lip as she stopped in her tracks in front of a closed door. According to the readings Lance was on the other side.

“Maybe we should go?” Hunk asked, it felt wrong to intrude on their friends privacy especially when he was keeping trips to the hospital secret.

“Yeah your ri-” Keith was cut off by the door being swung open by Lance himself.

However it was him appearing that shocked the group into silence, but rather his appearance.

Lance was crying.

“Lance?” Pidge asked causing the boy to jump.

“W-what are you guys doing here?” He asked, his voice shaking clearly trying and failing to compose himself.

“We followed you, what’s going one?” Keith asked.

Lance looked down “I’ve got to get to work… ive….” he took a step wobbling on his feet and would’ve fallen if Hunk hadn’t of caught him.

“Lance? LANCE!” Hunk yelled as Lance lay limp in his arms.

“Quit shouting, tired…” He mumbled rubbing his eyes.

“Dude you passed out again! And don’t you dare blame a slippy floor this time.” Hunk glared as he gently set Lance on his feet “i’m worried, what the hell is going on.”

Lance sighed “It’s my little sister Maria… she erm she’s a patient here.”

Suddenly all the pieces fell into place. Lance’s family didn’t have insurance and if one of his siblings were to get sick of course Lance would work himself to the bone to pay for their treatment.

“Why didn’t you tell us?” Hunk asked.

Lance shrugged kicking at the ground “i dunno… didn’t want pity i guess.”

“We could of helped, we could of gotten the money we could of-” Lance started crying as Pidge tried to yell at him causing panic the bloom in the chests of the three of them.

“I know! I know you would of helped. B-but i thought i could do it, God i’m tired i’m so tired i haven’t slept a full night in nearly a year. B-but i wish it wasn’t over now!”

“Over?” Keith asked getting a sharp glare from Hunk who was rubbing soothing circles on Lance’s back.

“I-i… we knew it was terminal but she was meant to have two more years! TWO MORE FUCKING YEARS! Now shes gone… my baby sisters gone!” Lance sobbed curling in on himself.

No one spoke.

What could they say?


So instead they just sat on the ground and held Lance until he fell into a much needed sleep thankful that they decided to follow Lance today especially when they found a bottle of sleeping pills in his jacket pocket.

Next to Normal/Dear Evan Hansen parallels
  • 17-year-old boy has a crush on a 16-year-old girl who plays an instrument
  • Said girl has a brother who dies
  • Brother’s death causes his father to become stoic and repressed and his mother to desperately grasp onto his memory and imagine a version of him who had a happy, fulfilling life
  • the mother can’t accept the reality of her son’s situation because she can’t handle the grief that comes with it
  • Girl is sick of her brother occupying every aspect of her family life and wants something to be about her for a change
  • she also doesn’t like how her parents deal with the problems surrounding her brother
  • she and the 17-year-old eventually start dating
  • long before this happens, the boy tries to kiss the girl at a bad time (if i could tell her/henry getting Stoned™)
  • it takes several weeks for one of them to let the other into their house
  • uses my favorite trope ever, which is when an event that is significant to the plot happens before the story actually starts and we don’t learn the details of it until much later because the main character either forgot about it or refuses to acknowledge that it happened
  • the dead character wants to be remembered
  • The main character attempts suicide but we don’t actually see them do it
  • suicide is a major theme in the story but it isn’t exactly the main focus
  • The main character takes meds to help with their mental illness but later decides to stop taking them
  • The dead character represents the main character’s mental illness
    • connor is the voice inside evan’s head and the source of his anxiety: “she’ll hate you. everyone will hate you. you’ll go right back to where you started. no friends, nobody, nothing, alone.”
    • gabe obviously represents diana’s bipolar disorder (i don’t think this requires an explanation)
    • both of them encourage the main character to make Bad Decisions
  • the dead character does drugs
    • “are you snorting coke?” “not at the moment”
    • “If I stop smoking drugs then everything might be alright”
  • Dysfunctional families
  • rebellious teens
  • someone feels invisible & there’s a whole song about it
  • characters who take drugs are either stoners or they take prescription drugs
  • directed by michael greif
  • small cast to make the story more intimate
  • had pre-broadway productions at arena stage in DC and second stage
  • asa somers was in it at one point
  • “catch me i’m falling”/evan fell out of a tree and no one came to get him
  • costumes seem simple and casual but they actually have a fuckton of symbolism
    • the dead character dresses similarly to whoever’s life he’s fucking with (evan and connor wearing matching sweatshirts, gabe wearing a shirt that’s the same color as whoever he’s trying to communicate with)
  • light & you will be found are really similar
    • has a lot of metaphors surrounding darkness and light, in which darkness represents depression and light is what pushes people to continue living
    • starts off with one person singing & encouraging others to have hope, then the entire cast gradually joins in
    • “out of the shadows, the morning is breaking… it’s filling up the empty and suddenly i see that all is new”/ “the wasted world we thought we knew, the light will make it look brand new”
    • “you will be found”/ “there will be light”
    • ultimately the message is to keep going, it gets better
  • has characters who outwardly look like they have their life together but are actually Suffering™ (dan, alana, jared) and mentally ill characters who do not at all look like they have their life together (diana, evan, natalie)
  • painfully relatable
  • obc member named jennifer
  • someone from pitch perfect was in it at some point (ben platt is self-explanatory; skylar astin was in a workshop as henry in 2007)
  • a music box is used for symbolism in next to normal. dear evan hansen is in the music box theater. coincidence? i think not
    • no but seriously if n2n ever gets revived it needs to be in the music box theater because puns
  • Imagine the DEH cast in next to normal
    • ben platt as henry, mike faist as gabe, laura dreyfuss or kristolyn lloyd as natalie, michael park as dan, jennifer laura thompson or rachel bay jones as diana
  • weather metaphors (cloudy skies in n2n, sunlight in deh)
  • teen girl says fuck at a family meal, gets scolded by a parent, and talks back
    • Zoe: fuck you 
    • Cynthia: I don’t need you picking at your brother right now, that is not constructive
    • Zoe: are you kidding
    • Natalie: this is fucked
    • Dan: language
    • Natalie: Fuck this
  • one can empathize with all the characters but would also probably fight a lot of them if they had the chance
  • “everything else goes away”/ “the rest of the world falls away”
  • won tony awards for best score and orchestrations

There’s probably a lot more so feel free to add on if I forgot anything. 

Illness, Study, and Time Management

No matter whether you’re dealing with mental illness, short term physical illness, or long-term physical illness, it can be really difficult to manage your time for studying when you’re feeling really under the weather. No matter what you’re dealing with, and no matter how many different illnesses impact you daily, if you’re struggling with your focus and time management, your struggles are valid. And your struggles are valid even if you’re healthy! Everyone’s experience is different, and it’s okay to struggle with your time management. So here’s some ideas for helping to manage your time. 

Study Timetable:
Create a schedule detailing which subjects, and what work you are going to do, when you’re going to do it, and how much time you’re going to allow for it. Just remember to be realistic with how much you can do in a day, and how long things take. It can be really helpful to some people to write down exactly what they will do at what times, others, just a general idea is helpful, and for some, this doesn’t work at all.

Daily objectives:
Creating a list of study tasks you want to achieve each day. Break it down (write notes for pages 1-10, chapter 2, psychology), or just be general (chapter 2 psychology notes). This can help you to see exactly what you need to do, rather than feeling overwhelmed trying to remember everything you need to do. You can write this as a to-do list, or use a bullet journal, or whatever you like really. 

Set alarms:
Set alarms to remind you to take breaks, to take your medications, to remind you when to study.

Pomodoro Method:
Setting a timer for 25 minutes, then taking a 5-minute break. There are web applications/extensions like Lanes, and Momentum for this, but using your phone or something works too, and you can edit the time to suit your needs.

Prioritise and Start Early:
List everything in order if it helps, and start on what’s the most important, and start working on assignments, and exam revision as early as you can. But don’t push yourself too hard, be realistic with what you can achieve.

Go to classes:
It can be really hard to go when you’re feeling really unwell, but try to go to as many classes as you can. That way, you don’t have to do as much catch up later. If you find yourself thinking whether or not you should go, take the time to assess whether you really can’t go because of mental/physical illness, or if you just don’t really feel like it. Going to one more class that you just didn’t feel like going too, can really help.

Be reasonable with your time.
Don’t cause yourself stress by trying to write a whole chapter’s worth of notes in an hour. You need to be reasonable with giving yourself enough time, but also cutting yourself off when necessary. Set yourself reasonable time limits if it helps. 

Saying No:
Say no to people who want to try and take your time. If you really don’t feel like that social event is a good idea because you’ve got too much to do, and not enough time, say no. A good friend will understand your illnesses, and your need to take time for yourself and your studies. If they are going to take it out on you, and treat you poorly about it, then they aren’t really a good friend.

Choose your environment:
Don’t study in places, or with people who will distract you, or allow you to potentially procrastinate. Log out of social media sites if you need too, and ignore your messages. But study with someone who motivates you if it helps you, and compromise on your study environment when you’re feeling extra under the weather if you need too.

Have someone else help you with your time management:
If you have a close friend/family member, who you could trust, let them know what you’re dealing with, and what your goals are, and ask them to help you keep track, and check in on you. I have three people who I’ve asked to ask me how my studying is going, and what I’ve managed to get done. My girlfriend knows that when I start freaking out about how much work I have, and how sick I am, I need help breaking down everything into reasonable goals. Give these people a list of your tasks if it helps so they can keep track as well, and encourage/motivate you when you need it.

Skip/drop things if you need too:
I know this is an odd thing to say, but for those of us struggling with any illness, sometimes it’s just necessary. I dropped a class last semester because I just couldn’t do everything with all my depression, anxiety, and chronic pain. If there’s a task that isn’t very critical, just forget about it when things are too much. You can go back to it later if things get better for you. Just be really thoughtful about what tasks you’re skipping/dropping.

Know your learning style:
Honestly, this will help you so much. I’m not an auditory learner. So I don’t waste my time going to lectures, or listening to recordings of them, when I’m really ill. My time, is better spent writing notes, trying to teach others, and making mind maps, flash cards, and reading. So focus on what will help you learn best, and you’ll spend less time trying to learn things, which ultimately means, less stress. If you don’t know your learning style is, just try different study methods, and find something that works better for you.  

Remember Self Care:
Don’t forget to take days off to take care of yourself and do things you enjoy. Eat well, stay hydrated, and get enough sleep, sometimes, study can wait till the morning. Try to remember to take your meds, and exercise, and see friends, and do fun things like go to the beach, or shopping. Take care everyone, and remember, you’re doing great, and doing the best you can. That’s all you can ask of yourself.

They called it the ship of dreams and it really was. Because for the last seven (or more) years, it really had been a dream. Dreams were all we had-dreams and fan art and edits and fics because Jon and Dany still hadn’t met each other yet. And we had our fair share of antis-probably more than our fair share-but we were determined not to let it spoil things for us. 

I thought of myself as a veteran shipper, though maybe I didn’t deserve the title. I hadn’t been into the show since 2011 or since the books first came out in the nineties (to be fair, I wasn’t born then) like some people, but I’d still been shipping Jonerys for a fourth of my life. It was my eigth to eleventh grade years, ever since the day a month before my thirteenth birthday when I saw the name Daenerys Targaryen for the first time and wondered how one pronounced that. I can’t even remember why I first started shipping Jonerys; it was just something that was there. It was as much a part of the show as the characters were. And no one could tell me otherwise. 

We knew it was coming. We all read the leaks, or heard about them. Every other post had the word ‘boatsex’ in it. We defined ourselves by boatsex, actually. Because boatsex meant CANON. And canon meant that every single anti had been wrong and our supposed crackship was never a crackship at all. 

That was one of the nice things about being as isolated as I was when it came to shipping; for a couple of years, I was the only one I knew who did it. Because apparently the logical next step after thoroughly exhausting Lord of the Rings in seventh grade was to move on to Game of Thrones. Because I needed a badass dragon queen in my life. I fell in love with her a little bit the first time I saw her and fell in love with her a little more every time since. Hell, I still do. She changed my life. 

I could never explain to anyone, not even to myself, why she made such an impact on me. But she did, because here I was-this introverted and anxious teenager who was more accustomed to writing her own friends than talking to others-and I needed a guiding star. And she was that for me. She encouraged me to be brave, again and again. It never stopped being hard, to push aside the anxiety, but I thought that if she could do all the things that she was doing then I could reach my little goals and milestones. And on the days I fell short or was lonely, I buried myself in fanfiction. So after writing her for so long, I felt I knew her well. After writing Jonerys for so long, I felt that I knew both of them well. I loved Jon too, of course-but Dany was the one I sold my soul to. 

Dany had dragons. 

But one of the things I learned pretty early on was that people hated her. I didn’t understand why and it frustrated me to no end but I got used to it. The hate for her is ridiculous, so eventually I started ignoring it. If they didn’t see the same complex and wonderful character that I saw, that was just too bad for them. Their lives must be very lonely. 

When I first started my blog, a couple of months before Season 7, Jonerys wasn’t the most popular ship on tumblr. There were a few blogs of course, but we were a bit of a close knit community; we were keeping the lights on until the ship came in force. I say this like I was one of them, like I was one of the ones who had been on tumblr for years making gifsets and writing metas, which wasn’t true, but we had a void for fics and I was determined to fill it. And then season 7 started and the ship went crazy. Within seven weeks we were the top ship on fandometrics and I was writing fics every chance I got because I was getting so many prompts. 

It was my summer. My family was sick of hearing about boatsex and Jonerys and dragons and wolves and r+l=j, but they just had to deal with it because I didn’t know anyone else who shipped it. Tumblr legitimized it, in a way. It became more than me writing in my room after school because there were other people, thousands of people, who loved it too. 

And once again, it changed my life. All the hate in the world couldn’t dim it. 

I love this fandom. I love the people in it and everything they create and I’m so glad I finally decided to get a tumblr. Yeah, we have antis-but we can handle it. We handled 7 (+) years before our ship was canon. It doesn’t matter what a handful of people say. 

Enjoy the ship of dreams. This is our time. 

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Fuck my lying ass area manager and bless my new coworker and his girlfriend. 

sMeltro PCS again. I was working a 10 hour shift by myself (because going against company policy and not scheduling 2 people for a shift is still an on going problem). It was an hour into a rather slow day and I suddenly felt like a semi full of cement crashed into my head. I had a full blow, hardcore migraine pop up out of no where. 

I’ve never had anything like this before, but somewhere in my hazy mind I recall my mother having these and good god they knocked her down for days on end, even with prescription pills. I was hoping against hope that I could swallow a few run-of-the-mill pain pills and in half an hour I’d be fine. 

Nope. Didn’t happen.

What DID happen, was my vision was so bad I couldn’t focus, read, or barely see. I couldn’t string together a sentence I had been saying for over a year. When customers came in to pay a bill I ended up asking them to repeat themselves many times because trying to understand and type out their phone numbers was nearly impossible for me. My stomach also started to twist in knots and I felt like I was constantly 5 seconds away from needing to hurl. I was in BAD shape. 

I don’t call off from a shift unless it’s necessary, like a family emergency or I’m this sick. For the first time since working there my Area Manager approves me to leave if I can get my coworker to come cover. He’s a great guy and came in for me. (Couldn’t thank him enough!)

The next day I was scheduled another 10 hour shift. I hadn’t slept at all and everything hurt. I tried to get out of bed and it felt like an intense pressure on my skull. I called my AM to call off (hours before my shift). She told me straight up that if I didn’t come in that day I was fired because according to her I had been late, left early, or called off completely 10 times just in the last month. That’s a big claim. I’m pretty sure that even in my pained state I would remember missing 1/3rd of an entire month of work. On top of this scare tactic, she’s refusing to take a doctor’s note if I bring one in.

I’m already planning on quitting here in the next few weeks, so I was tempted to tell her to sit on a cactus and rotate. However, if we quit or are fired we forfeit any commissions earned. (That’s illegal in my state, but my company has yet to care). I have nearly 300$+ coming my way from commission and I want it. I bite my tongue, hit up GreenWalls and shove as much migraine medicine into my mouth as can fit (without dying). 

My morning was spent being bitter, hiding in the bathroom in back since it’s the only dark place, and going through all of the schedules and hours listed in our system to pull out the receipts on this lying sack of shit. Including calling off the day before, I had only missed 3 days of work this year. One of which my coworker took from me since it was a huge event on that day and she needed the hours, and another my manager saw how many hours the company was working me (mostly alone) and told me to take the day off. Better yet, I had covered and picked up more shifts then I’ve taken off. I had never been late and never left early.

While I’m cringing in pain as I print off all the proof I can to stick in that bitch’s face, my coworker and his girlfriend (she’s ALWAYS at the shop) are super cool about it. They get me real medicine that will help, give me tips, and cover all of the work while letting me do my thing. They even made a food run and got me stuff. These two are the best thing ever that’s happened to me while working there. I couldn’t be more grateful.

TL:DR: Lying sack of shit Area Manager denies my request to take a day off work due to sudden health issue because of some crazy lie. I print out all the information to prove her wrong while my really cool coworker and his girlfriend take care of me and understand the issue. 

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Heyyo! Sooo about the voltron family.... Do I just send in a prompt? If so then this is my prompt if you wanna do it: Shiro having to take care of the whole family on a weekday because they're all sick with fever and flu except for Shiro. FLUFF would be nice! Thank you! I absolutely adore and LOVE this series!!! 💞💞💜💜❤❤

[The Voltron Family] It first started with Hunk, he caught a fever and flu. So obviously, Keith would take care of his baby boy. Lance and Pidge would comfort their brother that caused them to get sick too. Then by the end of Sunday night, Keith started coughing. 

Shiro: *wraps his arms around Keith’s tummy* You okay?
Keith: *nods* *unwraps Shiro’s arms* I better go get a mask though. Don’t wanna infect you too. 
Shiro: No cuddles tonight then?
Keith: No can do, Champion. *frowns* You’ll live. *chuckles* *gets up* This will be gone by tomorrow.
Shiro: Better take meds though, just to be sure. *gets up* 

The following morning, when Shiro woke up, Keith was sweating and his temperature was so high. He checked on the kids and they were all still sick. He sighed and called the hospital that he’d be taking a leave because of a family emergency. 

Keith: *wakes up at the sound of his alarm* 
Shiro: Good morning, sunshine. *leans down to give Keith a kiss on the cheek* You’re staying home today, sweetheart. You’re sick. *frowns*
Keith: Wha— *coughs* I’m not *coughs* *glares at Shiro* *rolls his eyes* Yeah, yeah, Okay. I’m sick. *buries his face into the pillow* This *coughs* sucks.
Shiro: *chuckles* *runs his finger through Keith’s hair* 
Keith: *hums* *voice is muffled by the pillow* Hmmmm, that feels nice. *suddenly remembers* *jolts up* Shiro! The kids!
Shiro: I checked the kiddos a while ago. Still sleeping. No way are they going to school today.
Keith: *nods* Okay, good. *coughs* And you better get to work now.
Shiro: *shakes head* I’m taking a leave today. There’s no one to take care of you and the little gremlins.
Keith: Stop calling my children gremlins. *frowns* *coughs*
Shiro: *smiles fondly* They’re my children too.
Keith: Call them your little flowers. *smirks*
Shiro: Okay. That’s it. You’re really sick, Keith. Go back to sleep. *chuckles*

Shiro went down to prepare them all some English Breakfast. Keith offered to help but he could barely stand up so he didn’t put up much of a fight when Shiro told him to just rest and leave everything to him. As soon as he was done, he went to check on the kids again and Hunk was already up.

Shiro: *enters Hunk’s room* Good Morning, little pet. Time for breakfast.
Hunk: Good morning, Daddy Shiro. *blinks repeatedly to get rid of the sleepiness* *gets out of bed and tugs Shiro’s hand* 
Shiro: *smiles and leans down to give Hunk a morning kiss* Let’s go get Lance and Pidge. *squeezes Hunk’s hand and they go to Lance’s room*
Lance: *snoring*
Shiro: *chuckles* *caresses Lance’s leg to wake him up since it always does the trick* C’mon, Captain. Time to wake up.
Lance: *groans* Nooooooooo. *rolls around the bed* I’m sick. I’m gonna die.
Shiro: I know, but you need breakfast. C’mon, you can die later.
Lance: *groans* *sits up and joins his Daddy Shiro and Hunk*
Shiro: *enters Pidge’s room* Baby girl? You up? *leans down to kiss Pidge* C’mon, wakey wakey. Daddy made some English Breakfast. 
Pidge: *suddenly wakes up* English Breakfast?! 
Shiro: *chuckles* Yeah and it’s getting cold. *carries Pidge into his arms*

They all made their way to the master bedroom to wake Keith up. Then they all settled down in the breakfast table to eat. After they were done, they all lined up (including Keith) as Shiro handed them new masks for the day. 

Shiro: Be good today boys *looks down at Pidge* and girl. Don’t exert so much energy today and just rest up. I’ll check up on each of you later when you need to take your hourly meds. Alright?
Hunk, Lance and Pidge: *salutes* Okay, Doctor Takashi. *leaves to go back to their rooms*
Keith: *raises an eyebrow at Shiro* You’re enjoying playing doctor don’t you?
Shiro: I did not die 500 times in med school to play doctor, Mr. Shirogane. *looks so bloody offended* And you are a patient, so you need to go back to bed and stay there.
Keith: *smirks* Fine, Doctor Takashi.
Shiro: *flushes* Why is it so weird and so different when you say it? Stop teasing me. *pouts*
Keith: *laughs*

Shiro washed the dishes and did the laundry. Even cleaned the house while he was at it. His phone alarmed and he checked on the kids to tell them to drink their meds, they were all surprisingly hanging out in Hunk’s room, all cuddled up. Shiro cooed at how adorable they were.

Shiro: You kiddos need anything? Anything? At all? *looks at Hunk*
Hunk: Can I request for melon milk?
Shiro: I’ll get on that, sweetie. *smiles and then looks at Pidge*
Pidge: Maybe cookies?
Shiro: I’ll check if there are cookies left from your Daddy Keith’s batch. *ponders* *looks at Lance*
Lance: Can I get a car?
Shiro: No. 

The last one was Keith and Keith was just there lying on the bed, trying to fight sleepiness, looking so bored while playing on his phone. Shiro shook his head fondly and knocked on the opened door to get his husband’s attention.

Shiro: Anything you need, sweetpea?
Keith: I need your body. *monotone*
Shiro: *snorts* *stifles a laugh* Maybe when you’re better.
Keith: Dammit. Worth a shot. *unceremoniously drops his phone on the bed* I’m so bored. You won’t let me do anything
Shiro: *laughs* Maybe I’ll let you sort the laundry.
Keith: *coughs* Oh no. I’m so sick. I… *coughs* can’t.
Shiro: *playfully kicks Keith’s legs* You ass.

Mother Doesn’t Approve

Request:Dick & the reader are dating for a while & he takes her to a family dinner at the manor but Batmom doesn’t like the reader or their relationship (maybe she thinks Dick would be better with Barbara/she thinks that the reader is a gold digger) & doesn’t approve of the relationship until one day when Dick gets sick & she goes over to check up on him and sees the reader taking care of him (just them being generally fluffy) & Batmom takes the reader aside & apologizes & approves of their relationship

“Mom, I’d like you to meet my girlfriend, Y/N.”  

You had been dreading those words ever since you and Dick started dating.  The panic got worse once you learned that your boyfriend was Nightwing, and that his family was crime fighters.  You’d especially been worried about how his mom would react to you being uninvolved in the life style.  

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How to Survive 1L Year

I was super nervous going in to my first year of law school not so much for the classes because I’ve always been interested in studying law but because I knew it was a whole different learning environment. I know there are books out there to guide the new law students along but I thought what better person to hear it from than someone who just finished her 1L year. So here goes!!

1. DO start outlining ASAP

Your outlines are everything you cling to. Taking 4-5 classes can be a heavy course load and at times they will seem to intersect and it’s super important to keep your classes straight. Find an outlining style that works best for you whether it’s charts, lists, etc. and keep them updated every weekend.

Trust me. It will be your saving grace come finals week.

2. DON’T show up late to class. In fact, I would suggest arriving at least 15 minutes early to get yourself situated.

My first week of class I had a Contracts professor who was a bit older who not only hated people who came in late but those that came in late AND slammed the door. That person basically had a target on their back the rest of the semester and that’s not a situation you want to put yourself in.

3. DO find a study group and meet at least once a week.

It’s so important to have a study group you work well with. So far my best friends in law school have been the girls I chose to study with. With that being said, DON’T be afraid to speak up if you feel like someone in the group isn’t pulling their weight. It’s important that everyone is on the same page and giving their all to the group.

4. DO take advantage of professor’s office hours.

I’m very fortunate to go to a school where all the professors have an open door policy and are always willing to meet with their students. Sometimes things may not click the way the professor is explaining it in class and that’s okay, just go to them for clarification after.

It also helps to make an appointment with them after midterms to go over what you may be having trouble with whether it be multiple choice or what they are looking for on their essays.

5. DO adjust your writing style the way the professor wants.

I had a variety of writing styles that each professor wanted and it’s so important to write their way because that is what they are looking for when grading. You have to be willing to bend to their styles in order to get the points you need.

Whether it be issue spotting, IRAC, CREAC, kitchen-sinking, etc. give the professor what they want to see.

6. DO get involved.

1L year is going to be mentally and emotionally draining but it’s so important to take the time to start networking. But DON’T run yourself ragged. Pick a few things you may be interested and join them. Once you feel more comfortable add on more.

7. DO make time for yourself before friends and family.

Friends & family are unfortunately put to the side because their just isn’t enough time in the day to see everyone. But, you need to make time for yourself. For me, my me time has been working out, daily devotionals, and catching up on shows every now and again.

You need to stay healthy. I was fortunate enough to not really get sick during the school year because I changed my diet and exercise which lead to me losing 17 pounds in my last semester of school (take that Freshman 15)!

8. DON’T be unprepared for class.

Most law school professors use the Socratic method where they cold call on students and you are expected to be prepared to answer their question. I know for a fact that if you are called on and you are not prepared that sticks with the professor which is not the reputation you are trying to have.

9. DO sleep.

I know that sounds crazy but it needs to be said. I can’t do all nighters. I’ve never been able to. Are you going to get a full 8 hours every night? Absolutely not! But you have to sleep.

Trust me, your mental health & sanity will thank you.

10. DO remember why you are here.

You just signed up for 3 years of torture right? Wrong. You are in law school because the law is what you’re passionate about. You want to be that person who makes a difference in whatever field you decide to practice in. This above all will get you through the papers, the exams, and the countless hours of studying.


Klaus x Salvatore!Reader 

Requested By Anon

Warnings: sad ending

Part Two

There were few things in your long life that still gave you comfort. One of those had been Niklaus. At least until he sent you away and attempted to kill your brothers, hoping the distance between you would stop messages from your brothers reaching you.


Unfortunately for the hybrid he’d underestimated the bond the three of you had. While it was true your brothers seemed to be caught in a never ending battle, there was one thing in the world that would, without a doubt have them joining forces ever time. You.


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anonymous asked:

not to pester it if you want could you please write a continuation of jace meeting simons mum? just because i love you're writing and id love to see how it goes (only if you want to tho obvs)

part one

“I’ll have you know that if I could eat, I would totally choose pancakes over bacon,” Simon says, feeling a little insulted. “All that buttery goodness. The sweet syrup? I miss pancakes.”

Jace tugs his shirt over his head and finds his pants in the corner of Simon’s room. “I’ll eat them just so you can watch how much I enjoy it.”

“You are such an ass,” Simon grabs his own shirt from the front of the closet. “What do I even see in you? You’re-”

He’s cut off when Jace cups his face with his palm, pulling him into a slow, gentle kiss. “You love everything about me.”

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Sugaring from Scratch

So, as stated in a previous post, I recently dropped my SD because he was getting too clingy.  4 phone calls a day when I’m at my vanilla job is just not acceptable and an invasion of my privacy so, yes.  We parted ways.  It was hard as I really liked him but it was for the best.  Rule 1: never get too attached.

Also recently and as stated in a different post, I’ve been moving.  I found my new apt and started painting (yes, I’m that person) and moving.  I’m not done yet but this has been the reason for my lack of new posts for a while.  Moving is a long and laborious process.

But anyway, I have a moment free so I thought I’d share some thoughts on being an SB.  As I’ve (kind of) been looking for a new SD, I started thinking about how I began this whole thing and how difficult it can be for newbies.  Finding a legit SD is hard and getting the formula right so far as profile, messages, etc. is a challenge.  

So here are some of my thoughts on the SB profile for those just starting out:

  • Thought #1: Never EVER use photos from your private social networking pages!!!! This might seem basic to old hands, but to newbies, it’s an essential first rule.  Why?  Because sick twisted men will reverse look up your pictures and find you and your family.  They’ll get your real name, message your friends, threaten to expose you, etc.  It’s never happened to me but it has happened to girls I know so DON’T DO IT!  My advice?  Have a folder of pictures on your laptop and phone that are specifically for sugaring.  Do not post these pictures anywhere else on social media or photos like them.  Also, for added protection, I like to censor my eyes or mouth so I have that little bit of anonymity.  This is of course a personal preference, but I think it helps.
  • Thought #2: When writing the profile about me section: Keep It Simple Sugar (KISS - I love that acronym).  Why?  Because SDs don’t want to read a bunch, especially if they’re just gonna send you a message based on your photo.  When writing your about me, I’d stick to 3-4 sentences MAX.  Give them at least one interesting fact about you so they can make a connection should they read it (like, I have a little obsession with student-teacher romance novels - it’s sexy, but not too sexual).  And then in your what am I looking for section, be to the point without being too specific.  I always say something like - looking for traditional SB/SD relationship only - that way all those men who think being an SD only consists of paying for expensive dinners will hopefully be deterred.  The rest?  If they really want to know more, they can always message.  Which is what I end my profile on.
  • Thought #3: Perhaps the most important thing: LIE.  I have a secret sugar persona and I never give my real name, number or any other details like that.  Why?  For the same reason I don’t post pics from my social media accounts.  Protection.  I have a pre-made up story - I use the same one for all SDs so I don’t confuse myself.  I have a different hometown, birthdate, college major, vanilla job, etc.  I NEVER give out my private number (get Google Voice - it’s really a lifesaver), and I rarely take SDs back to my apartment.  If I do, it’s after we’ve been dating a few months. 

So, that’s it for now.  I’m having a brain lapse so if I think of anything else, I’ll post again soon.  But hope this helps!

Not The One - Part 1: The Proposition

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Language, lying, drinking (later on), feeling unloved (that will be more clear later), some angst 

Word count: 1191

A/N: This was written for @iwantthedean ‘s SoCo Summer Writing Challenge. I picked two prompts. The first one that is on this part is “I know I’m not the one.” The second one that will come in a later part is “I went to her house and everyone there was gone.” This will be a few parts long. No beta and feedback please. Sorry so late, love.

Summary: With your family coming to town you need somebody to play your fake boyfriend that you told your family all about, so you ask Jensen. When you start to get deeper and deeper into this lie, what happens when you find some truth within it? What happens when real feelings get in the way and you feel like you aren’t right for him?

You woke up with a smile on your face felling all warm and cuddly. When you opened your eyes, you realized you weren’t at home. You weren’t in your own bed. No, you were in Jensen’s bed and even worse you were wrapped in his arms.

“Shit,” you whispered to yourself. You tried to move but his grip only got tighter. You couldn’t deny the feeling of wanting to stay in his arms, but this was wrong. He didn’t like you in that way. So, you tried to move his arm and wiggle out from under him without waking him up, but you failed. As soon as you could get out of the bed Jensen was awake.

“Y/n, where are you going, it’s still so early,” he said through a yawn.

“This was a mistake Jensen. I’m sorry I should have never come over last night. I should have just gone to a motel like I originally planned. I shouldn’t have let my family talk me into coming here. I’m so sorry Jensen,” you said rambling.

“Woah slow down, y/n. What are you sorry about?” he asked.

“All of this. Asking you to be my fake boyfriend, making you deal with my nagging family, and now this. I know I’m not the one, Jay so I’m sorry for putting you in this awkward position. I’m sorry you had to wake up with me tangled in your arms. I’m just sorry,” you said as you went running towards the door.

Jensen jumped out of his bed and went chasing after you. “Y/n! Y/n, wait.” But his yells fell on deaf ears as you kept running out of his house, into your car, and sped off.

You should have never asked Jensen to this. What the hell were you thinking? Well, let’s rewind back a week and see where this all began.

One week ago

You heard the familiar Kansas song “Carry on My Wayward Son” playing signaling you to your phone ringing. You ran from your living room to your bedroom to grab your phone. You neglected to look at the screen to see who was calling before you answered.

“Hello,” you said.

“Hey, sweetie. How are you doing?” the familiar voice of your mother said.

You cursed under your breath. She was the last person you wanted to talk to at the moment. “Hey, mom. I’m fine. You?”

“I’m great, sweetie. I’m really glad you answered. I’ve been trying to get ahold of you for a week now,’ she said.

“Yeah, sorry about that. Work has been real hectic lately,” you said lying through your teeth.

“Well, I was calling to tell you that me, your father, your older sister and her family are coming to visit you. We want to meet the awesome new boyfriend you told us about,” she said.

“Mom, look I’ve got work and he- “you were interrupted.

“Y/n, I don’t want any excuses. We will be there tomorrow. No if’s, ands, or but’s about it. Okay?”

You sighed hating the mess you have gotten yourself into. “Yeah, mom. See you tomorrow. Love you.”

“See you tomorrow and love you too sweetie. I’m really looking forward to this,” she said as you both hung the phone.

You, however, were not looking forward to this. This so called “boyfriend” you told your family about, he doesn’t exist. You just made him up to get your parents and sister off your back. “Shit. Fuck. Fucking shit. What the hell am I supposed to do now, “you said to yourself.

You looked down at your phone and saw your screen saver that was a picture of you and Jensen, your best friend. That’s when it hit you. That’s when you’re really stupid idea hit you. You hadn’t given your family a name and Jensen was your best friend after all. You unlocked your phone and dialed Jensen’s number.

“Hello, Ackles, the famous celebrity speaking,” he said into the phone obviously knowing it was you calling.

“That’s nice Jay. A bit conceded much?” you said with a laugh as he laughed on the other line.

“So, what’s up y/n?” he asked.

All the sudden you got really nervous. You decided this wasn’t something you could ask over the phone. It needed to be in person. “Are you busy right now?” you asked.

“No, not really. Why?”

“Wanna go to Bixby’s for lunch? On me?” you offered.

“Sounds good but you’re not paying. My mother would never forgive me if I let a woman pay for her meal no matter the circumstance.”

“Ok then. See you soon.”

Thirty minutes later you were sitting at yours and Jensen’s favorite sandwich shop shaking your leg, your nerves building.

After another minute Jensen showed up and you stood to hug him. You both sat and an awkward silence followed.

“So why are we really here, y/n?” Jensen finally asked. “I know you and you don’t just call out of the blue to go to lunch.”

“I need to ask you a favor. It’s a really big favor, but feel free to say no. It’s a lot to ask of someone and I feel really bad asking you,” you said stumbling over your words.

“Calm down, y/n. Just tell me what it is. It’s fine,” he said calmly and sympathetically.

“Ok so I should start from the beginning. My family kept breathing down my throat about my dating life and I got so sick of it so last month I told them I had a boyfriend. I didn’t give them too many details or even a name, but it seemed to get them off my back, at least for a while. Today my mom called me and said she and my father and my sister and her family are coming to meet this guy that I made up. They are going to be here tomorrow and I don’t have a person to introduce. I was wondering if you would be my fake boyfriend? It would only be for a week. I promise you won’t have to do anything you don’t feel comfortable with.”

“I’ll do it,” he said simply.

“Wait, really? You’ll do it?”

“Yeah, you’re my best friend y/n. You need help and I’m happy to offer my assistance. Besides this will be easiest help I’ve ever given,” he said with a smirk.

“Well, you haven’t met my family,” you said.

“Regardless, it would be my pleasure to be your fake boyfriend,” Jensen said with a sincere smile.

“You’re the best,” you said as you jumped up and into Jensen’s arms.

Jensen didn’t let it show but he loved when you hugged him like that. He loved when he could make you smile so big. He loved …. well, you. Not that he would ever tell you that.

After you both took your seats your sandwiches came. You didn’t have to order because the cook knew y’all’s order by heart because of how often you went there. You sat in silence and ate. Jensen watched and just admired the smile on your face. Maybe he could make the fake boyfriend thing a little less fake.  

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I just realized something thinking about my childhood. I had a lot of phases (Nice Guy™, libertarian [ugh], etc.) in my teen years that were because of my peers and in spite of how I was raised. I was the type of kid to ask for Barbies (and have my mom make superhero costumes for them) because there weren’t enough female action figures. I had my fucked up moments, as all kids do, but my family was good about making clear the importance of boundaries, consent, treating others with respect even when it’s hard, etc. But eventually, you get sick of being the freak who gets bullied all the time and start thinking there might be a reason your peers are all so different than you–especially the ones who are popular and/or well-liked.

Raising kids well is the behavioral equivalent of vaccines. For it to really fix the issues it’s meant to fix, damn near everyone has to do it. That’s why you can’t just say, “I’ll raise my kids well,” and let that be it. You have to help the parents you know do the same and know what that really looks like. Otherwise, your kid might end up the type of person who says “cuck” and doesn’t immediately crumble into a ball of embarrassment.

I’ll Try - Tyler Bate

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This isn’t my best but I’m just starting to get back into writing. If you want to be tagged in future writings, let me know as I don’t really have a tag list right now.

I’ll Try by Jonatha Brooke (Peter Pan: Return To Neverland)

Disney Song Series + Soulmate AU

I am not a child now
I can take care of myself
I mustn’t let them down now
Mustn’t let them see me cry
I’m fine, I’m fine

I was the only person in my town growing up who didn’t have a soulmark. People said I was sick and that I should be locked away. No friends, no family (they gave me up when my mark didn’t appear, thought I was a freak) and no love in my life, I couldn’t wait for the day I turned 18 so that I could get the hell out of care and follow the sun. 

I decided to wrestle, a sport where I could take out my anger and tell a story at the same time. Finding people like me was not something I had planned to do but that ended up being the case as I found a surrogate family in Jack Sexsmith and Martina. They were a lot of fun, not having a soulmark meant that they didn’t have to worry about waiting for their soulmate to have love and they could go out to meet people, living their best lives. I, however, still felt angry at the universe for not letting me be like everyone else so that my family might have loved me. 

One thing that was very, very important was not letting anyone see me cry. I had spent so much time building up walls around me that if anyone were to find me with tears falling, all of my hard work would be for nothing.

They can’t see me cry.

Not ever.

I’m too tired to listen
I’m too old to believe
All these childish stories
There is no such thing as faith
trust and pixie dust.

I try but its so hard to believe
I try but I can’t see what you see
I try, I try, I try.

“C’mon, sweetcheeks! Everyone reeeaaaalllyyyy wants to meet you! Besides, it’s FCP and you haven’t wrestled there yet.” 

As much as I love Jack, he can be the most annoying little shit. He was trying to get me to go to FCP with him, and to be on the show.

“I can’t just appear on a show I’ve not been booked on, bab.”

“Already asked, they’re cool with you being in the scramble match.”

And thus, I was in a chilly warehouse with my two best friends and a mess of people that I had never met. I stood on my tiptoes (on top of a chair, mind you, because I’m bloody short) to get a peek at the crowd over the curtain. Eddie Dennis offered to lift me on his shoulders, an offer which I politely declined considering we were going to be trying to kick each other’s ass not too much later. Trent Seven was stood in the ring, hyping up the crowd a bit and getting some laughs. 

Moments later, I went to jump down from the chair but lost my footing and fell backwards, a yelp escaping me. I mentally braced myself for the impact of my body hitting the floor but instead, a pair of solid arms caught me at the waist, a hand placed firmly on one of my hips. Blue eyes stared down at me, bright but worrisome. I was stood back up on my feet, my hands on his shoulders, and the man opened his mouth to speak but then shut it again. Without a word, he gave a quick smile before walking away rather quickly. I had never had the opportunity to meet Tyler Bate until that night, and something about him stuck with me during my match and afterwards whilst I was stood at the merch table with Jack. My eyes were fixed on him during his match with Trent against Aussie Open, every move and every action engraving itself in my mind.

“You’re staring. Babes, you look like a lovesick puppy,” Jack laughed, elbowing me in the side, “Ooh! Maybe he’s your soulmate! I’ve never seen you look at someone like that before.”

“Shut up, Sexsmith.I don’t believe in that shit anymore. I’m twenty, you’d think that if I was going to have a soulmate, my mark would’ve appeared a long time ago. He probably has a soulmate, so I have no chance in hell. Now, let me enjoy the rest of the match.”

JACK!” I screamed from my bedroom. I had been getting ready to go for a shower before bed when I noticed something on my right hip. The mark was a reddish colour, sort of like it had been burned onto my skin, and it was in the shape of a hand. Usually, I would be able to pass it off as something left by an opponent but the match I was in was the opener and any marks would have faded mostly, this looked far too visible and clear to be from the match.

Jack burst into the room, eyes instantly going wide at the sight of my exposed hip. 

“I FUCKING TOLD YOU! I KNEW YOU’D HAVE ONE!” He proceeded to spend the next fifteen minutes admiring the print and questioning me about who it could possibly be. At the time, I still wasn’t sure that it was my mark. Surely, it should’ve been there years ago. I refused to accept the truth, because it was easier than thinking about it.

I can finally see it
Now I have to believe
All those precious stories
All the world is made of faith
And trust and pixie dust

So I’ll try
‘Cause I finally believe
I’ll try
'Cause I can see what you see
I’ll try, I’ll try, I will try
I’ll try
To fly

Martina had texted me the next morning, asking me to meet her at a café not far from my flat. She had a few hours before she needed to get to her next show and wanted someone to chat with until she left. What I didn’t know was Jack had texted her about the handprint during the night and the pair had gone into investigation mode, somehow coming up with the main suspect of who left the mark on my hip. So, when I got to the café, Martina was nowhere in sight. Instead, Tyler was sat alone at a table in the corner, hands going from lightly tapping the wooden surface to rubbing against his jean-clad legs, moving in smooth, slow motions up and down the material covering his thighs. 

The second he noticed me in the doorway, those bright eyes lit up even more. Slightly hesitant, I made my way over to where he sat.

“Hello, Tyler. Haven’t seen Martina, have you?” I asked him, taking the chair opposite.

“Erm… about that…”

The nervousness he was showing told me that she wasn’t coming. Before I could say anything, Tyler had slipped off his jacket and was rolling up his sleeves until the skin of his shoulders was exposed. On both sides lay a handprint, smaller than the one on my hip.

“Martina called me this morning, told me what she and Jack had been talking about. I didn’t notice the marks on my shoulders until after my match last night and I knew that they were far too small to be from Kyle or Mark. Couldn’t think who though until I got that call. The moment I heard your name mentioned, it clicked! You fell and I caught you,” The girls behind the counter were clearly too engaged in our conversation so I motioned to the door and Tyler grabbed my hand, pulling me outside with him, “Er, I don’t know where we should-”

“My flat isn’t too far from here and something tells me that Jack won’t be there when we get there.”

Things seemed to move quickly after we got through the door of my flat. Only moments had passed but I was eager to understand what was going on. I definitely wasn’t the only one as when I asked Tyler to let me see his shoulders, he practically tore his shirt off. My movements were slower, more hesitant, my hands moving to his shoulders and placed on the skin. As soon as I touched the marks, he gasped and, almost like a reflex, he grabbed my right hip. 

It was like everything was falling into place and I had to open my eyes to what was happening. His arms wrapped around me, pulling me to his chest where I could hear the rapid beating of his heart. He was looking down at me, a content smile spreading across his face. I couldn’t help but return the smile.

“I have spent my whole life wondering if I was broken because I didn’t have a mark. This is what I’ve been waiting for. Guess the universe just wanted to keep us waiting.”

Don’t Cave to Expectations

A/N: An anon request for a Spencer x Reader where they are quickly falling in love. One of them (the reader) is worried because they don’t want to have kids. When Spencer notices something is wrong with her, he asks what’s up. When she tells him, she gets a surprising answer. @coveofmemories


“Grandpa,” you said exasperatedly, “You’re going to have to get over it. Things aren’t the same anymore. I don’t want kids.”

This is why family dinners sucked ass. As one of five children, three girls and two boys, it was just assumed from the time you were little that one day you’d grow up and have a family of your own. Thing was, you never planned on having kids. And very few people in your family seemed to be able to accept that. Your mother and a few siblings got it, but your dad, your one brother, and all of the older members of your family couldn’t understand why you didn’t want them. “But you love kids,” your grandpa said frustrated at the fact that you wouldn’t be giving him another great-grandchild anytime soon, if ever. More than likely never. “And that boy you’re dating. The nice one that works for FBI, doesn’t he want kids?”

Spencer was your boyfriend of nearly five months - and you were falling for him hard, but you hadn’t had that conversation yet. “We haven’t talked about that yet, grandpa. But if he really wants kids then that’s not the relationship for me. I wouldn’t have kids to keep a man. I’d have them if I wanted them. No questions asked.” Although the words came out of your mouth with ease, the possibility that Spencer wanted kids was high and you weren’t ready to end this relationship. You loved him so much and you could tell he felt the same way about you. 

Down at the opposite end of the table, your grandpa muttered to himself about the importance of having kids. “Listen, grandpa,” you started. You really did love him. He would do anything for you. But he was living in the 30s and 40s still and society just wasn’t there anymore. “I love you. But the world is changing. You just had kids back then, and I get that that’s the way it was, but it’s not that way anymore. You’re right, I do love kids. My nieces and nephews mean the world to me and I would do anything for them. But given my job and Spencer’s, if he’d the one I decide to marry, bringing a child into the world when we couldn’t give them our absolute all would be unfair to them.”

He wasn’t going to get it; you could tell as he huffed and puffed at the end of the table. You loved your family, but this dinner needed to be over soon. Plus, you were starting to get sick to your stomach. What if Spencer really wanted kids? You loved him so much…


“Okay!” Spencer said, turning around to face you. It was a nice weekend at his place, but after your dinner with your family a few weeks earlier you’d been uneasy, stumbling over your words because you were so nervous about losing him. “What is up with you? You’ve been pulling away for weeks now? And I know you wouldn’t just go from loving me to pulling away for no reason. So what’s up?”

Spencer grabbed your hand and pulled you closer to him. “You know I love you, so much.” 

“Then what’s the problem?”

With a deep breath, you decided to cross this bridge now. If he really wanted kids then you couldn’t be with him, but if he didn’t want them, then you’d know. “It’s just something that was brought up when I went to visit my family a few weeks ago.”

“I knew it,” he said, his smiled bright. He did love being right. “What happened?”

Ugh. This sucked. “My grandpa got on my case about me having kids.”

His eyes widened for a moment and then smiled. “He thinks you should have kids?”

You nodded, still unsure of where he stood. “I love kids, but my job is hectic, and I love my job, so I don’t think I could devote all the time that a child needs. Plus, I enjoy my independence and my nieces and nephews fill that need in me. I love kids, but I don’t want them.”

“Makes sense,” he said, pressing a kiss to your lips and then turning around to go back to what he was doing.

Wait, what? “That’s it?” You chuckled nervously. “You don’t have anything else to add to that?”

Spencer turned around on his heels, confused as to why you were confused. “Yea, what’s the problem?”

“Do you want kids, Spence?”

It was then that he finally seemed to understand. “That’s why you’ve been pulling away?” He exclaimed, walking back over to you and cupping your face in his hands. “You were nervous about me?”

Shakily, you nodded, pressing your forehead against his as you swallowed back nervous tears. “Yea. I see the way you are with your nephews and how much you love them, so I always figured you wanted kids. And although I love them, I don’t want kids, so if you really did then that would be the end of us and I didn’t want anything to end, so that’s why I was nervous.” Apparently, in five months of dating, you’d become much like Spencer in that you’d started rambling when you were nervous. 

His lips pressed gently against yours once again. “I love my nephews…but I don’t want kids either. I thought I did once, but I don’t.” An immediate weight was lifted from your shoulders.

“Oh thank god,” you said as you wrapped your arms around him. “I didn’t want to break up with you…I kind of love you a lot.”

“I kind of love you a lot too,” he said. “My nephews mean everything to me. They’re enough.”

God, you felt so much better. Now you and Spencer could tell your grandpa to get over it. “Can I ask what made you decide you didn’t want them?…When you thought you once did I mean.”

Spencer grabbed your hand and led you to the couch, both falling to the comfy cushions as he pulled you into his lap. “Well, one, I love my job. I can’t imagine doing anything else, and I think it would be unfair to a child. JJ makes it work, but I don’t know how I could. Secondly, I love Henry and Michael so much, and I know I could love my own kid just as much, but given my job, I would never want them to be a target. JJ almost lost Henry once…I don’t think I’d survive that. And three, and probably most importantly, I have a lot of things in my medical history that I wouldn’t want to pass on to a child.” For a few moments, a comfortable silence fell between you. “I guess I’d just like to devote my time to my job, my studies, a couple of dogs at some point, and…the love of my life.”

Craning your head around, you crashed your lips into his. “You are definitely the love of my life,” you replied. “I feel better now.”

“Good.” He kissed you on the shoulder before pulling your feet up so you were fully situated in his lap. “And next time your grandpa gives you crap and I’m there, I’ll rattle off some statistics about why people who don’t want kids shouldn’t just have them for the sake of societal expectations.”

You had the best boyfriend ever. “Fantastic,” you said. “I’m sure my grandfather will have nothing to say to that.”

vanessaudrey  asked:

hi, how do you tell people to stop telling me to go on a diet? I am a female adult, so I mean, isn't it my right to choose what I want to do in life? my family afraid that no man will love me and I will end up single for my entire life. some said that I used to be pretty when I was skinny a year ago. some also said that I could wear cute clothes if I were thinner. that's sick. I think I am comfortable in my own body, but people don't get it.


Okay if it’s your family and you really don’t want to start a fight you don’t have to say that, but I want you to remember that you have every right to tell someone to go away, leave you alone, and shut up. It is 100% your body and you are the only person who gets to decide how it looks and how it is used. You don’t need to go on a diet, you don’t need to loose weight, the only thing that you do need to do is love yourself radically. That means loving yourself when it feels impossible or when everyone else is telling you not to. Here are some great replies you can give to someone who thinks it’s their place to advise a diet:

- No thanks, I love my body

-I am actually really super happy with the way I look and feel!

-I love my body the way it is right now!

-I actually am on a diet, it’s called self love and body positivity!

As someone who lives with an eating disorder I have found these not only to be answers to people’s inappropriate comments about my life, but also mantras to get me through those moments. Never stop loving your body no matter what. 

-The Daily Feminist