my family is pretty cool sometimes

katsuukis  asked:

🌷 + ☕️ (bc i love me some shade ahaa)

🌷 = favourite blogs

theres really so many its hard to pick just a few but !! def ur blog ! and @katteens @iwaizyumi @princevitya @icecastle @karlenah @yurioyo @viktrnikifrov @pliestsky @nikidon@victuurys​ are cool mutuals jlaksdjf im like leaving out a lot of blogs i like theres just too many

☕️ = shade someone 

okay so like my family is rlly nosy n,, one of my sisters is pretty judgy so it causes me to like want to hide my interests and idk it just feels bad!! bc i have to close myself off and feel v insecure & embarrassed about what i like and i still love my family its just that,, they make me feel really bad sometimes idk if thats considered shade but kjkdsnfjk 

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Echo & Hera?

echo: what’s something you can’t stop talking about?

at the moment? oban star racers, lol. I keep texting my sister ALL THE MEMES!! oh and I recently really got into icon for hire, which is a pretty awesome band with fantastic lyrics.

hera: who makes up your tumblr family?

hm…well @beyondthemoor is my fandom mom who leads by example. @frostmarris is that cool older cousin who sometime returns to the kids’ table (as I freak out inside), @papalogia is that cousin who you only see once in a while but you connect with whenever you see them. @can-t-figure-it-out is that sibling with the amazing talent that you watch in awe. and @vesperlionheart is my soul sister, my twin!

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Please rate my family. INTP(me)-ESFP(mum)-INFP(sister)-ENTP(sister). There is more but I'm unsure what their MBTI types are.

Wow, your family seems cool! I actually have a similar family (INTP (me), INFP Dad, ISFJ Mom, ESFP sister, and ENFJ sister).
I would assume that you and your ENTP sister banter, use sarcasm, and debate a lot.
You and both of your sisters probably have a lot of inside jokes and bounce crazy ideas off of each other.
You and ENTP probably accidentally offend INFP sometimes.
ESFP is probably pretty loud and likely has an artistic talent of some kind.
Was this accurate? Please let me know!
Thanks for asking! If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask me. My ask box is always (metaphorically) open!

Intwenty questions
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Name: Hedwig
Nickname: uhmm don’t really have one I guess… My family still calls me a smurf sometimes or People call me Heddo
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Height: 5′6 (172 cm) im not good at converting
Orientation: Bisexual
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Favorite Fruit: strawberries and nectarines and pears 🍓🍑🍐 ohh and watermelon 🍉🍉🍉
Favorite Season: Fall… And spring.. Because pretty, yes
Favorite Book: Reasons to stay alive by Matt Haig
Favorite flower: orchids?
Favorite Scent: Coconut, vanilla and lavender
Favorite Color: purpleeeee and darkyellow and burgundy
Favorite Animal: Hmhm every animal 😁 😇
Coffee, Tea, or Hot Chocolate: tea
Average Sleep Hour: 4-6
Cat or Dogs: Both
Favorite Fictional Character: Doctor Who
Number of Blankets 2 or 3
Ideal Trip: Roadtrip through Japan, and then.. Around the world 🌏🌎
Blog Created: march 11th 2014 around that time at least
Number of Followers: 207
Gender: Female
Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw
Favorite singer/band: Patd!, Bastille, The Beatles, TØP , Greenday… Im not good at decisions
Dream job: artist, or archeologist
What made you create a tumblr: the idea of having a space to shatter my thoughts without others judging

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“One of my close friends lived next to a house that was always vacant. It would sell, people would move in, and then one day they’d be gone and the house would be up for sale again. One summer, when the house was listed again and the last family had moved out, we decided to go take a tour and eat some Jack in the Box we had picked up. We weren’t very smart sometimes and thought it would be cool to play chicken with whatever was haunting this house. 

My friend was really skinny and crawled through the dog door that led straight into the kitchen, then opened the back door for me. We went through all of the rooms and it was pretty nondescript, just a typical 50s style bungalow house with a similar layout to his home, lots of pretty woodwork and built-ins. After we determined that the house really wasn’t that creepy after all, we sat down in the dining area, on the floor, across from a little horseshoe shaped nook with a kitchen table and built-in bench. 

It was dusk out but the windows didn’t have curtains and it never got that dark in our city, anyway. At this point, we had been in the house for maybe 25 minutes and after we finished eating we stayed sitting just to hang out and talk since we weren’t spooked out at all. All of a sudden, mid-sentence, completely out of nowhere, my vision went black and I felt this eerie coldness wash all over me (I’m getting chills thinking about it), a feeling so thick I felt like it penetrated my through my body down to my bones. At the very same moment this happened, my friend screamed. 

I virtually could not see anything and was groping around trying to find something to grab onto and I felt so unsettled and ..cold. There’s really no other word for it. After what felt like hours, I felt my friend’s hands in mine and he pulled me to my feet and drug me through the house to the back door. He kept pulling on my arm and I still couldn’t see anything. 

We got outside and slowly… you know that feeling when you get a whole body shiver and it runs down your spine? As soon as I was outside, that’s what I felt, except this was a whole body shiver that started at the tip of my toes and went all the way up to my scalp, and unexpectedly and suddenly I could see again. My friend was as pale as a sheet and looked absolutely terrified. I felt off and sort of, gross, I guess is the best word, and in shock. 

I told him that I couldn’t see at all until I was outside, that it felt like I had been enveloped in blackness. He was just staring at me and I finally asked him why he had screamed. He hugged me and told me that he pulled me out of the house as soon as I started reaching around like I was blind because a little girl who was completely black, and yet see through, crawled out from under the table we were across from and sat on top of me.”

By: aigret  (What is the scariest thing that has ever happened to you, paranormal or otherwise?)

me @ the signs
  • Aries: You're weird like please stop talking to me
  • Taurus: Yo dude please chill
  • Cancer: Pretty cool idk you're a little out there sometimes
  • Leo: Sometimes I love you sometimes I hate you so
  • Virgo: Cool and stuff but also annoying like don't
  • Libra: You're chill man
  • Scorpio: Drama llama but also like super fun
  • Sagittarius: My cuddly little fangirl ily bb
  • Capricorn: You're a nerd
  • Aquarius: You get me we are the exact same thank you for being so cool you are A+ babe
  • Pisces: What's your deal I don't understand
  • Love, an aquarius (this is based off of my friends and family k cool)

I’m gonna tell you right now why Onion and his family matters.

Onion is the youngest child, and has an older HALF brother. A brother who fights with his step-dad sometimes, and has a really cool mom. Sour Cream probably had the gems in his early life before Vidalia married Yellowtail. Onion is also a pretty weird kid, and doesn’t have many friends.

When I was a little kid, I didn’t have many friends, my half brother fought with my dad all the time, my dad was always working, and my brother didn’t talk to me very much. My mom also worked, which is probably the same with Vidalia.

If Steven Universe was on when I was a little wee child, and I saw that episode, I would have picked my favorite character out as Onion. The similarities between us would have given me someone to relate too.

Now there is bound to be some little kid with this situation who is watching this show and flippin’ because they have characters like them.


HI taylorswift !!!!!

i just want to tell you that you mean a lot to me, you make me a fearless girl that shake it off the bad things, probably i´m not going to the 1989 world tour but i want to tell you that, you are like my best friend, you always listen to me with you songs, i get scare sometimes because you discribe every part of my life, and that pretty cool! because we have a connection and people sometimes don´t understand that kind of things, people in school are mean with me because i love you, they say that i´m not important for you but i know that im part of your life, if you see this, i love you taylor my family loves you too! and i´m going to have a lil brother in 2 months and he likes your music! thanks to be part of my life, i have the best moments of my life with you!