my family is like one of five in the entire us who celebrates today with presents

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I know requests are closed right now but I would like to make an official request for Harry + Maren part two or full fic if you ever see the potential for that. Because I kind of adore it and Maren's character. I've also read it way too many times. As said before to you in chat, I'd paint you a graphic if you wanted one for it.

You’re writing is amazing and so realistic. I’ve been at three weddings the past month and each time I’ve imagined that Harry has been there as my plus one. Could you maybe write a little something how that scenario would roll out, like maybe you’ve been with H a while so you’re comfortable and have spoken about marriage and just how he would be in such a fluffy romantic setting?

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“And we have designer Maren Ramsey as our celebrity guest judge today.”  Heidi Klum stated in her trademark German accent.

I couldn’t believe this was happening.  I, Maren Ramsey, was being introduced on Project Runway as not only a celebrity guest judge…but as a designer.  Check number five off on my bucket list.  

Things had rapidly changed in my life over the last year since my sister’s wedding.  Had I known just how many different things were going to happen due to that one event, I may have been far more cognizant of everything that was going on.

As it was, I could have never predicted it.

The presentation I had stayed to give, which almost caused me to miss my baby sister’s wedding ended up being given to an angel investor who remained nameless.  But the investor made it clear how much they loved what they’d seen and wanted to see more.  That one gesture gave me the opportunity to design a dress for Natalie Portman for the Oscars.  She ended up winning.  Dressing a nominee for the Oscars as an unknown designer is one thing.  Dressing the winner?  I went stratospheric.  I went from a tiny office in Soho to an entire first and second floor.  Starlets clamored for my designs.  I was in such high demand from the top stylists in the business I employed two assistants rather than one, because one of them was solely in charge of making sure every stylist that called for something got exactly what they needed.

That was just the first of three major things to have changed for me.  The second was the fact that I had become an Aunt.  Ashley got pregnant almost immediately after her wedding and nine months later, Oliver joined the family.  Oliver was the love of my life.  I spoiled and doted on that kid like he was my own.  He was the only three month old to be dressed from head to toe in Maren Ramsey originals.  He was also the only male I had ever designed for.

And last and maybe best depending on which day you asked me, was Harry.  Harry was responsible for getting me to my sister’s wedding and so much more.  Despite my warnings that nothing, not even his dazzling smile are pretty green eyes, would get in the way of me and my dreams…he stuck around.  In fact, he says now that the determination and drive with which I’d forged ahead were two of the top reasons he fell in love with me.  Yes, in love.  And I was as in love with him.  

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Kim x Shego, Kim crashes a villians' Christmas party

I liked this prompt a lot :D


Kim groaned as she pulled herself out of bed at the familiar sound of be-be-bedeep. “Wade… it’s 2am the day after Christmas, what could possibly be the sitch?”

“I have intel that several villains are meeting up and may be collaborating on something evil. Drakken, Shego, Dementor, Monkey Fist, DNAmy, and Motor Ed are some of the many in attendance. I don’t know what they’re planning, but you might want to go in for surveillance and then work on dismantling their plan later.”

“It does sound like a big job,” Kim mumbled as she rubbed at her eyes. “Have you already contacted Ron?”

“He can’t make it, he’s in Japan with Yori right now, remember?”

The redhead pulled herself out of bed with a huff and moved over to her closet. “Alright, I’ll be ready in 10minutes.”

“I’ll have your ride waiting for you outside your house.”

“Thanks, Wade.”

She hung up and started to rummage through her clothes. She wanted to wear her mission gear, but it wasn’t suited for this type of weather. She would wear her battle suit, but that was with Wade for modifications. Without thinking too hard about it she pulled on one of her Christmas sweaters and thick pants. She pulled on a thick coat over top and slipped on some warm socks and a pair of boots. Lastly she pulled on some gloves and a hat and headed down the steps and quietly outside.

There was a car waiting out front with its lights out. She climbed into it to find someone she didn’t recognize in the seat.

“Hey, I assume Wade sent you?”

The man nodded. “Yeah, I’m his cousin. I was just getting off work so he told me to drive you somewhere.”

“Oh, thank you very much!” Kim said brightly.

“No problem, he helped me with some computer viruses I had a while back, I’ve owed him one since.”

They drove in silence over there while Kim looked over the specs of the building she would be breaking into. It looked like an old abandoned laboratory.

She waved to Wade’s cousin as he drove off and then she walked around the outskirts of the building. Wade sent her the directions to a large air shaft she should be able to crawl through. Once she found it she used her laser lipstick to break the cover of the vent so she could climb in.

Once she was inside Wade directed her through it.

“I see heat signatures at the north of the building. Go forward ten yards and take a right.”

Kim turned right at the spot.

“Take the first left.”

She did that.

“Go forward about five yards and you should see a vent leading to the room next to the large heat signature.”

Kim found it and hopped down into the room. “Alright Wade, now what?”

“Leave the room and go right and take the first door on the right. You’ll enter in a corner of the room that should be hidden from most people’s line of sight.”


The redhead snuck outside the room, closing the door quietly, before she went into the room next door. She steadied her breathing before creeping in and pressing herself to the wall. So far so good.

Peeking around the corner she saw the villains all congregated in a circle. Kim’s brow furrowed. They must’ve been hunching over the plans.

Something seemed off about it, but she didn’t have time to think about that when she felt something breathing against her neck.

She spun around to find Monkey Fist extremely close. Before Kim could react and escape, he grabbed her and lead her towards the others saying, “Look who came for a visit!”

Everyone turned.

That was when Kim realized they were all wearing some sort of Christmas attire, several Santa hats and reindeer antlers visible in the crowd.

“What’s going on…?” Kim asked in confusion.

Drakken wormed his way through the crowd and said, “Kim Possible…! You’re just in time!”

“In time for what…?” she asked with a furrowed brow.

“For the secret Santa of course! We weren’t sure if you were going to get here in time for it, but here you are! Perfect!”

Monkey Fist released her and went over to the large crowd saying, “Come on! It’s starting!” She could smell alcohol on his breath and could see that several of the other villains were also inebriated.

Kim stood frozen until she felt someone leaning on her shoulder. “Hey there, Princess.”

“Shego? What’s going on?” The older woman seemed sober so she figured maybe she could get an answer.

“It’s a Christmas party, doy.”

“But you guys… were expecting me?”

“Of course. I mean, I did send the little invite to your computer nerd.”

Kim was at a loss for words.

“Don’t worry, Cupcake, I brought a present to say it was from you.” She wrapped an arm around the girl’s shoulder and said, “Now come on, we’re opening presents.” She steered Kim towards the crowd and Kim was handed a gift, as was Shego.

“Okay guys, we’re going to open them one at a time!” called out DNAmy. “No unwrapping early. We’re going to take our time. No acting like big meanies.” She was bright red in the face, no doubt delightfully intoxicated.

Shego took a seat in the large circle they had started forming and pulled Kim down beside her.

“Why exactly are you guys, my enemies, celebrating Christmas with me?” the redhead hissed under her breath to the older woman.

She chuckled in response. “Pumpkin, we may be enemies, but you’re also part of this big family thing we have going on. Think about it, you interact with us way more than we interact with anyone else. You’re part of our social lives in a way. Sure you beat all these stupid villains and stop them from taking over the world, but you never want us to seriously get hurt.”

“Yeah, but you guys want ME to seriously get hurt,” Kim complained quietly.

Shego shrugged, “We’re still bad guys. Right now we’re just calling it a truce. It’s more fun to party with more people.”

Kim grumbled.

When it was finally Kim’s turn to open a present, she hesitantly did so. Inside she found an ugly Christmas sweater. “You guys have got to be kidding me,” she said with a laugh.

The villains were all hooting and hollering, thinking it was a great gift. While all of them had been receiving things like plans for doomsday devices or little robots and so on, Kim was the only one to receive something that looked handmade, but also like a joke.

“Put it on!” some of the villains called out.

Kim was turning red, “I’d rather not.”

“Oh come on, just do it. It’ll keep them in good spirits and you might not have to deal with them until after the New Years,” Shego said with a laugh.

Grumbling Kim took off her jacket to reveal the sweater she was already wearing which was red and green with Christmas trees and snowflakes on it. She pulled the ugly sweater on overtop and pulled off the other sweater from underneath, asking with a huff, “Are you guys happy?”

They all chorused their approval and then continued on.

Shego received a large pack of nail files, which although she acted like she didn’t want, she proved they were good when she pulled one out of the case and started using it.

After they finished going around in the circle the party went back to people mingling and eating and drinking and dancing.

Kim wormed her way out of the middle of the crowd and moved towards the exit.

Shego grabbed her arm before she could leave, stopping her just in front of the door. “And where do you think you’re going? This party is only halfway through.”

“I’m going home. While you all may not value your sleep, I do. I was sleeping before I got the call that I had to show up here.”

“Come on, Princess, it’s not even that late, lighten up.”

Kim groaned. “Shego, today has been a busy day. I had to visit both sides of the family in one day, deal with the twins the entire time, and then I had to help my mom clean up all the dishes and the mess the twins made after playing with their new rockets and I had to help some people from getting crushed in an avalanche and I’m just exhausted.”

The green skinned woman was about to reply when Motor Ed suddenly shouted, “RED AND GREEN ARE UNDER THE MISTLETOE!”

Everyone froze in their place and turned to Kim and Shego.

“What…?” Kim asked in confusion, looking up. Sure enough there was a giant ball of mistletoe hanging above them. “How did I miss that…?”

Shego shrugged, “First I’ve seen it.”

“I thought you were wide awake,” Kim muttered.

While they were talking they could hear a slow chant of “Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!” being kicked up by the villains. It had started off relatively low but was getting increasingly loud.

“Princess, I am inebriated like you wouldn’t believe,” Shego laughed.

“Wait, what?!” Kim asked in shock. “You don’t look it!”

“Well then, as the crowd wishes, I’ll prove it to you,” the older woman smirked.

Before Kim could understand what was going on, Shego had wrapped her arms around the girl and pulled her in for a kiss.

As quickly as it’d happened, it was over.

The redhead’s jaw dropped and the villains all cheered before they went back to their partying. None of them were going to be able to remember the night after how much they’d drank, which Kim was thankful for.

There was a lingering taste of eggnog from the kiss, and she assumed that the added flavor was some sort of alcohol.

“What the hell are you guys drinking?” Kim asked abruptly.

Shego had turned to head back to the party but stopped. “Eggnog, sweetheart.”

“Not that. I mean the alcohol in it. You guys are getting drunk so fast I’m worried you all might end up with alcohol poisoning,” Kim muttered.

Shego grinned and said, “Candy Cane flavored Vodka. You want some?”

Kim shook her head, “No thanks. I already had enough to… uh… taste.”

Shego smirked and moved back over to Kim, fingers trailing down the redhead’s sides. “You sure you wouldn’t like another taste?”

Kim swallowed and said, “N-No thanks.”

Shego lowered her voice and said in a husky manner and with lidded eyes, “Well, stick around, and if you change your mind, let me know.”

She pulled away and almost instantly Kim missed the warmth of the woman’s fingers. She mentally slapped herself when she heard that.

Wade called a moment later. “KP, is everything alright?”

“Huh? Oh, yeah, things are good,” Kim said, trying to hide the blush on her face.

“What’s that noise?” he asked with a confused look.

“They were throwing a Christmas party. They’re all drunk off their minds.”

“Are you… wearing a different sweater than earlier?”

Kim groaned, “Yeah. Apparently there was a secret Santa. I got this as a present.”

Wade worked hard to suppress his laughter. After calming down he asked, “So, you need a ride back.”

Kim looked up at the crowd, her eyes following the green figure that had moved to the dance floor. “N-No. I think I’ll be fine. I’ll get back on my own.”

“Alright… just call me if you need me.”

“Thanks Wade.” The redhead hung up and she found herself still staring at Shego.

The older woman caught her eye and smirked. She could see the woman intentionally making her dance moves more sexual as she threw a wink at the redhead.

Kim’s mouth went dry and she found herself moving towards the villain.

When she was close to Shego, the older woman moved up to her and whispered into her ear, “I take it you want another taste.”

The hero licked her lips before mumbling in reply, “Yeah, I do.” She could feel her face turning a deep shade of red when the older woman grinned.

Shego gently pulled the redhead against her and pressed their lips together again before pulling back and saying, “So, did you still want to go home… or do you want to stay with me till morning?”

Kim almost squeaked in surprise at the invitation but she managed to say, “I don’t want to go home.” Shego grinned but before the woman could make any commentary the redhead pulled her back down and pressed their lips together.

Shego only pulled back for a moment to whisper, “Merry Christmas, Princess,” before leaning back in and capturing what she had always wanted most of all… Kim Possible.

Papers (Daddy Harry)

Gah! I’ve missed writing so much and it feels pretty darn good to be back! This was inspired by a request where Y/N’s and Harry’s son is five and hits his mom, so thanks so much for that request! Also, I didn’t know what to call this one, so I called it Daddy Harry #1 (very clever) because I think I want to write more with him as a father. Some context for this one: Y/N and Harry are separated and have a son and this is when they go to Harry’ s birthday party. I’m so sorry for not posting often, but I really hope this makes up for it! Thanks so much for reading! It means so much!

You definitely weren’t the type of person to do crazy things, and becoming a mother had only further tamed any inner wild child. But for some reason, today, with the adrenaline pumping as you drove through the country, it felt like you were doing the craziest thing of your life.

“Mummy, are we almost there yet?” your son Finn asked from the back seat. For a five year old, he was quite patient. Since you started driving half hour ago, he had only asked once. The rest of the time he had been busy flipping through his picture books. His toy guitar sat on the car seat beside him. A beloved gift from his father.

“Soon, my love,” you said, a smile on your face as your eyes landed on the sweet boy from the rear view mirror. Finn was so cute it nearly hurt. His bright green eyes and curly hair practically screamed Harry. His full lips were yours.

“How old is daddy turning?” Finn asked, setting his book down.

You swallowed. “Thirty. Daddy is thirty now.” A lump formed in your throat. The reality was hitting you. It seemed liked yesterday Harry was in his mid-twenties and married to you. Well, technically the two of you were still married. Separated, but not legally divorced. The papers had remained untouched for nearly a year. You weren’t quite sure what you were waiting for, but every time you thought of them, you felt sick, so they were better left ignored.

“Hey Y/N, you okay?” Brad asked you. Your attention turned to the man beside you. You forced a smile and nodded. But this was where the crazy feelings originated. Why were you bringing your flat neighbour along to your husband’s (ex-husband’s?) birthday celebration? Brad was nice, no doubt, but you worried his friendly gestures meant more to him than they did you. The real reason he was tagging along was because Finn invited him. An innocent question about weekend plans led to Brad receiving an invite from the birthday boy’s son.

“I’m fine,” you said with a tight smile.

You kept your attention on the road for the remainder of the drive which thankfully wasn’t too much longer. As soon as your car pulled into Harry’s massive driveway, Finn unbuckled his seat belt and began pumping his legs excitedly.

Smiling, you went to take the sweet boy out of his booster seat. Within seconds of placing him on the pavement, he ran towards the house, his homemade present for Harry in his hand. Your heart pulled as you watched how happy your son was to be in proximity of his father.

“Wow,” Brad said, whistling under his breath. He wore a slightly annoyed expression, which puzzled you.


“Nothing, it’s just you and Finn live in a small apartment and this guy lives in this massive house alone. Doesn’t seem right to me,” Brad shrugged.

You felt defensive of Harry. Firstly, your living arrangements were none of Brad’s business. And secondly, he had no right to insinuate that Harry was selfish or unfair.

But you wanted a peaceful evening. The situation was stressful enough, so you said nothing of the matter and only muttered a “let’s go, the party has started.”

Walking through the front doors, you felt an immediate sense of holiday cheer and just…home. The house was decorated beautifully, with ferns and lights hanging off every railing and ledge. Only Harry could manage to pull off the merriness of Christmas into the wee beginning of February.

You walked further into the house and felt Brad’s hand go to the small of your back. The gesture caught you off guard and you subtlety shook it off. It was hard enough to be amongst the crowd known as the mother of Harry’s son who left him years ago; you didn’t need to add a possible new romance into the picture as well.

You said hi to the faces you recognized but avoided any deep conversations as your priority was on finding Finn and saying hi to Harry. You found your son in the lap of Anne, sitting next to Gemma on the living room couch. You took a deep breath to steady yourself. The two ladies had been nothing but nice to you the entire time you’ve known them, but how could they not hold the fact that you broke Harry’s heart and tore up his family against you?

“Anne, Gemma,” you said in way of greeting as you approached them. Gemma stood and embraced you in a hug that made you feel like you were right where you belonged. Anne squeezed your hand as she smiled brightly at you. There was no way she’d let go of her grandson for a single second.

“And who’s this?” Gemma asked, looking at Brad who was standing beside you awkwardly.

“Him? That’s Brad, our neighbour friend! He always gives us sugar!” Finn answered.

The little boy’s words earned a laugh out of all of you and the smile on your face was easy until it landed on your husband. Harry stepped into the living room and it felt like all the air had been knocked from your lungs. The boy you had once desperately been in love with was now well into his manhood but he wasn’t any less attractive. In fact, he was only getting better with age. His eyes fell on you and he placed his drink on a side table before he walked over to you.

“Y/N,” he said, nodding.

“Happy birthday, Harry,” you said, voice only slightly above a whisper.

“Thank you, love,” he said, pulling you into a hug. His arms wrapped solidly around your body and his hands rested just above your backside. Your head fit perfectly onto his shoulder. God, you forgot how good this felt. You must have stayed in the embrace for a beat too long because by the time you finally pulled away, you were met with curious stares of his family and Brad.

Looking frazzled, Harry cleared his throat. Finn was the one to break the silence.

“Daddy liked my card and song, didn’t you Daddy?” His expression was so hopeful it almost broke your heart.

“Oh my, little man, it was quite possibly the best song I have ever heard! You’re quite talented!” Harry’s voice and eyes were full of love as he spoke to his only son.

“A song, why I’d love to hear it sometime,” Anne declared.

It was a good song, you had to admit. You had heard it more times than you could count as Finn worked on it for hours. Finn had never reminded you of Harry more than in those moments.

“I gotta get mingling. Finn, come on buddy, join me!” Harry ran a hand through Finn’s hair and walked away with him.

There were so many people in attendance that you wanted to catch up with that you found yourself mingling as well. The entire time, Brad was by your side. He was nice enough at first, but with each sideways glance and curious stare he received from various guests, he became colder and colder. You found your eyes looking for Harry more than once. Each time you saw him, Finn was proudly by his side, looking as happy as ever. Even though so many had come to celebrate with Harry, he didn’t consider anyone more important than his son.

“Come on, Harry wants everyone in the living room,” Gemma said, lightly pulling you by the arm. The space by the fireplace was empty, except for Harry and a man with a piano. You didn’t see Finn and wondered if he was with Anne. But when you saw her by the door with some family, you saw that wasn’t the case.

“Have you seen Finn?” you asked Brad.

“He’s right there,” Brad answered, nodding his head toward the front of the living room.

Sure enough, beside Harry now stood Finn. Harry cleared his throat and got the attention of everyone in the room. It wasn’t a hard thing for him to do.

“I just wanted to thank everyone for coming. It means so much to me to have everyone I love here tonight, and I can’t thank you enough for the role you’ve played in my life. And even though I might not see all of you as often as I’d like, I still love you very much.” His eyes landed on you, and you felt a wave of heat roll through your body. “Now, I have a very special performance with my son, the songwriter. He wrote this song for me, and I thought we’d sing it together.”

Oh God. The piano melody played and the voice of the two most important men in your life sang out. Immediately your hand went to your mouth. Tears formed in the corners of your eyes as you took in the moment. The way Harry was looking at Finn was so precious that you hated yourself for ever taking the little boy out of Harry’s life. The feeling was overwhelming, and with wet cheeks you had made your way of the living room just as the song ended.

“Come on baby, we gotta get going,” you told Finn as soon as he found you in the kitchen, excited from his performance.

“I don’t want to go home!” he cried.

“No, Finn, it’s time to go. It’s getting late,” you said, wiping your eyes to remove the evidence of your tears. You had brought pajamas for him in case he wanted to stay but at this point, you couldn’t bear to be in Harry’s house any longer.

“No! I’m not going!” Finn’s voice was loud. You gently grabbed his arm to put on his coat but he pulled his grip away and began to swat at you with both arms.

“Finn!” you reprimanded.

“Hey, hey, what’s going on here?” Harry asked as he walked into the kitchen. Finn ran into his father’s arms. From the corner of your eye you saw Brad enter the room.

“Mummy is making me leave!” Finn cried. “So I hit her! She’s mean!”

“Now, Finn, that is no way to behave. And your Mummy loves you very much,” Harry said, knelt down beside the boy.

“Here, let me take him. I’ll calm him down,” Anne said. She guided the little boy upstairs.

“I’m sorry,” you choked out. Truthfully you didn’t know what you were apologizing for. Maybe it was for the scene you caused or the pain you put Harry through.

“It’s okay,” Harry answered gently. “I get it. I hope he didn’t hurt you.”

“You know,” Brad butt in, “Maybe if his father was around he’d know how to behave better.”

Harry tensed and it felt as though you had been slapped. “Excuse me?”

“You heard me. You never see him! Poor Finn is practically growing up without a dad!”

Now Harry looked like he was in physical pain.

“Brad, you have no idea. You’re out of line,” you told him.

Gemma appeared in the doorframe. Even if she sensed the tense scene she chose to ignore it. “Y/N, Mum’s wondering if you packed Finn pajamas.”

You nodded and went to the car to retrieve them, leaving the two men alone.

“You really need to mind your own fucking business, mate,” Harry said lowly. Usually he didn’t get this angry, but when his family was involved, it was a completely different story.

“Why should I? I’m the one who sees your ex alone and struggling! Unlike you, I actually care about her!” Brad spat.

“Don’t…don’t you ever fucking say I don’t care about Y/N. About my wife. We’re still married, you know? And you have no idea how much I love her,” Harry said.

“Yeah, well I’ll be sure to remember that when I’m making love to your wife.”

Harry took a step forward but before he could throw the punch you stepped in.

Your eyes were clouded with tears. You had heard all of it. Harry admitting he still loved you. Brad’s sick intentions. You took the stairs two at a time with Finn’s pajamas in hand.

Harry found you lying face down on his bed. You didn’t even need to see him to know he entered the room. You still felt that magnetic pull whenever he was close by. The bed dipped with his weight. He wasn’t saying anything but he was rubbing your back soothingly.

“Finn’s okay,” you said quietly. “Your mom put him to bed.”

“I’m glad he’s okay. But right now I’m worried about you,” he said. You turned to look at him. His face was so ridiculously handsome. The light stubble and green eyes had been your weaknesses since the day you met him.

“I’m a horrible person,” you admitted.

“No you’re not,” Harry easily dismissed.

“No, no I am. Because that little boy, that special little boy in the other room deserves a family. He deserves you, you know? And hell, you deserve him,” you cried.

Harry’s eyes softened. “Don’t beat yourself up. I know what you’re thinking, but none of it changes the fact that I still travel a lot.”

“I never should have left you,” you interrupted.

“Look, Y/N, as much as it hurt me, I get why you did it. I get it was easier to just go elsewhere instead of always waiting for me to come home.” Harry was now caressing your cheek. You leaned into his touch.

“I don’t want to sign those papers,” you admitted quietly.

Harry’s lips slightly parted with your confession.


“I said, I don’t want to sign those papers.”

You sat up on the bed as Harry cradled your face in his hands. Looking into your eyes for permission, his lips crashed into yours, setting the fireworks off in your stomach. He planted wet kisses onto your jawline and you began unbuttoning his shirt. You pulled away.

“I want to give you your present now,” you said.

“Fuck, baby, this is my present right here,” Harry told you. “I love you. I never stopped.”

The feelings were out in the open and the clothes were scattered on the floor. With a house full of guests, you and Harry made love as husband and wife, and as parents.

You were naked and lying on Harry’s chest when Gemma knocked on the door and opened it.

“Oh good God, okay…” she said, covering her eyes playfully. Truthfully, she couldn’t be happier with what she saw.

“What do you want Gemma?” Harry asked his sister.

“I just wanted to let you know that I had someone drive Brad home. I didn’t think the two of you wanted him to stay here.”

You didn’t want to see him ever again, quite frankly.

“I’m glad,” Harry said. He paused. “I just hope Finn’s not too upset when he finds out he’s no longer your neighbour.”

“To live with you instead, I’d say that’s a pretty good trade,” you told your husband.

The Consequence of Mercy

Back again I am and this time, a very special submission. This is for the amazing mun for @askmercyseries - of which if you haven’t had the opportunity to stumble upon, I highly encourage it. You will not be disappointed not only because the art can be downright breathtaking, but because the mun themselves is a very kind and encouraging person. Some of the most heartwarming posts they have are the ones they direct to the readers.

I’d been wanting to write a tale for this series since I found it and finally, an idea hit me. So for the past two days, I’ve been pouring everything I got into composing this. I hope nothing feels too rushed or there isn’t too many errors, but I figured, with the mun feeling not too well today, that it was the best time to get this out.

I just hope, with the many smiles they have helped to give me after some rough days of my own, with this I might be able to give them one as well. Stay determined, mun!

P.S. Notes at the bottom for anything non-canon to AskMercy that I had to include to tie some plot points together.

Summary: When the grand opening for Sci-Tech, the very first human-monster collaboration project, commences, Frisk finds herself an attendee. However, when the Anti-Monster faction steps in to ruin the ceremony, Frisk finds that she’ll have to think fast if she wants her family, and all of monsterkind, to stay alive.

Rating: T

Warnings: Some strong language and there are parts that get a little gory/body-horroresque

A03 Link:

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Save Me - Chapter 14

I just finished getting the girls situated and sat down with a slice of now cold cheese pizza and a bit of salad when I thought I heard a knock on the door. Looking at the time, I wouldn’t be surprised if our neighbors called security, up until 10 minutes ago, the girls were running around, jumping on the furniture and the music was blaring.

“Oh geez, Paige, turn that music down more, that’s probably security at the door.”

“I’m really sorry..” I started to say before I even opened the door all the way. “Jared..” I was shocked to see him standing there.

“Hey.” He said shyly pushing his hand through his hair. “You didn’t give me a chance to tell you that I’d like to come. I just had to grab my key card.”

It took a minute to register that it was actually him standing there. It had been almost a half an hour since I had left his room. I think he was lying. I bet he was debating with himself but maybe it’s just me. I mean, he’s only a handful of doors down.

“Oh, yeah, please come in. Are you hungry?” I asked trying to be more polite than my expression probably showed since I instantly realized I still look like a drowned rat and on top of that, I didn’t really feel like I wanted to take a chance at looking like an fool again. I’ve had more than enough embarrassment for one day.

As he walked in and the girls caught a glimpse of who was trailing in behind me, they stopped mid-sentence and sat there looking like three little deers caught in headlights. I wish I could have taken a picture.

“Look who’s joining us for pizza!”

The five us sat having pizza, well four of us had pizza, the extra cheese had Jared sticking to just a salad. The conversation was light and fun after I let go of my uncomfortableness. Tonight we got to see a different side of him than the other two I saw earlier. He asked lots of questions and the girls were showing him all kinds of pictures, some from the concert, some of family and friends. When he’s talking to you, he has a way of making you feel like you have his complete and undivided attention. It was intimidating, at least to me…the girls were savoring it.

He seemed interested in me too, asking what I did for a living and where I lived. He was shocked when I talked about what I did and I’m not sure how to take that. Was he shocked because I seemed like an idiot? Sadly I had to admit, it was a possibility.

By 2:30 am, the girls were fighting the good fight trying to stay awake but were losing the battle. How Jared was still awake, I have no idea.

“Come on girls, time for bed!” Surprisingly none of them argued at all. Each of them gave Jared a hug, thanked him then headed to their room. I left Jared in the living room while I went to tuck them in. It had been quite a day.

Mackenzie hugged me tight and said “Auntie Vivie, you’re the best Aunt ever. Thank you for my birthday present! I can’t believe Jared ate pizza with us, I’m never gonna forget this, it was the best night of my life!”

That…THAT was exactly what I hoped she would feel after today. And despite a few little bumps in the road, it was an amazing day. Moving to Paige and Lily, they both jumped up and pulled me into a big bear hug nearly knocking me off the bed.

“Love you both, you crazy kiddos! Sleep good!”

“We will, Auntie Vivie!” They said in unison.
“All I know is I can’t WAIT ‘til it’s our birthday, right Paige?!”

Hmm, I may have set the bar a little too high. Damn.

Rolling my eyes and shaking my head, I walked back into the living room and found Jared cleaning up the girls’ mess.

“You don’t have to do that, stop!” I said playfully grabbing the garbage he had in his hands and throwing it into a garbage bin.

“I don’t mind at all, Vivie. Thank you for inviting me, I really enjoyed being here.” He said as he walked up to stand directly in front of me, his hands reaching for the tops of my arms. Wrapping my hands around his forearms I looked into his gorgeous blue eyes smiling.

“We enjoyed having you, thanks for all your help today. It was definitely a birthday adventure none of us will forget.”

And then he kissed me…. Wait no, that’s what I THOUGHT was going to happen. But it didn’t. He continued to look into my eyes seemingly contemplating something, making me feel like he was analyzing my very soul then said “I should go.”

Wait, what just happened? Does my breath stink? Did I do something wrong? I was rooted in place, it was my turn to look like a deer caught in headlights.

He walked towards the door, only turning back towards me to say, “Goodnight, Vivie.”

“Goodnight, Jared.” I said as I watched the door close behind him, still confused.

Throughout the entire night, we chatted and had a great time. He definitely wanted to be there. But those flirty signals were not there at all or at least I didn’t see them. He was friendly and curious, talkative even but was he eye fucking me like on stage, nope. Was he whispering in my ear? Nope. Or stealing every opportunity to touch me? Nope. Hell, he didn’t even hug me good-bye. Clearly all that flirting was in my head and I was embarrassed all over again.

Maybe he just wanted to connect with people outside his small circle, be around people who treated him like a regular person and not a celebrity to fangirl over or maybe he just likes kids. Maybe he did come over because he wanted to know more about me but didn’t like what he saw. I could go around and around with reasons why instead of going to bed, he chose to come over here until almost 3am but it’s just not worth it.

At the end of the day, if he liked what he saw and was attracted to me, I think it’s safe to say he would have done more than grab the tops of my arms, he had more than enough time and opportunity.

Shutting the lights off and walking back to my bedroom, I guess there were a few positives that came out of the night; the girls had dinner with a rock star, I hopefully redeemed myself from earlier and the most positive of all? I would probably never see Jared Leto again.

I’ll Get Through This *Wanda Maximoff x Reader*

Originally posted by chemical-courage

Requested by cityofthedalek: request an x reader with wanda? like its her first christmas without pietro and the reader is there to comfort her and to have help her have a merry christmas ((-: can it have a happy ending? maybe even a kiss under a mistletoe? thank you!! 
Warnings: Swearing, Pietro is unfortunately dead in this, and girlxgirl kissing
Admins Note: I actually really enjoyed writing this, love writing Wanda requests, I have a few that I need to queue but I just wrote this on the train on the way home to my parents.

“How is she?” You asked as concern edged into your voice, Natasha just sighed heavily and sat on the stool beside you. Bucky nodded in agreement with the sigh as they both went to check on the Maximoff girl. 
“Well she’s been in her bed for three days straight, eats cereal out of the box and she hasn’t showered in… around a week,” Bucky says, you let out a puff of air, he leans on the counter beside Natasha and you all sit in silence. “We have to do something for her,” he says.
Its been six months she’s been fine for nearly all of them,” Natasha bursts. “What could possibly make her feel like this?” she asked, Bucky shrugged and sipped the coffee he had left, making a face when it was cold; you both chuckled silently.
Well… they say Christmas can be the most loneliest times of the year,” you say, they both look at you. “It’s the holiday with the highest suicidal rate, possibly she is feeling very alone, with Pietro gone and her parents she is the only Maximoff left alive! First Christmas by herself…” They caught on quickly and nodded in agreement. 

Maybe we should do something for her?” Bucky suggests, yourself and Natasha nod in agreement. “I mean, myself and Steve were planning on going up to Brooklyn but this is more important, we could cook something and watch some crappy movies?” he shrugs, Natasha nods with a small smile at Bucky, impressed he was willing to do something like this, 
Yeah, underneath the cold cover I am actually… warm and fluffy?” he frowned, you chuckled lightly.
Wow, the Winter Soldier just admitted to being a teddy bear.” Natasha smirked brightly, standing up, “I’m going to force Miss Wanda into a shower.” Bucky raised his eyebrows and she made a face at him. “Down, boy!” he instantly sat down as she left the room, Bucky mimicked her voice in a whisper, despite being possibly the scariest person you know… Bucky knew when to tease Natasha. 

Okay, five movies in total and we have a bunch of left over Pizza’s because… Clint and Sam have those bird parties!” Bucky frowned deeply, you laughed at his nickname for Clint and Sam’s alone time, they sit and watch the Yankee’s together. You hear Natasha and Wanda walk through the door, both yourself and Bucky smile at them. Wanda wears a tired smile and waves with a heavy hand. You let out a long sigh, seeing Wanda like this broke your heart into a million pieces, you loved her more than anyone else in this world and seeing her so… vulnerable was emotionally draining on yourself also!
We are going to watch some Christmas-y movies together,” Natasha tells her, but Wanda frowns at everyone. “Myself, Bucky and (Y/N), decided to stay behind with you for Christmas!” Natasha smiles, it causes a small smile but it soon drops, Wanda felt insanely guilty that she is keeping you from your families this Christmas. 
I was only going to be with Steve, who I should call and tell him…” Bucky realizes then leaves to the kitchen, you chuckle as Bucky would have to explain his lateness to Steve and then explain this whole situation.  
I would have been alone,” you shrugged. “My family is too far away to travel back in time,” Wanda nods, sitting down beside you and waiting for the day to begin, Bucky walked back in with a smirk and slightly chuckling.
“I just woke Steve up, I forgot Christmas it is his ‘lazy day,’” he put air quotes around the words. As you giggled with Wanda, Natasha put in the first Christmas film: The Grinch. “He’ll be here in ten minutes, he’s bringing some food over,” he sat in an arm chair, legs draped over the arm and head hanging on off the other side. 

By the time Steve arrived you were twenty minutes into the movie, he sat next to Natasha who was eating Mince Pies. Wanda was silent as she munched on sweets and looked as though she was interested in the movie but you couldn’t tell. Everyone in this room knew how difficult she was taking it, they had been through the same, although you couldn’t even begin to comprehend what it feels like losing someone like Pietro. To Wanda he was her morning and night, her happiness and her anger, her brother and her best friend… her everything and she lost all that in a day! 
“You okay?” you whisper-asked, Wanda glanced at you, she nodded thoughtfully and then went back to eating and watching the movie. Steve eventually decided to help Bucky and Natasha get the food before the next movies, the cold pizza’s were being warmed up and Steve had brought various other baked goods plus cooked foods for today. 
“When you asked if I was okay… I lied,” Wanda muttered, you watched her as she looked down at her lap, box of empty chocolates held her interests as she talked solemnly to you. “I knew the holidays and birthdays would be the most difficult for me because these celebrations call for family and I don’t have any..” she sniffed gently; you frowned and placed a gentle hand on her shoulder. She looked at you with glassy eyes and a sad smile.

You do have a family, you have us,” she let out a puff of air in slight gasp, she had forgotten how you usually describe the Avengers as a family. “We may not be related by blood, but I think people who would die for you, protect you and kill for you… well that’s family to me,” she nodded slightly. “It’s never going to get any easier, I don’t have anything to say that will make you happy again, but I will give you a shoulder to cry on?” she smiled, sniffing back her tears she pulled you into a hug, you accepted and hugged her back tightly breathing in her coconut shampoo scent. 
You just being with me makes me the happiest,” she tells you, pulling back and looking at you. “I’ll get through this, I may never fully heal but I can start piecing my life back together, he would want that for me,” you nodded, rubbing her back in a soothing pattern. 
“Hey, you’re smiling!” Bucky cheered in a delighted tone. Wanda turned more towards him and grinned even brighter, fresh tears leaked over her eyes and he didn’t mention those. “My god! You need to smile more often, you look wonderful, that is possibly the best present you could give me… your smile,” he says sincerely, Wanda blushes but rolls her eyes at him, wiping the tears away she grabs a slice of pizza. 

Can we watch White Christmas?” Wanda asked, Steve and Bucky nodded, Natasha smiled. “It was Pietro’s favourite, he used to make me sing along to all the songs,” she grins, the first time in a while she has been truly happy and that’s because of you and the people around her, Bucky for pulling out his Forties charm; Steve for just caring and bringing food and Natasha for pushing her into the cold shower, helping her dress and pulling her to you. 
Bucky and Natasha were snuggled under a blanket, Steve was now in the arm-chair with a Christmas hat on his head, apron still on, and yourself and Wanda were cuddled together. Wanda did in fact sing along to the songs, as did Natasha- Bucky claimed he would learn the entire dance routines before next Christmas… Natasha was holding him to that. 
Despite the sorrow Wanda had endured this whole year,spending the holidays with people who just want to see her smile seemed to help, people who would protect her and love her was all she needed to feel whole again. She knew that next year she’ll be getting through it, especially because of you.

(You did say maybe a kiss, I felt like how I wrote it and how I went down it wouldn’t work too much, I can add one if you really want me to but I like it like this. Hopefully this has gotten up, for five days Tumblr has only allowed me to reblog and answer stuff, it was seriously annoying me. Anyway, remember you can request; one shots and imagines by myself and Angie - Rosalee)

Why We Read Fanfiction (final)

-deep breath- Well here it is. My take on why we read these glorious things. PLEASE bear in mind, that this by no means is intended to encompass ALL of the reasons- I wanted to get at why we read fanfiction specifically as opposed to original literature. This could have been (and tried valiantly to be) much, much longer. Also bear in mind, it was written so that those unfamiliar with the genre would also understand, so pardon the definitions.

My gift to you writers and readers- I bear my heart. I do not write fanfiction, but I find myself grateful for the chance to express my esteem and gratitude to all of you.

Why We Read Fanfiction

You’re walking out of a theater, basking in the glow of new characters to love and a plot to get lost in. But, what now? You’ve fallen in love with a protagonist, a couple, or some side character, and their story ended too soon. You need more. What happens now? There’s only one option. Fanfiction.  Merriam-Webster defines fanfiction as “stories involving popular fictional characters that are written by fans and often posted on the Internet.” Fanfiction is a boon to fandoms (the fan community) gasping to see more of their characters and the universe they live in. It has continued stories, developed characters, and explored new possibilities in a way that captures an audience with members that may otherwise not be interested in reading literature. I do not use the term “literature” lightly- many of the best fanfictions out there are novel length, masterfully written by both experienced and budding authors without the means to publish professionally. What drives us to read their derivative stories? We readers get an escape from the doldrums of life into a beloved universe, and writers get the attention that inspires them to grow and in some cases become published authors. Familiar characters can be developed and beloved universes explored while secondary characters and hidden subtexts can be fleshed out. Plot holes can be filled, and new plots in new universes foster fresh perspectives. Fanfiction is inherently inclusive, and diverse scenarios offer a chance for more consideration and acceptance of subjects close to readers, but too taboo for a mainstream audience. We read fanfiction to escape as we would in other literature, but in fanfiction, we are drawn in by the chance to see a story and characters we only got a taste of continue and grow in the shape of our particular desires.

I have been a fanfiction reader and editor since I was in high school, and have seen firsthand, and behind-the-scenes, how the genre has evolved and exploded. Fanfiction has actually been around long before the internet, where it is so prevalent today. Charlotte Bronte’s “Jane Eyre” was originally a fanfiction of sorts, as it began as a story about Jane Fairfax in Jane Austen’s “Emma.” P.D. James’ book, “Death Comes to Pemberly,” which continues the story of characters in “Pride and Prejudice,” was so popular that it was recently made into a television mini-series. Gregory Maguire’s “Wicked,” which suggests a backstory for the characters and universe of L. Frank Baum’s “The Wonderful World of Oz,” is a national best seller and has gone on to win multiple tony awards as a musical on Broadway. Modern fanfiction as we see it today took off in the 1970s as fan-published “fanzines” about characters from the hit television series “Star Trek.” The invention of the internet allowed an even wider spread for the genre, which saw a resurgence with the popularity of J.K. Rowling’s “Harry Potter” book series. Since then, more and more fandoms are growing and producing a berth of amateur works numbering in the millions. Fanfiction has become an increasingly meaningful and present aspect of adult and young adult lives as it fills particular desires we never knew could be filled.

We’re all human, with human desires. We get attached to people, places, things. Having a favorite character pairing or relationship is not too different from having a favorite food. We want more of it, become invested in it. Fanfiction is just one avenue to delve deeper into the story of a character and get at their inner workings, see how they could develop. We read fanfiction to see these characters grow beyond what we were first given and explore new possibilities. Most recently, there has been a massive wave of fanfiction about the movie “Frozen,” particularly delving into the relationship of Kristoff and Anna (a pairing lovingly dubbed “Kristanna” by the Frozen fandom.) Our hearts delight in reading about them courting, marrying, starting a family- all with that sassy banter we’ve come to love. Even secondary characters that caught our eye get the attention they deserve and become full-fledged protagonists (or antagonists) in their own stories. What trouble might goofy Sven the reindeer get into with the help of his new snowman friend, Olaf? When we read these new stories, our human nature to pull back the curtain and see what is happening behind the scenes is fulfilled.

We also read fanfiction for closure. Fanfiction is a vehicle for smoothing out and filling in original stories. Plot holes, continuity errors, and cliffhangers can all be things of the past, much to our relief. The 19 unspoken years after Voldemort is defeated in “Harry Potter” leave plenty of room for authors to satisfy our curiosity about how the young witches and wizards we’ve grown up with develop into the adults we encounter in the epilogue.  Open endings and subtle implications allow all sorts of possibilities to be explored. There’s an entire subgenre all about filling these holes—some called “fix-its”—that diverge from the “canon,” or original material, and propose alternate endings and scenarios to tie up loose ends or better suit reader’s desires. A particularly popular fix-it is the retelling of “The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies” movie, based on Tolkien’s “The Hobbit,” where Thorin does not die, and everyone lives happily ever after- or continues with more perilous and angst-filled adventures. We happily see a favorite character restored and the novel timeline draws on.

These new scenarios often lead to “alternate universes,” that combine the development of familiar characters with a new world offering a whole new set of adventures. Sometimes the entire original plot is recreated in a different environment that might peak our interests or appeal to us more than the canon universe.  Protagonists from a favorite sci-fi drama can be cast in a fairytale, and vice versa. Alternate universes might simply be the modern day, leading to various practical changes in the characters (losing magic, becoming human, etc.) What would happen if the movie “Frozen” was set in 1940s America? Perhaps Elsa, even without her powers, would have a harder time living in that more conservative society, and Kristoff would find himself whisked to war with Anna left behind.  We might relate more to characters if, for instance, their stories are retold without their special powers, or the restrictive rules of the canon universe.  There is a whole swath of fanfictions about the characters in the television show “Supernatural” taken out of their “supernatural” universe and into the real world. Emotional bonds are tugged as we imagine them in the same situations we might face, and take on challenges that we have yet to stomach.

            We gain respect for characters in fanfictions that address gritty subjects that we deal with every day. When we find ourselves marginalized by our taboo desires and feel underrepresented by mass media, we find acceptance in the fanfiction we read. Rape and social stigmas are not hidden away, but confronted and overcome without fear of rejection by society (or publishers.) Fanfiction is universal and celebrates diversity. The earliest Star Trek fanzines commonly paired Kirk and Spock with great success, and that trend continues today as gay and lesbian pairings (as well as other sexualities) are widely common and rejoiced in fanfiction.

            Why do we read fanfiction? We read a book, watch a film or television series, and find ourselves invested in the characters and enchanted by their world. Re-watching and re-reading only deepen the ache to experience more and wonder “what if__?” We could move on, but would still find ourselves unsatisfied, and drawn back to that favorite story that starts and ends just as we remember (and have no doubt memorized.) Reading fanfiction satisfies all these human desires for more, for closure, for acceptance, all without judgment. Fanfiction authors do not write for profit or esteem, but are nonetheless celebrated and lifted on the shoulders of grateful readers across the globe. The original canon told by masters remains beloved, but as we read these new derivative stories, we find ourselves opening to new ideas, while still holding hands with our familiar favorites.


My deepest thanks to all of you who offered your insight, big and small, while I was sifting through my ideas! Especially singtomedreams feistypaants (the author of the 1940’s Frozen fanfiction, Till We Meet Again, which is pure perfection in progress) ramyakitty jennyupabove ominouscloudsofarendelle jessica988 karis-the-fangirl frozenmemes neenorroar kuwaneko kingofthewilderwest ookaookaooka xxspiritkeeperxx searlait upthenorthmountain and redonthefly 

vands88’s PERFECT graphic is worthy of a plug here, as it was one of my inspirations for this piece.

-bows awkwardly- -scurries away to dive headlong into MOAR FANFICTION-

P.S.- LET’S PRETEND THAT ONE OF THE OTHER MAIN REASONS WE READ- ALL THOSE DELIGHTFUL PWP AND SMUT SCENES…. ARE INCLUDED IN THE TABOO AND CONTINUING RELATIONSHIP BITS. This was written for a class- I couldn’t very well go into the kinky bits, but we all know they’re there. ;)

[FIC] Four Birthdays Haru Didn't Celebrate With Rin and One He Did by fencer-x

Title: Four Birthdays Haru Didn’t Celebrate With Rin and One He Did
Author: fencer-x
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairing: Slight Sharkbait slant, but can be friendshippy.

Summary: Haru has never gotten a birthday wish granted—until today.


Birthdays had never really meant much to Nanase Haruka. Granted, he hadn’t had many thus far—it was his twelfth today, but that wasn’t so many in the grand scheme of things—but he’d had enough to conclude that they weren’t for him. The fanfare he could do without, as well as the congratulations for doing little more than continuing to grow, as people tended to do, and so much attention.

Keep reading